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Book Designs

This project was produced merely for cosplay, purchasing an old weathered book from a charity shop and then applying some specialist clay to create the clasps. A good idea if I were to minimise cost and make the project much more easy to manage in terms of production. This is the sort of look I would be going for the final outcome.

This particular book should be on a pedestal, I sourced it from a forum on the other side of America. The book itself had been created using only 16th century methods by a professional bookbinder, giving the overall look an incredibly authentic feel. Wont be able to create something this professional, but it still looks fantastic.

One of the reasons why I wanted to do this brief anf turn it into a considerable one. I am a massive fanboy myself and I hate how all of the books have been generalised into some form of compactable, condensed version of the entire game’s history. Not only is it a silly silly thing to do, but THERE IS TOO MUCH TO CRAM IN ONE BOOK. It serves more of a purpose if everything is in it’s place and material used is in context and it’s presentation. Plus I want to work for a promotional company so I can come up with something even cooler for Bethesda to sell.

This particular set of examples shows what is available already in terms of the limited edition version of the game. It adheres too much to conventional methods of promotion, without catering for the hardcore fans who desire and praise any sort of fan made paraphenalia with open eyes and open wallets. The hand print of the dark brotherhood on note paper would be in context with a book I want to produce, entitled 2920: The Last Year of the First Era; as it details what happens up until the events of Skyim and during the time in between Oblivion and Skyrim. This includes an assassination of the late Emperor Reman III.

I think I will outline all relevant materials and try to test out some pieces in response to the historical background, say a journal of an authority figure of an important faction or something similar. The effect on the end is a gloss that ages the cover of a book beautifully:

I just sourced these as something in the back of my mind just clicked, since there is always some element of alchemy in the edlewr scrolls, I thought an invisibility potion or some sort of poison would be cool as an extra deliverable and add to the overall look of the project, so the next pages are a tutorial on how to make a potion look really cool.

This is a quick and easy technique for creating a swirling, iridescent liquid that looks great as a potion, bound spirit, or fuel inside the reaction chamber of some infernal mechanism. Just shaking the bottle produces a wonderful pearlescent turbulence, and the effect is considerably enhanced if you can illuminate the liquid. You'll need a bottle or container of some kind, regular kitchen food coloring, water, and the magic ingredient- mica powder. Have you ever seen an iridescent paint job on a car? Where the color shifts as it drives past you? That's the same effect produced by mica powder.

Fill your bottle with water and add a few drops of food coloring. You won't need much, since the mica powder will add more color to the liquid.

For this project I'm using "Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment", a very fine grained mica powder available at your local craft store. A single small jar runs $3-$4, but you can pick up a twelve pack for around $1 a jar if you take advantage of the ubiquitous 40% off coupons offered by craft retailers. If you don't happen to have a craft store nearby you can order the powders through Amazon. You'll only need a small amount, so a single jar should be good for a number of bottles.

Then use a coffee stirrer or straw to scoop up a small amount of the powder and dump it into the bottle. Put on the cap, either a screw top or cork depending on what kind of container you're using, and give it a shake. Tada! You're done.


Book Designs This project was produced merely for cosplay, purchasing an old weathered book from a charity shop and then applying some speci...