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STANDARDS ISO 9001 is an international standard that includes requirements for a system of quality management in a business organization that organizations must meet in order to operate in compliance with internationally recognized standards.

Vojvodina Metal Cluster was benchmarked according to a benchmarking approach developed and performed by the “European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis� of VDI/VDE Innovation +Technik GmbH (www.cluster-analysis.org). By participating in this benchmarking the cluster organization has expressed its interest in striving for cluster excellence and is awarded with the European Cluster Management Excellence label in BRONZE.

Membership in the local and international Associations

The cluster is registered in the ECCP - detailed profile of the cluster is available

We are members of Serbian Cluster Association


Agria doo SUBOTICA

Agria doo Subotica Bajski put 177 +381 24 561 553 +381 24 561 553 agriadoo@yahoo.com www.agria.rs

Agria was established in 1989 as a workshop for the manufacture of parts and machines. In 1993 it changed into a company and its profile turned towards the development of machine parts. Since 1995 the company has developed production process of its own agriculture machines. The production of complete agriculture machinery has started and the company has reached significant participation in the market. Parallel with strengthening position in domestic market, the company strengthens its position in foreign markets. The main product is pneumatic multi-row seed for wheat, corn, sunflower and vegetables. ISO 9001

Agro-art doo STARA PAZOVA

Agro-art doo Stara Pazova Karađorđeva 52 +381 22 311 790 +381 22 315 646 agroartco@yahoo.com www.agroart.co.rs

We are company involved in production of agricultural machines and spare parts for all agricultural machines on the area of former yugoslav countries. We originated from a trade store, opened in 1983. We are leaders of selling spare parts of connecting machines for tractors in Serbia. It has got a network of 160 machinery dealers.

Ferocoop doo TEMERIN

Ferocoop doo Temerin Novosadska 333 +381 21 843 932 +381 21 843 932 agroferocoop@neobee.net


The company began its work as a machine workshop and later on developed into company with wide range of activities. New production programs were introduced such as: pallet forklifts, freight elevators, and at the beginning of 2000 it was expanded to agricultural machinery (trailed and mounted harrows, seed bad preparing combination, manure loaders‌). Besides the production, company is also a dealer of other producers of agricultural machinery from Japan, Croatia, Italy. ISO 9001 CE mark

Agromerkur doo ADA

Agromerkur doo Ada Industrijska 10 +381 24 853 232 +381 24 852 058 agromerkur@eunet.rs www.agromerkur.com

Family-owned company specialized in the production of machine tools and spare parts for agricultural machinery (combiners, liners, sappers). Agricultural machinery is made based on expectations of farmers, assembled by professionals and of high quality materials. Each machine has a plastic coating on (powder paint), to be fully preserved from corrosion and has a long life durability. CE mark ISO 9001

Agrometal bmr SOMBOR

BMR “Agrometal” Sombor Rokovački put bb +381 25 451 322 +381 25 451 322 sven@agrometal-rs.com


BMR „Agrometal” was founded in 1999. The main activity is the production of metal constructions, tractor sprayers for pesticides, implements for the seedbed preparation, silo equipment, metal halls and other devices in agriculture: • Production of agricultural sprayer, • Production of seed bad preparing combination, • Production of silo equipment and facilities, • Production of metal structures, • Services of cutting, bending and machining of steel, • Sales service and repair of agricultural machinery and silo equipment. ISO 9001


ALATA doo Konjic Donje Polje 42 +387 36 734 460 +387 36 734 470 info@alatkonjic.com www.alatkonjic.com The company was established in 1952. It is located at the main road from Sarajevo to Mostar, 60 km south from Sarajevo. There are 50 types of machines and universal type equipment. The company currently employs 45 employees. Through the experience that we have gained over the previous years, we became specialized in manufacturing of metal forming tools using plastic deformation, as well as manufacturing of molds for injection molding and non ferrous metals and manufacturing of spare parts and tools for machines and parts for automotive industry. Manufacturing of elements on eccentric and hydraulic press and surface protection is conducted in cooperation with neighboring companies. Production program:

Punches and discharge unit, special tools for metal forming using plastic deformation, standard tools, tools for plastic molding, accessories for machine tools, manufacturing of elements on eccentric and hydraulic press and surface protection is conducted in cooperation with neighboring companies and surface protection The following services may be offered Cutting the material on band saw, with diameter of up to 400 mm and cutting the steel plates, both on band saw and using oxy-acetylene cutting (flame cutting). Milling on universal milling machines up to 500 x 600 x 1000 mm and milling on CNC milling machine (3 axes) with dimensions of up to 800 x 550 x 550 mm. Grinding on grinding machines for external and internal grinding, horizontal centreless grinding. The company has two coordinate drilling machines and one coordinate grinding machine Hauser with working area of 800 x 700 mm and depth of grinding of up to 140 mm. EDM is conducted on machines with sinking and planetary motion, using copper and graphite electrodes. EDM wire cut of dimensions of up to 500 x 350 mm. We are able to offer the services of polishing of round and flat surfaces, hot and cold press of tools (die cases and cases), as well as entire manufacturing process of punches and ejectors.


Altis Chemicals Zrenjanin Požeška 15a +381 23 54 94 12 +381 23 54 94 12 altischemicals@gmail.com


A new brand in South East Europe, Altis Chemicals distinguishes itself by producing top quality products at competitive prices. Apart from efficient production and delivery for our customers, we also provide product support in advising our clients on the best usage, choice of products and their most resourceful use, thus further lowering costs for our clients. Our production facility is located in Zrenjanin, Vojvodina near international roads. A new factory is being built in the industrial zone Zrenjanin South-East that will possess additional capacity for development of new products. We offer Oils and Lubricants for the following industries: • Automotive • Construction • Agriculture • Metalworking and other industries that use Industrial Oils

Apave VerTech doo BEOGRAD

Apave VerTech doo Beograd Jugoslovenska 2/13a +381 11 63 54 204 office.rs@apave.com

www.apave.rs www.apave-international.com

For the past 20 years Apave has been working to develop its services on the international market, having operated for 150 years in France. This strategy initially resulted in a network of subsidiaries providing locally-based services to our customers. Apave International, the main structure which ensures the development of the group’s services on the international market, was created in 2010 and marked a crucial phase. It demonstrated the willingness of Apave’s leadership to have the tools they needed to boost Apave’s ability to extend its activities beyond French borders, and to become or remain the leader in our field in more areas around the globe. The company Apave VerTech d.o.o was established in 2013 as a part of Apave Group. The company is authorized for all of the Apave Group’s work, and in accordance with the need of Serbian market, our company pays special attention to Nondestructive testing (NDT), as well as Rope Access. In the beginning of 2016, the scope of the company’s services has been extended to Inspection that is implemented according to the requirements of the reference standard ISO / IEC 17020, while the certification of personnel is realized according to the requirements of the reference standard of ISO / IEC 17024.


Arpel Saveza Boraca 32a Beograd +381 11 390-8521 dejan@arpel.rs www.arpel.rs

As the family company with great experience in the field of Industry Automation and Robotics, we have organized manufacturing of industry class CNC machines that fits into almost all segments of industrial production process. By using high end manufacturing resources we are able to machine all the parts for products we made, fast and precisely. Vital parts that are built in are manufactured by well branded world manufacturers. All our products might be covered with extended warranty of three years. In with the aim to provide reliable exploitation of our products with no downtime, our technical assistance service is looking after you not only by teleservice, but also at your site as soon as possible!

Atenic commerce doo ČAČAK

Atenic commerce doo Čačak Bulevar Oslobodilaca 91 +381 32 373 333 +381 32 373 339 atenic@eunet.rs www.atenic-commerce.com

Joint stock company “Atenic Commerce” was founded in 1991. Since then, it has expanded its services from wholesale to opening retail facilities. In order to offer the customers high-quality goods, the company has signed direct cooperation with 15 ironworks and other suppliers from which it delivers quality, certified goods and non-ferrous metallurgy. Sales of goods and non-ferrous metallurgy: • HVL metal sheet, TVL metal sheet • Galvanized • Aluminium metal sheet • Steel for improvement and hardening up to Ø 1000 mm • Steel OCR, UTOP, MERILO, OSIHRO • Line welded steel pipes, seamless (thick walled) pipes and galvanized • Profiles LNP, UNP, INP, IPE, HEB, HEA • Non-ferrous metals (Al, Bronze, Copper, Brass) • Building materials… Services: • Correction and cross-cutting TVL sheet • Correction and cross-cutting HVL sheet • Longitudinal cutting HVL and TVL sheet • Programming cutting high-precision plasma with surface marking (engraving) • Programming cutting of sheet metal with gas • Cutting sheet metal with scissors • Punching sheet • bending • Laser cutting (Messer Fiber Laser) • Thermal treatment (Vacuum ovens, conventional ovens)

ATI Terming doo KULA

Ati Terming doo Kula Kucurski put bb +381 25 722 233 +381 25 726 870 termingkula@gmail.com www.termingkula.rs

Terming Ltd is established in 1996. The main products are: boilers based on straw and biological materials derived from plants used for heating of individual houses, workshops, halls, farms, kilns, and greenhouses. Also, in each of these areas the company offers equipment with its own technological solutions: • Equipment for pig farm • Construction of greenhouses, heating installations in greenhouses • Batch dryers for grains • Heat accumulators, tanks • Solar panels, water heaters, • Stainless steel and steel chimneys The company also produces TERMOGENI - hot air generators and boilers for agropelet - pellets of agricultural residues - straw, corn, sunflower seed shells and their waste from agriculture in granulation up to 10 mm. ISO 9001 CE mark


As a company providing technical consulting services in the field of mechanical engineering, AXIOM TECH is a strategic partner of SIEMENS Industry Software for the Czech Republic and Adria Group. As part of its activities, company organizes seminars, presentations and trainings at potential users of SIEMENS software solutions in industry.

AXIOM TECH doo Kragujevac Kosovska 4 +381 64 54 54 512 ivan.milentijevic@axiomtech.rs


ŠTA je PLM? Proizvodnja Konstrukcija alata

Montaža Kontrola




Održavanje Idejna rešenja Marketing

Upravljanje životnog ciklusa proizvoda Product Lifecycle Management

Our solutions are based primarily on the following software platforms: • NX and SOLID EDGE for CAD/CAM/CAE areas • TEAMCENTER the world’s most widespread PLM system • TECNOMATIX digital factory (simulation and optimization of production processes) • FEMAP for a wide range of machine analysis and visualization • VERICUT for the field of verification and visualization of the NC process • SIMCENTAR simulation and testing solutions for predictive engineering R&D Capacity and Capability • • • • • • •

Support to Cax/PLM Development, design and engineering services Standard maintenance of the software Account support - consulting VDA (Value Discovery Analysis) - an analysis of the value of process and data flow within the company Verification of the company’s process and methodology Controlling/managing the implementation of the project

Berko production MOL

Berko doo Mol Đure Daničića 39 +381 24 862 040 andrea@berko.rs www.berko.rs

Company „BERKO“ is specialized in the production of machines and equipment of special purpose, milling machines, vertical band and circular saws, sccissors for tin and the like. Over time, product pallet has been expanded to other machine tools and machine for deformation, as well as general machinery repair. Particularly interesting are the machines for bending, press for profiling and angle bending and chucks with three jaws. Corn pickers from BERKO’s production program are available in three types: single row, double row and self-propelled six row corn pickers based on MTZ tractor, power 150KS. ISO 9001


Bin Metal doo Čačak Živote Mladenovića 5 +381 32 352 400 +381 32 352 410 binmetal@eunet.rs www.binmetal.co.rs

Company “BIN METAL” was established in 1992. Production programme is based on production of all types of wire springs (extension, compression, torsion, rings, fuses, special) and spring steel. Also, we produce other products made of wire according to customer’s order. In 2014, the company modernized the production with new facility and CNC technology, in order to equally participate in all markets. Besides customers in the country and the region, “BIN METAL” is also present in the market of some European countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden), and it is certain to expand on market of the former USSR countries. “BIN METAL” manages to maintain high quality and variety of products thanks to 35-year-experience and more than 20 years of successful work. Our slogan is: Trust and confidence ISO-9001 ISO-14001

Božić i Sinovi


Božić i Sinovi Pančevo Maksima Gorkog 2 +381 13 33 11 66 +381 13 34 69 47 nikolaegic@bozic.rs www.bozic.rs

