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NSCAD University Graduation Catalogue 2008


Nova Scotia College of Art and Design • Halifax • Nova Scotia • Canada

This catalogue accompanies the NSCAD University Graduation Exhibition 2008 Anna Leonowens Gallery, April 22 – 27, 2008. Published by NSCAD University, 5163 Duke Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3J6 Canada (902) 444-9600 Visit our web site for the most current program and admission information at © 2008 NSCAD University. All rights reserved. Printed in Canada by: Meridian Communications, Halifax, Nova Scotia Work images © of respective artists. All accompanying photography © 2008 Tom Froese except on pages 1 and 2. Photograph of David B. Smith by Kristine Richer. Photograph of Frank Youden provided by RBC Dominion Securities. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner without written permission from the publisher. Reasonable effort has been made to identify owners of copyright and to provide accurate information pertaining to students’ work. NSCAD University does not necessarily endorse or condone the ideas and viewpoints expressed by contributors to this catalogue.

Anna Leonowens Gallery DESIGN & PRODUCTION TEAM Catalogue Designer: Tom Froese Grad Show Coordinator: Erika Proctor Director: Tonia Di Risio Exhibitions Coordinator: Eleanor King SPECIAL THANKS TO Linda Hutchison, Adriane Abbott, and Sue Sheehan at University Relations for their vision, support and go-getting, President David B. Smith, all department faculty for their cooperation and collaboration, print gurus Paul Slipp and Mike Vavra at Meridian Communications, Jeff Wry for his patience and expertise in the NSCAD Print Shop, Kate O’Connor at co. & co. for her expert advice, and of course, a huge thank you goes out to the grads, for whom this catalogue has been created and without whose hard work it would not exist.


Body text set in Rockwell. See Postscript for a commentary on the typefaces used on the cover and throughout this book. This book is printed with vegetable based inks in Canada by an FSC certified printer, ensuring production complies with international standards governing sound environmental practices. Cover is printed on ChorusArt Silk, 130 lb Cover which is FSC certified and contains 50% recycled content and 25% post-consumer waste. Text is printed on Opus Matte, 100 lb Text which is FSC certified and is a designated recycled stock with 10% post-consumer waste.


Message from the President Message from Our Sponsor Message from SUNSCAD THE CATALOGUE

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Craft Design Fine Art Interdisciplinary Media Arts Graduate Studies Postscript

DAVID B. SMITH President

NSCAD University’s 2008 graduation catalogue is a visual feast that displays the work of our exceptional new alumni. It gives me great pleasure to highlight within these pages the work of our talented students. The catalogue’s design aptly captures the unique relationship between history, craft, fine art and design here at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. This cover image cleverly speaks to this close relationship between the various disciplines in the College while demonstrating a tactility of our inter-related discourse. As a publication it displays this diversity of studio practice for students found within our curriculum and is a fine testament to the quality of education and learning experiences provided by our faculty and staff. I thank the RBC Emerging Artists Project for believing in the creative capacity of our students and for the recognition of this achievement through our partnership with RBC Dominion Securities here in Halifax. Our sincere thanks to Tom Froese and Erika Proctor, interns at the Anna Leonowens Gallery who designed and developed this lovely publication. It is truly a marvelous compendium of the Class of 2008. I extend my warmest wishes to the students and the parents of the 2008 graduates and hope that this publication will be a treasured memento of your experience at this most exceptional of institutions, NSCAD University. I also hope that this publication will remind you in the future that you can accomplish anything!


