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Table of Contents 1. Prologue 2. What’s In a Name? 3. Personal Alphabet 4. Likes / Dislikes 5. Sensory Experience 6. Metamorphic Definitions 7. A Quality Personality 8. Color your World 9. Room Sweet room 10. Personal Metaphor 11. Extended Metaphor 12. Symbolic Recipe 13. Ultimate All Purpose – Excuse 14. Telling Tales 15. Unfinished sentence 16. Personal Symbol 17. Map of Life 18. A Mysterious Place 19. Synectics 20. A Day in the Life 21. These Words Belong to Me 22. In Other Words 23. Flashback 24. Remembrance of Things Present 25. As Time Goes Bye-Bye 26. My Own Lists of Lists 27. Cheer Yourself Up 28. Metamorphosis 29. Picture This 30. Look Who I Look Up To 31. Remembering the Child 32. One Medium Suitcase 33. The Perfect Present 34. Memorable Event 35. How to… 36. Always Say Never 37. Are You Hungry? 38. Where I’m From 39. Deck of 52 40. The Examined Life 41. Annual Report 42. Ekphrasis 43. Visually Speaking 44. Lessons I learned Too Late 45. The Door 46. Advice to the Young 47. Who am I? 48. Rewarding Experiences 49. Valuable Lessons 50. Futures – Fantasy and Facts 51. Epilogue

Prologue “The Big Picture”. What words can simply describe us? What symbol or sign can we relate ourselves to? That would introduce us to others. Most people have their own ways of introducing themselves. For me, “The Big Picture” is my way of introducing myself. The significance of this title is that everyone has their own Big Picture. A picture can really say a lot about a person in who he is. That’s why I chose it, because “ The Big Picture” holds our identities. My title gives me a lot of meaning. It helps show what this project is really about. “The Big Picture” shows the person reading that this project is a person’s autobiography. It really grabs the reader’s interest. It gets them curious in wanting to read. I’m pretty sure others introduce themselves in their own uniqueness, but I’ve chosen “The Big Picture” as my title. This project is really about me and my interest in life. I’m just going to give you a thin layer of the cake and try to help peak your interest in my life. Tommy is a nineteen year old senior who never thought that he would be able to see the day he would graduate. In his past, he struck his interest in a lot of things growing up into the man he is today. So Tommy Borja’s life went from an empty bottle to an overflowing champagne bottle. The purpose of this project is about me. To help introduce myself in the diverse things I like to do. This project has made me seldom about completing it. Not because of the grade, but about helping myself learn how to introduce myself in my own way. So, I enjoy doing this project for the fun and benefit of it. Finally, this project has lead me give you the significance of my title and its purpose. I also gave you a little info about myself to help grasp your interest. I even included the purpose of this writing project. Why I enjoy doing this project. I hope you enjoy this project in its own diverse way of introducing myself, and take it to help you introduce your self.

What’s In A Name The story of how I got my name is actually interesting. When I was young I never questioned how I got my name, until I was Fourteen. My name is Tommy Kladikm Borja. My name is actually given to me by my brothers. My middle name was given by my mother; she always wanted me to use that Palauan name. I just went with it and used it. My first name came from my brother Patrick. My mom told me that he wanted to name me Tommy because of power ranger. There is a ranger called Tommy in the old power rangers and he likes to fight off evil. So I was given that name because of it. It’s pretty cool because I like to do those karate moves and try out doing those acrobatic moves. I like my name Tommy. It’s pretty simple and easy to say. It’s not as unique as others, but it fits me perfect. If I could change my name, I probably wouldn’t. My mom told me they were going to name me Jason, and to think of that name and looking in the mirror. I just told myself that it doesn’t match. It matches me.

Personal Alphabet Amazing- Is what people tell me Beneficent – I’m generous at most times Caring – I care for a lot of things Daring – I like to challenge myself. Energetic – I like doing activities to keep me busy Fearless – When it comes to helping or saving someone Gullible – I tend to believe things that I’m told Healthy – Each day I make sure I balance my food Impressive – People become impressed in the things I can do Jolly – I always like to smile and stay positive Kind – Very hard for me to get angry Loving – I love cats Motivational – Every time a person is sad I like to encourage them Noisy – I like to bang the drums and blast music Obedient – I like to listen Proactive – Like to exercise Quiet - Don’t talk as much Reliable – I’m responsible when it comes to other people’s things Sentimental – I feel sorry for people Thankful – Thankful for the things I receive Uneven – At most times I can be a little off Vigilant – very careful when I do things Wild – I tend to become wild when I enjoy doing things like sports Xenophobic – just used this word because I didn’t know what to put. It means unreasonably afraid of foreigners Youthful – Like to act young Zealous – I like to encourage people to stay strong

Like / Dislikes 1. Thin Mint Cookies me 2. Peanut butter Patties the phone 3. Music with their fingers 4. Rugby Music 5. Soccer people 6. Table Tennis people 7. Exercising 8. Drumming 9. Bowling 10. Rock climbing

1. Random people touching 2. Long conversations on 3. people poking me 4. Goth or Screamo 5. Disrespectful 6. Non Humble 7. Taste of Rum 8. Beer 9. Celery 10. Plain White Shoes

Sensory Experience Oh how I remember the year 2014, the year when the GW’s boys Rugby made history for the first time. It was the most overwhelming day of my life. Spectators would jump up and yell across the field rooting for your team to win. It was just the most amazing day for me. Up to now, I can still remember everything that happened that day when we won that championship game. I can still remember the smell when I first stepped on that field, getting ready to play against FD. I could smell the grass and dirt from the ground, even the smell of my own new jersey. The smell of the soap was so sweet, that my friend can smell it from the side line. There was also a smell of barbeque around because Simon Sanchez had just finished barbequing after their game. The smell of that day made me feel relaxed. I was so energetic that day that my taste buds were so numb. I had so much adrenaline in my body that I couldn’t stop moving. I guess I kind of canceled this sensory out. The taste though was there. Before I headed onto that field I could taste the food I ate three hours ago. I could taste the wheat of that sub sandwich and that succulent meat in the inside. Even the melting of the Swiss cheese and the juicyness of vegetables that just balanced everything in the sandwich. After eating that delicious sandwich, I ate a banana. The banana was hard on the outside, but soft in the inside. I drank my cold water gallon that I left in the freezer and was ready to head to my game. When my mom dropped me to the game I went to go get taped up by my coach. After getting tapped up by my coach I tapped up my leg. First I used the pre wrap which was soft and a little sticky. It was made to prevent my hair getting pulled off by the sticky tape. Finally, the hearing sensory was my favorite. Playing that game, we had so much pride for our school that we were shouting “BIBA Gua’leik” every time we score. There was just so much shouting on the field, FD ‘s team was shouting and GW’s team was shouting. When one of us will run down the sideline with the ball our team will start jumping and shout for us. After winning that game all you can hear is “GECKOS!! GECKOS!! GECKOS!!” It was the most rich and memorable day.