BiS Recycling Center is a certified recycling center for electronic and electric waste and fluorescent tubes, that by applying experiences of European recycling centers, offers complete services to companies, organizations, and natural persons who want to properly dispose electronic and electrical equipment. Clients are offered the following services: • recycling of electronic waste • recycling of computers • recycling of refrigerators • recycling of fluorescent bulbs and tubes • transport of electronic and electrical waste and fluorescent tubes and light bulbs • the physical destruction of business records, deleting sensitive information from the media • safe and legal storage of electronic and electrical waste, fluorescent tubes • sale of secondary raw materials • the export of non-recyclable electronic and electrical waste • re-fabrication • consulting in the field of waste management • education ISO 9001 ISO 14001

Casting trade doo INĐIJA

Casting trade doo Inđija Branka Radičevića 44 +381 22 554 689 +381 22 556 636 office@castingtrade.com www.castingtrade.com

Casting trade produces elements for building and maintenance of the water-supply network. The production is developed in two main directions: Water-supply system elements and District heating systems Pipes connecting elements: • multi - joint coupler (Ø80- Ø200 / NP10MP16) • air vent: underground (No 80-200 / NP10MP16), overground, household water connections (Ø 80- Ø 300/NP 10-16) for: cast iron pipes, PVC pipes, welded pipes (black pipes), MDP - disassembly assembly flange (Ø80- Ø1000 / NP 10-16)

Our company can also offer: • cutting treatment processing (to 1400mm) • processing on CNC machine (to Ø 500 lengths up to 700mm) • universal milling • plastification In our production plant there is also a foundry for gray and ductil iron casting, with automatic line capacity 150kg/h or 120kg per shift. In cooperation with the customer, many various improvements – innovations can be installed. Technological process, as a secret of business success, is based on the knowledge and resources and adjusted to current machine park by auxiliaries, tools and measureregulation equipment. ISO 9001


CBH SG FACILITY S.R.L. Arad, Romania 13 Mihai Eminescu Street +4 0742 973 718 +4 0257 214 000 office@cbh-sg.com www.cbh-sg.com

Ever since its setting up, the company has targeted to become the most important supplier of solutions in the field of sorting, inspection or retouching of parts and finished products for companies involved in the following fields: automotive, plastics production, metalworking, FMCG, textile industry, electric and electronic components, logistics-transport, wood industry.

Sorting and inspection: 100% qualitative and/or quantitative selection of the components according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, with specially trained and experienced staff. The sorting and the inspections are performed based on instructions or specifications provided by the client. These can be carried out at the registered office of your company, your supplier or, on demand, we can provide you with one of our warehouses from the country, as well as from any other location, individually set. •

• • • •

Check-up by using control and measuring instruments: 100% visual control of the parts according to the Work Instructions, using the control and measuring instruments in order to determine the compliance with the concordant and correct dimensional characteristics; Retouching of the parts (reconditioning/ reworking): service consisting of the correction of the defect (flaw) by using specific instruments; Packaging and repackaging; Warehouse supply and storage; Staff leasing; Other transport and logistics services.

ISO 9001:2008

Citronix doo SUBOTICA

CITRONIX doo Subotica Segedinski put 86 +381 24 544 958 +381 24 544 958 citronix@eunet.rs www.citronix.rs CITRONIX Company is a specialized company for the production, innovation and maintenance of welding apparatus. Our orientation is the production of professional welding units and accompanying welding equipment, with a special focus on the development of the new inverter technology. We successfully perform repairs and maintenance on all types of welding units at our service shop. Apparatus that we manufacture have all been designed in-house and the customer can check its top quality prior to the act of purchase, and we also provide a short training for the users.

We offer a wide range of apparatus for our customers and manufacture apparatus with the latest inverter technology that are even 5 to 10 times lighter and smaller than the conventional apparatus (operating frequency up to 100 kHz!) and we also manufacture traditional welding apparatus with iron core. We develop inverter welding apparatus in line with the customer’s order (by set parameters, apparatus type, power, amperage, forward or bridge connection, ED% etc.) Aside from the welding apparatus, we also manufacture plasma arc cutting apparatus. They enable quick and economical cutting of all metal types in manual and automatic operation mode. For automatic cutting, we manufacture also 2,5D and 3D CNC coordinate tables. Within our programme we also work on the automation of the welding process (cutting) with industrial robots. We sell robots by KUKA, the renowned German manufacturer, for various applications, for welding (cutting), packing, palletization, etc. CE mark


Cobalt doo Bačka Palanka Jugoslovenske armije 83 +381 63 537 479 + 381 21 6044 531 cobalt@neobee.net www.cobaltdoo.com

Cobalt doo, Bačka Palanka was founded in 1996. The company has focused its business since its establishment on the techniques and technologies of materials processing by merging, primarily on welding and welded structures. Cobalt initially had its predominant activity, such as: trade in additional welding materials, welding and cutting equipment, spare parts for welding and cutting equipment, consulting in the field of welding control and supervision of welded structures. The basic three principles of the company are: knowledge and expertise, quality and at least a step ahead of the competition. The company’s development is based on: its own high-quality, highly skilled staff who constantly monitors and introduces the most up-to-date methods, metal materials, technologies and standards, and improves its expertise, and cooperates with reliable and efficient subcontractors who apply identical business principles.

Cobalt plus str TEMERIN

Cobalt plus str Temerin JNA 163 +381 21 844 133 +381 21 844 133 cobaltplus@gmail.com

PROFERING Ltd. is accredited technical laboratory for the fieldwork that examines pressure vessels, the homogeneity of materials (metals, non-metals,...), faces and angle weds control, material surface control, control of all machine parts (gears, axles, shafts, sprockets,...), by measuring all materials thickness for which the speed of sound propagation is known, drafting of control and project documentation for pressure vessels, testing chemical composition of materials in the field of Non-destrucitve testing. ISO 17025

Consact doo KANJIŽA

Consact doo Kanjiža Glavna ulica 7 +381 24 874 817 +381 24 874 817 consact.yu@consact.com www.consact.com

The company represents close business relationship between group members, that satisfies the most complex partners’ requirements, using leading methods and techniques, with full respect of the most strict international requirements. Multinational presence in several countries brings another advantage. They are capable of getting close to their clients in best way, better understanding their environment and national specifications, and thus are able to meet requirements from various customers. Cooperation between group members provides transfer of international experiences and mutual distribution of development results. Their attention is focused not only to the transfer of experience and expert advice, but also on their implementation. Services: • The construction and the introduction of management systems • Consulting services in the area of food production • Consulting on environmental protection • Consulting for local governments • Consulting in the field of health • Consulting on the application of modern methods • Improving organizational solutions, education • The tender documentation, project management • Perform tasks in the field of maintenance management systems of various partners • IT support management systems • Technical and technological support ISO 9001

Crvena Zvezda komerc doo SMEDEREVO

Crvena Zvezda komerc doo

Smederevo Trg Republike 14/63 +381 26 640 240 +381 26 614 444 office@alpina.rs www.alpina.rs

We are wholesale company for Industrial Anticorosive Paints, Autorefinish materials, Paint Sprays, Abrasives and Non-Paint materials. We represent on Serbian market few companies from Germany, Italy and Greece.


CSI SUPPORT doo Beograd Ivana Jugovića 4 +381 11 3323 374 +381 62 316 086 office@csisupport.rs www.csisupport.rs

CSI Support d.o.o. is company established in 2014 in Belgrade. Company’s core activates are: a) Distribution of equipment and solutions • Equipment and solutions for industrial quality control • Equipment for mechanical testing • Vacuum pumps for laboratory use • Test and climatic chambers • Ultrasound detection devices and solutions for predictive maintenance. b) Service, improvement, predictive maintenance • Our service department has established new program for predictive maintenance for any facility. It give you the ability to predict failures, control energy costs and improve product quality • Improvement of measuring instruments for mechanical testing • Servicing vacuum devices and systems

ÄŒelik zmr KULA

ÄŒelik zmr Kula Josipa Kramera 59 +381 25 723 368 +381 25 729 490 puskas.celik@hotmail.com


Family - owned workshop for machining with more than 40 - years - experience. Machining: Processing engine parts passenger and commercial vehicles, agricultural and industrial machines Turbo service: Repairs turbocharged internal combustion engine Half-engine Assembly: After the overhaul of the engine and its parts, assembly of parts to carry on the level of half-engine Design and engineering: the design of various mechanical elements and their manufacture Sale of spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, heavy equipment etc. ISO 9001

Dak Comerc doo NOVI SAD

Dak Comerc DOO Novi Sad Temerinski put 21 +381 21 47 80 340 office@dakcomerc.co.rs www.dakcomerc.co.rs

Dak Comerc is a privately-held company established in 2001 in Novi Sad. Its main activity is trade and manufacture of steel products. Over the years, the company has purchased a factory for production of metallurgical products and has invested in tehnology in order to satisfy the market demand for high quality steel goods. The factory produces welded pipes dimensions from 13x13 up to 100x100, or 120x80; galvanized profiles, pvc reinforcements, side for trucks, flats, slitting galvanized and coldrolled strips, and also provides the service of cutting coils on sheets. Dak Comerc records successful cooperation with domestic and foreign ironworks in order to provide wide range of products and high volumes of stock. The company is recognized by superior reputation in domestic market as well as ex-Yu region. Range of goods: • Welded and seamless pipes • Galvanized pipes and sheets • Hot and cold rolled sheets/coils • P265GH sheet metal • PVC reinforcements • Side for trucks • Flats, square, rounds • UNP, INP, L, HEB, HEA profiles • Aluminum Services: • Handling and cross-cutting of hot rolled, cold rolled and galvanized strips on the table ISO 9001:2008 - 2015 CE sign for export in EU EN 10219 - 1:2006

DES doo in restructuring NOVI SAD

DES doo Novi Sad Bogdana Garbantina 3 +381 21 522 894 +381 21 527 995 metal@des.com.rs www.des.co.rs

Company for vocational rehabilitation, vocational training and employment of persons with disabilities. Metal manufacturing department: containers, electrical cabinets, benches, bins, baskets, metal shelves, the grease, surface treatment and metal protection. Ad department produces: flags, table flags, banners, internal and external boards, advertising boards, window films, sandblasted foils, signs, signs for construction sites, hard, soft and spiral binding, blocks, organic cotton bags, New Year promotional material. Interior department manufactures: doors, tables, chairs, furniture for rooms, laboratories, classrooms, conference rooms, office equipment, in addition painting works... Textile department produces: uniforms, business suits, jackets, vests, work coats, aprons, complete uniform, HTZ equipment. ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001

Dip doo


Dip doo Novi Sad Temerinska 30 + 381 21 547 770 + 381 21 549 129 komercijala.dip@gmail.com


DIP foundry Ltd. is manufacturing and trading company of non-ferrous metal moldings. Initially, the company is exclusively engaged in the production of zinc alloys. Later it extends its economic activities to the production of aluminum and copper alloys. Foundry capacity is 700 tons per month. Alloys are made in accordance with EN, DIN and SRPS standards or by chemical composition on customer’s demand. All alloys are delivered with certificate. We are the leading manufacturer of non-ferrous alloys in Serbia and the region. Our high quality products are the result of technological equipment and organized personnel team, what is a guarantee for customers’ satisfaction. Over 80% of our products are placed to the EU market. We buy and process recyclables non-ferrous metals. We own the license for working with non-hazardous and hazardous waste. ISO 9001

Elit inox doo ČAČAK

Elit inox doo Čačak Milutina Mandića 2 +381 32 5589 251 +381 32 5589 437 info@elitinox.co.rs www.elitinox.co.rs

Synonym of cost-effectiveness and quality! Electric storage water heaters in the widest selection of models on our market have the main role in our production programme. With our wish to contribute to the everyday environmental convenience of our buyers and optimal energy utilization, we responsibly improve applicability and reliability of our water heaters, as well as keep their maintenance simple and cheap. With optimal adjustment to the space requirements thanks to the mounting solutions and the way of fastening, our water heaters are characterized by exceptional energy efficiency, superior technology and innovative solutions. We are sure that the longest UNCONDITIONAL warranty on tanks is convincing enough when we talk about the quality of can.



