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What Is Hack Hollywood Hack Hollywood is an online community and training course for actors. It’s a subscription site that costs $27 per month. So the question is: Is Hack Hollywood worth your monthly investment? Or is it just another program or system that makes big promises that it can’t possibly deliver on? Is it just another of the endless ways that actors can waste their hard earned money? Or is it a great value that might be worth every penny or even more than the subscription rate? Those were questions I had when I first heard about Hack Hollywood. I was approached by a Hack Hollywood representative to see if I would be interested in interviewing Hack Hollywood creator, actor David Patrick Green. Of course my first move was to IMDb. Good news there as I recogniz ed David from his television appearances and I was able to verify that indeed he has a substantial acting career. Still, I wanted to be certain that I wasn’t being mislead. I want you to be able to trust that if someone or some organiz ation or product is presented on Actors Talk that I have done some due diligence prior to an interview. So, prior to setting up an interview with David Patrick Green I asked for and was given access to explore the Hack Hollywood site just as any paying customer would. I wanted to make sure before putting this information out to the Actors Talk listeners that there was true value in this effort. Call me a cynic, but I guess I’ve just observed too many workshops and classes and schemes that are nothing but a money pit. I had to be sure that Hack Hollywood was not just another part of what David called the ‘actor cottage industry’ that makes big promises and delivers little or nothing. After spending several hours listening to audio and watching video content on the site, watching other videos of David on YouTube and listening to testimonials, I was convinced that there is a lot of value at Hack Hollywood, especially for the beginning actor. I was able to spend about an hour on Skype with David within the past week or so and I found him to be disarmingly candid about his own journey. That same honest approach comes through in his audio and video tutorials. I hope that comes through in the interview. I trust this information will be helpful to you whether you are in Los Angeles or somewhere far removed from Hollywood. As always, I encourage you to contact me with questions or comments about the information presented in this episode.

We are not in competition as actors:

No one else is like you! On Moving To Hollywood Become as successful as possible where you are. I say, “Be a star where you are.” Because if you can’t succeed in your home market then L.A. is going to eat you up and spit you out in no time…

If you can creat e some relat ionships wit h people [where you are], who obviously have a f ew cont act s in L.A. t hen t hey can int roduce you t o t hose people. Then you can skip swimming t hrough t he quicksand and get t ing preyed upon by t his sort of act or cot t age indust ry…”

Hacks That Empower But there are other hacks that are positive and at their best, empowering. Those are the hacks that we’re exploring in this episode of Actors Talk. The hacks that we’re exploring offer a kind of insight or strategy that might be overlooked by the masses. A new way to look at an existing tool and make it better. We’re probably all familiar with hacks to certain software or hardware tablets that extend the functionality of those tools. One of the best examples I can think of is the Magic Lantern hack that adds all sorts of movie making functionality to Cannon DSLRs. It’s clever, useful and adds to the functionality of its host in a non destructive way. So how does all this apply to acting? To successfully forging a career in Hollywood?

The Personal Relat ionship Hack You need to make personal contact with people. Otherwise you’re basically just throwing spaghetti at the wall. That’s no way to have a career. It doesn’t work for anything else and that’s why it doesn’t work for actors.

Overnight Success:

I’d say that’s the biggest fallacy, that’s there’s anything like an overnight success…there isn’t one person who works regularly as an actor who hasn’t worked their tail off…there just isn’t any sitting around having things handed to you…

Act ing Business Hack My best advice to the beginning actor: Don’t spend a cent on anything other than basic training if they have none, because they don’t need to. Your success in acting has nothing with how much money you spend. Your success in acting has more to do with doing the common sense things you would do for any other career to become successful.