Metaphorical Definitions Difficult is the fifty pound dumbbell I try to lift. Mean is the lady across my street who always gets mad. Happy is a strawberry covered in chocolate ice scream Sad is the movie Avatar The Last Air Bender Crazy is doing work in school then doing sports then doing more work at home. Fake is the sourness of a good drink Smart is the boy who sits next to me in class Cool is the showers I take every day after a hot day Hard is like the glass you drink from Confused like the World war

A Quality Personality

GREED Greed, a man with many desires, he walks in a suit full of riches that any man would want. He owns a mansion the size of the richest man. He has the girls, the booze, and the ride. He wears clean loafers with sharp pants with a belt that could kill a man. He takes what he desires, and if anyone tries to stop him. They pay the ultimate price. He lives in a family of six, him being the seventh. I think you guys already know who they are. They are the seven deadly sins. Wrath, Pride, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony and Lust. They all grew up together causing chaos everywhere. They always fight and end up breaking things except sloth. He sleeps most of the time every day. They were all born from human characteristics. The parents were disappointed in their sons, but still tried their best to raise them. Gluttony would have to be my personal characteristic. He loves to eat a lot. He desires foods in many forms, but not humans. He’s a good kid thou. Gluttony wears all kinds of clothes; to him being formal doesn’t matter. He could wear slippers to special dinners because he’s all about the food. Greed is his favorite brother out of the seven. Greed likes to treat gluttony to restaurants and feed him every day. Gluttony may be fat, but he has speed when he runs. He’s just not good at endurance. Greed being the oldest, he has everything he wanted. Being rich, owning responsibility, being in control and being the provider for his family’s needs. Who says they don’t want that

Color Your World Best colors to wear to the beach…. Navy blue Yellow Green Orange Purple Best colors to go to clubs….. Black Gray Purple Red Dark blue Best colors to wear when you drive…. Indigo Maroon Yellow Blue Red Purple White Black Gray Best colors to wear on New Years…. Black Maroon Yellow Indigo Gold White

Room Sweet Room Room Sweet Room. My room is the most comfortable place I can be. It’s where I go if I’m stressed out from a long day. It’s where I work if I have a lot to do. My room is my private space. Every stuff inside and every space inside is what makes it my perfect domain. Every time I go inside my room I feel relaxed. Laying on my bed everyday gives me energy to get up the next day. The environment overwhelms my mind with joy and peace because the walls in my room help cancels out noise. The fan blows cool air, which cools me down on very hot days. It creates the temperature in my room. My room is the most important place to me because it’s a place that holds everything I own. Even things that is sacred to me. It’s the only place where I can become independently creative. It’s even a place where I can do anything I want. My room is my free ground. No restrictions what so ever. The desk in my room is the place where I do my own work. It’s the counterbalance of the entertainment in my room. The desk helps put my mind in the working mode, which is very important because of school. The items on my desk make me feel like a responsible student. My room has proven to be the best place to be because it has everything I need, not what I want, but what I need. My room is my sanctum of peace, which helps me do the things I want. It’s a place to rest my head and a place to work. My room is everything I got and own, a place where I can be myself and not care. My room has the necessities of everything I need. The desk and bed and everything that’s held in the room symbolize who I am. That’s why I call it Room Sweet Room.

Personal Metaphor 1. Lion – My coach for Rugby would tell me that I’m a lion that doesn’t roar 2. Ford Raptor – The engine is loud and sometime I can be loud. 3. Volcom – I love the beach 4. Wednesday – I can be both fun and boring 5. Marshmallow – I’m a very soft man in the inside 6. Green – Being compared to the traffic lights, I’m always on the GO! 7. Ratatouille – I love to cook and eat 8. Axe Excite – I can excite people 9. Chrysler building – Sometimes I expect too much out of people 10. Daisy – I like dazing off on things 11. Drums – I’m only loud when it comes to physically hitting things 12. Pie – I can be smooth at times but there will be times I won’t 13. Wardrobe – I may look mean at times, but I really just want to help 14. Indestructible – I believe I’m unstoppable when I’m pushed to my limits 15. Summer – I’m all about the beach and fun 16. Courage the Cowardly Dog – I get scared at times, but I seem to find the courage to keep going. 17. Shazam – I can be a kid at times but I’ll be very serious when someone is in danger 18. Washer – I can be rough when I get mad 19. Volcano Erupting – Sometimes when I’m mad I get frustrated and tend to go crazy 20. Sacrifice – When someone is in grave danger I am willing to give my life to save them

Extended Metaphor Lion that doesn’t roar: My coach calls me a LION THAT DOESN’T ROAR. There are four characteristics of a Lion that I can compare myself too. Its looks, speed, strength and its aggressiveness. When people look at me they think I’m mean because I always give a mad look. In practice I can become the fastest man on field, that’s if I push myself hard. My strength can be my very core of the sport, if I know when to use it, but when we are exercising I like to go heavy. The Lions aggressiveness is when I make tackles. I could really care less how big you are or strong you are. I am compared to the physicality of the Lion, but not on the intimidation of the Lions roar. Marshmallow: Being compared to a marshmallow is not really a manly thing, but hey, we all have a soft side that is sweet. I’m a Marshmallow because I can be a soft person. I am not a mean person to others. I like making friends with other different people. I can be soft spoken when speaking to people I don’t know. I love to help others with their problems, and I always smile to make people happy. Ratatouille: Ratatouille is my favorite movie. I’m mostly compared to Lenny in this movie. At times I try hard to find a way to create food in my own home, but I can’t. I don’t have the right ingredients and proper tools to cook. So I’m like Lenny in a way were I have to find my own way to cook, but I don’t steal. I just waited like Lenny to find the right time to cook because food only come to those who love to cook and we both love to cook. Daisy: I’m like a Daisy who stares at the sun all day. That’s what I would love to do if I had to choice between working and becoming a Daisy. Like it’s peddles spread wide, bathing in the suns warm rays. I sometimes like to just lie down and spread my arms and just feel the sun on my face. I can become lazy on days I don’t have school or any sports going on. Days like that I just lay down in my room and stare at my roof. Drums: Like a drum set, I can be loud and noisy. Not if I the drum sticks are there. Me being the drum set and friends being the sticks. I can be loud and rowdy with my friends, but only if my friends are loud. If my friends are soft, I can be soft. So it’s all depending on the way the drum sticks are being used. They either hit hard to make me loud or soft to make me soft. That is me too a drum set.