Elmer Profesional doo Futog - Novi Sad grad FruĹĄkogorska 57 +381 21 499 315 +381 21 499 315 prodaja@energoglobal.com


Energoglobal doo sells new, as well as generally repaired used diesel power aggregates. In addition, it provides services that include emergency interventions and regular maintenance. There a range of aggregates of different power available for renting with the possibility of installation, transportation to the facility and permanent presence of an expert. Production The company produces diesel and gasoline power generators using components from European and world known manufacturers: Iveco, Perkins, Volvo, Briggs & Stratton, Linz, Marelli, Mecc Alte. Sale The company sells diesel and gasoline power generators from its production program, as well as from the production programs of partner companies Fogo and Euroenergy. Service The company is also specialized in the provision of services and maintenance of spare power sources, as well as the purchase of corresponding spare parts and auxiliary materials for these needs.

Energomont doo TEMERIN

Energomont doo Temerin Novosadska 421 +381 21 842 139 energomont.temerin@gmail.com


Energomont Ltd. products meet the requirements for a quality and safe use of natural gas energy (gas aapliances, HVAC, water installations). Laboratory testing of the product is in a function of testing own products and third party products.The scope of the testing laboratory: • Inspection and calibration of the gas meter to the nominal size of the G6 • Testing of the control valve (pressure regulator, relief valves, etc • Testing of pressure vessels ISO 9001 ISO 14001


EXIM-COMMERCE doo Palić Tuk Ugarnice 19 +381 24 75 30 57 +381 24 75 50 70 office@eximcommerce.rs www.eximcommerce.rs

Exim - Commerce produce machine screws in DIN 7985, DIN 84, DIN 965, torban screws, lever screws, chipboard (hardwood screw), sheet metal screws with cylindrical, recessed and lenticular heads.

“Fortuna cink” doo LAĆARAK

Fortuna cink doo. Laćarak Prvog Novembra 392 +381 64 16 47 930 fortunacink@gmail.com www.fortunacink.rs

“Fortuna cink” d.o.o. founded in 2014, whose main activity is the surface protection of metals galvanization. The company owns two automatic galvanizing lines with a capacity of 4000 tons per year. Working widths are 2200mm long, 1200mm deep, 900mm wide. In addition to hanging on the tool, it also has barrel plating for small pieces. The company owns its own laboratory, so that the quality control of the production process is guaranteed as well as the wastewater treatment system, which meets the requirements for ecologically clean and sustainable production. “Fortuna cink” d.o.o. profiled itself as a workshop that follows the requirements of the market for quality, which we achieve by following the trends in the field of galvanic protection, continuous improvement through work and professional literature, as well as the use of modern, ecologically acceptable chemicals of world renowned manufacturers. We can offer the following services: • Acid zinc plating • Alkaline zinc plating • Zinc-nickel alloy plating • Nickel plating • Chromium plating ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001


FSD doo Novi Sad Novosadskig sajma 2 +381 21 67 72 096 +381 21 67 72 096 branko@fsd.rs www.fsd.rs

Faust Soft & Design Ltd. is a software company whose main activity is the development and implementation of desktop and web applications. In addition to developing their own softwares, they are creating internet presentations and graphic solutions. They provide to their clients qualitative service by helping them improve their business processes and reduce costs. ISO 9001 ISO 27000


GFG doo. Čoka Borisa Kidriča 41 +381 69 22 11 781 feher.ati78@gmail.com www.gfg.rs

GFG Coka is a young, ambitious company, founded in 2018, with the aim of taking a position on a growing metalworking market. The predominant activity is CNC milling on three-axis machines, but on request we also do turning and welding. Our production is currently in a workshop of approximately 200 m2. We mostly work for Ada Thermo metal, I believe that is a good recommendation. We work in Solid Works 3D design. Being open to all types of cooperation, witch  means that we want to invest our capital in promising technology operations.

Grindex doo KIKINDA

Grindex doo Kikinda Milosa Velikog 8 +381 230 315 111 info@grindex.rs www.grindex.rs

GRINDEX is manufacturer of cylindrical external and internal grinding machines for a universal applications as well as for a special purpose applications as per customer’s specific request. In addition program includes external and internal thread grinders, complex profile and multi surface cylindrical grinders, with the PLC or CNC controllers optionally. Grinders are designed and made in accordance with the latest EU standards, are assembled with advanced equipment and measurement instruments, that all provide high precision and accurate work, high repeatability and reliability, user friendly operational and easy maintenance work. Machines are suitable for flexible production in small batches and for big serial production too. Company GRINDEX was established in 2003, during privatization process in Serbia, by extraction from government company LIVNICA KIKINDA. This company was established in 1908 and grinding machine production started with licenses from FORTUNA WERKE (Germany) for external cylindrical grinders, BRYANT (USA) for internal grinding machines, ZOCCA (Italy) for crankshafts. During 50 years period of time LK manufactured a bit less than 10000 units and sold them all over the world. The team gathered into GRINDEX transferred huge know-how, experience and long-term manufacturing tradition from LIVNICA KIKINDA, continued the similar line of production modernizing and developing it toward the latest achievements in the field of cylindrical grinding.

Hemiprodukt doo NOVI SAD

Hemiprodukt doo Novi Sad Masarikova 1 +381 21 29 98 420 +381 21 29 98 498 hemiboje@gmail.com www.hemiprodukt.co.rs

“Hemiprodukt” doo was established in 1991 in Begec as a craft shop for the manufacture of chemical products. In 1992 there was established company “Hemiprodukt” doo for the production of paints and varnishes, foreign and domestic trade, consulting and advocacy, which activated in 1996 taking over the production of paints and varnishes, expanding its offer and adjusting it to the market needs. The main goal of the company is to offer the market the paints and varnishes of high quality with maximum flexibility and efficiency when it comes to satisfying individual needs. The main emphasis is on the production of paints for steel construction, agriculture machines, tanks and objects exposed to the aggressive environment impact, paints for construction industry, furniture and wide consumption. Programme: I System for the protection and decoration of wood II System for anti-corrosion protection of metal III Systems for floors IV Systems for the construction industry V Other products for the construction industry VI Special products

ICM Electonics doo NOVI SAD

ICM Electonics doo Novi Sad Vase MiĹĄkina Crnog 2 +381 21 65 18 458 +381 21 65 18 458 office@icm.rs www.icm.rs

The company is involved in the production of palletizing and packaging equipment (robot solutions). It is also dealing with the production of welding robot cells. It was founded in 1994 and core business is production of various robot solutions for different industries (confectionery, food for live stock, water and soft drinks industry, sugar production industry, etc.). It has in-house resources for development of software and hardware for complete lines. Company also owns a machine park (CNC machine, lathe, welding, etc.) and is capable of machine parts production, visualization of processes, assembly of electrical cabinets, assembly and system integration of robot packing. ISO 9001

Industrometal doo VALJEVO

Industrometal doo Valjevo Bogdana Bolte BB +381 14 222 938 +381 14 223 403 industrometal@open telekom.rs


Main activity is wholesale and retail of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, paint and varnish related to metal, as well as accessories for this activity: • • • • • • •

welding and grinding equipment fittings, hinges, locks elements for making wrought iron hand tools and machines threaded goods furnishing the interior scaffolding and shoring

Within cooperative activities the company develops tools and spare parts for metalworking, textile, construction, food and printing industry. ISO 9001

Instel inženjering doo NOVI SAD

Instel inženjering doo Novi Sad Vase Stajića 22b +381 21 421 128 milan.instel@gmail.com www.instel.co.rs

Designing, construction, installation and maintenance of telecommunications networks and systems for electrical installations of low and medium voltage: • • • • • •

local telephone networks, TT devices and equipment cable distribution systems dispatch systems, video surveillance computer networks and information systems installations and equipment power systems and network installations, and equipment

Registered operations are specialized operating units. ISO 9001



IQ Patent


IQ Patent Subotica Gornji Verušić 101 +381 64 30 64 782 bojanpatent@gmail.com www.iq-patent.com

IQ Patent was founded with the desire to transform its experience in growing crops into innovative machinery for farmers who want to improve their production. Our focus is on continuous improvement of the existing technology and introduction of the new ones in order to increase the quality and efficiency of our machines. IQ Patent designs and converts customers’ needs into functional machinery.


JKP Temerin Temerin Košut Lajoša 31/1 +381 21 843 666 office@jkptemerin.com www.jkptemerin.com

JKP “Temerin” is a public company that delivers a range of services to the citizens of Temerin, such as: water supply, heating, solid waste, maintaining green areas, cemeteries, markets, pool, sports halls, etc. Within its organisation PUC ’Temerin’ has driving school, car service, agricultural caretaking service, and service for maintaining of public order on the territory of Temerin municipality. ISO 9001

Jugodin machine tools doo ADA

Jugodin machine tools doo Ada Senćanski put 79 +381 24 855 272 +381 24 855 270 info@jugodin.rs www.jugodin.rs

Specialist in repair and modernization of conventional and CNC machine tools. The main activity is related to machine tools: overhaul, modernization and sale of new and used machine tools. Moreover, the replacement of spare parts and equipment for metal processing machine is an everyday activity. The company has delivered many different spare parts for lathes, milling machines, presses, shears, drills-milling machines (borverk), drills, grinders manufactured by German, Russian, Czech, Polish and Bulgarian producers, Thanks to great experience the company is able to offer a “turn-key� solutions as well. ISO 9001

Jugopan doo NOVI SAD

Jugopan doo Novi Sad VeterniÄ?ka 46a +381 21 65 05 976 +381 21 63 94 404 jugopan@gmail.com www.jugopan.co.rs

Jugopan Ltd. is a family-owned private company established in 1995. The main activity is recycling and trading of raw materials, particularly recycling waste cables. Furthermore, products made of brass, bronze castings (tubes and drawing), aluminum alloy ingots. During recycling process it pays particular attention to the environment. Another aspect of doing business represents trade in equipment for recycling.

Kizić Metal doo ČURUG

Kizić Metal doo


Jovana Sterije Popovića 25a

+381 21 833 489

+381 21 835 491


www.kizicmetal.co.rs • KIZIC-METAL Ltd. is a family business that was established and started operations in 2005. The company has about 500 m² production and about 250 m² of office space. A wide range of modern machines, which the company has available, enabling quick and easy transformation of the production program and meet the various demands of customers. Today Kizic Metal Ltd. is a modern company, personnel and technologically well-equipped, facing the future, and their business achieve through the following activities: • Production of perforated sheet-metals - various materials of thickness from 0.5mm to 6mm. Perforation can be with round, square, elliptical, rectangular, triangular, puzzled, hexagonal, oblong, combined with decorative holes, hole sizes shapes according to customer;

• •

Production of metal products - shelves for warehouses, clothes wardrobes, archive boards, cabinets for weapons, parts of metal structures, etc.

Production bonds in construction - brackets and fittings for doors and windows Production and installation of prohronskih gates and fences - stainless steel gates and fences Production and installation of gates and fences made of wrought iron Production of mobile equipment - benches, chairs, cans, baskets, bicycle storage room, partition columns, pedestrian barriers, masts Production of equipment for workshops workshop tables, workshop stands, industrial truck Production and installation of playgrounds slides, swings, seesaws, etc. Production and installation of sports equipment basketball structure, goals, gymnastic equipmentshaft, loom Production of goods for special purpose - grills for walkers and household , stable solid-barbecuedifferent designs-intended for roasting pigs, lambs, chickens, etc. Production of boilers for central heating installation in tiled stoves

Kmr Vision doo SUBOTICA

Kmr Vision doo Subotica Peščarina 17 +381 24 596 092 +381 24 596 014 office@kmrvision.rs

KMR VISION Ltd. was founded in 2010, in Subotica. The production plant is divided into three sections of approximately 1000m2: • Drive PRESSES • Welding and assembly plant • Plant for painting (lamination) Production of telecommunication and electrical distribution boards, sheet metal processing and manufacturing of components and assemblies to the given documentation, production of galvanized vineyard pillars, the production of conveyor belts and metal shelves. ISO 9001

Kolos szr TEMERIN

Kolos szr Temerin Petra DrapĹĄina 113 +381 21 845 695 kolos06@neobee.net

KOLOS was established in 1994. Since then, it has been a reliable partner for those who are engaged in Thermal and Process Engineering. Production program is based on the production of industrial valves and reparation in the production facilities of from castings to the final product. Development of the production program has moved in accordance with domestic and foreign customer’s requirements as well as development orientations of well-known manufacturers of industrial valves. Results of development so far represent products from the production of fittings made of cast iron and steel. ISO 9001

Konelek doo ZEMUN

Konelak D.O.O. Batajnica Pukovnika Milenka Pavlovica 136a

+381 11 261 38 65 +381 11 190 888 andrija@aero.konelek.com www.aero.konelek.com

Konelek is privately owned engineering company specialized in providing engineering design and manufactured products in aerospace. Konelek designs and manifactures tooling for servicing and manufacture of aircraft, and aircraft and jet engine parts for major OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). The types of tooling the company designs and manufactures are: machining fixtures, cutting tools, drill jigs, assembly jigs, ground support tools, composite layup tools and mandrels, engine removal and servicing tools, lifting tools, trolleys, cradles, bootstraps, line maintenance tools, modular maintenance tools, etc. The manufacturing capability Konelek has: CNC milling and CNC turning machines of medium size, laser marking, printing, assembly equipment, some metal coating baths, printed circuit board equipment. It is second tier supplier to major European and global aircraft manufacturers for ground support equipment. Regarding aircraft tooling, its strong point is design and manufacture of assembly jigs. ISO 9001

Kovačka radionica Vekonj Kalman ČANTAVIR

Kovačka radionica Vekonj Kalman Čantavir Kiš Ferenca 27 +381 24 782 552 kovackaradionica@gmail.com www.raonici.rs

Manufacture and renovation of agricultural parts. Manufacture of plows. Locksnith works,sheet metal working.

