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Blue shell

Bomb bird

This iconic harbinger of death is often seen either whistling past those in second place or less often grinning in anticipation of the hope of coming first. Used to destroy those in first place since 1997.

Found commonly in the company of land stealing pigs, this slingshot bound ballistic bird is infused with some form of mystical gunpowder organ that simultaneously generates a spark upon contact. Causing havok to buildings since 2009.


Concrete Donkey

These animals hail from Oddworld, they have an incredible ability to imitate and infuriate other creatures in the world they inhabit. They are, however the only creatures in Oddworld that can speak the English language.

Donkey’s serve a multitude of purposes which can help benefit mankind, including entombing them in concrete and using them in a micro war. They have been used to punch holes right through to the center of the earth. First seen in 1997

Bionic Arm Used for swinging through urban developments, grabbing anything from cars to boulders throwing a whole host of harmful ballistics to intended target that is in Nathan’s path. Developed by the Tactical Arms and Security Committee, T.A.S.C as a means of creating a race of super soldiers. This iconic arm has been around since 1988’s Bionic Commando and its recent remake of the same name. Be wary of using it however, as it requires a symbiotic syncing to use.

chain chomp In the Mushroom Kingdom, these creatures are used as guard dogs, since they resemble a ball and chain with an exceptionally large set of teeth they tend to serve this purpose well. They also have young called chomplets who are

Pokeball The perfect tool for a poacher or even a zookeeper, this handy device is strictly used in the trapping of and holding of both real and mythical fauna to do your bidding.

covered in lava which flare themselves up to the dismay of those unfortunate enough to be in their way. They have plagued the Mushroom Kingdom since 1988.

Mushroom Despite having somewhat alternative effects on people from Earth, the Mushrooms from the Mushroom Kingdom give Mario the ability to grow from a midget into a normal sized person.

Landshark gun Armed and Dangerous showcased this incredible feat of hyper-tech in 2003. It fires a rapidly maturing mutant landshark that burrows straight into the ground and starts to ‘swim’ under the earth seeking out enemies

Smash ball stupid enough not to run out of the way. The rapidly growing landshark then pops up out of the ground and consumes whoever it gets to first.

An ethereal emblem of the spirit of Super Smash Bros whose power is unleashed according to the individual who unleashes the power within. The symbiotic bond can lead some to madness or even a case of “superior play” not only this but

you can tell when someone has invoked the power by their eyes glowing yellow and their body giving off a rainbow hue. Beware.

The sheepinator


Yoshi Egg

The iconic astral symbol that endows the user/ consumer with temporary invicibility and a short bout of disco music with accompanying flashing lights that make the experience even more surreal. First seen in Super Mario Bros.

Laid and thrown about by the primitive species know as the Yoshi Dinosaur of the Mushroom Kingdom this egg is actually hollow, since the average Yoshi lays about 200 eggs a month.

Wabbajack The sheepinator took it sdebut from the Ratchet and clank series: R&C: Going Commando. Every game in the series has a transmogrification device that can turn hostile enemies into something more cuddly or less harmful, with the

reassurement that you waste no ammo since it relies on its directed particle beam technology. Designed and manufactured by MegaCorp it has been a popular weapon throughout the series as well as giving players the chance to reap the bolts from

their newly adversaries.


The weapon of the Daedric prince of chaos and mayhem Sheogorath. Located in Southern Cyrodiil, this unique artefact has the ability to change any lifeform into another biological form at any time. The only weapon that

the Daedric princes or princesses have that doesnt case immediate damage to the victim.


Found commonly in the company of land stealing pigs, this slingshot bound ballistic bird is infused with some form of mystical gunpowder org...

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