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What Is A Link On A Website - Chains of Communication What is a link on a website but a chain of communication, all completed at the speed of light. The more links you have coming into your site, the higher ranking you will get from the search engines provided the websites are considered to be of value. Links are coded so that upon clicking, the visitor will be taken to another site. If followed for a day, links on websites can literally take you around the world- thousands of times an hour. Links on a website are the chains of communication between relevant sites and make surfing the internet a quick and easy experience. How does a link get valued? There appears to be a few major determining factors involved with the ranking of sites and their respective links.

Authority appears to be an important factor- yes, a little arbitrary, but what in Google isn't? Yet, the algorithms automatically rank by .gov, .edu and so forth as being considered authoritative. The irony is far from rusty in this placard, but that expose on links on a website will be left for another article. Google claims this to be a very important factor discussed here on one of Google's support forums. Fresh updated content daily will boost your rankings- I have done test after test with this, and if you put fresh, original, great content on your site, you will get boosted quickly. Don't even bother with article submission sites (like and they will steal your content! I will explain later in this article)- if you write well, people will link to you- guaranteed. Speaking of freshly updated material, I may have stumbled upon a social attribute that influences rankings, particularly with Yahoo's search engine. Twitter, believe it or not, is a huge influential factor on your rankings, particularly if you are a bum marketing blogger like me. Really, any of the social bookmarking/following buttons are a must for your site if you want to get better rankings. These social sites and viral campaigning will pave the way of the future, and I believe trending will become the hottest way to market in the very new future. The point is this- it appears that current information is what can rank the highest, especially if it is from an already respected site. For exampleI recently submitted an article on home equity and it was picked up by a few sites. They were ranking number one for the title - "Home Equity- An Inside Look" - while my site was no where near page 7. Never again will I use an article submission site unless they pay me $299 an article of 500 words. Do not waste your time. Sure, you get links back to your site, but not much traffic will become of it- check it out if you do not believe me. Work on creating content- practice makes perfect. The more you write, the easier it becomes. And making content that the people are searching for will bring you traffic and rankings like you would not believe. Search out the keywords that do not have a lot of content written about it, and write as much as you can about it. Link to your sources, post it on Twitter, Digg, Reddit, and all of the other high ranking social sites and watch what happens. Also try to Google around for other sites to back link your site to that are ranked at least a 4 or higher. Just to let you know- this very post you are reading now was found on page one, position 6 on Bing search for the keyword of my title- "what is a link on a website"- within 28 minutes of being published! Not bad for a bum marketer blogger, eh? Together, all of these links will be a chain back to your site- a chain of communication. Links on a website can boost targeted traffic to your site if done properly, and all that really needs to be done is to

write something everyday.

What Is A Link On A Website  

A linkn on a website is a chain of communication.