Symbolic Recipe 1 c. Charisma 8 tbs. Patience 2 c. Aggressiveness ½ tsp. Peacefulness 2 c. Talent 5 ½ tbs. Attitude ½ tsp. Passionate ½ tsp. Solemn 4 tsp. Humor 3 c. Energetic 1 c. Friendliness 8 tbs. Compassionate 2 tsp. Gullible 5 ½ tbs. Pride 1 tsp. Faith Instructions: 1. In a coffin, combine Charisma, Passionate, Aggressiveness, and Patience. Stir them gently to make sure their balanced. 2. In a bucket, combine Attitude, Humor, and Talent. You must use your hands to make it smooth. If not smooth, It could have a reverse effect on me. 3. When smooth, add it to the coffin and combine well with a spoon to give them action. 4. In another bucket combine Energetic, Pride, Peaceful and Solemn. Be careful with adding the solemn with the Peaceful, because it can make me weird if they are not balanced out. These help me do my homework or exercise. 5. In a blender add Friendliness, Gullible, Compassionate, and Faith. First add Friendliness and gullible, then blend. The blender will balance it. Next, add Compassionate and faith. This will bring out the good of me. 6. Combine Bucket and blender. Then mix it into the coffin. Make sure you stir quickly so there won’t be any lag. 7. Mix for an hour then you’ll get the perfect results

Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse Dear Ms. Griffin I was late today because of an unfortunate event just happened this morning that made me terribly late. When I woke up this morning, I got up as usual, to get ready to go to school. I showered, packed my bags and then made breakfast as I do every day when I go to school. When I was about to leave my house it was already six ten, I was on time, but the oddest and weirdest just thing happened to me as I left my house. When I opened the door and went outside I was in a jungle. I could hear the monkeys and the birds above me. I turned around to see if my house was moved, but there was only a door. A golden door. I was confused and scared because I can hear a tiger creeping up behind me so I immediately opened the door quickly and went in and found myself back at home. It was strange. I was staring at the door for an hour and found a passage in the middle. It read “Only those who know where they’re going can go, but those who are lost are lost.” I gave it at thought and figured that if I knew where I was going I should be able to go. So I thought of your class and I appeared at your door, but I was thirty minutes late. I hope you will understand my excuse of why I am late. I guess things tend to happened to those who are just normal every day. Sincerely Tommy Borja

Telling Tales I remember some of the stories my family members use to tell me when I was young. It was only to teach me a lesson as a young kid. At first I wouldn’t believe them and just act like I didn’t care because I thought I was ok. The stories that they would tell me would be mostly about legends and myths. I used to go outside and play all night with friends and wouldn’t care for curfew. That’s when my brothers started to tell me these stories of the taotao mona. Like if I were to keep playing at night and make a lot of noises. The taotao mona will pinch me or take me away. They would tell me those stories just to scare me and put me to bed. We all know that when we are young and clueless, we tend to not care because we are kids. All we want to do is have fun and play. So I kept playing all night and when it was time for me to go to sleep I would still be out playing. Until something happened. I was hiding behind the bush in the back of my house. My friends were trying to find me because it was a game of hide and go seek. While I was hiding something grabbed my arm behind me. As soon as it grabbed me I ran out as fast as I could. I stopped until I got in front of my house. My heart was racing and my body wouldn’t stop shaking. So I went inside and showered and went to bed. I was scared out of my life. After that happening, I never wanted to stay out late and so I guess the lesson was is to go to bed when it is late. Those stories were really real to me. At times I would have nightmares as a young kid. From that time I also stayed inside and made a curfew for myself so I wouldn’t stay out late.

Unfinished Sentences 1. I usually worry about my family being in danger or hurt. It’s the last thing I would ever want to see. It makes me angry to see a family member who I care about the most get hurt. 2. I feel angry when my family is hurt. As you can tell from the first one I wrote. I would really hate to see my family member get hurt. 3. I’m moody when it comes to getting a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. It makes me stressed out and moody. 4. I’m happiest when I get to do the things I love. Like skydiving, surfing, and baking. 5. I feel confident when I am well prepared for something. Like being trained for an event or being taught for a test I’m about to take. 6. I feel frustrated when I am being told to do something in last minutes notice and I have to rush to do it. Like cutting grass, performing for an event or even going somewhere. 7. I feel depressed when I get news of someone passing away or even finding out that my friends in the hospital. 8. I am comfortable when I am at the beach. My mind is cleared from the stress of working and my body is relaxed from moving. 9. I feel nervous when I am not well prepared to do something. Like performing in front of people, giving speeches, and singing. 10. I feel sentimental when others are down. If my friends are sad I tend to feel down. I guess it’s just depending on the people around me. If they are sad, happy, or mad.

Personal Symbol My personal symbol? Well, I guess I’ll say the medal I got for Rugby last year. It was the first medal I won in my life. Especially, when I was a kid I always wanted to play sports in middle school, but could never because I had no support. In elementary my brothers would get trophies and medals and I wouldn’t. Its because they are more smarter than me. So threw out my elementary and middle school years I never got an award. So this medal I got from Rugby was really memorable. I’ve been challenging myself to get awards to be like my brothers with their awards. It is pretty hard because I’m not as intelligent as them. So I decided to do sports. Something I was good at. I loved to exercise and stay fit. So sports were a good match for me. When trying it out, it was also difficult as well because you need to train hard and be determined to be the best. It all comes from doing hard work. This medal symbolizes the hard work I put into it. It shows how hard and determined I was to win. It was also remembered as the first medal I got in my high school years. Knowing that I can get a medal by putting work into it, it would always make me think that anything is possible, but only with hard work. This medal has brought me to a new start. It made it clear to me that medals or trophies don’t come easy in life. Everything in life comes with a price. That medal was for being the best player in the position I was in. The other schools could have won that position, but I won that place. Others schools battle for that position, but I won that position. Finally, that medal symbolized the hard work I put in. It symbolized my determination willingness. Rewards won’t come easy without hard work. Winning that medal showed me that it takes training and a hard practice to get it because there are others who want to take it from you. So you should always work hard if you want to succeed.

