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==== ==== Turn Underperforming Affiliate websites into Cash machines! ==== ====

Getting traffic to your online business locations is one thing but without good sales conversions your efforts will be wasted. Marketing on the internet in a successful manner requires not only the ability to generate traffic but to also convert this traffic into website sales. It is what customers do once they hit your sales page that is the focus of attention here today. Here are 5 ways in which to can get an increase in sales once customers have already landed on your sales page. 3rd Party Testimonies Using 3rd party testimonies is a great way to increase your websites sales since it helps to 'validate' your claims about what you are promoting. Visitors are more trusting of someone whom they view as their equal and who has nothing to 'gain' by promoting a product. Add a Physical Address By adding a physical address to your sales or order page you seem more like a 'real' person and not an online 'presence' to potential customers. When asking people to make a purchase online there needs to be a degree of 'trust' involved. The trust you build by making an address available is more along the lines that you are in fact a living and breathing person that can be contacted. Offer Product Guarantee Developing trust with potential customers is a major issue for anyone marketing on the internet. Another great way to accomplish this is by offering an 'unconditional' money back guarantee on any purchases. This helps to increase the comfort level of anyone making a purchasing decision and will also lead to an increase in sales at your website. Use Images Using images where applicable on your website helps to make better use of visitors' visual senses to make a point or get an idea across. Having a picture of the product being offered is always suggested so visitors can 'see' what it is they are being asked to purchase. It is much easier to make a buying decision with the aid of visuals as opposed to using your imagination to visualize the product. Ask for Order

Do not expect that customers will read all your great sales copy and 'assume' they should make a purchase. You must and need to ask for the order! Increasing the sales conversions on your website is a very important function of marketing on the internet. Once effort has been invested in generating traffic it is critical to convert this traffic into buyers. The 5 ways discussed above in which to get an increase in sales on your website helps you make better use of existing traffic. By making any of these recommended adjustments you will be able to boost your conversion rates leading to an increase in your website sales.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. For more tips about increasing your sales conversions and to receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques visit:

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==== ==== Turn Underperforming Affiliate websites into Cash machines! ==== ====

How to make money from underperforming websites  

Turn Underperforming Affiliate websites into Cash machines!

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