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Tom Hobson Industrial Design Portfolio

About Me Originally from Sheffield, I am a outgoing person who is currently in my third year studying Industrial Design at Northumbria. Here is a collection of my work, including what I did on my placement at Jake Phipps, showing a range of projects that I have designed during my time at Northumbria University.


Birkdale School 1999-2014 GCSE’s


Art A* Design Technology A* Sciences B Maths B English Language C English Literature C Geography B Spanish D

Product Design A Art B Business D

Northumbria University


(Sept‘14 - ‘18) Being apart of the Design for Industry course has taught me a wide range of skills, including design thinking, innovation, the process of developing ideas and executing a high quality end product. I have also been chosen to assist with interviews and tours around the design departments and university facilities.

Interests Golf Cooking Fitness Guitar


Design Enterprise

Jake Phipps Limited

September ‘13 - ‘14

Work Placement (March ‘16 - June‘16)

Being a-part of a team, as the lead designer, we were in the process of designing with a live company, a more environmentally friendly lamppost which could be used in a new upcoming city such as Dubai.

For 3 months I had the opportunity to work in Richmond, North Yorkshire with Jake Phipps. On placement I assisted in the design process and building of bespoke, luxurious furniture. Through this placement I developed my CAD skills in Rhino, and my knowledge of manufacturing a high end product.

Design Innovation Plastics







Taking inspiration from natural sources of light, this modern take of a fire pit is to be used with friends and family, as it casts stunning calm tones of light wherever you use it.

Light has evolved over the years to become much more than a need for vision. A want has emerged for light to provide interaction, ambience and a sense of place. Using the outdoors as inspiration, I wanted to look into how natural sources of light can inspire and create different settings and atmospheres.


Mood changing

Unique Mechanism

Energy Efficient


Sketching and further development led to the idea of a lighting product that you could compact, making it portable.



Starting with a bright moon-like light, elevate will gradually fade into a warm soothing glow, representing the glowing embers of a camp fire.

Elevate is compact, light, and therefore can be transported easily to any social activity.

When it is turning dark, simply pop off the leather buckles and let the shade slowly rise.

The light in the shade will automatically turn on when it reaches the top, through the use of a see-saw mechanism.

As the evening progresses, Elevate replicates natural lighting of an outdoor environment. Elevate helps set the scene, using soothing tones of light, providing a tranquil atmosphere. This subsequently encourages a persons mood to reflect the relaxing tone the light emits.

Jake Phipps Limited A 3 month placement working with Jake Phipps Ltd, a luxury furniture Designer.

June 20, 2016 To whom it may concern, Tom Hobson worked under my guidance for a period of 3 months from March 2016. Tom was hugely helpful and hardworking. He was always keen to take on whatever task was put in front of him. He learnt many new skills whilst here particularly in the manufacturing of high-end furniture but also design and CAD work, marketing, shipping, packaging, and general day to day business. Tom was very rarely late and never ill and I would whole heartedly recommend him to any future employer. Kind regards,

Jake Phipps.

Credit to Jake Phipps Limited

Whilst working with Jake Phipps, I was involved with the design and execution of many hand-made, complex pieces. The manufacturing of high-end furniture is extremely intricate, and therefore the building of these pieces took great precision and care.

Credit to Jake Phipps Limited

Credit to Jake Phipps Limited

Being hands on was crucial and therefore, during my placement with Jake, I helped work on new and existing products. This gave me the opportunity to prototype small components for new products, and assist in the building of furniture for clients.

Credit to Jake Phipps Limited

I had the privilege to work on two personal commissions, under the guidance of Jake. This was a great opportunity to use the skills I gained from this placement, helping me design stunning pieces, that I built by hand, to be sold to private buyers.

Credit to Jake Phipps Limited

K-9 Dental Toy+ The K-9 dental toy is a better solution to existing chew toys, as it is safer, more efficient whilst being fun for the dog to play with.

People take great care with their pets health and well-being, which can prove costly in the long run. During an interview with a vet about the range of existing chew toys on the market, it was made apparent that dogs are getting harmed due to the wrong materials and form in existing products. This can lead to their teeth breaking, swollen gums and pain, causing internal damage. Animals can get distressed when getting their teeth cleaned

The cost of dental care

Owners getting worried about their pets Health and well-being

80% of health problems in dogs are to do with dental care

Could we change the position of the spikes cause lessto damage???

dogs r o f g n i l a e p Ap to play with to s r e n w o r o f Easy tot with their pet interac s g o d e h t s n a e Still Clfi tly teeth ef cien

Rubber Grip


Chew Ball with ribbed holes to efficiently clean the dogs teeth

Being made from a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, and a High Density Polyethylene, the K9 is a soft plastic, stopping the problem of dogs breaking their teeth. The holes are ribbed which clean the dogs teeth efficiently, and the form isn’t obtrusive, stopping damage to the dogs gums. Whilst the handle offers comfort and grip for the owner, the end resembles a ball, making the toy look appealing for dogs to chew on.

Knee Brace Working with the Newcastle branch Peacocks, we had the opportunity to design a new knee brace from a leg scan, looking into key areas to improve their current designs.

Meet Peter . He’s 62, a gentleman, and still working professionally within the fashion industry. Becoming older was inevitable, and with this came Osteoarthritis. This has made the need of support for daily tasks such as walking to work a must.

Our demographic are men aged 60+ that have a healthy disposable income, and an interest in aesthetics and appearance.

Insights From this we went forward with designing a high end knee brace. Our aim was to create a product that has subtle exterior in order to not draw attention, whilst being of premium quality for the fashion conscious consumer.

From looking at existing knee braces on the market, they seem obtrusive and unattractive to wear.

We wanted to develop a brace which was sophisticated, didn’t cause skin pinching, and aesthetically pleasing whilst not looking robotic.

The final outcome is a stylish knee brace with a tasteful lining, adding a tailored quality to the brace. This was a key objective, as we wanted to make the consumer feel as though they still looked fashionable. This element will make customers believe this brace is a worth while investment compared to existing braces on the market.

The Memory Box

The memory box allows memories of loved ones to be captured, enabling people to enjoy and reminisce about special life events together.

1 in 6 people over the age of 80 have dementia.

Finding a home

Worried about loved ones

Alzheimer’s is a devastating mental disease which can leave families emotionally drained due to the stress of worrying over and caring for a loved one.

Forgetting memories

A key aspect of dementia is the losing of precious memories, which can lead to the sufferer to feel anxious, stressed, confused and often alone. My aim is to design a product that will trigger old memories, allowing the person with dementia to recall past events with their loved ones, increasing their quality of life.

Pictures of family

Special Events


The boxes are a subtle piece of furniture which can be picked up and unfolded, revealing pictures that can help trigger happy memories.

They act as a prompt for the sufferer, which can help train their memory; as well as enjoying their time with family. This therefore transforms the negative situation into a more positive experience.

CAD Personal Projects that I have worked on using Rhino, Solid Works and Keyshot

The Penguin Pump was designed to help promote kids washing their hands voluntarily from an early age. Washing your hands can be forgetful, so by getting kids to use this fun pump, it would help them get in a routine.

A new range of home interior products where I am looking into simplistic forms, using high quality materials.


This sketching was for a Kettle Project which allowed me to look into how kettles are constructed. From this I developed a unique styled kettle for new homes.

Thank You ! I am currently looking for a 3 - 6 month placement within the design industry. To get in touch please contact me at; Email: Phone: +44 7984006493

Industrial Design Portfolio 2017  

Tom Hobson | 3rd Year Student | Northumbria University

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