Map Of Life November 23, 1994 - I was Born August 15, 2001 - Attended C.L Taitano Elementary School January 6, 2002 - Attended Life In The Son August 15, 2006 - Attended Agueda Johnston Middle School June 25, 2008 - Started Workingout July 14, 2008 - Went on a boat ride July 26, 2008 - Went to Sigua Falls and then Hiked Mount LamLam August 14, 2010 - Attended George Washington High School as a Freshmen March 9, 2011 - Performed at the Music Festival June 4, 2013 - Went to the Philippines for a Conference July 12, 2013 - Help renovate my church April 23, 2014 - Senior at GW ( waiting to graduate)

A Mysterious Place A mysterious place? Hmm. There are a lot of places that I have been over the years that has been found strange and yet mysterious to me. Like that Latte Stone Park, Manenggon River and that lookout in Asan Beach Park. Those places seemed to be mysterious and exotic. They all have background stories of the olden times. The one place that strikes me mysterious is that BIG HOLE next to Hilton Hotel. I find it to be exotic as well because of its location. Here’s me playing around Hilton’s find grass area on top of the hill. Me and my friends were racing to the top of the hill as fast as we could. So I take the lead, and head up a path leading to the top finding small trees in front of me and decide to go over, not knowing there is a TWO HUNDRED FEET drop at the top. So I quickly grabbed the trees branch to stop myself before I go over. This huge hole was hidden next to a nice hotel. I got to say this is the scariest place for me. I mean, what if someone doesn’t see the cliff and falls in. The sides of the wall would probably tear him up first then he’ll be pancake when he hits the bottom. I just wonder how a big hole ends up next to a hotel. The depth of it is tarrying. They should secure that place with a gate around it. So people won’t get hurt. After that day, I would get nightmares of that place. I would always picture how deep it was and always wondered what was at the bottom. When I looked into the hole, I saw water at the other side. I think there might be a cave under it leading to the ocean, or a tunnel leading under Hilton like secret passage. The becoming of that place is unknown to me. That’s why its mysterious. Finally, that big hole next to Hilton has no mane for it. I’ve always wondered how it got there and what people thought about it. It’s got to be the scariest place on Guam because it has never been mentioned. I just hope someday that they would secure that area before someone falls down.

Synthetics 1. Which is wiser? A pen or pencil? - I would say Pen. Pens are mostly used around the world today. It’s used professionally and casually in everyone’s lives. 2. Which is smarter? A clock or a calendar? - I would say a calendar. Preferring back in the old days where people didn’t have clocks or time, they could tell the time of day by the sun. So I would say calendars, their much smarter, they can hold important dates and events. 3. Which is easier to teach? A question or an answer? - A answer is easier to teach. If you know the answer then you must understand the different stages of the answer. So it’s more familiar too you, and easy to explain to anyone. 4. Which is more fearful? New or old? - New is more fearful. You don’t know what to expect out of the new and your just starting to get too know it. 5. Which is more difficult? Dreams or nightmares? - For me personally, are dreams. I can have nightmares at anytime, it’s almost as naturally too me to have nightmares. Every time I have dreams they turn into disasters. So dreams are difficult. 6. Which has more pride? Entrance or exits? - I think entrance have more pride because you need an identification to enter places and it’s almost as they are the gates of heaven where you need to have the right authority to enter. 7. Which is more suspenseful? Rain or snow? - Personally, snow. I have never been in snow and it would probably be the most exciting thing to do. 8. Which has less charm? Signatures or autographs? - I would say autographs. I believe that autographs are made from signatures. So signatures are a bit more fancy and professional. 9. Which is more trustworthy? History or literature? - History. History is more accurate and detailed. Its primary information’s are substantial and concrete. 10. Which is happier? Music or art? - Music is happier. Art may bring out feelings and emotions, but I believe that music can also do the same but can also move people to dance and let lose another personality.

A Day In The Life In the month of August, where all the kids in the block get excited to go back to school. It was a regular day for every kid, except one kid who had a hard time finding a better day. His name was Tommy. Tommy lived in the middle of all his friends, him and his friends were middle school kids. All they did over the summer is talk about how they wanted to go back to school to see friends. So when the day finally came Tommy’s friends were waiting for him at the bus stop, while Tommy was just about finished getting ready at his house. When leaving his house, Tommy started rushing to the bus stop because the bus was on its way, then all of a sudden, Tommy stepped on something mushy. Tommy looked down to see what it was and saw dog dung. Tommy was surprised on his first day. He never thought it would be this bad. All his friends left with the bus and Tommy had to miss the bus because of his shoe. So Tommy went home and missed the first day of school.

These word Belong To me Pernicious – I find life dangerous at times so I like to grab life by its neck and be dangerous as well. Powerful - I like to empower myself in thinking that I can do it. Bountiful – I like to help others with their needs Limitless – My ability is limitless, anything is impossible if you put your mind to it. Vivacious – I like to be active or lively, helps me get threw life. Engaging – I like to engage others and try to get to know them better Courageous – When fear comes into mind, courage is what I use to overcome it Motivational – Motivating others is what’s important to me. I hate to see others fail. Inspirational – Loved to be inspired by great people and inspire others who don’t have strength Persistent – Being consistent is what’s need to reach a goal. So I like to be persistent with others and also my life.

In Other Words 1. “Life is too short to be small.“ -Benjamin Disraeli“ In other words, life may be short so go big and strong” 2. “The way to be nothing is to do nothing” -Nathaniel Howe“ In other words, if your effortless nothing will change” 3. “Expect Nothing and your will never be disappointed” -Unanimous“In other words, Don’t look forward to being rewarded, just keep moving on and expect nothing” 4. “Stop wishing Start doing” -Unanimous“In other words, Just do it, don’t think.” 5. “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” -Unknown” “In other words, if your don’t put effort in what you do then don’t expect to be successful” 6. “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated” -Maya Angelou“In other words, there may be obstacles in life but you must always conquer them” 7. “Genius is 1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration” -Thomas Edison“In other words, It takes hard work to become smart” 8. “Be kind, everyone is fighting a hard battle” -John Watson“In other words, you’re not the only one who has a hard life, everyone goes through challenges” 9. “Life is like a trumpet, if you don’t put anything into it, you get nothing from it,” -W.C.Handy“ In other words, It takes effort to be something” 10. “I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I am done” -Unanimous“In other words, I always finish the job even when its tiring.”