Metal-Centar doo VOJKA

Metal-Centar doo Vojka Cara Dušana bb +381 22 2301 600 +381 22 2301 614 info@metal-centar.rs www.metal-centar.rs The company “METAL-CENTAR” Ltd. was formed 01.03.2002. in Vojka - Stara Pazova. The program of the newly formed organization was sale and placement of reproductive materials in the field of black and non-ferrous metallurgy, electrodes and welding equipment, hand and machine tools, bearings, etc... The accent was placed on development of the craftworks and metal industry of this region (as it is today) and demand for the type of goods offered by METAL-CENTAR Ltd., in order to offer high-quality services.

“METAL-CENTAR” Ltd. is specialized for: • Black metallurgy • Steel sheet of various qualities: S235JRG2, S235JR+N, S355J2G3, S355J2+N, DC01, DC03, steel boiler plates for work under pressure: P265GH • Constructional carbon steels (round, hexagonal, square, flat) in the qualities: St37.2, St52.3, CK15, CK45, 9SMn28, 9SMnPb28,etc • Constructional alloyed steels: 20MnCr5, 42CrMo4, 42CrMo4+QT, 15CrNi6, 34CrNiMo6 • Tool steels: X155CrVMo12, X38CrMoV51, 90MnCrV8 • Colored metals (aluminium, copper, brass, bronze..) • Stainless steel • Industrial plastics • Welding and gas cutting equipment • Pumps • Sliding bearings • Chains • Cranes In addition to the trade of goods and equipment, the company is registered for the repair of machines in metal industry.

Metal-Cinkara doo INÄ?IJA

Metal-Cinkara doo Inđija Vojvode Putnika bb +381 35 847 74 16 +381 22 215 00 70 slobodan.jovanovic@metalcinkara.co.rs


Metal-Cinkara company is a part of Maxim Group Ltd., headquarter is in Celje, Slovenia. The company is the biggest Serbian company for hot-dip galvanizing of steel construction. It has two plants for hot-dip galvanizing in Serbia, with capacity of over 80000t. One is the biggest plant in southeastern Europe for hot-dip galvanizing in town Indjija, with zinc bath 13750mm length, 1700mm width, 3100mm depth. The company has capacity for production of steal construction of 400t/month, and capacity for hot-dip galvanizing of over 7000t/ month. ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001

Metal Comerce Tomic doo JASENOVO

Metal Comerce Tomic doo Centar bb Jasenovo +381 35 626 405 +381 35 626 632 office@metal-comerce.com www.metal-comerce.com/sr

Metal-Comerce Tomic Ltd. was founded in 1990. as a small company to produce a variety of metal products from metalsheets, tubes, profiles and castings inferrous and ferrous metals. From the time we started with productionof parts and maintenance equipment for the brick industry. We are able to do a work piece to: - 2000mm length - 1700mm diameter and - 1500kg weight, on our machines, when we need to make a bigger part from our capabilities we are using services from ours subcontractors. We have universal lathes, milling machines, horizontal drillmachine‌ Also, we have CNC Milling machines and CNC Lathes‌


METAL-INSPEKT doo Belgrade Riste Marjanovića 27 +381 11 65 57 074 +381 11 65 57 074 metalinspekt@gmail.com


Short description of the scope acc. ISO 9001 With following field of activities: services related to transactions representations and wholesale equipment, chemicals and other materials for all non-destructive testing (also some destructive testing). Short description of the scope acc. EN 17025 /PT, UT, MT, RT, VT & other NDT methods/ Testing of metallic materials, welds, welded steel tubes for pressure purposes, castings, forgings, testing of steel sheets, sliding bearings, steel profiles, pressure vessels. Other services: • education in NDT & Welding (ATG & NDT Pro) • supervision in NDT & Welding (ATG Inspecta) on Balkan region • DISTRIBUTION (on Balkan region): - ATG (Chez) hand made NDT industrial lines & other NDT chemicals & equipment (partners with MR, Kodak, Chemetall, Technotest, Rohnmann …) - FOMA (Chez) industrial films & chemicals - PFINDER (Germany) PT/MT chemicals & anticorrosion chemicals - BALTEAU (Belgium) X-ray equipment & - OSERIX (Belgium) RT equipment for Ir, Se & Co sources. - STARMANS (Chez) UT equipment • Consulting services for accreditation / certification to EN 17025, EN 17020, EN 17024 • Making or signing written procedures for NDT methods • Service of verification staff acc. EA 04/15 • Very good references in Balkan region (in NDT business)

ISO 9001

Metalopromet doo KULA

Metalopromet doo Kula Vrbaski put bb +381 25 723 266 office@metalopromet.co.rs

www.metalopromet.rs “Metalopromet” Kula was established in 1949, and since 2004, it has been privately-held company. With large and continuous investments the company has positioned itself among the leading companies engaged in the collection and recycling of scrap metal and metallurgical products trading. In sales portfolio on stock of over 5,000 tons of metallurgical products, there are following product groups: 1. Hot-rolled plates with a thickness from 1.5 mm up to 200 mm 2. Seamless and welded pipes 3. Cold rolled and galvanized plates 4. Round steel bars (rolled and cold drawn) 5. Steel carriers and profiles 6. Tool steels of renowned Austrian manufacturer Bohler 7. Welding materials 8. Reinforcing steel, wire mesh and binors

It has modern machinery for cutting and bending of steel plates and with the range of metal products it has become a leader steel center in Vojvodina. Central depot that is on 6 ha with 5.000 m 2 indoor storage-producing space, has the following equipment: 1. CNC presses of 500 tons , bending up to 6m in length and scissors to cut sheets up to 15 mm thickness; 2. The new fiber laser device 2KW for plate dimensions 1,5x3m( up to 12 mm thickness for S235JR); 3. Plasma cutter for cutting plate up to 40mm thickness dimensions 2x6m; 4. Gas cutting device for cutting plates up to 300mm thickness; 5. Band saws for rod and tool steel cutting up to 550mm diameter); 6. Decoiler and shears for cutting steel plates from coils up to 6mm thickness and width up to 1.500mm; With good equipment, stock and production capacity “Metalopromet” produces various metal constructions, and welded, sandblasted, painted steel products and parts.

Micron Incorporated doo KIKINDA

Micron sztr Kikinda Vojvode Mišića 89 +381 230 25 518 +381 230 26 958 predrag.vizi@microninc.rs www.microninc.rs

Activities/ Services: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Design and Engineering Manufacture and servicing of equipment Manufacture of spare parts Machining of engine parts Sale and purchase of spare parts Welding cracks in the cylinder head Proof test on your T and P = 8 bar Sandblasting Adjust valve clearance Check the accuracy of pressure and nozzle Diesel engine Processing of nozzles deposits Grinding heads Processing and replacing valve seats Test-sealed valve vacuum meter Defect removal and cylinder head Removing and replacing bolts and development of new Purchase and installation of original parts Production of parts for “DAEWOO” and “GM”

ISO 9001

Mini inženjering doo INĐIJA

Mini inženjering doo Inđija Kralja Petra I 135 +381 22 551 214 +381 22 559 2145 info@mini-ing.biz www.mini-ing.biz

The company has its own manufacturing facility for all types of locksmith works. The company also produces industrial equipment and parts for equipment, strictly on the customer’s order and according to his specifications, as well as auxiliary equipment and metal fixtures, transmission systems, containers, etc. The company produces steel constructions (various types) for industrial production sites and steel platforms. Manufactures metal furniture, metal construction engineering, interior and exterior design, as well as the production of specialized industrial equipment as per order. It has its own product range for all types of locksmith work (cutting, bending sheets and pipes) as well as painting and coating process. ISO 9001

M inox construkt ŠABAC

Šabačka bb

It is a production company based in Serbia. There are always 30 highly trained and constantly trained employees in production. The company produces in the shift service to be able to produce for you reliably and quickly. These are supported by our two technical employees

+381 15 284 425

Areas of work

+381 63 633 847

• • • • • • • •

M Inox construkt Šabac-Maovi



Stairs, balconies and railings stainless steel processing Locksmith and steel construction industrial serial production Laser cutting up to 4,000 mm Plasma and flame cutting up to 6,000 mm Cutting edges up to 6,000 mm Milling and turning

EN1090-2:2008 WPQR Z-46802/15 i Z-48194/15

ML-commerce international NOVI SAD

ML-commerce international

Novi Sad Paje Markovića Adamova +381 64 556 13 61 lukic.ki@gmail.com www.mlcommerce.com

ML commerce is innovative and perspective company that produces new CNC machines and provides services of overahul and retrofit of old CNC/NC machines. The company’s team consists of 10 experts with 20+ years of experience in machine industry. They have successfully serviced CNC machines for our clients from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Germany and France. They have good cooperation with Siemens. Very energetic and creative ML commerce team provides the best solutions to its clients with the most quality equipment, innovative systems and constant service. The company offers exclusive rang of CNC machines which are categorized according to the specific operations, inquiries and demands of its clients.

Narcissus doo ADA

Narcissus doo Ada Vuka Karadžića 24 +381 24 853 396 +381 24 852 611 narcis.ada@gmail.com www.narcissus.co.rs

Production of artificial implants intended for repairing broken bones and joints - primarily the hip joint. Initially, machine workshop was established in order to make simplier osteosynthesis materials, such as Kirschner wires, surgical wires, pins, etc. Over time, with the development of the company’s production, they have started producing angular, condylar plate and DHS plates. Narcissus company now has fifteen employees, with a variety of educational backgrounds and educational levels, and its development is based on the existing product portfolio in the field of orthopedics and introduce new products such as knee braces, as well as products in the field of dentistry and orthodontics. The whole range of products can be found on http://www.narcissus.co.rs/katalozi.html ISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2003



NAUTILUS NS Veternik Milana Tepića 4 +381 64 29 21 300 +381 21 823 233

The company is specialized in production of sensory sanitary devices. The company is based on production and services related to energy efficiency, especially in the field of water and sanitary programme. It applies the latest world experiences in this field. For now, we have improved a range of products, such as: taps, toilets, beach showers and swimming pools, public fountains, etc.


Our newest products are based on the use of solar energy, both to activate the flow of water, and to heat the shower water.


Products • • • • • •

Sensor wall mounted taps Sensor deck mounted taps Sensor taps for schools and kindergartens Motion sense touchless kitchen faucets Automatic sensor urinal washer Sensor toilet seat washer


NDT Pro Ltd.

Trainings by EN ISO 9712:2012

Belgrade Poručnika Spasića i Mašere 110

+381 64 27 55 982 ibrtreningcentar@yahoo.com


Field of Activity • Education and training of NDT inspectors being our basic activity, we focus our attention on the quality of training and individual approach to each trainee. • All NDT inspectors trained at NDT PRO d.o.o. are fully equal, by virtue of their knowledge and certificates, with their European colleagues, which grants them equal opportunities for success in the market.

The accumulated experience, supported by years of achievements in the activities of a reputable institution in the field of education and certification of NDT inspectors – Sector CERT GmbH from Germany, has been built into an efficient training system allowing the trainees to master the required knowledge within a short period. • •

Our company can provide professionals in the field of NDT with the entire Balkan region. We offer equipment for ultrasonic testing of the renowned manufacturer of ultrasonic defetoskop for industry and medicine, SIUI from Hong Kong.

