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Deadwood Writing ProjectSeason 4, Episode 1, Scene 19 By T.W. Kittle

Characters and settings based on Deadwood, by David Milch, Elizabeth Sarnoff, Ted Mann, Regina Corrado, Jody Worth, Bryan MacDonald, Malcolm MacRury

This written material in no way assumes ownership of others’ work or written material and is used in good-faith through fair use for creative purposes only. Copyright Š 2016 Airlock Entertainment T.W. Kittle All Rights Reserved No portion of this script may be performed, reproduced, or used by any means, or quoted or published in any medium without prior written consent.




DOC KENNEDY violently rifles through DRAWERS and CABINETS in a vain attempt to find... something. He’s MUTTERING to himself as SCREAMS OF AGONY emanate from the ADJACENT ROOM. NURSE JANE(O.S.) Doctor! He’s convulsing again! 2



Johnny rushes into the room from the entrance door and tries to hold down the drunkard. He looks up to Dan and gestures him over to him. JOHNNY (to Dan) Well help me you fuckin’ fool! Through the open doorway connecting the two rooms we see Doc Kennedy, bewildered and attempting to collect his thoughts, turns around and rushes into the patient room, where we see the local drunkard COLLAPSED on an OPERATING TABLE, FOAM emanating from his mouth. DOC KENNEDY (jittery, to Johnny and Dan) Please step outside. (then) Why is there an absence of morphine in the case? NURSE JANE The parcel service does not deliver until next week and the last of it dried up treating the gunshot wound of poor Mr. Nierhardt. Doc Kennedy walks to the BEDSIDE and grabs the drunkard’s WRIST, feeling for the PULSE. His eyes widen as a look of shock appears over his face. DOC KENNEDY Feels as though he’s running down the very delivery carriage we’re waiting for presently! NURSE JANE (gravely) It’s the dope, doctor. It rushes the body to death.




DOC KENNEDY We must waken him or he’ll slip away, I think. Doc Kennedy winds up his arm and then SLAPS the drunkard over the face, leaving a RED MARK on his pale cheeks. Nothing. He winds up again and slaps him harder, causing Nurse Jane to let out a little YIP of grief. Still nothing. DOC KENNEDY (cont’d) How could he not wake?! Just as Doc Kennedy winds up for a third, even larger, slap, a HAND reaches out and grabs his own by the wrist! REVEAL: MRS. WU, with a brewing TEA POT in her free hand. DOC KENNEDY (cont’d) Mrs. Wu! Do you not observe that I am in an attempt to awaken this man from certain painful death?! Mrs. Wu says nothing as she sets down her tea pot and begins to pour out THICK LIQUID into a small CUP. Johnny and Dan share a look of disgust after catching a glimpse of the foul substance. DOC KENNEDY (cont’d) (louder than before) Mrs. Wu!!! I cannot-NURSE JANE --No, doctor! I’m sorry, but what makes you think anything you have will save this poor man? He is but how many amongst those who’ve passed due to inappropriate amounts of dope? He has... nothing to lose. Doc Kennedy stares a steely glare at Nurse Jane, but in it is a knowing look. DOC KENNEDY Nurse, please leave the room. Nurse Jane exits the room, leaving Doc Kennedy and Mrs. Wu, who stands, cup in hand, waiting for the go-ahead. Doc Kennedy nods his head to her. (CONTINUED)



Mrs. Wu pours the molasses-like mixture down the drunkard’s mouth and he immediately spits it back up in convulsions. Undeterred, but unhappy at the mess, Mrs. Wu pours another cup and the steaming, thick syrup descends into the drunkards mouth once again. This time, however, Mrs. Wu then grabs the drunkard’s mouth and forces it shut, making him involuntarily swallow the compound. For a few moments, there is total STILLNESS in the room as Mrs. Wu removes her hands from the drunkards face and begins collecting her things. Meanwhile, Doc Kennedy moves to the opposite side of the table when SUDDNELY, the drunkard’s EYES FLY OPEN and he SITS UP! Gaping, sputtering, and spitting, he looks around wild-eyed. Satisfied, Mrs. Wu picks up her teapot and stares at Doc Kennedy: MRS. WU Dead junkies bad for business, (then, derogatorily) doctor. Johnny and Dan stare, mouths agape, as Mrs. Wu struts out of the room. Doc Kennedy places his hand on the drunkard’s wrist yet again and confused as ever then places it back down. He slowly walks out of the room and sees Nurse Jane standing there, a look of deference on her face. DOC KENNEDY I apologize. Nurse Jane curtly walks past him into the drunkard’s room where Johnny and Dan are presently trading looks with each other and the drunkard is regaining his awareness. DRUNKARD (out of breath) Well if I haven’t had the most peculiar dream. END SCENE.

Deadwood, Season 4, Episode 1, Scene 19  

Doc Kennedy's talents are tested when a local drunkard is brought to his clinic.

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