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ADAM’S CLONE I saw them running into the resort through the tunnel and I knew I had to act! What better way to do that than to pretend to be Adam? “Hey guys! You found me! I’ve been looking everywhere for a way out but without Guage’s help, it was impossible!” I said, greeting Tommy, Amanda, and Guage. “Hey… hold on. Guage talked about a cloning machine! How do we know you’re not a clone, huh?!” Tommy confronted, eyeing him suspiciously. Oh no! Guage told them… but I can use that against them. Adam’s clone thought to himself. “Did he mention who made the cloning machine? Who created it originally and for what purpose?” “Uh… no. He said he didn’t know!” Tommy responded, obviously, not too pleased with where this was going. No one noticed but Guage began to slowly back away… “Guage invented it. He invented it so he could use the clones to advertise for his business! All of this is Guage’s fault! Adam is chained up right now in Guage’s laboratory being cloned. It is all such an inhumane process. I wish I could’ve stopped it.” The clone forced himself not to smile. “Guage is that-?” Tommy turned around and Guage was gone. Amanda had also been listening to what the strange Adam-like person had been saying. “You said Adam was in the lab… which means you’re not him!” Amanda realized, panic, once again flooding over her. The clone smiled, revealing his yellow teeth. It was then Tommy broke his new resolution. He screamed. Adam’s clone put his hands over his ears, shouting in pain. Amanda, though a bit dazed from the scream, was able to act quickly. A single blow to the head and the clone was unconscious. “Let’s tie him up.” Amanda suggested. “And let’s get some information out of him.” Guage reappeared.

“Sorry guys-” Another blow to the head and Amanda had knocked out Guage, too. “Just in case he is as evil as the clone had said… can’t take any chances.” Amanda explained while grabbing some nearby water park towels and tying them up. .



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The magazine that covered the intense beginning of all of this! Does Adam make it out alive? We’re not allowed to say, but if this magazine was able to keep running after this adventure, someonehad to live.


Episode 11: Adam's Clone  

Starting with the point of view from Adam's clone.

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