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INFO Tommaso Zanella Milan, 22 febbraio 1984 CN

111 Zhong Cao lu building, 3 - apt 2908 Shanghai, China +8613761714772


via Tajani 9, 20133 Milan - Italy +39 388 06 42 871 skype: tommaso_zanella



May/june Position held: trainee Employer: Baiardi S.a.s. architects [Milan, Italy] Main activity: design assistant


April Position held: steward at the Design week in Milan Employer: Jannelli & Volpi (Forniture Design) Main activity: promotion and assistant


October/december Position held: shop assistant Employer: High Tech (Furniture) Main activity: merchindiser


July/august Position held: shop assistant Employer: Cargo (Furniture) Main activity: merchindiser


October --> Postion held: Designer Employer: Nita Group [Shanghai, China] Main activity: project designer


July/september Postion held: trainee Employer: Biro 59 [Belgrad, Serbia] Main activity: project designer


19 july Architect registration examination Professional licensure (state exam)


August/october Postion held: trainee Employer: Moshe Safdie Architects [Jerusalem, Israel] Main activity: design assistant


21 october Master degree in Architecture Design Politecnico di Milano Thesis: Resettlement and Architecture. Topoi and models for the fondation of Delos Mark: 110/110


June Position held: freelance journalist Employer: Embratur [Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil] Main activity: eco-tourism and sustainable architecture


24 september Bachelor degree in Architecture Politecnico di Milano Thesis: Nature and Construction. Voto: 107/110



Academic year 2005/2006 Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria [Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Spain]

LANGUAGES excellent 2007 TOEFL - Test of English

2003 Scientific High School degree Scientific School Alessandro Volta, Milan Mark: 80/100





AutoCAD Sketch-up Rhinoceros V-Ray Artlantis Photoshop InDesign Illustrator Microsoft Office Maquette Hand drawing Communication Teamwork


excellent 2006 DELE - Diploma de Espanol

2009/2011 I actively participated in the founding and early activities of the student association IAESTE Italy which had as its main goal the support of the International Programme for the promotion of IAESTE paid internship, around 84 countries worldwide. [ ] For a year I have been the president, a role that has challenged me and gave me the opportunity to gain experience in international relations and activities planning.


- Twin FYR Macedonia - 2009 - Twin Norway - 2010 - IAESTE General Conference - Zurich 2010

Architecture Design Cooperation Travel Sailing Photography

2001 About cooperation I spent a month in Africa, helping to build a small church/multi-purpose room in the town of Fada in n’Gourma in Burkina Faso, cooperating with the local community.

[ Architecture is a ‘lifestyle’ ] I firmly think that creativity in our job is influenced by the everyday life and by all the images and feelings that create the sorroundings. Therefore I consider the curiousity as a key to bring the best inspiration from the world into our work. Good at human relationships and communication, I really believe in the strenght of team work as a combination of different knowledges and opinions. As an architect, my figure is in a constant state of development, and I am still learning, trying to get a full profile. My goal is to collect as many information as possible, to enrich my cultural backround which is going to characterize my design

This portfolio includes some of the main design work carried out during my university carrer and my work experiences. What you will find in the next pages is both individual ang group work depending on what I was asked to do. The selection has been done with the intention of representing the main steps of my training as an architect consistently with my studies and works.

Private house on the seaside Las Palmas, Spain 2006 Hospital for small community Milan, Itlay 2006 Educational and recreative center Madrid, Spain 2007 [a] Dhloz Resettlement on Delos Delos, Greece 2010 Art center for school and exhibition Changchun, China 2012



Residential building with private flats Como, Italy 2005

Urban plan pueblo San Lorenzo Gran Canaria, Spain 2006 Green rays for the city: ‘Bovisa drop’ Milan, Italy 2007 The complexity of sustainable living Milan, Italy 2009 New social housing district Belgrad, Serbia 2011

