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"An investigation of image making, focussing on publishing and print" Was the initial statement I

made on my selection of briefs and the potential basis for a design strategy into 3rd year. Having vested interests in illustration, publication, editorial, website design and promotional delivery I will be trying to include my external interests of videogames,science, sci fi and culturally relevant media into a comprehensive portfolio of work evidenced by the work produced this year. To do this I will need to evidence that I am capable of using the facilities available to demonstrate my abilities when using print-based media, as well as the utilisation of digital software. Instead of spending more time at the drawing board I realize I need to produce physical products and not rely on sketchbooks and design sheets. Science, science fiction and video gameshave always played a huge part in my life, so it only makes senseto investigate, elaborate and create design that is geared toward these subjects to give me footing into the respective industries. Realistically I would like to do 3 briefs that need a considerable amount of work with at least 2 other minor briefs. This is justified in regards to research and writing for my dissertation. In conclusion the overarching statement for the rest of the year is: “An investigation of sciences and videogamesthrough experimental image-making, utilising different media with a focus on publication and print” Using this as a starting point for the year, I hope to make considerable improvements from my performance in first and second year. BLOG.

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All work must be clearly presented and labelled with your name, module code, brief title and any other appropriate information. Pleaseseparate the work appropriately and include a printed version of each brief. All blog. posts relevant to this module should be ‘tagged’ with the module code OUGD301and follow the naming conventions outlined on E-studio Submitted Brief 1

GamesAid – Product/promotion

Brief 2

Manual of Unconventional Weaponry – Publication

Brief 3

Heroes of Science – Exhibition

Brief 4

YCNSalad Cream

Brief 5

Manchester Book Fair Revisited - Illustration

Module Proposal Project File Evaluation

Your 500word End of Module Self-evaluation should be posted to your blog. Design Practice Blog.

Title and Brief Summary – include a short rationale for each brief identifying why you chose it, what was the focus of the brief and how long you spent on it. BRIEF 1

Games Aid. Promote awarenessof and promote the charity GamesAid through fundraising events and a range of merchandise that can sold in aid of the charity. I chose it becauseI have always wanted to do design work for charity and it had one of my interests at heart: videogames. The industry trustees on the board made it incentive to make some contacts that may well further my future career. I spent well over 2 months on the project on and off. 1 month on concepts, ideas and poster designs, then the last month refining and proposing merchandise. The main focus was on illustration, promotion and event organisation.


Manual of Unconventional Weaponry. To produce a book that categorises various weapons from contemporary video game culture. Using symbols and vector illustrations to create a catalogue of common interests concerning the subject matter. Combining research material and a humour that is attuned to the mature video gamer, it highlights the industries best and brightest weapon design. The focus was predominantly layout and publication with large bouts of research both visual and textual. I spent about 2 months and 1 week on this brief, the majority of the time was taken up by extensive research into the subject matter, cross referencing information and patching it up where appropriate. The rest was spent doing layouts, printing and illustrating the various weapons and promotional materials.


Heroes of Science. To create a set of exhibition pieces celebrating science through some of its most recognisable pioneers for the National Science Foundation. The focus of the brief was exhibition space and designing large scale, something I had not tried before. I spent far too long on this brief, and dragged it out longer than I should have done. 1 month and 2 weeks.


YCN Salad Cream Create a campaign that encourages younger people to rediscover or discover the brand of Heinz Salad Cream. The focus of the brief was print and promotion. I spent about 2 weeks on this brief, 1 week concept and ideas and about a week maybe 4 days on top of that

designing and finalizing.

Manchester Book Fair Revisited BRIEF 5

To illustrate a series of book covers using a limited colour palette to make them part of a series/set. The focus of this brief was print and illustration. 1 Week - 3 days drawing/concepts the rest was spent finalizing ideas and illustrations, mainly fiddling with colour until I had settled on something I was happy with.

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Date: 14th December 2011


MODULESUBMISSONFORM LEVE L BLOG. Staff Use Using this as a starting point for the year, I hope to make consid...

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