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to make do with whatever materials are at hand.

To invent, compose, or perform something extemporaneously,


imp-ro-vise noun


Long ago, before the age

So lo behold! The treasure

of Homo Sapien, when

trove of confusing and strange

neanderthals still scraped

weapons that brings the MOUW

bones to turn into tools, and

to a close.

salvaged what stone they could to work into weapons to

Remember to always pack some

survive; improvisation.

toilet roll and a teddy bear.

All it takes is one desperate situation to inspire someone to create something unheard of to defend themselves or better the populace. Unforntunatley this is the last


baseball bat





Bananas are widely used as

This is the most commonly

In general terms, the

food due to their restorative

used melee weapon in sandbox

Boomerang can be used for both

properties and Banana Peels

games like GTA it has

combat and puzzle solving. It

are also used as an offensive

detatched itself from its true

is useful to stun enemies, but

weapon in sports competitions

purpose: playing baseball.

a single hit will kill weaker

such as the Mario Kart series.

manual in the series, with its content ranging from stupid to

enemies. Although is used for Like getting smacked in the

solving puzzles or retrieving

face with a... baseball bat.


quite interesting in terms of their application.

bow and arrows

brick of magical arrows including;


ice, fire and light.


This particular specimen of a

Just remember though if you’re

Quiet, unassuming, cunning and

classic weapon used since we

out hunting you should always

subtle. Are just a few words

figured out that we could make

aim for the jugular.

I would use to not describe

fibres and string is from the

the horror of the power of an

Zelda series.

ordinary brick. Seen in Condemned where you

Being imbued with fairy magic

have to cave in someone’s

allows the user to fire a range

skull. The thud stays with you.





Half Life’s protagonist, Gordon

Is an antipersonnel weapon

Originally a tool, it has been

so popular when he uses it

made up of two or more sharp

reused as a surprisingly

to carve through legions of

nails or spines arranged in

effective melee weapon, useful

headcrabs in his laboratory.

such a manner that one of them

against smaller and/or lone

always points upward.

enemies, or when the player is

Also it is very handy when you

short on ammo.

wish to break into someone’s house or just want to break

Tenchu was the first appearance in gaming.

double dildo

Freeman made this weapon

The iconic weapon of choice for


someone’s stuff. .

glass shard





The electric guitar is a weapon

It has three different attacks;

found in Dead Rising 2. They

the first has Frank pushing

can be found in many locations

it into zombies and ripping

throughout Fortune City.

them apart; the second is a

Love hitting zombies with a

standard melee attack; the

trashy chord echoing after

third has Frank picking it up


and throwing it.

Handy for playing an extended




solo for those long, paranoid

Found only in police

Made famous by its excellent

The Glass Shard is a Green

in the middle of the night.

headquarter’s shower rooms

application for stealth kills in

Class weapon that appears in

and only would something this

Hitman, this weapon has long

both Manhunt games.

outright ridiculous be in a game

been a method of execution

like GTA.

throughout history.

So far, it is the only weapon in both games that appear many

Good for effective flossing if you misplace your own.


walks back to your safehouse

paintbrush newspaper

plastic bag



Although not strictly a weapon

Another hideously well thought

unless you cast your mind back

out idea from the creators of

to the days of paperboy, where

manhunt, the purpose is exactly

the young boy on his bike would

what your mothers warned

fling the daily rag through

you about: dont get your head

windows, doors, dogs and even

trapped in one.


DMG nique to ĹŒkami is the Celestial

gods (inspired by the Chinese

Brush. Players can bring the

zodiac) from their hiding spots.

game to a pause and call up a

It is also possible to upgrade

canvas, where the player can

or modify certain Brush powers

draw onto the screen.

later in the game.

This feature is used in combat, puzzles and as general

ostrich hammer DMG

gameplay.For example, the It is actually a real tool used

player can create strong wind

for excavating rock in mining

by drawing a loop, cut enemies

for various minerals.

by drawing a line through them

The Ostrich Hammer is

or create bridges by painting

a weapon in Red Faction:

one, amongst many other

Guerrilla that Volition added


after seeing a poorly edited image on the Neogaf forums of

These techniques are learned

the main character carrying an

through the course of the game


by completing constellations to release the Celestial Brush


DMG DMG In general terms, the Boomerang can be used for both combat and puzzle solving. It is useful to stun enemies, but a single hit will...


DMG DMG In general terms, the Boomerang can be used for both combat and puzzle solving. It is useful to stun enemies, but a single hit will...