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MARSEILLES Marseille is the second-biggest city in France and is known for its stunning coastline and major harbour. Second-only to Paris in so many aspects, Marseille is amongst France's most historic, attractive and popular cities, being full of character and terracotta roofs. Marseille is home to many sun-drenched sandy beaches, lined with corniches and plenty of coastal attractions. Copyright Š 2011 iChild and its licensors. All rights reserved. Content supplied by La Jolie Ronde Ltd

Places to visit in Marseilles are: Jardin des Vestiges (Garden of Ruins) - Situated just behind the Centre Bourse are reminders of Marseille's rich archaeological heritage. The ruins, which were unearthed during the building of the shopping mall in the 1960s, include remnants of an ancient Greek port, as well as sections of Marseille's old city walls and monuments.

The Abbey of Saint-Victor de Marseille - is a late Roman former monastic foundation in Marseille in the south of France, named after the local soldier saint and martyr, Saint Victor. In about 415, John Cassian founded two monasteries of St. Victor at Marseille, one for men (the later Abbey of St. Victor), the other for women.

Read the paragraph above and answer the following questions:-

Read the paragraph above and answer the following questions:-

When was the Jardin des Vestiges unearthed?

Who are the monasteries named after?

Where is it situated?

When was it founded?

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