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Tom Jones I am a second year industrial design student currently studying in Northumbria University. I am comfortable with the entire design process from conceptualising to constructing. I will happily sink my teeth into unknown territories and enjoy learning new processes and understanding its field of use. My strongest attributes within the design process I believe are ideation and modelling. I really enjoy photography and the outdoors. I am currently looking for a 3 month placement beginning in march. This is fairly flexable.



A Levels

Bar Work

B- Graphic Design B- Geology A- AS Media

People skills Time management

Foundation Degree


DistinctionLevel 4 Btec Art and Design (3D Design + Furniture)

Deacon and Sons 1 Month Placement Metal Work, Silver Smithing Sketching, Jewellery Design Practices

BA Hons


2/1Level 4 Yr 1 Design For Industry

1 Project (Memory service) Poster Design (Layout and Imagery) Working with an International Design Team More Information available on Request




Design Process Hand Skills CAD Other Work/ Personal Projects Contact Details

4 - 17 18 - 22 23 - 27 28 - 29 30

Camping coffee press A vacuum coffee press built for campers which will allow for easy storage of ground coffee and once pressed will dispense a paper capsule filled with the used coffee granules. These compressed coffee granules can be used as a fuel for camp fires and a natural smoke repellent for mosquito’s.

When compressed coffee granules can be used as fuel.

The smoke produced is a very effective at repelling mosquitoes.

This combination of attributes is ideal for outdoor living.

Watch the video

Memory Aid Radio A minimal radio alarm clock that is linked to a calender service. Provides reminders to the patient about common and scheduled daily occurrences. Designed to help dementia sufferers through the everyday with ease.



(Name, background radio channel, voice)

Friendly persona speaking at all times.

Calendar and Schedule Managed and updated by carers.

Hea appoint

updated b

alth tments

by doctors.

ON/OFF switch. Pressure sensor installed in bed.

Avoiding Disorientation Patient notified if they leave bed out of regular hours.

Notification. Radio regularly announces D&T and daily reminders.

Non Literal Forms Design a non literal form that shows no obvious characteristics to its purpose while maintaining the aesthetic of a electronic device.


Kettle Sketches

Branding Exercise

Business Project ‘Jam’ provides a real time display of public footfall on a map, by using all the users locational services anonymously. This will allow people to see the popularity of certain locations. Companies and Users would interact through the app, Jam acting as the middleman.

Stow-away train seat (Design in innovation and plastics) A cheap and simplistic response to overcrowded commuter trains. Collapsible and designed to be retro fitted to current commuter trains.

Other Work Personal Projects This is just a small compilation of past work and personal projects. Work coming from my college course, my placement at a jewellers and some smaller work from my design course. I’d be happy to send more information about any of the work if interested. My contact details are on the next page.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. Please feel free to contact me at anytime. If placements are not possible feedback on my portfolio would be much appreciated. Any and all insights are very valuable to me, thanks.





Apartment 4, St James House 3-6 Portland Terrace Jesmond Tyne and Wear NE2 1QQ

Tom Jones Industrial Design Portfolio  

A collection of my current work. Studying at Northumbria Uni.