Flashback In life we enjoy the greatest moments and all the fun and happy times that we had. Sometime we tend to want to have the moment again because it had the most amazing feeling ever. It’s like a drug that keeps us hyped and always persistent that we wouldn’t want to end the fun then and there. For me, my greatest moment in life would have to be that day where me and my family were camping out at the beach. It was the greatest family bonding I ever had. It was probably the only closes thing we ever did together. So I would love to relive that time because of all the fun things we would do. I believe that I was only five when that happened. As a kid I always wanted to go camping with my family because it was an outside activity. From what I heard when I was young a lot of kids went camping with their families. So I also wanted that. It was the most amazing feeling because we all hung out at the fight at night and tell stories then eat marshmallows. It was the best camping I ever had. The things we did were, play football at the beach and swim. We would go out to the reef and catch fishes and other sea creatures that I didn’t know. I was not a strong swimmer as my brothers and sisters, but they gave me a boogie board to help me follow them out. It was scary, but I knew my family will help me if I drown. After fishing, we caught a lot of fish and other crabs. We took them to shore and cleaned them and then cooked them for dinner. The food was delicious. I know for every kid, being with their family is what they want. Having fun and enjoying the family quality time is the greatest moment of all. I guess for me, it is the greatest moment because it doesn’t happen often. Most of my brothers and sisters now, are all working hard out there and I’m in school studying to become part of the societies everyone’s in. I just wish there would be a time to settle down and just have family time over again. That’s why I would love to relive this time again and I wish you could also relive this greatest moment with me.

Rememberance Of Things Present 1. Winning the Rugby Championship Game 2. Performing at the Tumon Musical Festival 3. Attending Soul Check 4. Working out with my Track Team 5. Being a High School student 6. Being a Teenager 7. Partying with friends 8. Playing Rugby 9. Being in Track and Field 10. Being in Ms.Griffin’s Class 11. Being an Athlete 12. Training Every day 13. High school friends 14. High school teachers

As Time Goes Bye-Bye Long term Goals: 1. To join the Navy as a Rescue swimmer so I can save people from harm’s way 2. Become a cook in a restaurant after I retire from the military 3. Go sky diving because it’s an awesome thing to experience in life 4. Go free diving in Palau because I heard its beautiful 5. Become a chief in the Navy Good byes: 1. Being a kid 2. Stupidity, No more fooling around 3. Becoming a Marine because my mom did not like that Idea. 4. Dreams of flying because it isn’t real 5. Hopes of living an easy life because life is never easy

My OwnLists Of Lists 1. People that influenced me… - Mom, Friends, Brothers, Sisters, Famous people, and coaches 2. Places that make me happy…. - My room, Church, School, My house porch, my car, and my living room 3. Places I would like to go…. - Palau, Hawaii, Dubai, Europe, Germany, and Paris 4. Things in people in which I like… - Attitude, smiles, motivations, determination, willingness, and hope 5. Things in people in which I dislike… - hauteur, low self-esteem, sad face, anger, hopelessness, and hate 6. Things that worry me… - Family dying, friends getting hurt, the sun not shining, power not working, apocalypse, and world war 3 7. Things that I would like to know how to do…. - Parkour, double back flip, man a ship, diving, save lives, and drift in a car 8. Things that have moved me.. - Pictures, quotes, speeches, animals, nature, and life 9. Ideas that intrigue me… - hover boards, being a pirate, sky diving, becoming an athlete, base jumping, and parasailing 10. My personal favorites….. - being healthy, helping people, swimming, exercising, studying, and visualizing my goals

Cheer Yourself Up 1. Eat a tub of Ice cream 2. Bite my pen 3. Drum on a table 4. Jump up and down in class 5. Think of cats 6. Sing a song out loud 7. Go running 8. Go to sleep

Rememberance Of Things Present 1. Winning the Rugby Championship Game 2. Performing at the Tumon Musical Festival 3. Attending Soul Check 4. Working out with my Track Team 5. Being a High School student 6. Being a Teenager 7. Partying with friends 8. Playing Rugby 9. Being in Track and Field 10. Being in Ms.Griffin’s Class 11. Being an Athlete 12. Training Every day 13. High school friends 14. High school teachers

Picture This Picture this, a nice clear sky with a cool breeze like the Bahamas and a clear shore with mild waves rushing in. It’s nearly sun down with the sun half way down the horizon. It’s you and your cooler of cold drinks, sitting on a hammock tied too two coconut trees that are spread out evenly. You then lay down with closed eyes feeling the breeze and warmth of the sun on your body. Birds chirp around the coconut tree creating harmony and then, eventually lull you to sleep. Picture the beach as the most fulfilling day of your life. All burdens aside and just have the relaxation of a happy man. Picture yourself lying on a hammock on the beach listening to the ocean waves ashore. Feel the breeze and warmth fill your body with comfort and peace. Picture paradise. q=tbn:ANd9GcR9syhuKg5SJ2BWSpV3LNvAfNSvxllT3O5c2l7K3KyOQve7oNtNow

Look Who I Look Up To Look who I look up to. These people have established reputation around the world. They put with a lot of problems and at times they seem to keep pressing on every time. No matter how hard life gets for them, they just keep pushing even when it seems impossible. They inspired me to overcome my obstacles and strive for the great even when hopes are slim. People like Usain bolt, Steve Jobs, and David from the bible are the people who I look up too. Usain Bolt is known to be the fastest runner in the world, but I’m not going to talk about how fast he is. I’m going to talk about how he became that person, that’s what inspired me. Usain is a very determined man. In his documentaries, he spoke of not being able to be the best if you don’t focus on what you want. You should set your goal and focus on it and strive to break your goal. He explain that you must have that determination and willingness to challenge yourself if you want to win or be the best because everything in life needs a motive. Steve Job is the other person I look up too. After reading his story on how he became well known, I was surprised. He started at a young age following his dreams in creating the most amazing system ever. His plan worked very well, becoming a entrepreneur and starting off the apple computer. Later on, his company was going down and he was kicked out of his own company he created. He was in a pit of lost hope for his dreams, but he started to create again and follow his dreams. As he was back in his garage designing a new plan, he finally found it. He was later then put back in his place in owner of Apple inc.. Steve Jobs followed his dreams and passions and never gave up even when he failed. The other person I look up to is David, from the book in the bible. David is young shepherd in the bible. He’s a brave and courageous boy who belongs to a family that cares for him. You guys may know that story already with David and Goliath, where David kills the Giant. Fanatically as he is, his faith is strong and firm. When his God was talked down, no one stepped up except him. I love the attitude and pride he has. That’s why I choose him. These are the people I look up too. They inspire me to push through the hard times in life. Just like Steve Jobs, when his plan failed, he still kept going in following his dreams. Each and everyone had their hard times, but they came out the greatest because they had the most determination and willingness to become that. It only takes you to become great with the right mind set. Even when the times are hard.

