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Peace and  Conflict:   Coffee  &  Migration  

February 5,     Saturday,  10am-­Noon   Utilizing  his  knowledge  and  experience   as  co-­founder  of  Cafe  Justo,  a  farmer-­ owned  coffee  cooperative  located  in   Chiapas  Mexico,  Tommy  Bassett  will   trace  the  origins  of  migration  and           border  control  efforts  along  the  south-­ west  border.    He  will  then  provide  a   short  history  of  coffee  and  demonstrate   how  Cafe  Justo  coffee,  sold  in   churches,  parishes  and  synagogues   throughout  the  southwest,  can  provide   an  avenue  for  serious  faith-­based                 reflection  on  immigration  issues,  while   greatly  assisting  coffee  farmers  in         poverty-­stricken  regions  of  the  world.  A   coffee  tasting  is  included  in  the                   program  .  

$10 per  person   Featuring  Tommy     Bassett,  Co-­founder,   Café  Justo  and  the   Just  Trade  Center   which  exists  to  pro-­ mote  and  replicate  the   Cafe  Justo  model   among  other  coffee   producing  regions.  

Café Justo  

Register at  or  call  480-­948-­7460  x  157.  

Franciscan  Renewal  Center                                          5802  E.  Lincoln  Drive            480-­948-­7460

Coffee, Migration and Faith Lecture  

Tommy Bassett fr Just Coffee makes a powerpoint presentation at The Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale