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SEYI LAJA b.arch portfolio

Tomi Seyi Laja Chicago, Illinois EDUCATION

Iowa State University College of Design Ames, Iowa 2014- present B.Arch. professional degree French Language





Global Image Team Dept. of Architecture, Iowa State University Fall 2017-present Community Advisor / RA Dept. of Residence, Iowa State University Fall 2016- present DATUM, Journal of Architecture Editorial Board/ Graphic Director Fall 2017-present (Contributor: 2016-present) Revival Magazine Fashion Director, Assistant 2016 (Fashion Committee: 2015) George Washington Carver Scholar AutoCAD; Adobe Suite: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop; Microsoft Office; Freehand Drawing, Rhinoceros English, fluent French, proficient

Infill Space

East Village, NYC An 8-foot-wide apartment occupying a vacant lot in Manhattan. An alternative living space for a botanist.

The footprint of the site is 80% public space. The first floor of the apartment is open for the community with nooks for shading, conversing, or relaxing. The vertical boundaries serve as programming partitions, circulation, and housing for electrical and drainage piping.




1. Private garden


2. Bedroom 3. Meditative space 4. Shelving 5. Living space

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6. Desk space 7. Entrance area 8. Kitchen


9. Bathroom

6 10

10. Closet

Free Space

North Loop, Minneapolis A community art gallery, reading room, and outdoor green space; a commentary on the limited free public space in the gentrified neighborhood.


Maybe our duties as architects is to play with the system: seduce and acknowledge. Understand the system’s ways and use it for social advancement. Free spaces for creation, theory, inspiration for the average and below.

The North Loop is the fastest growing neighborhood in Minneapolis. It is vital to conserve green spaces while promoting the cultural and social atmosphere.

Ancient Nile Museum Luxor, Egypt

Architecture that boldly grows from the warm grounds to the golden sun. The refined faรงade of the museum derives from the monolithic volumes of the ancient Egyptian ruins. The interior is highlighted by three moments: the oasis, courtyard, the maze, temporary exhibition space; the dark chambers, permanent exhibition space.

Ode to Gaia Ames, Iowa

A pavilion hand-made of mudbrick and coated with pink plaster. A form inspired by the history of the land: the meandering river beds of Brookside creek. Architecture in observation on how wo/man interacts with nature and others.

Spa Dwelling Latvia

From the transparent glass to the humble oak trees; the marble sculptures create a dichotomy of presencea here but away representation of the body. She is yearning for something more, relaxed. And the figure closer to the barrier is curious, wise, longer aged. The beautiful landscaping of the curves on the figure represent the human scale as transparent as the architecture.

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1. Blue Clay Spa 2. Spa Bath 3. Dining 11a


11b 12b


4. Bathroom 5. Living space 6. Spa Therapy 7. Relaxation 8. Sauna 9. Employee lodging 10. Employee common 11. Terrace 12. Guest bedroom 13. Guest common

Imagine a building: monolithic, cubed masses sprinkled upon Latvian grassland. Each room highlights forest, water, or skya knowing eye of the natural world forever present. The space is separate yet one with nature: protective and transparent to the beautiful earth. Looking inside to out, the visitor is confronted with the tension between the sculptural interior and the imposing exterior. The floating blue clay room, over the water, casts the datum line connecting the forest, water, and sky.

Tomi Seyi Laja Portfolio  

B.Arch, year iii.

Tomi Seyi Laja Portfolio  

B.Arch, year iii.