Pelet C mašine TEMERIN

Pelet C Mašine Temerin Sonje Marinković 11 +381 21 841 465 dcpeletc@gmail.com www.peletc.com

Pelet C Masine is a company specialized in production of equipment for pelleting. Our production programme includes: Machines for pelleting: Animal feed Capacity: 200kg/h - 5000kg/h Wood or agriculture residues Capacity: 50kg/h - 1000kg/h Organic fertilizer Capacity: 100kg/h - 2000kg/h Machines for wood chipping Machines for grinding straw and other biomass Calibrator fro hazelnuts Equipment for cooling pellet Belt konveyors inside the pellet line Storage bunkers Spare parts for pellet machines and mills In production, we use the most qualitative materials, thus providing long-life machine exploatation and easier maintenance of the same. Along with delivery, customer receives complete technical and technological support based on our 20-year experience in the production of these types of equipment.

Pro-X Bronto doo ODŽACI

Pro-X Bronto doo Odžaci Tanaska Rajića 25 +381 25 5746 240 pstamenkovic@open.telekom.rs

PRO-X BRONTO is the general representative of European companies, ICK Group and CEM Bronto having a wide range of equipment for the production of animal feed, vegetable oil and biomass as energy of the future. Products: • Agricultural machines, equipment and plant protection • Equipment for animal husbandry • Agricultural machines and equipment • Machinery and equipment for feeding • Pellet mills • Press • Dryers • Conveyors and conveying equipment • Extruder • Coolers (Refrigerators) • Mixer

Promont doo BEOČIN

Promont doo Beočin Dunavska bb +381 21 874 255 +381 21 874 255

The company “Promont” Ltd - Beočin was established on 11 August 1992 in Lipljan. Founder and director is Predrag Janićević, a mechanical engineer who possesses great experience in repair and assembly of various industrial facilities The main activity until 1999 was the overhaul of industrial buildings, when the headquarters moved to Kraljevo. In 2003 the company started working at the cement company Lafarge BFC in Beocin, which operates successfully today.


The company specializes in:


• Development and assembly of steel structures in industrial and building construction • Development and installation of standard and non-standard industrial equipment • Overhaul of industrial facilities, primarily cement and sugar industry • Dismantling of old industrial plants - metal and construction parts • Renting of pipe scaffolding by Layher

Rapid-produkt doo VALJEVO

Rapid-produkt doo Valjevo Beloševac bb +381 14 35 11 970 +381 14 35 11 971 rapidprodukt@gmail.com


Dealing with the metal processing from the very beginning, the “RAPID PRODUCT” has been originally producing SCREW goods since 2000. It has changed its business and manufactures hardware for wood, PVC and aluminum windows. “RAPID PRODUCT” has managed to unite the whole technological process of making hardware, so that in the process of production units are the following: • technical preparation with tools • pressing with finishing • non-ferrous metal foundry • production of plastic elements • coatings • pvc and aluminum doors and windows • product distribution. ISO 9001 ISO 14001 CE mark

Relja Junior doo


Relja Junior doo Zrenjanin PoĹžeĹĄka 15a +381 23 560 258 +381 23 544 154 sekretar@relja-jr.com www.relja-jr.com

The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture and assembly of metal structures for the industry; the service of electrical tools, pumps and electric motors; installation of substations; assembly of production halls and refrigerated halls; construction of residential buildings; installation of heat pumps systems; production of infopanels; manufacture and installation of production lines; the production of aluminum clips for meat industry. ISO 9001


Remid VIS doo Podgorica , Crna Gora Velje brdo bb +3820886173 info@remid-vis.com www.remid-vis.com

Specialized company for the production of spare parts related to metal industry (gears, etc.). The company provides repair related services of gears - gearboxes and similar. Products: • Gears • Sprockets • Damn shafts • Axis • Pulleys • Couplings


Rapid-produkt doo Kisač Vojvodanska 78 +381 21 829 026 +381 21 518 359 setingkisac@gmail.com www.setingsilosi.com

Sales, production, design and installation of silos and filling and discharging warehouses for agricultural products. Products • Silos • Dryers • Mills • Mixers for animal food • Elevators • Augers • Chain conveyor • Conveyor belts • Grain pre-cleaners • Hydraulic unloading platforms • Latches, switches, gravity pipes • Steel constructions The company is equipped with great number of machines and hence offers services of: CUTTING, SHAPING, PROCESSING SHEETS, PIPES AND PROFILES. Description • • • • •

Sheet metal cutting with hydraulic scissors Sheet metal bending on hydraulic presses Mechanical cutting Sheet metal plasma cutting on CNC machine Locksmithing

Sigma doo


Sigma doo Kula MarĹĄala Tita 248b +381 25 731 805 +381 25 731 972 office@hlorogen.com www.sigmakula.co.rs

The main activity is the production of Hlorogen plants and automatic dosing systems. Sigma is also specialized in engineering and installing of automated systems for disinfection of drinking water. User training and system maintenance circles the process/ activities Sigma deals with. ISO 9001 ISO 14001


Sila ad Stara Moravica Pačirski put 67 +381 24 741 030 +381 24 741 064 stefanovic.emilia@sila.rs www.sila.rs

“SILA” Limited liability company was established in 1960. It is specialized in production of different kind of chains since 1963. Since 1978 it has been producing metal and plastic household wares and equipment. In 1996 the company began manufacturing plastic ails, especially to supply paint and lacquer producer companies. Presently the company is 100% privately owned. Nowdays, “SILA” Ltd. is one of the leading generalused chain manufacturer companies in Europe, due to our quality production, high-quality surface treatment system and the wide range of our products. In the field of the plastic pail production we are also among the leading manufacturers in Serbia. Moreover, we are one of a few companies in North Serbia (Vojvodina) which uses different kind of surface treatment for metal products. Our partners give proof of our efficiency and high quality (EU standard) production. ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001


Sim doo Sremski Karlovci Jovana Živanovića 25 +381 21 512 212 +381 21 512 212 rajkov.mirjana@simns.rs www.simns.rs

SIM Ltd. is a trade-production company in the field of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. Its long trading activities has expanded to services of mechanical bending and cutting metal and other materials with presses from 350 to 650 tons, CNC plasma cutter, saw blade... Pipes, steel and hot-rolled profiles: • Welded and seamless steel (round) • Galvanized steel (round) • Annealed and rolled steels • UNP, INP, L profiles • Hot and cold rolled sheets • Ribbed, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, cut fences • Cutting sheet metal hydraulic shears • Bending hydraulic presses • Mechanical and gas cutting • Galvanized and PVC fittings • PVC sewer pipe and fittings • Sanitation and equipment • Ball valves • Flanged valves • Black program, forged fittings • Furnace for heating ISO 9001

“Steeltec” doo LOZNICA

“Steeltec” doo

Loznica/ Jarak Stanoja Glavaša +381 22 21 50 273 +381 22 21 50 273 steeltec.doo@gmail.com www.steeltec.rs

Company “Steeltec” ltd. was founded in 2009. The original activity of the company is the import and trade of steel sheet. In early 2012, we began with the production of profiles for dry construction and thanks. Today we supply more than 4 million linear meters of profiles. In early 2013, the activity extends to the design, construction and engineering, although most performed was works in field of steel structures. The structure of employees was expanded with the welding enginiers,civil enginers, highly qualified locksmiths and welders, and personnel for non destructive testing. In order to further improve the quality of our products and services, this 2016 we approach the introduction of integrated management system standard “ISO 9001”, “ISO 14001” and “OHSAS 18001”. Also we produce steel construction according to “EN 1090-1: 2012”, “EN 1090-2: 2008 + A1: 2011 (EXC 3) and DIN EN ISO 3834-2: 2006. We install line for automatic surface preparation ,and line for corrosion protection. In our company we incorporate section for non destructive testing (VT,PT,UT). Production is carried out in two halls areas: Hall1 surface 2,074 m² Hall2 surface 1.134 m²

STIRG metall doo INĐIJA

STIRG metall doo

Inđija Jugoistocna Radna Zona bb

+381 22 2150358 predrag.ivetic@rs.stirg.com


STIRG metall is currently operating in two interacting sites. One plant in Austria and one in Serbia. Individually to customer requests and orders we manufacture on given requirements or technical spec‘s. Our area of expertise are: • Plant Engineering (a.o. food-industry) • Structural Steelwork • Railway vehicle manufacturing • Special Purpose Vehicle (emergency cars) • Tooling / Jig / Machinery - Construction STIRGMetall offers excellent manufacturing competence AND design to manufacture know-how! This makes the difference! And for most of materials - specifically for all kind of carbon-steel, stainless-steel and aluminium.

Excellent Order Processing in area of: • Mechanical & Plant Engineering • Special Vehicle Manufacturing, from prototype to serial production Scope of Work & Services: • Development & Engineering • Quality & Project management • Manufacturing (a.o) • Machining, cutting, bending, laser • Welding (acc EN15085) • Glueing (acc EN6701) • Surface Treatment • Assembling & Service QM-System 9001 - 2008 Schweißzertifikat SF EN 15085 Produktionskotrolle EN 1090 QA für schweißen SF EN 3824-2 Klebezertifikat EN 6701

Tehnolink doo ČENEJ

Tehnolink doo Čenej Ogledna polja 55 +381 23 544 025 +381 23 542 017 aleksandar.boskovic@tehnolink.net


Tehnolink Ltd. was established in 2005. The basic activity is the production, sales, service and rental of diesel and gasoline electrical generators (2kVA – 1200kVA). It has: • Latest mobile testing system for diesel engines • VODIA system (VOlvo DIAgnostic tool) for diagnosing and troubleshooting of electronic Volvo Penta engines • Storage of spare parts • System for remote monitoring INTELILINK and control of electric generators through Centre for Monitoring and Control in Novi Sad, software developed in cooperation with several Serbian companies • Device for measuring the noise level, noncontact measuring of temperature, airflow, vibrations • 5 mobile service teams equipped with its own vehicle, tools and diagnostics. They are proud of developing aggregate production casing (containers) for noise reduction according to the directives of the European Commission. ISO 9001 GOST-R

Tehnologika doo BEOGRAD

Tehnologika doo Beograd Vladimira Popovića 6/A-162

+381 11 4000421 beograd@technologica.com


Tehnologika d.o.o. Belgrade, as a part of TechnoLogica and its CAD / CAM center - DiTra, has adapted to the challenges of modern technologies for almost 25 years, covering almost all areas of industry. More than 250 employees in the territory of Southeast Europe are developing a wide range of information technology services, including the implementation of information systems, software development, consulting and specialized training for the entire product range. Product portfolio of Tehnologika d.o.o. includes solutions for: CAD / CAM (Computer-aided design and manufacturing - SolidWorks, Autodesk exDelcam), Creaform, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). We offer comprehensive solutions for product design, engineering simulation, technical communication and overall management of engineering activities. as a complete solution for the production of engineering projects ready for production. Tools for 3D design, engineering simulations, technical communication, integrated power generation, generating .nc programs, and comprehensive management of engineering data. portable and automated 3D optical measuring devices for inspection of quality control in production environments. (exDelcam) offers advanced CAD / CAM production solutions for milling machines, lathes, multi-tasking lathes, wire erosive.

Tehnovar doo BEOGRAD

Miloja Pavlovića 4

For the last 35 years the company is one of the most successful private companies for gas equipment, cutting and elding metals in the South-East Europe. It is specialized in the production of burners and nozzles and other equipment for cutting and welding of metals.

