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experimental mirv

The Experimental MIRV is a weapon of such unthinkable power and could only be found in a game made by Bethesda. Fallout 3 is where you find this unholy deliverer of pain and radiation. Essentially it is just a souped up Fat Man which

is basically a mini nuke device capable of firing them as projectiles. The MIRV however fires up to 8 mini nukes at once causing a hellstorm of annihilation onto your foes. Found only after obtaining all the Keller Family

notes as such information grants access to the heavily guarded depot where the weapon lies.

fat man

pipe bomb

grenade machine gun

The Fat Man is an effective mortar/artillery weapon, allowing a person to bombard a large area with good precision and deadly force. It uses a mini nuke for ammunition which when fired, results in a small nuclear blast.

Pipe Bombs can be an extremely useful weapon in many situations. The Pipe Bomb can be used offensively to clear out an area, defensively against a horde or to draw off enemies from an incapped teammate.

The grenade machinegun is a powerful rapid-fire weapon which uses 25mm ammunition. The attached computer monitor appears to show the weapon’s feed system and other details, although this is aesthetic and does not reflect actual use.


monkey bomb

The flashbang grenade is a special type of grenade used in warfare. It temporarily blinds anyone affected with a white light and leaves a “ringing” sound in the victim’s ears.

The Monkey Bomb, when thrown, plays a short jingle, then (after roughly seven seconds) explodes. It attracts Zombies until it explodes, killing the group of zombies around it.

ryno It was created by Doctor Richtofen as shown by a document from vbush. It could possibly be made from the monkey that was bugging Richtofen in the first radio of Call of the Dead. It can only be obtained through the Mystery Box in Zombies.

The Rip You a New One, abbreviated R.Y.N.O., or RYNO, was a devastatingly powerful auto-targeting missile launcher developed by the Blarg that was extremely rare and expensive. It fired seven individual missiles simultaneously,

If the firing button is held as the weapon runs out of ammunition, the grenade machinegun will keep playing its firing animation, even though it is out of ammunition (no firing sound is played while this happens).

smart bomb which immediately sought and destroyed various targets. It also has a high rate of fire, despite its size and caliber.

known as B-bombs, Nova Bombs, or simply bombs to pilots and trainers, are high-yield, compact and effective explosives used in both deep-space and atmospheric conflicts.


is basically a mini nuke device capable of firing them as projectiles. The MIRV however fires up to 8 mini nukes at once causing a hellstorm...

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