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What To Look Forward To With The Washington Redskins

Dan Snyder

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many years, the dream of capturing the elusive Super Bowl for the Washington Redskins had

remained a dream for a lot of fans. But many of the factors that are needed for that dream to become reality are slowly moving into place. Patience is what the Redskins fans need as their team gathers the necessary experience and chemistry to be a Super bowl ready team. Many of the parts are coming together for Washington Redskins. With the recent first round draft pick and the return from the concussion of quarterback Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins are looking good to be in the running to be in the playoffs this year. It may be too early to tell but many of the Washington fans are hoping for just that.

One of the positive signs that the Washington Redskins is showing is that Mike Shanahan is on his third season as the head coach. It is a great move for Dan Snyder to give Shanahan the time he needs to create a championship caliber team and that team may be among are midst very soon. With a star quarterback at his disposal and a new perspective on defense to work on, Shanahan is at the right position to give the Redskins a chance for this year’s post season. Shanahan have the experience in molding teams into Super Bowl ready teams and it is great that Daniel Snyder also gave him the power to have the final say on football matters.

Dan Snyder

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The acquisition of star quarterback Robert Griffin III is another factor to look forward to with the Redskins. Coach Shanahan could surely work with RGIII as long as the quarterback remains healthy. We can hope that the recent concussion of RGIII will give him the experience of how to deal with injuries.

His performance after his return showed us his potential to be someone to look forward to as he matures as a player in the professional league. In the early parts of the current season, Griffin III has displayed is mobility very well; running 138 yards in the 38-26 win vs. the Minnesota Vikings. This mobility is what ‘Skins left tackle Trent Williams told NFL Network, makes their life better. This young man is certainly one of the great things that happened to the franchise this year. What’s left for the fans is to stand back and watch as the Skins develop the chemistry that makes champions. We can count on coach Shanahan to do what he does best and develop great running backs to go with RG3.

Dan Snyder

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RG3: A New Hope For Redskins Fans