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“An investigation into publication and print with a focus on content and illustration, with the potential to transfer onto digital mediums.” My work is influenced and driven by a term I have defined: NERDOLOGY. This is the study of subjects that are deemed ‘nerdy’ by the dominant social strata and is not connected to the term ‘geek’. These subjects in question include; science fiction, video games, physics, biology, chemistry, history and fantasy fiction. The influence of these subjects cross over into the practice of graphic design and illustration seamlessly, as the practitioner him/herself is engrossed in the application of a set of theories and functions that are subject to the individual’s skill set and practice. Personal Statement: “I enjoy content heavy briefs with a subject matter akin to my self-defined practice. I also enjoy quick turnaround illustration briefs, allowing myself not to lose interest in a project. As long as the subject matter holds my interest, I can can up with a creative solution to a brief”

Career Aspirations >Who I would like to work for/with >Long-term

Fluid Design

Takeoff Agency

Double fine

The Behemoth

Hand Circus

Career Aspirations >Who I would like to work for/with >Short-term + Freelancing whilst working at staples, fac4, wyph or similar print facility + Live briefs for exposure and maintaining a healthy practice

Live Briefs

Visits/placements Inky Goodness OWT Creative Fac4 Print Fairs Book Fairs - list Fraser Muggeridge - Type School Margarita Gluzberg - Exhibition/Artist Berlin

Collaborations Jaypee - illustrator/designer Chris Freitag - Blacksmith/artist Matt Allenby - Web designer/Musician Jenny Sneap - Photographer Conrad Stead - Publisher/printer

Practice Screenprinting Professional Printing Web design Promotion for gigs Promotion for events Bookmaking Type Summer School

Progression Opportunities > Industry experience (or lack of) >Training > Job that allows me to still pursue a career

What I have done Submission for OWT creative zine Submission for Jaytees Papergirl submission Bookfair

What I will do Get adequate exposure through an active online community in regards to select briefs.

Progression Opportunities > Self-directed briefs that will help me develop further and gain a significant presence in the online sphere and reality.

H.G.S. Harrogate Skate Park - Branding, large scale illustration and merchandise range. I have a contact in Harrogate Borough Council in which we are in the early stages of negotiating a centralised hub for all the young skaters who would otherwise struggle to get themselves an online presence. A site for them to chat, discuss tips, upload videos and a general platform for their sport.

Learning Web Matthew Allenby - Developing web skills and hopefully a partner to start getting regular work for, through mine and his contacts. Projects currently discussed; an online presence/shop for an all vinyl specialist situated in London. Design for an independent game studio in Sheffield.

Exposing myself Maintaining a healthy online presence can be maintained through: tumblr, my own site, Behance, JayTees, collaborations, doodles, blog and a variety of other media outputs.

Book making Specifically making books from games to be sold on kotapu and various other heavy traffic sites. General interest and customer requests for certain content would generate significant income for those fans who are willing to pay above and beyond retail for a bespoke publication. This would be a side project to maintain and would be a direct result of having training/working in an active printmaking studio. As well as accumulated knowledge from the course and beyond.

Problems/concerns Harrogate Skate Park - As mentioned, I have had successful negotiations with HBC and will need to find a suitable set of illustrators to join me on such an endeavour. FInancially we would either recieve a small bursary from HBC or create a kickstarter account. The support from the community in harrogate would generate sufficient momentum to gain support and interest from both parents and skaters alike. Bookmaking - This would boil down to gaining sufficient funds from members of the online gaming community or likely producing a kickstarter account to deal with this. Bethesda have not gotten back to me in regards to making these books, but discussion and feedback from forums suggests they would require you to submit what you have done in pending approval. This has however, gained a few designers to join their ranks. Getting a job in printing - This would require many a mention/references from printers/ designers who can back up my skills and that I do indeed know my way round a studio. This experience will be gained straight after the final submission as I will be spending most of my summer in the print facilities in order to gain sufficient knowledge and practical skills that will be required. To summarise, the main concerns are; FINANCIAL SUPPORT - Kickstarter, self funded, investors and loans. LEGAL ISSUES - Connections with HBC and Bethesda. Approval and signing of contracts TRAINING/LACK OF EXPERTISE - Improved only through practice and determination.