NSCAD Graduation Catalogue 2008

FRANK YOUDEN Vice President & Branch Manager RBC Dominion Securities

As one of Canada’s most respected corporations, we at RBC know that the ongoing vitality of a thriving and innovative arts community is in our long-term business interest. We believe that healthy, vibrant communities are a direct result of investing in creative vision and artistic talent. We put our knowledge into action through our RBC Emerging Artists Project, through which we fund major arts leadership organizations to help them transition young talent from the academic to the real world of the arts. Our primary emerging artists project, The RBC Canadian Painting Competition, provides a forum to engage communities across Canada and celebrate the exceptional skill of our up-and-coming visual artists. Other emerging artists programs support developing singers, musicians, dancers, writers and actors. One of our newest partners in the Emerging Artists Project is NSCAD University. This exciting collaboration enables us to feature work by NSCAD students in our Halifax RBC Dominion Securities office and thereby introduce them to our many visitors. It also enables us, through our support of the 2008 NSCAD Graduation Exhibition and this catalogue, to proudly participate in a celebration of this next generation of visual artists, to see a range of their work, and to be thankful that the arts are alive and healthy here in our community. Painting behind Frank Youden by Tara MacDougall (BFA 07) Unconscious Construction of Odilon Entropy (The Paint Don’t Lie) 2007 / Acrylic on canvas

NSCAD Graduation Catalogue



NSCAD University celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2007; this year would prove to be one of the most monumental in the school’s history. NSCAD University demonstrated its ability to adapt to change and persevere creatively. For the graduates of 2008 it was a last year full of firsts. The opening of NSCAD University’s 70,000 square-foot Port Campus gave a new home to the ceramics, sculpture and foundation divisions. A student e-mail system was introduced allowing communication to advance with the institution, and NSCAD University students banded together to promote 24-hour access to the school. In 2007 Nova Scotia universities witnessed the first ever tuition freeze! Collaboration between the Students’ Union and NSCAD University resulted in the new Seeds Gallery, a year-round student, alumni, and faculty gallery and shop. The success of this year could not have happened if it wasn’t for the lobbying, and support of the student body. I would like to thank my fellow Students’ Union executives, council members, and each and every student. I would also like to thank Tom Froese and Erika Proctor for their efforts in organizing the grad catalogue and graduation exhibition. On behalf of the students I would like to thank all the faculty, technicians, staff, and administrators for their hard work and positive outlook. Last but not least a thank you to RBC Emerging Artists Project for their support, which allowed us to create this fantastic catalogue.


NSCAD Graduation Catalogue 2008

NSCAD Graduation Catalogue


Bachelor of fine art with a Major in

The Craft Division offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in three main areas: ceramics, textiles and jewellery design and metalsmithing. Students have the opportunity to explore traditional methods of craft coupled with the latest technologies, which allows them to learn a diverse range of skills. This year, the Craft Division saw the expansion of the Ceramics program into the Port Campus, which is fully equipped with Blaauw computerized kilns. As a result of these recent expansions, Jewellery gained a newly designed space in the Granville Campus, and Textiles expanded into the Seeds Building to work more closely with the fashion component of their program. The 2007/08 year has been an exciting one. The Textiles Department hosted the 18th Annual Wearable Art Show, which showcases innovative NSCAD creations, and in November 2007, Craft students and faculty participated in the sold-out NeoCraft Conference. This year’s Christmas sales were held at the new Seeds Gallery and the Port Campus which resulted in double the previous revenues and therefore further enhancing the Visiting Artists Program. In 2007 eleven senior students participated in the One of a Kind Spring Show in Toronto and Craft students also participate in the Atlantic Craft Trade Show in Halifax every February. Presently, NSCAD Craft graduates are operating businesses and teaching at institutions across North America and abroad.





Nicole Anderson

Wire Bracelet / 2005 Silver / 20 Ă— 30 cm



Amy Belanger

One Stitch. Two Stitch / 2007 Cotton and embroidery thread / 40 × 40 cm, 50 × 45 cm



Marie-Hélène Bélanger Comme un million d’aiguilles … / 2007 Steel pins, acrylic, magnets / 18 cm diameter



Lauren Blakey

Traces / 2008 Earthenware paper, clay / 10 × 10 × 9 cm



Alisha Marie Boyd

Terrarium Brooch / 2008 Glass, sterling silver, copper, cubic zirconium, steel / 2.75 Ă— 4 Ă— 4 cm



Kristen Brown

Power Source/Power Struggle / 2007 – 08 Cotton, pigment / 120 × 120 cm (outlet)



Caitlin Erskine-Smith Timing (detail) / 2005 Ink on cotton, woven / 87 Ă— 583 cm



Sarah Marie Fawson

Codependence / 2007 Cotton, corduroy, denim, raw silk, leather (performance)



