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Rationale “An investigation into publication and print with a focus on content, delivery and illustration/image-making”

I will be exploring the extent of my illustration and image making skills in order to define an individual approach to my practice that aims to sit in relative contexts. Using the knowledge I gain from research visits in regards to my dissertation and FMP, I will be looking at how the emergence of new media and technology have an effect on the world, through the mediums of science, video games and consumerist culture. Through this research I will also be sourcing my target audiences that are appropriate to the niche markets I am appealing to, as well as investigating how my work interacts with said audience. My design decisions will be informed from the information gained from my intended research, but will require me to look at how much mass-produced publications cost to produce on both a large scale budget and a small budget, as to gain insight to industry standard production values as well as my own self-initiated projects that I aim to produce. The main focus will be on the presentation of the content, both image and type but with a focus on developing my skills of the latter since it is something that I really could do with pushing forward. Amongst all of this I will be furthering my current knowledge in my chosen areas by researching studios/agencies, illustrators and designers that interest me through interviews, visits and events. I will be informed through publications, blogs, websites and journals.

Subjects / Themes Subjects: − − − − −

Editorial illustration Editorial design Print finishes: traditional vs digital Promotion: press kits, mailouts, flyers, posters, context of delivery. Media: stocks and limitations to how something is produced. (ink absorbtion etc)

− − −

Illustration: self-promotion and mercantile skills. Layout and editorial Publication: typesetting and delivery

Themes − − − − −

Video game/game theory: how players picture themselves in the global community, are we being exploited or provided with quality, guilt free entertainment? Consumerist culture: niche market appeal, where I sit in the sector Science: innovation, technology, biology and endured human endeavour Infographics: data visualisation and presentation of research relative to FMP Modern culture: media, music and clothing.

Design Disciplines / Creative Development − − − − − − − −

Illustration/image making Type Layout Publication Print finish Promotion Identity Editorial

Primarily the distribution methods will be print-based but with the potential to adapt for web based publishing, catering for smartphones and other devices associated with differences in OS. I'm not particularly interested in something purely typographic unless it has some form of illustrative context, am open to motion graphics but am not that interested in animating it by myself.

Practical Skills / Workshops – what, why and when? -

Illustration Publication Type Print production Promotion Editorial

I am adept in image making: symbols, icons and basic vector graphics, as well as developing my own individual approach in regards to my illustration practice. I would like to take my icon and symbol development to another level, by exploring the use of editorial design and how information is presented and put in context, which would benefit from my investigation into publication and editorial design. I would like to collaborate early on with someone in order to develop my type and layout skills, as it is a skill I would like to capitalise on to give myself a greater knowledge of the subject. Not only this, but it would also give me more opportunities in a professional context. In terms of publication, I would specifically looking at how to proof the production, colour management as well as the overhead costs on printing on a large scale. This would in turn lead into production values concerning editorial production, studying the relationship between effective colour management and choosing the right image to suit the context.

Taking all of this into account, I wish to focus primarily on the end product, effective decision making and how my work is presented, as I will benefit entirely from the effective presentation of myself and my work in suitable contexts. Appropriate context is determined by the content of this form and subsequent research undertaken during FMP.

Brief 1: Design Context Publication


Rationale: A publication that has to underpin my entire practice, who I am and what would I have benefitted from knowing earlier on in the course. Brief 2: Editorial Design for Eureka


9th March

Rationale: The theme of scientific prowess and the lack of media coverage in mainstream outlets is the driving force behind this brief. Eureka is an esteemed publication dating back from 1939, which aims to open a discussion with its readers about new scientific breakthroughs, as well as subjects that are relevant in context. The Times had recently included this as a monthly supplement and is recognised by New Scientist due to its historical roots. The design of the publication, as well as its cover illustrations have been appraised by the online publication journal “It shows an attention to detail and understanding of editorial pace that remains rare in British newspapers, which are too often put together by sub-editors working to templates. Here, content is intelligently crafted using combinations of text and diagram, sticking to The Times typefaces.”

I aim to produce 10 cover illustrations based on the nature of the articles that have made headlines in 2011, or have evoked interest in the science community enough to make waves. The illustrations themselves will be a combination of 1950s science ads and my own style. I intend to produce at least 5 double page spreads of information presented appropriately for the article in context. I will also print them on stock relevant to production values associated with the supplement and will produce relevant promotional context for the range. Brief 3: Press Kit for Tomb Raider


29th March

Rationale: As a long term prospect, I would like to work in the games industry, specifically concept driven promotional materials for limited edition releases or press kits for high end media companies. Since this year is the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider, as well as the year they release the prelude to the Lara legacy or what IGN call “the tale of survival and hardship that made her who she is today…” So I will be producing a geocache-related adventure that starts with the location of one of 3 clues that lead to the flagstore that gives away the promo pack of deliverables that include: - Survival kit - Med kit - Dynamo torch and AM/FM radio - Knife (blunted) - Map that hints to where the next cache will be Or… A pack of items that Lara managed to throw off the coast and has returned to the mainland, these would include:


Rough map drawn by Lara to help someone establish her exact whereabouts Shard/fragment of Buddha statue/item found relative to dungeon/puzzle Passport/Id card to identify who she is Rubbing of a place she has visitited Journal, leatherbound detailing her first week on the island Possible container could be: lunchbox lined with skin, capsule from ship’s wreckage, or even a lifejacket with it gaffa taped to it

This would demonstrate my ability to produce high standard work to an industry level of delivery and production. I presume this would be mid budget depending on the overall outcome of the brief. This brief allows me to explore all aspects of printing processes and how it can be applied to a range of mixed media. Brief 4: Zine for Illustrators in College


30th March – 5th April

Rationale: A zine dedicated soley to the various styles of illustrators in college, as well as offering them a chance to show their work, which will ultimately tie in with a blog to be updated regularly. The zine offers a new platform for illustrators starting out, looking for work, discussing work and generally a good place to advertise themselves and start a guild that has their own voice in college. It would be a monthly or fortnightly publication that uses a theme or subject to inspire and anchor the zine with some form of visual context and coherency. It is a collaborative brief that will have significant amounts of research, content and public relations with potential to branch out into something much more substantial. More details regarding the brief will be uncovered as it progresses.

Brief 5: Bottom of the Bottle


16th April

Rationale: The rock/metal night in Harrogate is in desperate need of a makeover. The identity and promotional materials are tired and do not reflect the audience that it aims to engage with. The grungy, punk like visuals usually associated with the genre of music can accommodate pop culture references relevant to the target audience. Since I already know the majority of he attendees, it should be quite easy to research further. I will be working with Matt Allenby for the website design, since they have no online presence, yet have a whole army dedicated to flyer distribution. The brief will allow me to have some creative freedom within restrictions outlined by the client. The deliverables include at least 5 posters/flyer designs for each up and coming night, with a zine that has the bands playing for the next few months. Along with this, a fully functional website, identity and branding across relative platforms of media. The brief will allow me to gain exposure and hopefully a client that will provide me for more design work in other towns/cities as well as allowing me some insight into how promoting for events is managed. Smaller Briefs Brief 6: Produce a set of posters/visuals for the gaming clothing site GamePaused Quick turnaround brief with potential for placement. Brief 7: Self-Promotional

A brief that will let me create something that has impact when I sent mailouts to potential clients/interviewees and professionals for appraisal. The main focus of the brief will be collecting data for research relevant to the FMP. Brief 8: Heroes of Science A rehash of last years awful brief, but instead I will produce a book for the book fair based on the heroes themselves. A limited edition of 25 prints of the Heroes will be available for sale. These briefs will be allocated deadlines when I have started the others as to ascertain where/when they can be done by. Brief 9: Fishtank Produce a set of large scale illustrations on the theme of song lyrics to be applied to the conference room in MUSIC studio in Manchester. Contextual references / Designers / Studios / Companies (specific) Designers -

OWT – Independent design collective who specialise in zine publication and contribute to the Salford Zine Library


Paolo Dusi – Designer who specialises in print, publication and vector based symbolic visuals to present information. He is from italy and works for high end high budget projects to aid communities.


Viktor Hertz – Focus on symbols, visual communication through minimalistic methods. Parody and artifice feature regularly. Satirical take on consumer culture.


Michael Paukner – Specialises in infographics, vector symbols and presentation of information in regards to editorial design.


Fro Design Co – LA based designer/illustrator with a focus on the cultural sector.

Illustrators -

Dan Hipp – Illustrator who specialises in pop culture and parody in his work. High impact, lo-fi retro style with an impeccable colour palette.


Daddison – Master of hand type and paint n pen scrawlings with a professional edge when it comes to vector based illustration too. His work primarily focuses on promotion of events for music, club nights and shop/retail outlets.


El Tobe – Illustrator who works as freelance and work is applied to various aspects of subcultural references such as skateboarding, underground music events and pop up illustrators workshops.


James Joyce – Editorial illustration with a focus on vector based renderings of topics relevant to the context of the article/story.


Andrew Groves – works across a variety of contexts for various clients: Reebok, Foundation Skateboards, 4eight magazine and Chevrolet.


Martin Wollerstam – Limited colour palette with often creepy, dark images that are used in

exhibitions, across products but mainly installations and shop fronts. -

Jack Teagle – Esteemed character creator and book illustrator. He has had so many projects and briefs it would take up far too much space in this box.


Mike Perry – Well known artist and illustrator who works across all media, working in branding, clothing with a focus on print. Has produced work for Lazy Oaf and reebok to name a few.


Chris Piascik – Hand typographer whose work has a focus on music and contemporary culture.


Axel Pfaender – Mainly works with simplistic imagery for editorial and sells prints for various festivals. Game industry and science specific.


Luke Drozd – Gig posters and main influence for work.

Studios -

Crim collective – Group of UK based illustrators and designers who produce work for cultural sector, based in Huddersfield who specialise in open space illustration and contemporary design with a fun attitude.


Handsome Frank – Agency for illustrators, bespoke contracts and work. Portfolios are fantastically presented and the website is well designed and easy to navigate.


Cool Hunting Studio – Bespoke design of every discipline, with emphasis on cutting edge design.


Studio8 – London based studio whose area of expertise is soley on publication, book design, editorial through a range of illustrative and design based techniques whoh have some astounding projects on information presentation.


JaguarShoes Collective - studio is located in Shoreditch, where the close proximity of their related businesses has formed a hub for creative output that draws like-minded people from all over the world.


Nobrow – Bespoke independent publishers guild (of sorts) that specialise in limited edition print-based ephemera and help to promote illustrators and designers worldwide.

Companies -

Fluidesign – Specialise in packaging, promotion, web, branding, advertising, POS and augmented reality. The company responsible for some fantastic press kits in the past.


Left Loft – Italian based company who specialise in print; editorial, press releases, promotional work for the cultural sectors, literally covering at least one aspect of culture as a whole.


Poster Roast – Focus on promotional prints, design for music and subculture with emphasis on image/illustration. They have mini galleries all over pubs in London and frequently do work for exhibitions, galleries and gigs.

RESEARCH ACTIVITY: The Art of Illustration



Details An evening with Quentin Blake, Jamie Hewlett, Posy Simmonds and Martin Rowson each selecting and discussing a choice of their favourite illustrations. At the British Library in London 6:30-8pm. RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Out of Print


Details An exhibition of contemporary examples RESEARCH ACTIVITY: LATE at the Library: ILLUMINATE! Details



A great  start  to  your  Friday  night,  with  a  showcase  of  work  from,  amongst  others:   Jon  Burgerman,  James  Jarvis,  Alice  Melin,  Martin  Rowson  and  Mr.  Scruff,  who  will  be  the  DJ  for  the  evening!   The  night  will  also  be  featuring  a  special  screening  of  the  Oscar-­‐nominated  animated  film,  The  Secret  of  Kells.   In  addition  to  this,  there  will  be  masterclasses,  a  bar  and  more.   7pm  –  10:30pm RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Visit Salford Zine Library + Press Deadline 14th Feb Details Meeting with Craig Barr, one of the founders of Salford Zine Library to ask questions in regards to working to deadlines, collaboratively, to a small budget and also the complications to maintaining the publication when holding down a part time job. It also gives me the chance to see what sort of printers are used to print their proofs as well as see what job prospects can come from self-publishing. RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Interviews + Self-Promo Details