One Medium Suitcase 1. Family Picture - To help my home sickness, and to remember them 2. Two slacks - Just in case I have formal meetings 3. Toothbrush and tooth paste - So I can brush my teeth 4. Jacket - Just in case it gets cold 5. Note book with pen - To write important information 6. Two button up shirts - To complete my formal wear to meetings 7. A set of boxer briefs - Important!!! Don’t like to free ball. 8. Medium size Towel - To dry myself off 9. Shorts - Casual wears for outside and indoor

The Perfect Present The perfect gift. The perfect gift has to be something I always wanted. It cannot be concrete. A gift that is intangible and abstract to us. This gift will have to mean a lot to me and I would have to use it every day. I guess that gift I want is motivation. It’s something I need every day. It pushes and makes me better every time. Every day I like to exercise and train to become strong. I need the motivation to make me go through them. If I didn’t have motivation to work out, I probably wouldn’t be working out at all. We all need motivation to do something in life. Motivation will give me the strength to overcome my problems and hard times. So I think it will be the perfect gift to have. It enhances your mental state and improves your body physically, by training it to do more. Motivation is the perfect gift because it’s a gift of no limits. I need it for the times I fail at doing something and I need that push to help me get back up. Even at the times where I don’t believe I can do it. Motivation is a need. So it automatically becomes the perfect gift for me.

Memorable Event My most memorable event, the most memorable event for me would take place in my junior year. During the ending of the school, I had a free trip to go to the Philippines for a conference. At first I thought I wasn’t going to go, but my mom told me she had saved money for me to go on the trip. So I took the offer and went on the trip to the conference. The event is memorable to because I went with friends instead of family, I kind of felt independent outside of my country. I was responsible with the money I spend there, so I had to make a budget to save some money for going back. What made this memorable was dyeing my hair red. For the first time in my life I actually dyed my hair. I didn’t really care at first because I was in foreign country and nobody knows who I am, but what made it more interesting was that people called me DENNIS RODMAN. After strolling the Mall of Asia, all I can hear is “Dennis Rodman….Dennis Rodman.” It went back and forth, until my friend told me that he is a famous basketball player that came to the Philippines a while ago. So the whole day I was walking with the name of Dennis Rodman. Eating in the restaurants there was a life time experience. I was pretty shocked by the portions they served there. It wasn’t enough for a person like me. I would sometimes try to ask for more rice, but they didn’t speak English. All I got was a few Filipino words with a smile on the waitresses face. So I just gave up. In my time there I got to try this one famous cafe place that I always wanted to try. It was Starbucks! Every morning was Starbucks, I didn’t try their food, but I drank there delicious coffee every morning. It was heaven for me. At times I wish I had Starbucks next to my house on Guam. So I can dine there every day. Finally, overall, my friends were the ones that made this trip more memorable. There were four of us. One of them traveled from states to the Philippines to meet with us. Jarrett, Marie, Mathew, Jerwin and I were chosen by my church to go attend this conference there. It was a place full of young college students. Meeting other people from all over the world was the greatest experience for me. I got to make friends with them and share each other’s interest. It was the most amazing memorable experience I with my friends, who ended up becoming part of my family in the end.

How To Play Rugby Objective: Score tri’s by placing the ball down on the opponents tri zone area. Rules Must have 15 players on each side of the field. Ball must be dropped kicked on the 50 meter mark down the field to the opponents field. Tackles are made with shoulders connecting with the hips. ANY HIGH tackles is a yellow or red card pending on the intention of the hit. Ball must be passed BACKWARDS. Forwards passes is and automatic penalty Conversion kicks are made in the 20 meter zone. Rucks are formed over the ball If you are tackled and wrapped. You must go to the ground When tackled, place ball on your side. The most important rule is to keep the game CONSISTANT!!. No delays. When tackled and ball on deck, ball is open to anyone.

Always Say Never Foods I never want to try again -



Peanut Butter Fish




Peanut Butter spring roll dip


Soggy fries




Quail eggs


Sloppy joe


Humus with Fish


Guacamole with sugar


Spam sandwich

Are You Hungry? Boy do I like food, especially the ones my mom cooks. I love the food she cooked when I was young. She would make this delicious meal that would make me satisfied all the time. It was a magical Fish soup that made me happy all the time I see it. It tastes so good that it makes me want more and more of it. My mom cooks a great fish soup that has these wonderful ingredients to make you the happiest person ever. This meal is made at my very own home. It’s a fish soup that has a lot of flavor. The lemon is one of the ingredients that bring out a zingy flavor. The peppers help give a taste that burns my taste buds. Those are the only ingredients that I can depict from the soup. The soup overall, is tasteful. My mom serves it during dinner, the time when it’s cool inside the house. When the soup is hot, it helps balance out the temperature with the air. The best part would have to be scooping up some rice and dipping it in the soup. The meat is also good. The texture of is a little bit chewy and soft, but mixing it with rice creates something good. I just wish she can serve it again.