+381 11 34 14 255

Production program:

+381 11 34 14 655

• •

Tehnovar doo Beograd

koja.anicic@tehnovar.rs www.tehnovar.rs www

• • •

Equipment for electric metal welding Equipment for mechanical gas cutting of metal sheets Pressure regulators Products for manual welding and metal cutting Special order products

Teleoptik gasna oprema doo


Termovent Komerc doo BEOGRAD

Termovent Komerc doo Beograd Subotička 23 +381 11 3087 966 +381 11 2413 544 info@termovent.rs www.termovent.rs

Termovent is a company specialized in manufacturing and design of HVAC equipment and process systems. Our major products include: • • • • • • • • •

Air Handling Units Floor convectors Wall convectors Air Heaters Industrial Fans Air Curtains Channel Exchangers Distribution Elements CRT Products

Termovent, in addition to the construction of clean rooms (GMP-class A, B, C and D) made of Termovent modular component system, specialises in a complete turnkey HVAC and BMS systems engineering. TÜV Certificate of Standard ISO 9001:2008 Confirmation of Affixation of the CE Marking Confirmation of Affixation of the EAC Marking Hygienic Conformity Certificate SR OHSAS 18001:2008 / OHSAS 18001:2007 SR EN ISO 14001:2005 / ISO 14001

Termovent SC doo TEMERIN

Termovent SC doo Temerin Industrijska zona b.b +381 21 842 156 +381 23 542 017 office@termoventsc.rs www.termoventsc.rs

Production of special industrial valves and fittings for use in process industry, water-supplying and in thermo-energetics, and for high pressures and temperatures. Production program of the company is consisted of industrial valves-Globe Valve type (Globe Valves, Globe Lift Check Valves, Dirt Traps, Globe Stop and Check Valves and etc.) with nominal pressures up to 400 bar and working temperatures up to 550°C, then industrial valves-Gate Valve type nominal pressures up to 100 bar and working temperatures up to 550°C, then thermodynamic steam traps, needle valves, flanges, high pressure cocks and etc. Beside domestic market the company is over 25 years present with its products on a foreign market. Their largest foreign markets are Germany, Austria, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Bohemia, Pakistan, Libya and etc. The standards of their production are EN (DIN), API 602, API 600, BS 5352, BS 1873, GOST and etc. TÜV Rheinland, Cert Quality Assurance CE0035, TUV InterCert ISO 9001-2008 GOST (ГОСТ) Russia, GOST R B01056, GOST R H01055, GOST PPC 045951, Belarus, Cerificate Republic Belarus API (American Petroleum Institute), API 6A-1129, API 6D-1049API 600-0096, API 602-0019 ISO 9001 CE mark

Tim-Cop doo TEMERIN

Tim-Cop doo Temerin Partizanska bb +381 021 84 65 90 +381 021 84 65 90 radenko.kostic68@gmail.com


The company is a two-member partnership with limited responsibility. During 1998, we designed two of our trademark product: column substation of up to 160kVA type NS-1 and column substation of up to 400kVA type NS-2. Upon the approval of the project the company started constructing prototypes, further on submitted for quality and endurance testing. On 4th February 1999, the company was officially authorized to design and connection to the network by Elektrovojvodina, public distribution company. TIM-COP has significant business successes under its belt, references and potentials to be highly positioned in regional market owing to its competitive prices and top quality of products and services. In providing services, our company uses the latest technologies, and follows the latest trends in the business. ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 18001


Todebo doo Sremska Mitrovica Rumski Drum 79 +381(0)22 671 543 maja.peric@todebodoo.rs


Todebo is a European manufacturer and fabricator of metal Strut Supports and Fastening products. We are engaged in serial production of metal construction parts and components for wholesalers and wholesale customers. Application of “just-in-time” methods in cooperation with carefully selected reliable partners and contractors, guarantees quality and prompt delivery of various steel, stainless steel and aluminium products. Products : • Supports & Brackets • Instrument supports • Modules, Framing & Assembling • Solar mounting systems • Stairways and platforms

The above-mentioned products can be delivered in the standard measurements or bespoke for your requirements. We also supply pre-fabricated Bracketry including fixing equipment as an complete kit, as well as complete modules including cable trays and conduit / tubes. We are capable of manufacturing all types and dimensions of available strut support systems including C channels, cantilever arms with additional brackets and fittings, complete systems with solutions of all types of hanging of cable strips, cables, pipes, ventilation duct systems. The welding procedures used in the fabrication of our steel products are in accordance with ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090 EX II Standards. This allows us to apply the CE marking to the products. Applications : • Lighting Fixture Supports • Raceway Systems • Trapeze Hangers • Pipe & Conduit Supports • Cable Tray Supports • Beam Adjustments

Todor-Color doo BAČKI JARAK

Todor-Color doo Bački Jarak Novosadska 70 +381 21 848 677 +381 21 848 651 todorcolor@gmail.com www.todorcolor.com

Wholesale of various paints and varnishes, such as: black metallurgy, industrial colors and lacquer, construction building materials, technical gases, etc. The company owns two retail stores.Industrial paints and coatings for wood and metal.Dealers of JSC “Zvezda Helios” from Gornji Milanovac.

Unimet doo KAĆ

Unimet doo Kać Delfe Ivanic 51 +381 21 6211 194 +381 21 6211 061 office@unimet.rs www.unimet.rs Unimet provides its customers with CNC turned and machined parts, sheet metal parts, assembling and testing of parts and instruments. Materials that it machines are: Aluminium, Steel, Stainless steel, Brass and bronze, Titanium, Super alloys like Inconell and cobalt. Services that it offers: Turning from diameter 1 mm up to diameter 400mm, Milling, Sheet metal punching on CNC press and tool design for our mechanical presses, Grinding, Welding, Laser engraving. Besides standard measuring equipment, it

has two coordinate measuring machines. We also have a profile projector, a hardness tester and a surface treatment thickness tester. It can offer products with measurement protocols and First Article Inspection Reports. We can offer manufacturing from prototypes up to series of 200.000 pieces. Industries that it delivers its services to are process industries, automotive and aerospace. With more than 40 CNC machines and the same number of universal machines we are capable of processing some 10 tons of material per week (mainly aluminum, stainless steel, tooling steel, brass, bronze and plastics). Also, Unimet machine superalloys like inconel, hastelloy or titanium. Unimet is specialized in turning, milling, and sheet metal processing. IMS Policy ISO 14001:2004 BS OHSAS 18001:2007 ISO 9001:2008 AS 9100 C / EN 9100:2009 TUV SĂźd Management Service Gmbh

Unipromet doo ČAČAK

Unipromet doo

Čačak Bulevar oslobodilaca bb +381 32 357 030 +381 32 357 040 office@unipromet.co.rs www.uniprometco.rs

Company “UNIPROMET” d.o.o. was founded in 1990 as a private company. The founder and owner of the company is Milisav Novicic. Company’s main activities are the production and installation of equipment for roads. The company has a production hall with modern equipment for the production of metal products (cutting, shaping, welding ...). Basic production activities of company “UNIPROMET” are: • production and installation of steel protective fence for roads according to EN 1317 (structure according to: RAL RG 620, GOST 26804-86, SRPS U.S4.108) or upon request / documentation • production and installation of protective wire fence • production and installation of bridge railing • production and installation of signaling equipment • production of partitions in a separating zone on roads to protect from light of headlights from the opposite direction or protection of facilities from light • production of steel welded pipes cold rolled of round, square and rectangular sections • production of cold rolled steel girders, ZP steel profiles and roof coverings • production of other products in the field of technological possibilities of the company

Utva Milan Premasunac ad KAČAREVO

Utva Milan Premasunac ad

Kačarevo Maršala Tita 2 + 381 13 601 250 + 381 13 601 450 utvamp@3dnet.rs www.utva-mp.com

The company’s core activity is the production of the various specialized industry equipment and manufacturing of the spare (maintenance) parts. The factory is equipped with machines for the complete mechanical treatment of pieces up to 50 tons of weight and 16m length, metal processing by its deformation, as well as different welding technologies. It produces large equipment pieces; sub assembled and assembled work-in-process equipment/parts, finished products for chemical, petrochemical, oil industry, rubber production and wood industry. Its manufacturing program: • Equipment for rubber industry (hydraulic presses, Mixers for rubber cement, two roll mills, cooling equipment, extruders) • Steel plant equipment • Process equipment (pressure vessels, reservoirs, air coolers, tube sheets, columns) • Gearboxes • Heat exchangers of any kind • Hydraulic presses of great power

Utva Silosi ad


Utva Silosi ad Kovin Dunavska 46 +381 13 741 484 +381 13 742 821 office@utva.rs www.utva.rs

Production of silos and building of facilities of up to 50 wagons. • silos and silo equipment • facility building and assembling • roadway protection fences - type igh • welded tubes with rectangular hollow sections • profiles for construction locksmithing • agricultural storage equipment • boiler pipes and tubes • ferrous pipes and tubes • prefabricated metal buildings • prefabricated metal greenhouses • structural metal fabrication ISO 9001 DEN EN ISO 3834-2 CE mark

Veco Welding doo ZRENJANIN

Veco Welding doo Zrenjanin Dr. Emila Gavrila bb, Lok. 2 +381 63 16 69 646 office@vecowelding.com

www.vecowelding.com VECO WELDING doo is a private company founded in 2010. With our knowledge and many years of experience in mechanical maintenance welding, we provide the highest quality service. For parts reparation we use procedures such as: WELDING HARDFACING - CLADDING - METALIZATION. Our business partners: • Since 2010 we are distributor of additional materials and consumables from the BOHLER WELDING GROUP (Bohler, UTP, Fontargen) • Since 2011 we are an authorized distributor of CEPRO - welding parapets , asbestos-free screens, fireproof blankets , welding tent • Since 2015 we are an authorized distributor of ARTECH SERVICES LTD , for equipment and consumables for thermal treatment of welded joints.

VECO WELDING - OUR OFFER • Repairation welding and hardfacing, cladding • Parts reparation using hot and cold metallization treatment. • Constructing and welding steel structures • Welding steel, aluminum, magnesium, gray cast iron, steel cast ... • Heat treatment of welded joints • Creating and writing Welding Technology (pWPS, WPS). • Engineering and consulting for implementing standards EN 3834, EN 1090 • Coordination in welding, inspection, control and welding control. • Welding curtains according to EN-1598, heatresistant blankets, welding tents • Devices and equipment for thermal processing of welded joints • Smoke and dust extraction equipment in welding and industry


Vendo Szeged, Hungary Budapesti Ăşt 8. +36 30 903 6062 +36 30 799 5934 vendo@vendo.co.rs www.vendo.co.rs

Vendo is family company, founded in 1991. Our primary activity is sale of machine tools for metal working, instalation, servicing, maintenance and providing training for operatros for the same. We are exclusive distributors of following renowned Turkish manufactures: DURMA, BEKA- MAK, DIRINLER, UZMA, ILERI for the Serbian and Hungarian market. We also cooperate with other Turksih manufacturers: Sahinler/LFSS/ISITAN, Fresan, Sacform, Servo-Steel, CoilTech etc. We’re also forking with renowned Italian manufacturer prismas EURAM. Our sales program includes metalworking machines which can be manual, semi-automatic and CNC (automatic). They can be used in industries such as: automotive, tanks, military, locksmith, agriculture machines, household appliances (washing machines, refigerators, TV etc), shipbuilding, aviation, properlers, engineering, silos, wind turbine, windmills, sheet metal decoiler lines, fencing on highways, signalization etc.

Vos-system doo ŽABALJ

+381 21 831 261

The company is specialized in the field of production of: • Equipment for pig farming • Ventilation equipment in farms • Galvanized steel structures • Wire and decorative panels • Cutting and bending sheet metal in Apkant press (up to 6m) • Waterjet cutting thickness up to 100mm • Powder coating of metal parts • CNC plasma cutting services


ISO 9001

Vos-system doo Žabalj Čuruška 3 +381 21 831 283


Zupčanik doo ADA

SMTR Zupčanik Ada Proleterska 11 +381 24 851 054 zupcanik@eunet.rs www.zupčanik.com

Company “Zupčanik” from Ada established in 1983 produces machinery parts in small series and individually. It has wide range of technologies which allow making parts from beginning till final product, and also possibility for making special parts. Our products are used in various machines, vehicle and factories worldwide. Production program: • Gears and chain wheels • Worm and worm gear • Conical gears with straight and spiral tooth • Gear racks • Special parts (for hydropower, robots, prototypes, etc.) • Machines for food industry, filling and closing the cans • Various machine parts. Services: • Overhaul reparation reducers, transmissions, differential, planetary differential • Complete overhaul reparation various production line. ISO 9001

Znak doo PANČEVO

Znak doo Pančevo Miloša Obrenovića 10 +381 13 33 44 88 +381 13 33 44 82 znakmarija@panet.rs www.znak-uniforme.rs

Its product range comprises four product categories of protective clothing: • Coveralls • Business suits • Light program • Healthcare and Hospitality Work clothing is made of materials, class I: • Twill - cotton 100%, weight from 160 to 350 G/M • Diol - cotton 35% and polyester 65%, weight from 160 to 350 G/M ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001

Žarkom doo KRALJEVO

Žarkom doo Kraljevo Jovana Deroka 10 +381 36 383 364 +381 36 383-361 zarkomkraljevo@gmail.com


Company “ŽARKOM DOO” was established in 1994 with the main activity in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics.   The company produces hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, designs and builds hydraulic and pneumatic systems and does repairs of equipment and systems of foreign manufacturers in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics.Our focus is on the production of hydraulic unloading platforms for silos and feed mills, parking systems for vehicles (car on car), freight elevators as well as maintaining of pneumatic and hydraulic installations on trucks, construction and process machines. There are few major cities in Vojvodina which do not have some of our platforms.