Meghan Gillan

Little Miss / 2007 Silver, ribbon, makeup (blush) / 10 Ă— 10 cm (necklace)



Nancy Greenlaw

Street Furniture: Why We Sit / 2006 Mixed media on recycled board (recycled/reused) / 61 Ă— 46 cm



Laura Hyde

Plastic Bag Ocean / 2007 Woven plastic bags, polypropylene, cotton / 43 Ă— 10.5 Ă— 38 cm



Sharon Kim

Eternity / 2007 Sterling silver / 7 Ă—1.7 Ă— 122 cm



Lee Meszaros

Be Proud (badge series) / 2007–08 Textiles / 5.5 cm diameter each



Meris Mosher

Smoke Stack (brooch) / 2007 Silver, copper, brass, paint, gesso, enamel, thread, garnet, black onyx / 3 Ă— 8 Ă— 2 cm



Vanessa Neily

Garden Brooch / 2007 Fine silver, sterling silver, black onyx, enamel, felt, recycled button and earring / 4 Ă— 4 Ă— 2 cm



Christopher Onyszchuk Psychological Needs / 2007 Ceramic tile / 121.92 Ă— 152.4 cm



Miriam Orlando Untitled / 2007 Silver / 10 Ă— 10 cm



Nicole Rahim

Stored Safely Within / 2008 Woven wool / 8 × 8 × 8 cm



Heather Rathbun

Stereoscopic Series: Alice in Wonderland / 2008 Sterling silver, acrylic, Ceramit, steel, Viewmaster photo reels 4.5 × 3.7 × 1.3 cm; 3.5 × 2.4 cm; 9.8 × 1.6 cm



Meredith Robb

Hardware Necklace / 2007 Stainless steel, sterling silver / 16 cm diameter



Laura a. Smith

Billows of Grace / 2007 Cotton and merino / Dimensions variable



Despo Sophocleous

Untitled / 2007 Metal (copper) / 10 × 9 × 1 cm (left), 15 × 10.5 × 2 cm (top-right), 10 × 9.5 × 1 cm (bottom-right)



Akshay Tyagi

Structured Kurta (Road) / 2008 Vinyl, foam, silk organza, cotton, thread / 86 × 82 × 82 cm /



Rebecca Walker Grimm’s Series / 2007 Pigment on silk / 100 × 100 cm



Charles Wilson

Marilyn #1 and Marilyn #2 / 2006 Jacquard woven cotton on cotton / 23 Ă— 30 cm each



Svetlana Wulsten Russian Traditional Dress / 2007 Textiles / 150 Ă— 150 cm



Bachelor of

(Interdisciplinary) Students of Design at NSCAD University are challenged by the diversity of experiences and expertise of the department’s faculty. Graduating students of 2008 are emerging with a Bachelor of Design with an Interdisciplinary major—the only degree of its kind in the country. Our grads are thus equipped to handle today’s demand for flexible, multifaceted creatives who can work across the ever-expanding scope of visual communication and design. The hallmark of Design studies at NSCAD is its emphasis on socially, environmentally and economically responsible design. Over the fall and winter semesters, students collaborated on real-world projects within the Halifax community: in the fall, studio teams developed proposals for an improved waste sorting and management program throughout the downtown core (including the design of the street collection bins themselves); in the winter, one group worked to create a public installation for a major downtown site, which at the time of this writing has been short-listed among other professional firms in the city. With their cross-disciplinary experience, NSCAD design students are able to take on the diverse set of tasks such projects involve. Design at NSCAD acknowledges the transcendence of design beyond the practical, design-as-an-end approach; it conceives of and envisions the power of design to shape culture and to effect change—for better or for worse—at the local and global levels.

