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Born in 1950, Mr. Rick Perry is currently serving an office term for

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the state of Texas, where he has been governor for the last 10 years.  Taking the Texan office after George W. Bush resigned to  become President of the US, Perry is currently the longest serving

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governor in the history of Texas. Raised on a ranch outside of Abilene, Texas, Rick Perry went on to


graduate from Texas A & M with a degree in animal science. Perry was then commissioned to the US Air Force where he finished C-130 pilot training, and flew missions in the Middle East and Europe.  Upon leaving the Air Force after a single tour of nearly 



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5 years, he returned to the family business and farmed cotton with his father.


Governor rick Perry entered the political arena  in 1985, where he  was elected to the Texas House of Representatives as a Democrat. Serving three two-year terms, Governor Perry announced his switch over to the Republican Party in 1989 as he was preparing to challenge the seat of incumbent Agricultural Commissioner Jim Hightower.  Perry  won with a very narrow margin, all while the previous office was rattled with charges of corruption and  scandal. He was re-elected for the office of Agricultural Commissioner for a second term in 1994 by a very large margin, but declined to run for a third term in lieu of giving the Lieutenant Governor position a run.   He  would win and remain there for just under two years, where he was moved up into the Governor's position when George W. Bush was elected as the President of the United States in 2000. Highlights As A Governor

Supporting tort reform, Governor Perry sponsored a bill that put a cap of $750,000 on medical malpractice

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suits.  The bill was controversial and was passed by the voters with a narrow margin.

Governor Perry has increased teacher's pay, applied record funding to education, and provided a property

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tax reduction of 33% to schools.  Perry also vetoed a ban on the execution of mentally ill inmates, has hardlined crime, supporting crime programs with federal grants.

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Rick Perry has also increased health funding earlier in his career, and has aggressively funded border

security with Mexico with more than $230 million.  Governor Perry's border tightening, as well as the 

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integration of the local, county and state law enforcement agencies in their fight against crime stemming spots along the border.

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Criticisms and Accusations

Governor Rick Perry has said he wants to possibly secede Texas from the US, repeal the 16th and 17th


from the border crossing of illegal aliens and drug cartels, has reportedly reduced crime in certain hot

amendments of the US Constitution, and has been accused of over-spending on his business trips. A more controversial action he made was in the execution of Cameron Todd Willingham.  Willingham was 

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convicted of murdering three children by arson when he set fire to a house he was attempting to rob.  It  was later revealed by different investigations that the fire was not produced by arson, exonerating Cameron todd Willingham of the charges. Even after this evidence was produced, Governor Perry gave no stay of execution and Mr. Willingham was

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killed on February 16th, 2004- 13 years after the incident.  The truth has been blurred when a couple of  documents were released that may point to Willingham actually starting the fires, but the findings either way have been inconclusive.

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Despite the contradictory evidence that has been produced, nearly every arson expert in the nation has been called in to look at the case, and they all have said that arson could not have held up in court with substantial evidence.  A documentary has been produced on the ordeal, and this is still a very controversial issue for Perry, as he is directly involved with the investigations being halted in more recent years.

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Many of Rick Perry's fiscal legislatures that have received criticism, as well.  While touting education reform  and spending as a lieutenant governor, he later said the same programs would ruin the education system financially. While speaking against the fiscal stimulus of the federal government after the 2008 crash, saying that the government was spending money they did not have, he helped to balance Texan finances with billions 


of the financial aid.

336 The Future of Governor Rick Perry

BLOG ARCHIVE Governor Rick Perry has only stated that he will consider running for the office of President, and has not issued anymore statements about it.  There is a website starting up, being supported by  a 

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California assemblyman, but in the past Perry has demonstrated no desire to run as a vice president,  saying he has the best job in the world already- the Governor of Texas.

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Whatever the future holds for this political power player, you can be sure we will all be watching.

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Who is Governor Rick Perry?

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