Where I’m From -



Tongantongan spear


Spear Fishing


Tropical Island


Swimming shorts


No T-shirts worn outside of the house


Boogie board


Skin board






Reading books


Scotts yori

Deck of 52 A Deck of 52 awesome things to do…… 1. Sky dive in Dubai 2. Surf in Hawaii 3. Cliff diving 4. Swim in Palau 5. Step foot on all seven continents 6. Go heli-skiing 7. Climb one of the world’s tallest mountains 8. Go free diving in the Bahamas 9. Shake the Obama’s hand 10. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef 11. Run the biggest Marathon in the World 12. Eat at Modern Toilet 13. Win a Food contest 14. Travel in a submarine 15. Parachute from a mountain 16. Drift in the canyons 17. Snowboarding 18. Fly a jet 19. Wingsuit Proximity Flying 20. Bungee Jumping 21. Mountain Biking 22. Para sailing 23. Swim with a Whale Shark 24. Swim with a Blue Whale 25. Surf a Tsunami 26. Join a Parkour Gym 27. Escape a Haunted house 28. Own a high tech Rifle 29.Jet ski in the Bermuda Triangle 30. Fly a helicopter 31. Camp out on the highest mountain with the moon big and bright 32. Catch a big 200 pound fish 33. Ride on a Dolphins back 34. Pet a Lion 35. Own a Tiger cub 36. Fist bump chuck Norris

37. Play Paintball in a abandon Hospital 38. Play under water Rugby 39. Blow up a car on New Years Day 40. Party all Night with Random people 41.Box with Manny Paquio 42. Kiss Angelina Jolie 43. Be pursuit by the Police in Dubai 44. Get married on a beautiful beach full of lanterns 45. Get front row seats a Superbowl 46. Shave a sheep 47. Visit a chocolate factory 48. Play professional Rugby 49. Pet a Liger 50. Slap a shark 51. Punch Mike Tyson in the face 52. Donate clothes and food to the needy in Africa

The Examined Life The Greatest things about me‌ 1.Im kind 2.Friendly 3.Caring 4. Humble 5. Self-Reliant 6.Talented 7. Risk taker 8. Loving 9. Faithful

The Greatest faults about me‌ 1. Tend to get ahead of myself 2. Not careful enough 3. Reckless at times 4. Lazy at times 5. Careless for basic fundamentals 6. Toooo Quiet!!!! 7. Not enthusiastic 8. Not as exciting to others 9. Sometimes can be anti-social

Annual Report Today is May 6, 2014. This is an annual report on my wellbeing and the progress of my body’s growth. During the month of January, my weight was a hundred and forty nine pounds. Sevendy five percent of that was muscle. My Goal was to reach a hundred and fifty five by June. Right now, I’m a hundred and fifty one pounds. Over the past month I have been increasing my eating habits and trying to only eat beef and vegetables. My workout regimen has changed since track season started. I’ve been running a lot and its been toneing and burning my body. Right now, I tried to work out with weights at least twice a week so I can build in muscle strenghtening and in mass. So my assignment from May 6 to June is too gain four pounds in muscle. I also want to keep my cardio up and strong.

Ekphrasis This is a story of a man who was mean and greedy and was punished for his greediness. He lived his whole life living on a farm that was abundant in vegetables and fruits. He raised pigs, cows, horses, and chickens. The man practically was rich in everything. He had everything he needed to survive on his own because he lives in the middle of nowhere. Even though he had no friends he was happy, until one day. As the farmer got up, he went outside to work on his crops as usual. As he was working a voice came to him “Farmer”. The Farmer turned to look and see who was talking to him, but nobody was around. “There will be a Fruit tree growing in your garden. It will bear the most tasteful fruit in your garden”. The voice disappeared and the farmer was still looking around to see who was talking. So the farmer went back to his house to take a break and rest. He was confused and curious of what fruit tree was going to grow in the garden. The next day, the farmer woke up and went outside to see the tree. The tree was grown in the middle of his garden and bearded the most delicious fruit ever. As he was eating the fruit, the voice came again “You must share your richness to the people who will come. For they will come and build their house near yours and a community will be created from your luxuries”. The farmer was so fond of the fruit that he didn’t want to share. So the next day a couple came by his farm and asked if they could try his fruit that looked so tasteful, but the farmer refused and turned them away. The voice came again” why do you not share. I give you a tasteful fruit tree that never stops bearing fruit and yet you become greedy, even when you have more fruits and vegetables. If you dare to not share this fruit you will live alone drenched in your guilt and spend the rest of your life with your greed. Next day, another couple came. Sadly they were turned down the same way. So the following night, thunder clouds came over his house and a giant hand lifted his tree and him in it and it rained on him and his tree for ten days straight.

Visually Speaking

Lessons I learned After It Was Too Late Over the past years when I was young, I learned a lot of Lessons. Lessons that would teach me the right from the wrong, these lessons would always come hard on me because I was hard headed. Even though I’ve been told not to do these certain things, I would still disobey and repeat my mistakes. In the end, these lessons I learned became the new me in the future. When I was five years old, my first lesson was to respect my brothers. This was when my mom wasn’t around most of the time. It would always be my brothers and sisters watching me at the house, while my mom was out somewhere else. I would disrespect my brothers in a way where they would really get mad to the point where we will get into a fight. Then again, as a young kid we think we can do anything we want. So me and my brothers would get into fights and my sister would have to break us up, but I would always get the scolding. The other lesson I had to learn was to be responsible. This lesson was pretty difficult for me because I was very reckless and forgetful. I think this was in the middle school. My mom would buy my glass for school, but I would break them. I hated how my mom would spend so much money on my glasses. So I would really try hard to take care of my glasses. My other lesson was too be humble and not boast on my talents or luxuries. This lesson was taught by myself. After observing people show off their talents and become very cocky. It appeared to me that it was a very disgraceful look and told myself that I wouldn’t become that. It was just the character that made me disgust . Finally, as a young kid, I went through these lessons to teach myself valuable lessons that I needed to learn to become a better me. I had to learn to be respectful, responsible, and humble. Learning them made me a better person to others. Lessons like these really motivates us to become the sane person today, other than the insane.

The Door When I walk out that door, I want be at the beach. I want to have my swimming clothes on and my paddle board on my side. I want it to be sunny and shady clouds above and a cool breeze going by. As I walk down to the water I want to see friends and family on the side barbequing and having fun. I want to hear Island and Reggae music playing and people laughing and enjoying their time. The water is at its highest with waves rushing ashore and rocks and coral are no were near the shore. The sand is sandy and just right for laying on and bathing. I scream trucks going around offering FREE Ice scream. For today, is the greatest day in history. When I walk out that door, I don’t want to end up stranded in a mountain with nothing. It’s bad enough I had to do so much work in class, but now I have to deal with this. Walking out of class with more stress in mine is what I don’t want. Being stranded in the mountains is the worst thing that could possibly happen. For one, it causes stress. Having more stress and then more stress is inconceivable. It could really kill a person. Being on a mountain stranded really puts you in a bad place. You have to search for food and shelter all day. You have to think about how to survive there in its climate. What to eat that is good for you and not poisoned and how to find civilization. It’s just an abomination!!

