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An investigation into publication and print with a focus on content, delivery, illustration and image making



popular culture:

who’s who:

- Illustrating an idea

- promotion and press kits

- zines as promotional vessels

- information on everyone mentioned

- editorial

- as art, illustration and exhibit

- information presented for audiences

- gig posters - Illustrating for niche markets


illustrating an idea: visual language in science

> Communicating a theory > Illustrating an idea


editorial: information is key

> Visualising data > Content and research > Audience affects content


promotion: interactivity and reception

> Concept > Delivery


Alternate aesthetics: the gaming cult

> The art of interpretation > `Real' culture

popular culture

niche markets: nerdology

> Sci fi > Fantasy > Film

popular culture

gig posters: Promoting an event

> Type > Image > Type and Image

popular culture

zines: promoting a cause

> Type and Image > Content > Concept

Research: timetable and focus

Research action: Late at the library: Illuminate!

Out of Print talk

Client led brief meeting

Salford Zine Library visit

Studio8 Visit + Interview

GameCity visit and interview

Self promo brief

Factory 4 visit

Bethesda Ireland

+email out to designers/ illustrators

Conrad Stead printer visit

That is about it for now....


- Illustrating an idea - editorial - information presented for audiences who’s who: - information on everyone mentioned - promotion and pres...