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Follow Us on Twitter Many are under the false impression that pay day loans have ridiculous interest rates and exorbitant fees that are designed to drown 

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the borrow.  

SHARE Not true.

Many do have some problematic fees and stipulations, but the three companies below are not only reputable, but they offer some of the



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most reasonable terms in the loan industry.  They usually offer an interest amount that equals $12-$20 per hundred borrowed, and that is it. 

These short and quick loans are designed to help you when you need cash and you have no other  alternative.  Pay day loan laws are really there to protect you.  With as much disinformation that is out there,  it can be difficult at times to discern who is telling the truth, and who is not.  Even our lawmakers are being 


$1500 Instant Payday Loan

found to be serving their own agendas, or of those who are paying them. 

Amazingly Low Rate. Secure. Quick Approvals. Bad Credit Ok.

However, when it comes to pay day loans, the laws have been specifically created out of concern that

scam artists and predatory lenders would potentially collapse the economic system if there were no

Quick & Easy Cash

regulatory laws, for human greed and need knows no bounds.

Overnight Cash Payday Loans Up To $1500. Bad Credit OK. Act Now!

Prior to pay day loan laws being created, there were insidious lenders out there who were charging nearly 1000% interest!  If you really need the money and no one else will lend it to you, you just  might think about it, right?

Quick Payday Loans

Since the laws have been created, there are still some bad lenders out there trying to take advantage, so that is why you should go with a reputable lender, and one that is licensed in the state you are taking the loan from.

New payout! Up to $1500 Overnight. Fast Approvals. No fax for most.

For the most reputable lenders, we have found three out of the thousands, and you can find them here-

Fast $1,500 Payday Loans

Instant Approval & No Credit Check! Get Cash Now And Pay Back Over Time

PayDay One is the only lender that is state licensed and offers a Great Rate Guarantee. Click here to learn more!

Do You Need Cash? Bad Credit - Borrow Up to $2,500 And Get Time to Pay it Back!

Save 50% off all of your loan fees at CashNetUSA now through 12/31/11! Use coupon code NEXTADVISOR50

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Common Pay Day Loan Myths  

Common myths about pay day loans.

Common Pay Day Loan Myths  

Common myths about pay day loans.