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Payment Gateway Integ ration for Your e-commerce Stores

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ZazPay offers easy payment gateway integration thr ough single-payment gateway abstraction API. This saves a lot of additional payment integration cost fo r every website. We keep adding selected and useful gateways to the list. By providing a wide range of us eful payment gateways, you can increase your websi te conversion rate.


Integrate one, easy, simple ZazPay on your websites. Then keep pushing multiple payment options to you r users without using any code and additional progr amming overhead.

Payment Gateway Integration for Your e-commerce Stores

If you are a new to e-comm erce then definitely you ha ve this question. Which Pa yment Gateway Should I us e for my e-commerce store ? Here Zazpay provides Mu ltiple Payment Gateway Int egration for your store. Thr ough that, you can easily at tract your online customer s.

Multiple payment methods Currently we offer all necessary payment methods for good con versions and fraud avoidance. This includes electronic payme nt gateways like Dwolla, PayPa l, and Credit Card and Bitcoin p rocessors. Apart from online payments, w e also offer the ability to setup manual or offline payments.

Compelling Reasons for Developers 


Auth Capture

Manual Payments



1-Click Payment (or) Credit Card Vault

Increase conversion rate. Reduce integration cost through zazpay.

Payment Gateway Integration for Your e-commerce Stores  

If you are a new to e-commerce then definitely you have this question. Which Payment Gateway Should I use for my e-commerce store? Here Zazp...

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