Auditorium - Archeological museum Jerusalem, Israel 2008 Delights pavilion Parco del Vittoriale Salò, Italy 2009 Swimming pool pavilion ChengDu, China 2011



Renovation of the attic floor Milan, Italy 2007

Urban park design Alessandrini park Milan, Italy 2007 MI(D)LU Public space design Milan - Lugano 2009 ChangDe new district urban furniture Changchun, China 2012

Conversion into a convention center Pavia, Italy 2009



Intervenciòn en el hospital San Martin Las Palmas, Spain 2006

Residential building in a urban plot Milan, Italy 2007 The recovered space Milan, Italy 2008

Staircase design for the restoration Pavia, Italy 2009 Susteinable social housing Gorla Minore, Italy 2009

The art center is a focal point in the urban park system for the Changchun new district development. Surrounded by residential areas and university campus, it becomes attractive both for students as for the inhabitants of the city. The interior space is very flexible, in order to be used as exhibition area, classrooms for art lessons, and some room will be dedicated to some private ateliers where artists can find a good place for their work. The link with the park and the path system is even stronger thanks to the two colorful stripes that interact with the audience

[ Architecture ] 2012

Art center...

School for young artists, with private ateliers and exhibition area related with the urban park

[ Landscape ] 2012

Urban furniture design...

Roads design for the new district in Changchun city, including urban furniture

After the masterplan of the new urban district for the city of Changchun, we have been requested as landscape designer to characterize the main roads with different styles depending on the main function of each road. I’ve been the urban furniture designer: trying to follow the main feature of each road I designed different series of furniture as bus stops, lamps, bikes parking structures, benches, bins, etc.

[ Architecture + Interior ] 2011

Swimming pool pavilion...

Little pavilion for the private swimming pool of a residential compound, with basic services

This pavilion works as a resting area for the inhabitants of this residential area in Chengdu. A small bar/bbq at the ground floor and sauna, office and changing room at the underground level illuminated by natural sunlight through a lightwell. The design work includes the furniture for the outdoor space

The competition had very strict requirements about target of the pupulation living in this new suburb of Belgrad. So the hardest part, planning the road system and the residential area, was due to the number of parking places to be provided above the ground level. The cost of the construction phase has to be extremely low, so simple technology and materials had to be choosen in the design, in order to allow the government to promote social housing programm, and relatively low cost for the rent

[ Urban planning + social housing architecture ] 2011

Social housing... Competition for ‘Biro 59’ architectural office, Belgrad, Serbia Work together with Katarina Vlaisavljevic and Nina Radosavljevic

[ Architecture + Interior ] 2010

Resettlement on Delos...

Repopulation and Architecture. Topoi and models for the refoundation of Delos

Master thesis co-written with Daniela Provenzi The strong connection existing between a specific country and its culture is the theoretical background of both our research and our project, that aims to demonstrate that it is possible, through some interventions, to prevent the archeological sites from deteriorating as well as to avoid the museum as unique solution for such places

The music pavilion wants to bring the violin pool back to its original function: house of the music. This little pool was built by D’Annunzio in his Parco del Vittoriale degli Italiani, to celebrate his love for poetry and music. Since this feature of the poet is quite unknown, the pavilion will host a collection of music lyrics written by D’Annunzio, and will host temporary exhibitions and music performances, especially in the summer season when the location atrracts many tourists. The design followed many theoretical steps, working with wooden sticks and panels, representing the design concept in the three dimensions. Furthermore I introduced one material more, tissue, as membrane enveloping the whole volume

[ Interior ] 2009

Delights pavilion... Pavilion for permanent exhibition and temporary music performance

[ Planning + Architecture] 2007

Cultural center...

New educational and recreative center for Madrid - rio Manzanarres

The aim was to redesign the riverfront which has a very important role at the urban level. The big area occupied previously by a big industry is now dedicated to a new cultural complex both related to the university , commercial and the administration areas


portfolio architecture

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