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As Big Sound slowly approaches it’s hard not to get a little excited. I’m a huge fan of any type of musical extravaganza that decides to call Brisbane and more specifically Fortitude Valley it’s home. Apart from the Laneway Festival there is really scant opportunities to drink and play pool a short walk away from a large gathering of great bands. If that’s not a massive pro in favor of Big Sound then I don’t know what is. What I do know is that you should stop by http://www. and lend your ears to the sounds of 4 of Brisbane’s brightest young musical upstarts. I am of course talking about Last Dinosaurs and here at Peny Lane we love hometown boys made good. I got the chance to sit down with the lads and talk a little about what they’ve been upto, Big Sound 2010 and Bruce Willis’ bald head. The Drums were recently described as “Joy Division goes to the beach”. How would you describe Last Dinosaurs? That’s a very difficult question to answer! I think we have a few different sounds, at least on the EP. Every song on that has a different feel about it, whereas with the Drums’ album every song has a certain underlying surfy aspect, which I loved about it. Maybe after our album I’ll be able to give you a more assured answer! I ask this because of my fondness for all things Swedish and also because the Hives would have to be the best act I think I’ve ever seen live, but Last Dinosaurs happen to be a part of the Dew Process Label along with bands such as the Hives and the Shout Out Louds. How does it feel to be in such esteemed company? It’s great, if not a little scary sometimes. It’s just great to know that people out there that have the power to promote your music are actually willing to fork out for us. When I look at the roster of artists and see that the vast majority of them are full-time musicians though, I still think we have to step-up to reach that next level.

Analogies aren’t my strength, but we’re like the promising footballer that comes on to play the last few minutes of injury time, if you get what I mean. Last Dinosaurs just recently played at the Splendour in the Grass festival. Considering the band is so young, how does it feel to make the big step up to festivals such as these? Splendour was so amazing; it definitely surpassed our expectations in every way. I remember Sean telling me that it was his dream in life to play alongside the Strokes, and I guess we sort of did that, haha. But then we also got to meet Albert Hammond Jr. after they played, which was just so good! I know I certainly have a few, but do you have any interesting Splendour stories you would like to share in the name of entertainment? We have a few good ones, but the thing I personally found so entertaining was how uninhibited our guitarist Lach was in going up to talk to all these famous bands. The rest of us would be tucked away in a little corner plotting how we can say hello to Two Door Cinema Club like little kids going backstage, and then next thing we find out that Lach’s been hanging out in their dressing room for a good 15 minutes discussing guitar pedals with them or something. The same thing happened with Grizzly Bear! The band are quietly powering through a number of shows in promotion of the Back From the Dead EP. Any tips for survival on the road? You definitely have to provide your own entertainment, like a good book to read. And you have to pack your own toiletries. That’s really important. It’s really incredible how the value of toothpaste and deodorant just skyrockets when all but one member of the band forgets to pack their own. So that can cause lots of issues! Honolulu has been getting flogged on JJJ. Do you ever feel certain expectations/pressure with all the recognition and kudos you’ve been receiving? (All deserved of course) Yes, it’s definitely daunting. The feedback we’ve received from the EP has been so great, it’s scary, but at the same time exciting, to think that all the people who bought it and liked it will be eagerly awaiting our next record. Let’s hope we can live up to expectation! Are there any plans to release a full-length album and what can we expect to hear in regards to the style and sound of your next release? It’s going to be interesting the way people react to our new songs because I

don’t think we have been writing anything that is explicitly similar to songs like Honolulu. That being said, I think we are writing better songs that are just as listenable. It’s the ultimate challenge to write pop songs that have great hooks but can still challenge you as a listener mentally! I think that’s what we’ve been trying to do recently. It’s hard, but definitely worth it! Where could we find Last Dinosaurs on a picturesque Brisbane day? It’s rare to find us all together in the same place doing something other than playing music, so maybe we need to get together without our instruments and have a picnic or something. If anyone has any ideas, please forward them on to us! Unless you count Jurassic Park, dinosaurs have been gone for a very long time. How do you think the human race will meet its extinction? Gigantic asteroid or as a result of the 2012 Mayan prophecy? Ill also take any other suggestions. If you look on our MySpace you’ll see that we are firm believers in the 2012 apocalypse. Well not really, but it’s pretty ‘cool’ to think that the end of humanity is only two Christmases away. If I had my way though, it would be great if the world ended in an epic War of the Worlds style alien invasion. That would just be so cool, until we all died. Following on from the last question. We’re all doomed; who do you call to save our proverbial bacon? Bruce Willis or Ghostbusters? Definitely Bruce Willis. But I’d try to maximize our time together so I’d probably say something like, “Bruce, we’re all going to die anyway. Let’s have a nice meal together, and afterward I can stroke your bald head until we get blown up.” So why not open up ITunes and buy a copy of the band’s “Back From the Dead” e.p to go with that Big Sound ticket you’ve already no doubt purchased and support some of Australia’s finest local produce. If the world is ending in 2012 you may as well spend the cash, and if we all met our demise to the sweet sugary sounds of Last Dinosaurs...well that would just be ironic.

Last Dinosaurs  
Last Dinosaurs  

An interview I did with local Brisbane band 'Last Dinosaurs' to help promote the Big Sound Summit held in Brisbane this year.