33 Design

Design 34

Sepideh Ansari

Automatic Pill Reminder / 2007 Product design



Meredith Bangay

Thai Cuisine Menu / 2007 Print design (Illustrator, printed on cardstock) / 28 Ă— 15 cm when closed



Spencer Creelman

Keep Your Change / 2006 Print design (Illustrator and Photoshop)



Janaya Gillis

How to Fish in Six Steps / 2007 Digital illustration (hand-rendered, Photoshop, and InDesign) 91.4 Ă— 21.4 cm (reformatted to fit this page)



Michael D. Harris

Knightfall / 2008 Animated short based on the Batman Franchise; debuted at Merkin Gallery, 17 April 2008



Angie Hodder

Monarch Metamorphosis / 2007 Digital illustration / 15.24 Ă— 15.24 cm



Rui (Asam) Lin

Bangkok – Air Canada / 2007 Billboard and magazine advertisements / Dimensions variable



Katie Maasik

Eclectic Magazine / 2007 Print design (magazine) / 21.5 Ă— 28 cm



Summer Meyer

General Opinion on Global Warming / 2008 Publication design / 25 Ă— 20 cm



Matthew Morgan

NSCAD Mapping Project / 2007 Environmental design (wayfinding) / 27.94 Ă— 43.18 cm



Harry Olson

It’s Complicated / 2007 Print design (magazine) / 21.59 × 27.94 cm



Fateme Rezaeian Rumi / 2008 Poster / 50 Ă— 50 cm



Vanessa Wilson

Yucky Bunny Engineer / 2008 Logo (Adobe Illustrator) / 27.94 Ă— 43.18 cm



Andrea Wray

Spiced Cork Wine Bar Identity and Promotional Package / 2007 Coasters (Inkjet print and Photoshop) / 8.89 cm diameter each




The empathy suit is designed to allow ablebodied individuals to experience advanced age. The individual components in the suit act as a system to restrain and restrict the movements and action of individuals wearing the suit, thereby simulating the effects of aging. Through adjustable components the user is able to experience different levels of aging to better understand the obstacles that the elderly face on a daily basis. Physical Problems Occurring in Elderly People Neck: Aging degenerates spinal joints and discs. This reduces mobility and causes stiffness in the spine and neck. Elbows and Knees: Osteoarthritis affects one in 10 Canadians; 85% of those affected are aged 70 to 79. Balance: Loss of vision with aging significantly increases sway and instability in older adults. One-third of older people fall at least once a year, with many suffering multiple falls. Spine: Between the ages of 60 and 79, Five to six inches of height is lost. Spinal curvature then develops and becomes visible.


Empathy Suit / 2007 Rui (Asam) Lin, Robyn Dowling, Michael Harris, David Restoule, Michal Piotrowski,* Kristine Richer* * Degree in progress



Osteoarthritis: Occurs in joints, it can make it painful to even bend at the joint, and it makes it difficult to straighten the leg or to shift weight from one position to another.

Key Features

Simulator Suit A combination of zippers, straps, and bungee cords provides for a comfortable one-size-fits-all suit that mimics the effects of aging. Design


Design Studio Group

My Brand Is ‌ / 2007 Group Members: Daewoong Cha,* Michael D. Harris, Rui (Asam) Lin, Harry Olson, Vincent Perez, Katie Tower, Jess Myra, Min Yang * Degree in progress





The NSCAD Collaborative Design Group Nova Scotia Fallen Peace Officers Monument Proposal Nova Scotia Fallen Peace Officers Monument Proposal / 2007 Written proposal with digital and hand renderings, and a model made mostly of MDF/ Dimensions variable Studio 5 2007 Class

The NSCAD Collaborative Design Group is a collective of students, alumni and faculty from NSCAD University in partnership with construction industry professionals. We are interested in the proposed monument to the fallen peace officers of Nova Scotia for the collaboration it implies, not only between ourselves but together with the HRM, the peace officers and the citizenry, whose participation will ultimately define the public artwork.



Our concept for the monument begins from a careful consideration of Grand Parade Square and its landmarks as an evolving site of human activity. Our form, a freestanding arch, drawn from the centre of the Roman architectural tradition, promises to respect the past, enhance the present and accommodate the future of the space while paying appropriate reverence to the fallen peace officers whose memories will officially reside there.



