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Healthy Eating and Lifeskills Course Bells Piece, Farnham

Something for everyone

With a variety of courses Bells Piece gives adults with learning disabilities the chance to enjoy cooking, learn about healthy eating and gain vital life skills.


Healthy eating

All students are taught about safety and hygiene in a kitchen, personal hygiene and cooking skills and how to enjoy cooking for themselves their families and friends.

Prepare & Share

Food is great when shared with friends and a wonderful life skill. Students are given the opportunity for social interaction through eating and cooking with others.


Students learn to menu plan and go shopping using their new knowledge and confidence to choose the healthier options. Each week they have increased opportunities for social interaction within a small group and in the larger community.

Master Chef

Several students have been inspired to buy their own whites. The confidence they have gained from the courses has meant that some come back each week to help new students and others and going out into the community and attending a variety of events.

Selling our produce

Bells Piece has a shop which sells an assortment of jams, chutneys, marmalades as well as herbs, vegetable and plants. All of which are made or grown on site. The shop is open from 10am until 3.30pm.


Horticultural Group

Bells Piece has its own horticultural group with 12 service users each day working in the garden.

Riverford Organic Farm

Students had a day out on the farm sowing, transplanting seedlings, potting on, planting and harvesting.

Growing and Gathering

Seed to Plate, growing and gathering at Bells Pieces sets our project apart. Students are given the chance to appreciate how food is grown and are able to pick vegetables and herbs themselves.

A Recipe to Try

Garden Vegetables and Red Lentil Soup For Four People

Ingredients Three or four fresh carrots (medium)

One cup of red lentils

One medium finely chopped onion

One litre vegetable stock

One peeled and chopped potatoes

Finely chopped green chilli (optional),

One tin of chopped tomatoes or

Seasoning, bay leaf and stalks of coriander

Four/Five Large Tomatoes

A little oil

Two or Three sticks of celery Two cups of chopped stalks of swill chard

Method 1. Put a little oil/butter into a heavy duty saucepan and add the finely chopped onions and start to soften.

2. Chop the tomatoes then add them with the lentils to the onion

3. Finely chop all the other vegetables and then add to the soup. Add more stock. Season well and leave to simmer with some added fresh herbs.

4. This soup can then be liquidised or served as a vegetable soup. Before serving finely slice and chop the leaves of the Swiss chard and add to the soup.

5. Serve with finely chopped coriander leaves and some croutons. Any combination of vegetables can be used


Food Safety

The course gives students the chance to earn CIEH Awards in Food Safety, both at Level 1 and 2. All students work from a workbook and will receive a certificate when they complete the course.

Out in the world

With kitchen experience and qualifications, students are able to get jobs or to volunteer within the food industry.

Whats on Offer

Courses Courses are open to any adult with learning disabilities and caters for all abilities.

A ten week healthy eating and life skills courses. There is also the opportunity to take a second, more advanced ten week course. We also offer ½ day courses which run over twenty weeks A six week course for students who wish to gain a qualification in Food safety to open up volunteering and work experience opportunities. Two day workshops for groups up to six. These days are individually planned for the needs of the group. This can either be a taster day to experience good healthy food and the fun of the kitchen. Or it can be a more detailed training day in food and kitchen hygiene. Courses for support workers/carers and family carers of people with learning disabilities. These courses are to build confidence and increase their knowledge of healthy cooking We are able to tailor make our courses to suit everybody’s ability, health and physical needs. We have the facility to have up to 2 students in wheelchairs on any of our course days.

Bells Piece is a welcoming and attractive home offering 24-hour support to adults with learning disabilties. Founded in the late 1970s, Bells Piece is a characterful detached building, situated on the Surrey/Hampshire borders within extensive grounds and gardens leading into Farnham Park. With a fantastic activities centre onsite Bells Piece is able to offer a range of activities such as: gardening, arts and crafts, literacy, IT classes, healthy eating programmes, music and games.

Bells Piece Hale Road Farnham Surrey GU9 9RL Tel: Fax:

01252 715138 01252 718618

Leonard Chesire  
Leonard Chesire