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The only reference to a standardisation process when categorising weapons/threat based on colour that I found on a wikihow site. I double checked on a military website to confirm said information ad it turned up trumps which is reassuring. The only problem is that just like cultural context, each nation’s military have slight variations on how they colour code their various armoury and projects, so I will be using this as only a loose framework for my decisions on colour coding the categories.

There will be only a small element of guesswork, as I think I will be trying out various swatch libraries to try find out what colours best suit the application to each field respectively. I am guessing that something not as saturated would look the most effective, although only experimenting will tell. The categories are as follows -

These are the final selection of colours I will be using for the colour coding. The next post will be on the final selection of colour and how they will be applied. I wil be doing icons for each section and will have finalised the images by the next post. Personally I am glad that I am closing in on a final decision quite early on as I believe that this is a stage of development that I often take an age on. The less conventional colours work the best, as currently I am satisfied with the possibility of combining two palettes that compliment each other.

Weapons Brief Colour exp.  

Weapons Brief Colour exp. for my blog

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