Letterpress Workshop Group

Knuckle Sandwich / 2007 Letterpress / 31.5 Ă— 46 cm Members: Carley Colclough, Vincent Perez, Katie Tower





Bachelor of

With the support of faculty who bring a wealth of experience and diversity to their classrooms, students in the Fine Arts Division explore the possibilities of painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. These studio courses are enhanced by academic studies in art history, theory and critical studies. In their final year at NSCAD, students work towards the development of their independent portfolios which can be presented as their graduating exhibition. Expansion into the new Port Campus has provided the Fine Arts Division with spacious new facilities for students and facilitates a cross-pollination of disciplines from the foundation year to MFA students. This new, fully-equipped space accommodates students’ large-scale and semi-industrial projects in an open concept environment that is flooded with natural light and overlooks the Halifax Harbour.


Fine Art

Fine Art


Erin Breau-Barkley Untitled / 2007 Oil on canvas / 121.9 Ă— 76.2 cm


Fine Art

Stacy Brown

Picodiribibi / 2008 Acrylic on board and photos / Various sizes

Fine Art


Ellen Cere Untitled / 2005 Intaglio / 85 Ă— 71 cm


Fine Art

Thomas Chisholm Untitled / 2007 Acrylic on canvas / 152 Ă— 183 cm

Fine Art


Aimée Clark

The Curious Boy / 2007 Acrylic on canvas / 76 × 183 cm


Fine Art

Eleanor Clarke Grinder and Sharpener / 2006 Oil on canvas / 76 Ă— 121 cm

Fine Art


Danielle Deveau Cuvilier Untitled 07 / 2007 Wire sculpture / 40 Ă— 30 cm


Fine Art

Amaro DaSilva Apple 1 / 2007 Bronze / 10 Ă— 3 cm

Fine Art


Lindsay Dew

Restrained / 2007 – 08 Mixed media / 51 × 61 cm


Fine Art

Mackenzie Donegan Close to the Edge / 2006 Acrylic on board / 120 Ă— 120 cm

Fine Art


Echo Dyan

Trollop & Tramp: A Disturbance in the Force / 2006 Acrylic on canvas / 61 Ă— 122 cm


Fine Art

Angela Enman Little Things / 2007 Video / 9:10 minutes

Fine Art


James Farrell Back and Forth / 2007 Water colour, chalk pastel 60 Ă— 90 cm


Fine Art

Jennifer Henderson Untitled 1 / 2007 Oil / 122 Ă— 154 cm

Fine Art


Joshua Hitsman

Insomnia / 2007 Ink on paper / 10 Ă— 10 cm


Fine Art

Daniela Julia Hollenbach

Three / 2007 Mixed media (acrylic paint, spray paint, ink, charcoal, etc.) on found bed sheet / 185 Ă— 140 cm

Fine Art


Jesse James

What a Girl Wants … (Anvil) / 2008 Cast resin, wood, nuts and bolts 77 × 27 × 15 cm (general dimensions)


Fine Art

Mackenzie Kroeger Rubbings / 2007 Latex paint on fabric / 210 Ă— 240 cm

Fine Art


Erin Laende

Untitled / 2008 Thread on cotton 40 × 43 cm; 37 × 49 cm


Fine Art

Mary Larade

Terrence Bay / 2007 Acrylic on canvas / 91.5 Ă— 101.6 cm

Fine Art


Margaret Legue

Domestic Abuse / 2007 Installation / Dimensions variable


Fine Art

Rebecca Levitan

Bricks / 2008 Tempera and ink on paper / 60 Ă— 76 cm

Fine Art


John Looye

weapons of mass art / 2008 Acrylic / 76 Ă— 64 cm


Fine Art

Kyle Monchuk

Volume 1 / 2008 46 volumes of Stoddard’s Lectures / Dimensions variable

Fine Art


Natsumi Nishitani

Doodle × Mechanics × Depth / 2008 Mixed media / 22 × 28 × 15 cm


Fine Art

Eryn O’Neill

Silhouette / 2007 Oil on canvas / 102 × 153 cm

Fine Art


Erika Proctor Leptis Magna / 2007 Gesso, oil and acrylic on canvas / 76 Ă— 101 cm


Fine Art

Maggie Ross

Argyle Obscura II / 2008 Colour photo inside camera obscura / 120 Ă— 50 cm

Fine Art


Leeann Roy

NES / 2007 Limestone / 24 × 18 × 8 cm


Fine Art

Thomas Spence

Points of View: Hartman’s Halifax / 2007 Oil on canvas / 30 × 60 cm

Fine Art


Ginevra Syperek

Leader (Renaissance Portraits) / 2007 Hand-mixed oil paint on canvas / 122 Ă— 122 cm