In case you missed it, that was a hack. Courtesy of actor and Hack Hollywood developer, David Patrick Green. David Patrick Green came by his vision of how to ‘make it’ in Hollywood through his own process of trial and error and with a knowledge of what works in other, non- show business businesses. His ‘system’ has nothing to do with the typical advice that most actors receive: Get a great head shot. Get a demo reel. Get an agent. No. No. and No. Those are the wrong

priorities, Green will tell you. Here’s another bit of hackitude from David Patrick Green:

On the effectiveness of typical marketing efforts like sending off head shots: If you wanted a job as an accountant would you send somebody your picture with a blank resume and nothing on it and expect to get a job from it? Because a picture for an accountant is about the same as a picture for an actor…it doesn’t say anything about the job you are going to do and your experience…

The Account abilit y Hack One of the biggest issues actors have is ACCOUNTABILITY. If you don’t have anyone forcing you along, it’s hard to stick with anything, let alone a career that can be as confusing as acting. There are no real bosses to report to in an acting career.

David’s here to provide accountability and clarity to your acting career. You’ll find that we have built in an accountability system so strong that even the laziest of actor’s will feel compelled to follow through, watch the videos, and enact David’s strategies in their career. You’ll also benefit from what David calls “Winability” reports. Every week he films a new short video talking about successes of Hack Hollywood members, his successes, and encourage you along.

David Pat rick Green – Backst ory After spending time as a marketing professional in Poland – wait there’s a joke here somewhere – David Green found himself in Los Angeles working as a business consultant. Eventually the economic downturn hit Green the way it did countless others and he was out of a job. As he tells it, acting started as a lark:

I didn’t really have any plan or goal at the time. It just started off sort of as a lark…I enjoyed it and started taking more classes. It got to the point where I was literally studying every single day. I had four or five scenes every single day…I just immersed myself into it…I started studying and it got to the point where I was literally in a class every day

After getting some training, Green began to book work in reality type shows and some indie films. Then he discovered something that changed his life:

Nothing was happening and then I did a little thing that changed my entire life – I got an internship at a casting office…one of the biggest in Los Angeles

As Green tells me in our interview, he set out to become the best intern this office had ever seen. And he was. He was entrusted with more and more responsibility, all as an unpaid intern mind you,

and eventually would up running casting sessions for CSI and other shows handled by the casting directors for whom he worked.

On earning the trust of people in the business:

The best way to earn their trust is not to ask for auditions, it’s to offer your help in any capacity you can. You need to spend time around them and show them what kind of person you are so they learn to know, like and trust you Green eventually parlayed that trust and confidence he had established into an audition for CSI. And when he got the opportunity, he delivered. (Keep in mind that he didn’t yet have an agent, as I understand the story.) That set him off on a string of successful auditions and to an increasingly impressive resume with credits such as recurring roles on ER, Intelligence, Smallville and shows like Battlestar Galactica and Covert Affairs.

The Hack Hollywood Communit y What exactly is Hack Hollywood and how did it get started?

Hack Hollywood is a multi-media members site with 100′s of instructional videos, written materials, and worksheets all breaking down David’s system and all organized to help you accelerate your acting career to new levels.

There are nearly 50 hours of training materials on how to have an acting career – from how to get started in the very beginning, to marketing yourself and beyond. There are 5 training modules filled with step- by- step instructional videos. Each module covers a topic or subject area you will need to become a successful actor in extreme depth.

Hack Hollywood Keys To Success St ick t o your f undament als: Know Yourself – Know The Craf t – Know The Business Know t he People – Become Known Inspired by the Timothy Ferriss book, The Four Hour Work Week, David Patrick Green decided to share his experiences and expertise in the acting business via an online portal that he dubbed Hack Hollywood.

No one is out there teaching the real truth about how to

become an actor. They’ll TELL you how to become an actor but it’s not the truth. It’s ‘headshots and reels and go to workshops’ and it’s a bunch of stuff that’s a waste of time. I thought, ‘Man, I could really share how did I make that transition from struggling amateur to thriving professional, people will love that. I would have loved that. I woulnd’t have wasted years of my life and thousands of dollars. I tried to figure out “how could I make this into a structured program that’s universally applicable. So I created this five step process that I think is pretty much applicable to anybody.

