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Tomas Cummings OUGD301 Brief 3 Games Aid Board 1/5

The idea behind this brief was to raise awareness of the UK based charity: Games Aid.

I aimed to organise some events for them which would resulted in the posters that outlined said events.

These events were designed for the casual gamers in mind, since the predominant “hardcore crowd� would not be interested.

They are videogame industry trustees who donate money to childrens charitys nationwide.

They are; 24 Hour Skyrim Session 10 Hours of Call of Duty Session 30 Man Smash Brothers Brawl Session.

With this in mind, I aimed to use nostalgic imagery such as the SEGA controllers and some other contemporary gaming symbols

Tomas Cummings OUGD301 Brief 3 Games Aid Board 2/5

I soon then identified that there was a gap in the merchandise market in the gaming industry which was that there was no ‘creative’ products. By this I mean that a lot of the merchandise available is cut and paste graphics that

dont express what the player feels when playing. Taking Games Aid’s values of wanting to contribute to other players needs be they in sound mind or not I decided to address this in the best way I thought possible.

Tomas Cummings OUGD301 Brief 3 Games Aid Board 3/5

Using hand rendered type from a collection of popular games from the casual gamer sector. I started to identify some solid quotes and applied them to some of the most commonly used items in a gamer’s

inventory; Mugs Keyrings Tees


Tomas Cummings OUGD301 Brief 3 Games Aid Board 4/5

I wanted a physical, easily accessible site that could be visited during the peroid of events taking place. Goodsie seemed like a good option, since it had easy store building utilities and allowed no delayed access for the

merchandise on sale. I also had set up a justgiving site for donations.

Tomas Cummings OUGD301 Brief 3 Games Aid Board 5/5