Fine Art

Chantal Tardiff

Your Door is Ajar / 2007 Kinetic sculpture / 45 × 45 × 61 cm

Fine Art


Elissa Turnbull Untitled / 2006 Cardboard / 150 Ă— 250 cm


Fine Art

Anne Tweed

Sound Shape #1: Muffled / 2007 Mixed media / 50 Ă— 71 cm

Fine Art


Carol A. Weiser

Black Queen, White Queen / 2007 Mixed wood and metal assemblages from Pawn in Their Game Dimensions variable


Fine Art

Fine Art


Bachelor of Fine Art

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interdisciplinary) program offers students opportunities to explore a variety of media and practices in fine arts, media arts, craft and design. Following their Foundation year, students work in a range of disciplines at the introductory, intermediate and senior levels.





Micah Adams

My Personal Olympic Stadium / 2007 Brass, copper, silver plated / 3.7 Ă— 3 Ă— 1.5 cm



Mackenzie W. Burke Untitled Works / 2008 Mixed / Dimensions variable



Erika Arbour-NeviNs

BBBB / 2007 Ink and watercolour on paper / 100 Ă— 70 cm



Zachary Matthew Barkhouse Portrait of America / 2006 Spray paint and plaster on canvas / 90 Ă— 60 cm

Interdisciplinary 100

Gabriel Dale-Hill

Chair / 2007 Ceramic, foam and felt / 39 Ă— 39 Ă— 43 cm

101 Interdisciplinary

Joël Doyle

A Holding Breath / 2007 Ceramic sculpture / 58 × 38 × 25 cm

Interdisciplinary 102

Stewart W. Fanning

Line Drawing 2 / 2007-08 Gel pen and marker on canvas / 274 Ă— 274 cm

103 Interdisciplinary

Chris Foster Untitled / 2007 Drawing pen and ink 28 Ă— 36 cm

Interdisciplinary 104

Abby Fry

Anthro Po Magnetic All / 2007 Magnetite / 152 cm radius

105 Interdisciplinary

Gale Hagblom

Cheapside Café / 2007 Oil on canvas / 122 × 122 cm In private collection of Penny Bainbridge

Interdisciplinary 106

Stefan Hancherow Ersatz / 2007 / Latex on canvas 40.6 Ă— 40.6 cm each (16 total)

107 Interdisciplinary

Yolande Laking

Personal Theatre / 2007 Acrylic, canvas, wood, spoken word, dance, metal hardware / 183 Ă— 183 cm (approx.)

Interdisciplinary 108

Jordon Lindoff Childhood / 2002 Bronze / 30 Ă— 10 cm

109 Interdisciplinary

Amy Mackenzie Unsatisfied / 2007 Photograph / 40.6 Ă— 50.8 cm

Interdisciplinary 110

Jolene McClelland

Hybrid Heart / 2008 Vinyl, recycled nozzle, recycled vinyl, air

111 Interdisciplinary

Allyson McNeil

Six Phases of a Project # / 2007 Textile composition

Interdisciplinary 112

Leslie Menagh

Lint Song (documentation) / 2007 Audio collage composed of the sounds collected during a public grooming project / 12 minutes

113 Interdisciplinary

Isabelle Pineau

Can You Fly with Tiny Wings? / 2007 Mixed media / 46 Ă— 94 cm

Interdisciplinary 114

Jason Maxwell Pressman Fiore Di Vita Medallion / 2006 Sterling silver and raw silk / 8 Ă— 7 cm

115 Interdisciplinary

Stacy Smart

Untitled (Detail) / 2007 Nylon and polyester fiberfill / 170 cm (height)

Interdisciplinary 116

Media Arts Bachelor of fine art with a major in

NSCAD’s Media Arts Division encompasses photography, film, sound, installation, performance, video, interactive and web media, and printed matter. Students in Media Arts attend classes at both the Granville Campus and the Alliance Atlantis Academy Building. These sites are equipped with multimedia facilities, photography labs, and studio spaces, some of which are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students in the Media Arts are introduced to a wide variety of approaches to art making and have the opportunity to develop an awareness of the historical and conceptual roots of their work.