10th Feb

I will be sending out a mailout with a foldout preview of some of my work along with my business card to most/all of my research activities/professionals, unless it is more feasible to send an email. This is to ensure that I leave them with an experience, not just another run of the mill designer trying to get known. I am using a small brown manila envelope to hold said promotional materials that will be part of a larger illustration that will be a free mini print with my work on the other side.

BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS / TEXTS - (Harvard Referenced) The Art of the Motor – Virilio Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Video Games – Ian Bogost Street Knowledge, King Adz - HarperCollins UK, 25 Nov 2010 Juxtapoz Poster Art - Gingko Press, 30 Nov 2008 Typography Sketchbooks, Stephen Heller - Thames & Hudson, Limited, 1 Sep 2011 COLD WAR DESIGN, David Crowley, Jane Pavitt, V&A Publishing, 2008 The Information Bomb, Paul Virilio, Verso, 27 Dec 2005 Hand Job, Michael Perry - Princeton Architectural Press, 1 Aug 2007 Pulled: A Catalog of Screenprinting, Mike Perry - Princeton Architectural Press, 13 Apr 2011 Print Formats and Finishes: The Designer's Illustrated Guide to Brochures, Catalogs, Bags, Labels, Packaging, and Promotion, Edward Denison, Roger Fawcett-Tang, Jessica Glaser, Rotovision, 1 Aug 2010 Going Freelance: How to Set Up and Succeed as a Freelance Worker. Startups - Crimson Publishing, 15 Jun 2011 MAGAZINES / JOURNALS / ARTICLES – (include publication date and details) Grafik Computer Arts Gamesmaster OXM AMMO magazine Access mag Flamingo Magazine Core 77 Computer Arts ON LINE REFERENCES / WEBSITES / ARTICLES (include specific urls) OTHER REFERENCE MATERIAL (Films, events, exhibitions, conferences) -

Pick Me Up, the UK's first contemporary graphic art fair, returns to Somerset House from March 22 to April 1, 2012. Building on the success of its first two years, Pick Me Up will feature a dynamic line-up of graphic art collectives, galleries and a host of established artists, as well as providing a platform for emerging artists.


Understanding the Digital Economy, the first Guardian Masterclass in association with General Assembly, will provide students with a meaningful understanding of how business is being done in today's digital world.


ACTION PLAN – use this section to identify specific tasks that you need to complete in order to resolve the brief. Brief What do you need to do? 1

Reply to Music in Manchester with a proposal for the large scale illustration to be produced for their studio. Negotiate with Chris what song we are doing and how to go about producing the piece. Brief 9

Deadline 10th Feb

12th Feb 2

Meet up with Ben from OWT creative for an interview in regards to how to set up your own zine. Enquire about what contacts are essential to the content of the zine. Inquire about possible internship with OWT. Brief 4


Produce a unique mailout for interviews and visits that will leave people with an impression of who I am and what I am about. -


Manila envelopes that are part of a larger illustration for self promotion Well produced business card Examples of work Freebie; sticker

Meet up with Matthew Allenby to discuss building my own website using Flash and Dreamweaver and how to use animations to my advantage when displaying my work. Brief 5


Visit to Factory4, a screenprinting workshop round the corner from where I live to investigate the cost of screenprinting without the benefit of college resources and discount. Mainly a visit concerning the year after my alumni expires, so I have a place to produce work in the future, if I build up a relationship with the staff there, I might even get a job. Hopefully. Brief 5 + 7 + 8


Book events/talks before they sell out All briefs

Designed by: 10th Feb Produced by:15th

15th to tie in with mailout. 16th Feb


5th feb 7

Meet up with Trev for the Bottom of the Bottle brief and see what sort of print/run he wants. Brief 5


Go to Adel to take photos of textures for illustrations Brief 5 + 2

Reading week





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