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GALILEO ETS use Galileo to manage their travel options.


Substantial cost savings.

Exclusive negotiated and corporate rates- Negotiated on your behalf.

Creative fares- fully research all fares options available to you.

One stop agent for all travel services.

Store and manage traveller profiles.

Substantially cost effective for ETS to make arrangements than your staff thus allowing your personnel to focus on your core business activity.

Corporate duty of care - Staff tracking and analysis.

Minimum of 10 years expertise & knowledge to plan the best & most convenient itinerary options

Speed and efficiency- ETS staff is able to respond within 15 minutes to any fare requests.

Ultimate flexibility- ETS are able to hold & change flights without any commitment while plans are confirmed.

24 Hour worldwide emergency assistance.

Range of payment solutions: Company credit card account- invoice and payment, Air plus company credit card accounts (Lodged card payment scheme specifically for business travel), or company/ personal credit cards.

WORKING TO THE COMPANY AND PASSENGER PROFILE The general idea is to exceed and meet customer goals by using their profile to have an idea of the passenger expectations.

PROMOTIONAL SCHEME ETS has an promotional scheme through such suppliers as BA they offer three tiers of the executive club, Blue, silver and Gold. This scheme offers the ETS customers guarrenteed upgrades and priority seating – even if the flight is full.

SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT As a comprehensive Business Travel Agent, ETS can ensure that your company buying power is fully utilised. Your Business Travel Account Manager will be constantly working to secure the best value for your account.

COST SAVING TECHNIQUES ETS use their ability to negotiate to deliver low prices to their company.

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