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ODD GAMES The Typing of the Dead Now this is a game that really is fun to play and a great way to get boys interested in typing. This was based off House of the Dead and if you’ve ever played it, you will notice that this game is exactly the same, with just a few modifications. Instead of shooting you type your enemies to death, which in an of itself is pretty crazy. But I cannot help but laugh every time I see one of the game’s characters with the keyboard strapped to their chest. But then you laugh even harder when you hear the voice acting. This game is funny, and fun, but mostly just plain strange.

ODD GAMES Toilet Kids I can’t believe I am even saying this but here is a game that is based off a young boy who goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night and gets sucked into the toilet. The poor kid then finds himself in a world where everyone looks like toilet fixtures and he must make his way to the very end and battle the evil Urinal. Sadly I am not making this up, and what is worst is that there are games out there that are even more bizarre that this one.

ODD GAMES Boong Ga Boong Ga Alright this game just barely takes second place on this list, and that is really saying a lot. I had to debate for awhile whether or not it deserved the top spot. In this arcade game you approach a denim covered butt, yes that is the controller. Then you get to choose between a number of different characters such as ex-boyfriend, an ex-girlfriend, a mother-inlaw, a gold digger, a child molester and more. Then you get a paddle to hit the demin butt as hard as you can in order to incite pain in your chosen victim. Once you finish the game a card is dispensed telling the sexual preferences of the character and sometimes prizes are even awarded.

ODD GAMES Super Pii Pii Brothers Here is the undisputed ruler of the weird games genre. If a game based on peeing into a urinal was not enough for you. If the fact that you get extra points for peeing on animals was not enough for you. Then just take a look at the Wii controller harness that comes with this game. Yes you actually put on a harness that straps the Wii controller to your genital region so that you can practice your peeing skills. According to the text on the box “Super Pii Pii Brothers promotes good bathroom skills and allows women to experience for the first time the pleasure of urinating while standing.� Yeah that what every woman dreams of experiencing.

MAD STUFF Taun Taun Sleeping Bag


MAD STUFF RJD2 Foldup Chair

MAD STUFF Zombie Blood Caffeinated Drink

MAD STUFF Zombie Hoodie

MAD STUFF Edible Zombie Skin

MAD STUFF Portal 2 Cookie Cutter


MAD STUFF Tyvek Wallets

MAD STUFF C H I M P Rearview Mirror

MAD STUFF Nintendo Wall Graphics

MAD STUFF Nintendo Monopoly

MAD STUFF Health Potions. Pure Caffeine.

MAD STUFF Optimus Maximus Keyboard

MAD STUFF N64 Remote Pipe

MAD STUFF Video Game Cereal

MAD STUFF Resident Evil 4 Aftershave

MAD STUFF Mario Bros Shower Power

MAD STUFF World of Warcraft Beer Stein

MAD STUFF GTA Pisswasser

MAD STUFF Gameboy Dress

MAD STUFF Tetris Board Game

MAD STUFF Pikachu Car

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