Advice To The Young As you grow up, life can have its ups and downs no matter where you go. Life can be difficult or easy depending on you. You control your own life. There is choice to make in life, we sometimes don’t make the right ones, but we always have to keep pressing forward. The advice I would give you is too never give up and smile because the best will come in time. We all have those moments in life where we feel like our life is falling apart. Where everything comes in bad timing and we tend to get in bad situations that frustrate us. When I was young I thought life would be easy and that I was just going to work and get paid to live, but that’s not as easy said than done. After finding that out, I started to worked hard in school to graduate. In school, it seems pretty long as a kid. We think that it would take a long time to graduate or that we would get bored and just give up on work. My secret to this is to just enjoy school. Sometimes the work is hard and we just don’t care about the work because it doesn’t grab our interest. Even if it’s not interesting, just give it a try to pass so you can get to the interesting parts in school. As a personal advice, I like to tell myself everyday to expect nothing and I won’t get disappointed. I live by this line because as a kid I would always be told things like going to parties or beaches, but it would always be canceled. I would throw fits and just get completely upset. I hated getting lied to. That’s why I don’t expect anything. We live in a world that is not perfect. Even as humans we are not perfect. We just have to live your life to the fullest and just keep on moving on. Look on the bright side of life and keep chasing it and I promise you that it would get better. Thinking positive sets us on the right path to the great life. That’s my advice for you.

Who I Am 1. Friend 2. Music Lover 3. Brother 4. Adrenaline junky 5. Athlete These nouns help understand who ia am. For I Tommy Borja, is a friend of people. I can easily become friends with anyone who I meet, because I’m a friendly person. I’m a music lover, who loves Christian music than any other genre. Reggae would have to be the second because I basically grew up with it when I was young. I’m a brother of five. I am actually the step brother in the family with a different Dad. I’m also an Adrenaline Junky at times. Nothing hypes me up more than doing the extreme. I love doing stunts and trying fun things that excite me. Finally, I am an Athlete. I love sports especially Rugby and Soccer. I love staying fit and strong. These nouns would show that I’m a cool person. That I’m also very energetic and very active when it comes to fun stuff.

Rewarding Experiences 1. Becoming a Christian (1) - It made my life more peaceful with no more problems 2. Owning my own room (10) - I get to have my own private space too myself and do my own work 3. Flying in a Plane (2) - First time is always the best experience 4. Winning a championship game (7) - First time winning a Rugby championship game 5. Going to the Philippines (3) - I get to explore unknown places that I’ve never been 6. Attending a conference (4) - First time being in a room with exciting people 7. Playing in a conference (5) - Played the drums in front of a lot of people. 8. Gigging at the Outrigger Hotel (6) - I get to earn money, first job I had 9. Finishing this project (9) - The project was kind of difficult to do when you have others to do 10. Running a 5k (8) - After the run I felt so energetic and good.

Valuable Lessons 1. How to be Independent It’s valuable because when I get older, I’m going to have to depend on myself 1. How to be Respectful Its valuable because people are not going to respect you if you don’t have respect for them. 1. Leaning how to Add and Subtract This is very valuable because at times people will get ripped off if they didn’t have it. 1. Learning to be confident I needed this lesson to help me perform in front of people, to get over nervousness. 1. How to be responsible Important lesson to teach me to take care of valuable items 1. How to be Humble Important lesson, hauteur people really piss me off. So I chose to become an example to be humble 1. How to be strong Valuable lesson to teach me to be strong when life gets hard 1. Learning to tell the time Important lesson to learn because you need to know the time of day in case of events 1. Learning to measure Important for measure your food and other needs 1. Learning to be creative - In school, this lesson was taught to broaden my creativity for the future because now a days, people need someone creative.

Future-Fantasy And Fact Hahhhhh, Ten years from now. I can see myself living the life that I dreamed of. Being on a beach with a nice soft sand and the wind just blowing by like the breeze in the Bahamas, is somewhere so spectacular to be in right now. Living in a hut that is twenty feet high and wide as a regular house, with a hammock tied to the coconuts trees outside near the shore is my way of paradise. It’s what I see Ten years from now. Being on an island and relaxing and just avoiding all stress, it’s the best future I see fit. To be realistic, right now if I were to continue my plans after high school, I would be in the military. In the Navy actually, I chose the Navy because of the job they have in saving lives. I see the difficult parts in the training, but it all seems the same to me for every branch that’s in training. I see myself Ten years from now, getting a distress call out in the waters and then I come jumping in the water to help him. It’s the life I chose to have. I like helping others when their in danger, even if it costs me my life. The difference between the two is that one is actually what I’ve dreamed of having, and the other is just being real. I wish I had the life of just relaxing on a beach and just sleep without any problems, but then again, in life problem is your eyes and your brain. You see the reality of everything and problems are just about everywhere. The fantasy life is just what I wish for, but cannot have. It could be possible for only a certain amount of time, but you’ll never know. So between the Fantasy and the Fact, I guess Fact is much more accurate. Finally, in these contexts, you can be whatever you want to be. All it takes is a heart to desire it and a mind of motivation to overcome it. Fantasy maybe something made up, but it is sometimes possible to have. The realistic is seldom because it’s the future you chosen. Some people follow their dreams and end up fulfilling them. It’s a challenge for the both Fantasy and Fact, in my opinion. All it is, is your willingness and determination on which would you rather follow. So you can either be the “Romantic” or “Realistic”.

Epilogue If someone were to pick up this portfolio, I would want it to be a homeless person. Why you ask? Well, this portfolio can actually motivate a man. If he were to pick it up and read the whole book I would be proud because my work isn’t that entirely complex. It’s easy to read and understand and it can relate to a broken man. I just hope when he opens the book, he would read all the entries with my life’s story. He should read “A Days In The Life”. He should see my life’s story first. My story should open his image of when he was young and reckless. It should create a guilt trip that would later on be fulfilling. After reading my story I would want him to read “Cheer Yourself Up”. This would give him ideas on how to become better when he is sad. After that I want him to read “Remembering the Child”. I want him to relate to my story as a toddler and make him reflect on to his own life when he was a little kid. After reading those, I finally want him to read “Who I Look Up To”. In that entry, I wrote people that inspired me and how I took it into my life to never give up because of these people. The people that inspired me to live on has helped me overcome the darkest and hardest times. They gave me motivation to see the future as goal and to reach it no matter what. So in reading this, I hope the man will be inspired by the people I’m inspired by, and I hope one day, he would get up and press on into life and never quit.

Writing Portfolio  
Writing Portfolio