Wurth doo Surčin Svetog Save 60v +381 11 2078 200 +381 11 2078 210 prodaja@wurth.rs www.wurth.rs

Wurth is world market leader in its core business, the trade in assembly and fastening material. It brings news and high quality solutions for daily tasks and problems in almost every place of the country. In the core business, the Würth Line, the product range for craft and industry comprises over 100,000 products: from screws, screw accessories and anchors to tools, chemical-technical products and personal protection equipment. Würth Line operations focus on assembly and fastening materials, supplying customers in the trades, the construction sector, and industry. Internationally, the operational business units within the Würth Line comprise the Metal, Auto, Wood, Construction, and Industry Divisions. The Metal Division comprises the subdivisions Metal, Household Technology and Maintenance, and the Auto Division the Car and Cargo subdivisions. The company has a clear business orientation: It is marked by a strong brand policy, future-oriented product strategy, closeness to the customer, clear quality offensive, thinking in terms of visions and not least by a strong corporate culture. CE mark ISO 9001


ALMA MONS Novi Sad Svetosavska 3a +381 21 427 822 +381 21 427 822 office@almamons.rs www.almamons.rs

The mission of Regional Agency for Development of Small and Medium sized enterprises “ALMA MONS” is to create conditions, opportunities and benefits for involving SMEs and other vulnerable social groups in the region into formal economic trends. It will improve sustainable economic development in the Region through integrated development of local resources and opportunities and through concentrated efforts of local people. Activities Regional Agency for Development of SMEs “ALMA MONS” are structured as it follows: 1. Provision of business services, information and support to SMEs in the Region; 2. Provision of services to local authorities and other stakeholders responsible for economic development at local and regional level; 3. Management and implementation of the projects; 4. Networking and cooperation with international institutions and organizations focused on internationalization of the economy in the Region.

Center for Competitiveness and Cluster Development NOVI SAD

Center for Competitiveness and Cluster Development

Novi Sad Trg Dositeja Obradovića 7

+381 21 485 21 88 +381 21 6350 300 klasteri@uns.ac.rs www.menadzment.org

Center for Competitiveness and Cluster Development is the result of cooperation between the University of Novi Sad and Provincial Secretariat for Economy of AP Vojvodina on projects to support the development of businesses entities competitiveness and the establishment and development of business networks and clusters. The methodology is based on an improvements that rely on and connect three main hubs of competitiveness development: • the use of modern scientific knowledge • innovation achieved through research and development • the use of research results and best practices


CEVES Beograd Višnjićeva 5 +381 11 405 27 80 +381 11 405 23 52 office@ceves.org.rs www.ceves.org.rs

In 2004, CEVES established a group of leading Serbian economists headed by Kori Udovički. Since then, CEVES has set new standards in macroeconomic and policy analysis with the publication “Quarterly Monitor of Economic Trends and Policies in Serbia”, and together with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade, founded the Foundation for the Advancement of Economics (FREN). FREN is today one of the leading scientific institutions in Serbia in the field of macroeconomics, social inclusion and the labor market. In the meantime, CEVES has redirected its attention to the questions of accelerating economic development and its sustainability – both ecological and social. So far, CEVES has made a pervasive and systematic “scan” of the Serbian economy (index of development potentials, Stilized Facts, SDG paper) and started working on a similar “scan” of the state as a public service provider (Health). The plan for the nearest future is the capture of the regional economic structure and relations between local and central authorities. CEVES argues that the practical and applicable recommendations have to be based on rigorous analysis and the latest knowledge and tools, as well as the view that the processing of the most important topics cannot wait for the “development of economic science” to become subject to scientific treatment. We ask the most relevant questions and answer them fairly, with the support of deep knowledge of the facts and cooperation with experts who have the best international knowledge available, as well as careful use of innovative and alternative methods of data analysis.

Faculty of Economics SUBOTICA

Faculty of Economics Subotica Segedinski put 9-11 +381 24 628 000 +381 24/546-486 dekanat@ef.uns.ac.rs www.ef.uns.ac.rs

The mission of the Faculty of Economics Subotica is to qualify university-educated economists, managers and management information system experts for their future career in which they will be capable of making good use of their individuality in team work, exploiting the force of accumulated theoretical and practical knowledge, along with sensibility and understanding of their direct and wider environment, to make significant and permanent contributions to the development of modern society. The Faculty’s mission can be viewed through the prism of its primary activities. These are, primarily, areas of research, education and expert (consulting) services. The faculty aims to achieve its mission through conducting basic and applied research, and providing research-based undergraduate, graduate and doctoral study programmes in economics, business, management and informatics. In achieving its mission, the Faculty has always focussed on four primary permanent values: contemporary organizational concept, high quality and standards in implementing business processes, intensive international cooperation, and close, content-based integration with all the constituents of the national setting.

Faculty of Technical Sciene NOVI SAD

+381 21 458 133

Faculty of Technical Sciences originates from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering which was established by the Decree of the National Assembly of People’s Republic of Serbia on 18th May 1960 as a Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Novi Sad and it was a constituent part of the University of Belgrade. After the founding of the University of Novi Sad on 28th June 1960, the Faculty along with six previously established faculties in Vojvodina was regarded as a part of the University of Novi Sad.


It consists of 13 departments:

Faculty of Technical Science

Novi Sad Trg Dositeja Obradovića 6

+381 21 450 810


• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Department of production engineering Department of mechanization and design engineering Department of energy and process engineering Department of technical mechanics Department of power, electronic and telecommunication engineering Department of computing and control engineering Department of civil engineering and geodezy Department of traffic engineering Department of architecture and urban planning Department of industrial engineering and engineering management Department of graphic engineering and design Department of environment engineering and safety at work Department of fundamental sciences

Faculty of Technical Sciene ČAČAK

Faculty of Technical Science

Čačak Svetog Save 65 +381 32 302 700 +381 32 342 101 info@ftn.kg.ac.rs www.ftn.kg.ac.rs We educate future engineers, teachers and managers, preparing them for successful future through the application of acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The current teaching programmes have been adjusted to comply with the European standards of education. We are following current tendencies, and are fully dedicated to the work ensuring the leading position of our institution in Western and Central Serbia. The Faculty includes the following Sections: • Electrical and computer engineering, • Technics and Informatics, • Engineering Management, • Information Technology, • Mechatronics and • Entrepreneurship Management

Along with its educational activity, the Faculty has been conducting intensive scientific-research work that has resulted in completion of a large number of masters and doctoral theses. The Faculty has established a prolific cooperation with numerous scientific and economic institutions in the country and abroad. The long-term cooperation with the SerbianAcademy of Sciences and Arts in the field of modern materials ought to be particularly emphasized. Over its thirty-year long existence, Faculty of Technical Sciences Cacak has evolved into one of the most prominent scientific-research institutions of this part of Serbia. Accordingly, it is an important centre for gaining and advancement of knowledge, projecting and development, innovations and application of modern technical achievements. Facultu of Technical Sciences has proved a steady supporter to the economy of the region as well. Faculty specializes in assisting national institutions and international organizations that promote the use of waste biomass as a renewable energy source, market development and implementation of various solutions in this area. We are looking forward to fruitful cooperation.

Faculty for economy, finaces and administration BEOGRAD

FIFA Subotica Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10i

+381 11 130 666 70 +381 11 130 666 71 institut@fefa.edu.rs www.fefa.edu.rs

FEFA - Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration was founded in December 2001, in Belgrade, to provide high quality studies as an attractive alternative for young generations in Serbia, so that they stay in the country and acquire quality university education. FEFA also attracts professionals to its graduate studies, with a multidisciplinary and practical approach to learning. FEFA studies are in conformity with the European standards and the principles of the Bologna Declaration. They are also fully accredited by the Serbian Commission for Accreditation and Quality Control. It has drawn on best international practices and introduced mandatory internships for students and additional skills such as languages, communication and IT skills.

Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering KRALJEVO, UNIVERSITY IN KRAGUJEVAC

Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering Kraljevo Dositejeva 19 +381 36 383 380 impuls@mfkv.kg.ac.rs office@mfkv.kg.ac.rs www.mfkv.kg.ac.rs www.3dimpuls.com

• • •

Bachelor, master and doctoral studies in mechanical engineering Bachelor studies in civil engineering Research in: • heavy machinery structures design, • energy efficient design, • environment protection, • design for additive manufacturing

Services: • Rapid Prototyping • Rapid Tooling • Rapid Manufacturing • Digitalization of 3D objects • Reverse engineering • Design od heavy machinery structures • Measurements of air and noise pollution • Design of noise protection systems • Energy efficiency design

High school 22. Oktobar


High school 22. Oktobar Žabalj Nikole Tesle 78

+381 21 831 345 +381 21 831 345 hs22oct@axpan.net www.22oktobar.weebly.com

High school of different education profiles and the only high school in the region. One of important good sides of this school is its maximum commitment to children providing theoretical knowledge and practical skills. School represents three areas of work: high school, economics and engineering. These are modern, most wanted jobs that are interesting to students as much for preparation for the studies as a primary occupation.

High Mechanical school NOVI SAD

Sec. mechanical school Novi Sad Bulevar kralja Petra I 38 +381 21 444 606 +381 21 442 057 mashinska@neobee.net www.masinskans.edu.rs

The first secondary mechanical school has been active since 1936/37. Today, secondary mechanical school is recognizable by the introduction of contemporary educational profiles and by keeping up-to-date with global development trends. The school is located on 25000m2 of open space, with sports grounds and landscaped park, and 10000m2 of closed classroom and workshop space. It has 46 equipped classrooms and cabinets, a large number of computers, printers, projectors, scanners, computer controlled machines. Practical classes take place in a modern equipped workshop with a car kit and a diagnostic device. There is a library with more than 35000 books available to students and teachers. The main activity of the Secondary Mechanical School is to train students in the field of mechanical engineering and metalworking for the needs of the economy, as well as for further academic education.

Institut Goša BEOGRAD


Milana Rakića 35 Beograd I srpskog ustanka 202 Smederevska Palanka +381 011 24 13 332 +381 11 24 10 977 mirko.licina@institutgosa.rs www.institutgosa.rs

The Institute Gosa has been registered as the company with limited responsibility for science research and development in the technicaltechnological sciences. The Institute Gosa has become an important Institute science 2003., running a business successfully as at national so and in international market due to Certificated Quality Management System according to standard ISO 9001:2000 and accredited laboratories for testing and etaloning according to standard SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006. The Institute Gosa has status of ATB, too (authorized institution for the education, examination and qualification of welding personnel). The Institute Gosa gives an extra attention to the education of young personnel and sort out a considerable means for better technological equipment of laboratories and development of the new technology and appliance of the EN norms, standards and rules. The researchers in the Institute Gosa participate, with more than one project, to the Ministry of Science and Technology Development and the Ministry of Environment protection. The Institute Gosa is equipped by personnel a 100% to realize services, independently, and have a good cooperation with other science - research institutes. They recently, have a direct cooperation with a single-expert, too who are acting, freely, at the market.

Lola doo BEOGRAD

Lola Ltd. Beograd Kneza Viseslava 70a +381 11 25 41 303 +381 11 25 44 096 info@li.rs www.li.rs

The Institute Lola from Belgrade, Serbia is the state research and development institute which has extensive experience in the field of mechanical and electrical design, manufacturing and engineering of: Computer, controlled systems, machine tools, robotics, energetics, mechanical and process engineering and ecology, stress and strain analysis of mechanical parts, computer simulation of casting The Lola Institute has so far implemented many scientific projects financed by the Ministry of Science of Serbia related to the energy and the metal industry of Serbia. The Lola Institute is member of the EFFRA (The European Factories of the Future Research Association). Industrial applications: 1. Retrofit and modernization of Machine Tools 2. Robotics 3. Automation 4.Experimental tests of mechanical systems (Diagnostic tests, Monitoring current technical state of mechanical systems, Structural Testing of Mechanical Systems) 5. Performing training for programing CNC machines 6. Computer simulations of Casting with MAGMASOFTÂŽ program.

