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UIIITAIIY According to the National ShootingSports Foundation,SteveSanetti,the presidentof the SportingArms andAmmunition Manufacturers' Institute,addressed the United NationsOpen-Ended Working Group in early August. His objective was to explain the legitimate use of firearmsand ammunitionfor sportingpurposesand hunting, pursuitspracticedby millions of law-abiding citizensnationwide.Sanetticalled for a distinction betweenfirearmsusedby civilians for sporting purposesand fully automaticweaponsusedby the variousbranchesof the U.S. military. Sanetti pitchedhis argumentto some 300 delegatesof the United Nations Open-EndedWorking Group at its headquarters in Manhattan.For more information:

What We've Known All Along:

Humane Society's

Name ttMisleadingtt SafariClub International'sIn the Crosshairsnewsletter reportsthat accordingto new researchfrom the non-profit Centerfor ConsumerFreedom(CCF),the HumaneSociety of the United States(HSUS)contributedlessthanfour percentof its $91.5 million budgetto hands-ondog and cat sheltersin 2007.CCF is criticizingthe nation'slargest animal rights group for not doing more to help hardworking local humanesocieties,callingHSUS'sname "misleading."Accordingto its mostrecenttax return(filed on Nov. 14,2008),HSUS contributedabout$3.1 million of its $91.5million operatingbudgetto hands-onpet shelters. CCF Director of ResearchDavid Martoskoexpressed a growing sentimentamonganimalloversthat the Humane Societyisn't living up to its name:"Pet loversdonated over $85 million to HSUS in 2007,but only a tiny sliver of that went to helpinghomelessdogsand cats.That's nothingcomparedto what HSUS spendshasslinghunters, complainingaboutcircuselephantsand trying to remove meatand dairv foods from the Americandiet."

Hunters Pull Their Own Weight Firearmand ammunitionmanufacturerspaid $109.8million in excisetaxesin the first quarterof 2009,up 43 percent over the sameperiod last year.Releasedby the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury,excisetax figuresare one of the industry's best indicatorsof performance.Manufacturerspay the tax - a major sourceof wildlife conservationfunding - on all firearmsand ammunitionsold (l I percenton long guns and ammunitionand l0 percenton handguns).Between Jan. I andMarch 31, $33 million was collectedfor pistols

andrevolvers,$38.9million for long gunsand$37.8million for ammunition.Comparedto the samequarterin 2008, percentfor ammunitionand28.3percentfor long guns.Usingthe collectionswereup 65.5percentfor handguns,42.9 latestcollectionsasan indicatorof sales,a projectionof $1.03billion wasgenerated in the firstquarter.Note:These statisticsdo not reflectretailmarkupor final retailsalesandarebasedsolelyon U.S.civilian sales. THE UPLAND ALMANAC

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Onceupona time, sportsmenhad to jump through hoopsin orderto find fishingand huntingspotsoutsideof theirlocalhaunts.During 1969'sSummerof Love,one couplechosenot to be stymiedby the lack of information. And so,Mike and SusieFitzgeraldscrappeda fledgling dentalcareerand launchedFrontiers InternationalTravel in Wexford,Pa.Four decadeslater,the Fitzgeraldshave openedthe doorsto domesticwing shootingvenuesin the westernUnitedStates,to southernquail plantations, and to Canadiangrouseand woodcockcoverts.They alsohave pavedthe way for foreign travel beyondNorth America andhavesentthousands of Americanhunterson driven shootsin Denmark;for doves,ducksand perdizin a host of SouthAmericancountries;and for SouthAfrican dove, francolin,guineafowl, sandgrouseand waterfowl. SaysJoeLinscott,ProgramDirectorfor North AmericanWing Shooting,"We work with a lot of customers to facilitatea trip of a lifetime.Sometimesthat includesfindinga seriesof placesfor a quail hunterto shootall five speciesof quail or transporthis shotgunsinto a foreigncountry."

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Back in the day when collegestudentssmoked pipesand attendedclasswearingtweedsportcoatsand neckties,chanceswereprettygood that their university fieldeda varsityskeetor trap team.In recentdecades, however,thosetraditionalshootingsportshavedroppedto dangerously low levels. The timesthey are a-changingthanksto the National ShootingSportsFoundation's"CollegiateShootingSports Initiative."Between2006 and2009,the annualAssociation (ACUI) Intercollegiate of CollegeUnionsInternational Clay TargetChampionships hasseena 40 percentincrease in participationrates. Fundingand resources are the two mostchallenging needsfor expandinga collegiateshootingprogram.NSSF launchedthe initiativeto: . Raiseawareness of shootingsportsopportunitiesat the collegelevel . Providefinancialand non-financialassistance in developingcollegeshootingclubsor teams . Serveas a resourcefor collegesand students interestedin learningmoreaboutthe shootingsports . Help grow the shootingsportsat the collegelevel For more information:www.nssf.ore/collese.

l\reYWe,DrrtAGar^B Ailiaorq' After a dayinthefield, hunters findfewthings areassatisfying assitting gamedinner. down toa delicious Manyuplandbirdsareleanto beginwithandcandry outquickly intheoven 0r0nthegrill.Asimple cooking syringe loaded withchampagne, wine or sparkling cider canmake allthedifference. Thejuice keeps themeat fromdrying out,leaves a fruity aftertaste, iseasyto administer andshortens c00king time. Cooking syringes areavailable at most cooking supply stores, 0rusea newsyringe, courtesy ofyour local large animal veterinarian.

And they're easy touse: o Fillthetube withbubbly orwine o Insert theplunger intothetopofthetube

r Turn plunger upside down withtheneedle facing theceiling. r Tap press onthetubeandslightly onplunger toremove excess air

o Insert needle intobreast meat . Depress plunger while removing theneedle o Repeat throughout thebird,andrefillasnecessary

For anyremaining wine orchampagne, dispense asnecessary. Doctor's orders. W I N T E R2 O O 9

Flushes Winter 2009 by Tom Keer originally printed in Upland Almanac  
Flushes Winter 2009 by Tom Keer originally printed in Upland Almanac  

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Steve Sanetti, the president of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Instit...