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3,539m David Pfister / Emanuela Algeri / Tommaso Certo


We started our work on a visual narrative trying to show with picture the difference that we felt going at the Ribeira since the first time between the turistic side of it, and the inner part, the one where actually we found people living, in an evident situation of abandon. It apeared to us, that expecially, in some times of the day everything was radically different, the people, the routine, colors, subjects. But what was actually even more impressive was that the border between these two realities is just a thick wall permeable throught its arches. We titled our work with the actual measure of the wall, which separates the new road and the old Ribeira, 3, 539m. The aim of our work of photography, is not to show the difference, but instead to show where we found the difference, what are the elements of difference; then we started dividing our pictures in categories, until we came to a syntesis: materials, spaces and sujects. We took pictures in color, looking for a composition of the images. The work proceeds from the particolar to the general view.

materials textures colors



David Pfister / Emanuela Algeri / Tommaso Certo



cfm trabalho do grupo theitalianjob

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