Modern Business School BEOGRAD

Modern Business School Beograd Terazije 27/4 +381 11 41 20 700 +381 11 41 20 701 office@mbd.edu.rs www.mbs.edu.rs

Modern Business School was founded in 2008 in Belgrade by A.S.B. Academy from Vienna (A.S. Akademie für Entwicklung des Dienstleistungssektors in Südoseuropa). We knew that, in order to find a job, it is not enough to just finish college and let your diploma hang from a wall or be in a tube holder. This would mean that it did not fulfil its purpose and is nothing but a piece of paper. We knew that we had to work differently – we do not educate ordinary students, but successful people who achieve incredible results, as they are armed with ambition and knowledge. The diploma awarded by MBS: Is recognized everywhere in Europe. Ensures the highest-paying management jobs. Enables you to continue education at domestic and foreign universities.

Novi Sad Fair NOVI SAD

Novosadski sajam Novi Sad Hajduk Veljkova 11 +381 21 483 0102 +381 21 483 0111 mirko.majstorovic@sajam.net


The Novi Sad Fair is the leading fair institution in Serbia, but its scope of activities does not encompass only organizing exhibitions. The Novi Sad Fair is a joint-stock company which is the leading fair institution in Serbia. It deals with organizing exhibitions and fair events, congresses and professional meetings, as well as with providing marketing, warehousing and catering services. The total area covers 226,000 m2 and the indoor exhibition area covers 60,000 m2. There are 37 halls, among which the most up-to-date is the Master Hall, which offers 5,970 m2 of exhibition area. Novi Sad Fair Congress Centre covers 2,230 m2. Six small and one large hall facilitates organization of two simultaneous events for 1,000 and 350 people. The Novi Sad Fair is the member of: • The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) • International Congress & Convention Association (ICCAWORLD) • Central European Fair Alliance (CEFA) • The European Federation of Agricultural Exhibitions and Show Organisers (EURASCO)


Panonreg Subotica Trg Cara Jovana Nenada 15

+381 24 554 107 office@panonreg.rs www.panonreg.rs

Panonreg - Regional Development Agency in Subotica - is a center that promotes the development of territory of Subotica. The aim of Panonreg is the design of infrastructure of economic development, consolidation and evaluation of existing value chains and support to the development of cooperation between institutions and business entities, and implementation of territory marketing. Activities: • Consulting services - innovation, preparing strategies, development plans and projects • Education, Knowledge Society development • Information • Regional - International Projects


RCR Banat Zrenjanin Čarnojevićeva 1 +381 23 510 567 +381 23 510 567 office@rcrbanat.rs www.banat.rs

Regional Agency for Socio-Economic Development - Banat is a regional development institution with leading role of coordinator of development activities in Banat. It is one of twelve development agencies in Serbia, established in order to contribute to building of sustainable capacities aimed at socio-economic development in Banat through creation of firm partnership of Banat municipalities. RDA has a role of coordinator in the development of Banat in the following way: • designating key priorities in Banat (three Banat counties) • contributing to utilization of available resources in relation to priorities • connecting partners from a range of sectors, thus fostering achieving of better results • raising awareness on development possibilities in Banat In accordance with key priorities and resources available, RDA Banat contributes to continuing socio-economic development of the region, fostering good business opportunities with a great number of partners from state, private and civil sector.


RPK Kikinda Kikinda Trg srpskih dobrovoljaca 48

+381 23 021 080 +381 23 401230 komora.kikinda@gmail.com


Regional Chamber of Commerce Kikinda is in the charge of 3 (three) municipalities in Northern Banat: Kikinda, Coka and Novi Knezevac and covers the territory that borders Serbia, Hungary and Romania. Regional Chamber of Commerce Kikinda fosters international cooperation and is export oriented primarily towards the EU and CEFTA countries.


RPK Novi Sad Novi Sad Narodnog fronta 10 +381 21 480 20 88 +381 21 466 300 info@rpkns.com www.rpkns.com

Regional Chamber of Commerce Novi Sad includes the area of Novi Sad and 11 municipalities in the South Backa District (Bač, Bačka Palanka, Bački Petrovac, Bečej, Beočin, Srbobran, Sremski Karlovci, Temerin, Titel, Vrbas i Žabalj), which is known to be considered the most dynamic region in Serbia and a leading regional Chamber of Commerce in Serbia. Reorganization of the chamber of commerce system, and a new way of functioning, since 2001, led to attraction of foreign investments, providing support to small and medium-sized enterprises, greater involvement of businessmen, scientists and top experts of all profiles in the activities of the chamber. Activities and tasks of the RCC Novi Sad are accomplished through the work of eight centers in the following areas: • Economic system • Agriculture • International Economic Relations • Small and Medium Enterprises • Banking, Finance and Insurance • Ecology, Sustainable development, quality and education • Information • Marketing, Public Relations • Tourism • Fairs • the Diaspora


RPK Pančevo Pančevo Zmaj Jovina 1a +381 13 343-475 +381 13 343-475 rpkpancevo@komora.net www.rpkpancevo.com

Regional Chamber of Commerce Pancevo is an independent business association of enterprises, banks and other legal entities who does business on the territory of Southern Banat, consisting of city of Pancevo and municipalities: Vršac, Plandište, Kovin, Kovačica, Bela Crkva, Alibunar and Opovo. Regional Chamber of Commerce Pancevo is an association of business entities, representing their meeting place, the alignment of interests, establishment of common views, exchange of experiences and business contacts both in the country and abroad. The Chamber monitors and analyses economic trends and conditions, participates in decision-making regarding economic policy measures, monitors their effects, suggests possible corrections. Association provides technical assistance to its members in resolving specific problems, promotes their product lines through fairs and exhibitions, both in the country and abroad, connecting entrepreneurs with foreign partners through making contacts with the foreign chambers, offices and embassies.


RPK Sombor Sombor Venac Stepe Stepanovića 30 +381 25 420-780 +381 25 420-930 office@rpksombor.co.rs www.rpksombor.co.rs

The Chamber performs activities of common interest to the economy of the area and of benefit to its members, in particular: 1. Provision and organization of technical assistance to its members to enhance and improve their business 2. The study of issues related to the industry branches mostly included in the Chamber, following the appearance of business life and evaluating their effects on the economy in the area of Chamber of Commerce Sombor

3. Improving and establishing of economic relations, organizing of economic and tourist-information advertising, fairs, business exhibitions and other promotional activities for its members 4. Presentation of the domestic economy in the country and abroad, and the inclusion of the same in the international exchange of goods and services in a manner that will facilitate its members access to the world market 5. Providing timely and accurate information to its members in order to find potential partners and their connections 6. Participation in the preparation and implementation of development plans, particularly as the initiator and organizer of the implementation of new projects related to infrastructure, as well as economically under-developed areas 7. Development of information systems in the Chamber 8. Encouraging research in the field of scientific and technological development 9. Improving of entrepreneurship and management, monitoring and transfer of international experiences in these areas, particularly in the area of Quality Management System 10. Business networking and informing, etc.


Regional Chamber of Commerce

Zrenjanin Kralja Petra I br. 3/1 +381 23 562 979 +381 23 562 693 zrenjanin@komora.net www.rpkomora-zr.co.rs

Regional Chamber of Commerce Zrenjanin, as an association of business entities, provides a wide range of services to its members with the aim of supporting and promoting business activities. The Chamber has over 1000 members and 5 General Associations of Entrepreneurs (with 4,500 members), and organizes its work through associations, committees and other bodies in which are involved nearly 200 members’ representatives. Besides direct member services (counselling, consulting services, issuance of documents, provision of data from a database, etc.), Chamber continuously working on unifying opinions of its members and their demands towards the state and local authorities, education of members’ representatives, promotion and presentation of their group and individual opportunities, and more. In order to continuously improve business, the Chamber has its operations harmonized with ISO 9000 and was certified in 2000. There are a number of activities in this area, in order to raise competitiveness of its members and the monitoring of global trends in the application of standards.

Savez udruženja tehničke kulture Vojvodine NOVI SAD

Savez udruženja tehničke kulture Vojvodine

Novi Sad Bulevar Oslobođenja 39 +381 21 633 73 13 nrtehnika@gmail.com

Association whose main activities are coordination of innovative activities, organization of professional and scientific conferences, education in the field of technical-technological disciplines as well findings applied into practice.

SGS Beograd Ltd. BEOGRAD

SGS Beograd Ltd. Beograd Jurija Gagarina 7b +381 11 71 55 275 +381 11 22 84 241 sgs.beograd@sgs.com www.sgs.rs

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. Our core services can be divided into four categories: • Inspection: our comprehensive range of worldleading inspection and verification services, such as checking the condition and weight of traded goods at transshipment, help you to control quantity and quality, and meet all relevant regulatory requirements across different regions and markets • Testing: our global network of testing facilities, staffed by knowledgeable and experienced personnel, enable you to reduce risks, shorten time to market and test the quality, safety and performance of your products against relevant health, safety and regulatory standards • Certification: we enable you to demonstrate that your products, processes, systems or services are compliant with either national or international standards and regulations or customer defined standards, through certification • Verification: we ensure that products and services comply with global standards and local regulations. Combining global coverage with local knowledge, unrivalled experience and expertise in virtually every industry, SGS covers the entire supply chain from raw materials to final consumption.

Technical school “Lukijan Mušicki” TEMERIN

TS Lukijan Mušicki Temerin Narodnog fronta 80 +381 21 843 272 +381 21 843 797 lukijanmusicki@mts.rs www.sslmusicki.com

The technical school in Temerin is housed in a former castle which dated from XVIII century and which was owned by the Fernbah family. In 1949 the castle was declared a cultural monument under state jurisdiction, and today it has got both cultural and historical importance for the Temerin municipality. On 1st September 1946 Temerin got a secondary school which was named ‘Secondary vocational school for the pupils in crafts and industry’. Different curriculums were applied in the school. Since than its name has been changed several times from ‘The school for the pupils in commerce’ , School for the pupils in commerce ‘Caki Lajos’, School for common secondary education ‘25th May’, The secondary school ‘25th May’ to ‘The secondary technical school’ which it bears today. From its foundation the school has been running courses in two languages – Serbian and Hungarian.

Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin” ZRENJANIN

TF “Mihajlo Pupin” Zrenjanin Đure Đakovića bb +381 23 550 515 dekanat@tfzr.uns.ac.rs www.tfzr.uns.ac.rs

Today Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin” is, after 39 years of its foundation, the most important university level institution in Banat, and a responsible member of the University of Novi Sad. Basic and master studies are delivered in field of Information Technologies, Industrial Engineering, Clothing Technologies, and Engineering Management on doctoral studies since 2012. Engineering of Environmental Safety is a joint study program with the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. Recognizing the problems in smaller urban environments in which industry faces emigration of qualitative human resources, the Faculty has established cooperation with business associations that gather the most successful industrial subjects from the region, and in which the students perform activities under the slogan “Working to get a position”. One of the greatest successes of the Faculty was the second place in the World in 2010 in Microsoft’s “Image Cup” competition in the category of software design for solving merciful problems of humanity, which is considered to be the greatest success of Serbian informatics until now.

Vojvodina ICT Cluster


Vojvodina ICT Cluster Novi Sad Vojvođanskih brigada 28 +381 21 21 00 306 office@vojvodinaictcluster.org www.vojvodinaictcluster.org

Vojvodina ICT Cluster provides a single point of contact with the best ICT companies in Serbia. The cluster gathers companies from the sector with the total workforce of 1,500 experienced IT professionals. The association enjoys strong support in the community, with five institutions from the areas of education, regional development and public service being honorary members. Vojvodina ICT cluster is globally recognizable partner in the development and application of new ICT products and services with high profit potential, and important partner in development of individuals, companies and regional businesses. Mission of VOICT is to create conditions for ICT development through coordination of members’ efforts toward strong influence on social and business environment. To its members, the cluster serves as a platform for cooperation and provides a portfolio of services, such as building capacities and competitiveness of its members through training and education at the Cluster Academy, building links with the education system, creation of new business opportunities, access to new markets, lobbying activities etc. The cluster also has an important role in building tighter bonds in the triple helix Business – Education – Government. ISO 9001 ISO 14001 CE mark

CONTACT Novosadska 322, Temerin office@vmc.rs +381 21 844 923 |

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