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A Dummy’s Guide to the Livescribe Digital Smartpen Who would expect that the Livescribe Digital Smartpen could act not only as a computer and an audio recorder all at the same time? In other words, this device not only stores a digital record of your voice, but also stores every bit of what you wrote. Even better, it lets you hear exactly what has happening in the room while you were writing any given text snippet. That power to index into text is where the pen shines. It can even work as a calculator and a translator for selected languages. Cool, huh? The Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen holds as much as two hundred hours worth of recordings depending on its memory capacity, which are available in 2GB and 4GB variants. This smart pen also comes with specialized paper, software to archive everything, and sophisticated developer tools (in case you’re a programmer geek like some!). How does it all work? Well, suffice it to say that it starts with a patented “micro-dot” system on the paper itself. An infrared sensor in the Livescribe Digital Smartpen uses spatial recognition to record what’s written, ready for transfer to your computer. Another interesting function of this smart pen is its ability to install applications for entertainment. A purely fun example of this special feature is the Paper Piano, a very special printed paper on which the pen sounds the right note for the “key” touched on the paper. More practically, there is also an application that recognizes penmanship. So people with poor penmanship should not worry about rewriting their words until it becomes readable; let the application correct this for you! Here are few more situations, places and instances where this device would come in handy: 1. People who’ve caught the writing bug in such a bad way that they tend to forget where they’ve put what they wrote! 2. Students could stress less and learn more in class by capturing everything the teacher says without writing it all out long-hand. 3. Professionals like doctors and lawyers could recall important information with a single pen stroke that would not have been available at their fingertips otherwise. That’s priceless for people so short on time as it is. The bottom line? The Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen makes for a brilliant addition to almost anyone’s life.

Smart Pen for Dummies  

Who would expect that the Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen could act not only as a computer and an audio recorder all at the same time?