With the assistance of web designers headquartered in Thailand at the time David had the site built and began recording audio and video content and has continued to add to it. Green reports there are 50 hours or more of content and it continues to grow. I can attest to the fact that there are hours of recordings, structured in modules for the actor to work through.

Hack Hollywood Breakdown : A St ruct ured Plan For Success Here’s the condensed version of the 5 Modules you’ll find at Hack Hollywood: Know yourself – Figure out who you are, what you want to do, how others perceive you. What are your strong suits, the areas where you are weak and need more work? What image do you project when you walk into a casting office? How do you see yourself? “Believeability is the single most important aspect of casting.” Know The Craft – or the skills; what skills do you need to acquire; match it to your learning style and what you want to do. This module covers a lot of territory and here are just a few of the topics covered: Choosing an acting school, How to break down a scene, The importance of Script Analysis, Level of Preparation, Structured Training, Details of Auditions, etc. Know the business – the single most overlooked aspect of working in the industry. To get to know any industry, get involved in that industry any way you can. Work at a production company; volunteer. All the agents at CAA start in the mail room…same for an actor…know the business you want to work in and that leads to the next step: Know the People – working in the business leads to forging relationships with the people who are working in the business and who can give you opportunities when you are ready for them. In many ways the acting business is a ‘referral business.’ Personal relationships and building trust lead to referrals. Become known – once you have your skillset in place and have some relationships, then you get access to friends and associates of the people with whom you have forged a relationship

Your Comment s Please Are you a Hack Hollywood subscriber? What is your experience with the site? Use the comment fields below this post to give your fellow actors the benefit of your experience.

BONUS MATERIAL: The ULB Agreement and Act or Residuals

I received the following question in email that came from a listener who had heard Actors Talk Episode 18. I am keeping the listeners name anonymous but this is an actual question and response:

I’m an actor who recently did his first lead role in an ULB feature that’s doing pretty well in theaters and is currently doing a platform release roll out nationally. My question is regarding residuals: does SAG-AFTRA find out automatically about all distribution deals beyond the initial theatrical release? e.g. This movie got distribution sold to [a foreign territory] via American Film Market. And [Redacted] is interested in doing a big buyout. Do the actors get paid the split 4.5% of all of that? Is all of this additional revenue at the discretion of producers to supply the information to SAG-AFTRA, or is it somehow independently verified/found out?

Great question. To get a reliable answer, I turned to my local SAG- AFTRA office and they supplied me with the following response: Hi Tommy, I reached out to Ruth Paul, our ULB Business Rep in Miami with answers to the questions. I suspect this doesn’t cover everything, but this is what she shared.

In answer to the performers question, I will suggest any detail formula information be discussed with the Residuals Department .

Otherwise, Residuals are due the performer after a Theatrical release has been made and the project is appearing in supplemental markets. Or if release in other markets without a Theatrical release then Residuals are due as written in the formula of either Cable, Free TV, etc… Hopefully the DAA Distributors Assumption Agreement will cover all. Usually it would take the producer or performer informing us of a release. But The Residuals Department may have other ways of finding out. But there is no difference in how they are calculated with ULB or the Basic Agreement. Tommy,the residuals breakdown for ULB’s are the following percentages of Distributors Gross Receipts: Free TV 3.6% Basic Cable 3.6% Pay Cable 3.6% Videocassettes/Discs 4.5% of 1st million, 5.4% thereafter Free/Adsupported streaming 3.6% Paid subsciption/internet rental 3.6% Download- to- own/electronic sell thru 5.4% of 20% of 1st 50,000 units, 9.75% of 20% thereafter Hope this helps. If you have questions I can help answer, please don’t hesitate to leave a voice message via the SpeakPipe button on this page or you can call my Google Voice line: 512- 660- 7160 or send an email to the address you’ll see in the sidebar.

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