117 Media Arts

Media Arts 118

Christina Arsenault Untitled Collage / 2007 Digital image / 40 Ă— 60 cm

119 Media Arts

Candice Baldwin Brenda / 2007 120mm photograph, digital inkjet print / 61 Ă— 61 cm

Media Arts 120

Suzanne (Suzi) Cameron Untitled #1 / 2007 Colour inkjet print / 61 Ă— 51 cm

121 Media Arts

Peter E. Dubee

Untitled / 2006 Photograph (fiber print) / 16 Ă— 20 cm

Media Arts 122

Corinne Dunphy Point Pleasant Park / 2007 Photograph / 61 Ă— 61 cm

123 Media Arts

Nadia Dziubaniwsky Situation Number 1 / 2008 Video installation

Media Arts 124

Nikolai Gauer Pickle / 2008 Video installation

125 Media Arts

Bonita Hatcher Sideways / 2007 Video still / 1:56 minutes

Media Arts 126

Joel Anthony Mackenzie Poster for the Short Film The Werejerk / 2008 Digital print / 21.59 Ă— 27.94 cm

127 Media Arts

Jesse Matthews

Steroid Advertisement / 2007 Collage (magazine cover) / 7 Ă— 10 cm

Media Arts 128

Kristin Alana Ness Weight / 2006 / Sculpture Life-size bag and rack

129 Media Arts

Lindsey Nolan

Nikolai / 2007 Black and white photograph / 27 Ă— 37 cm

Media Arts 130

Scott Saunders Conversations / 2007 Video installation

131 Media Arts

Aleyah Solomon

Clocks / 2006 50 Photographs / 12.7 Ă— 17.8 cm each

Media Arts 132

Jennifer Ruth Stotland The Wounds of Trees / 2005 – 08 Graphite on paper / 27 × 35 cm

133 Media Arts

Rebecca Viau

Untitled / 2007 C-print (colour photograph) 60 Ă— 63 cm   

Media Arts 134

Master of Fine Arts and Master of Design

NSCAD University’s MFA program provides students with the opportunity to develop their work in a context of intense critical discussion. Academic studies in art history or other relevant subjects form an integral part of the program. Students are selected for their capability as artists or craftspeople, their understanding of related historical and critical information, and the personal qualities and interests that might be expected to contribute to their success as teachers and scholars. Since its inception in 1973, Graduates from NSCAD University’s MFA Program have gone on to achieve national and international prominence in their respective fields. NSCAD Alumni are some of the most successful curators, critics, authors, directors of museums, galleries and artist-run centres.   The group of graduates represented in this catalogue demonstrates both the breadth of projects and exciting developments in art, craft, media arts, and design. NSCAD University’s MFA and M.Des programs encourage students to think and work across the disciplines and to relate their work to the public sphere.

135 Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies 136

Frame / 2007 / Clay and glaze / 22 × 28 × 4 cm

137 Graduate Studies

Kory Bogen / mfa ceramics The notion of excavation is tied into my work and the realm of ruins. The pathology of the excavation is a concerted deviation from stability and preservation to disruption and removal of information from the earth. I am using the notion of ruin to also deviate from traditional surface through nontraditional combinations of ceramic materials. Excavation is an idea that is related to surface, as the digging and scooping of materials is essential to the ceramic process and ceramic materials. Through the ideology of excavation and architectural ruins, I am striving to reach a personal theory of ruin value and visual ruination.

Graduate Studies 138

seD.M / naeD rephotsirCh Figure 1: Christopher Dean, typographer, reads while wearing eye-tracking equipment

Christopher Dean / M.Des Figure 2: Christopher's saccade and fixation map

Graduate Studies 140

141 Graduate Studies

Mariana Frochtengarten / MFA TEXTILES /

Nomadic Dresses The Nomadic Dresses project is a collective work, through which shared aesthetic experience is emphasized as both a focal point and fundamental contributor to social interactions. Participants from around the world correspond through e-mail and conventional letters, while working on the surfaces of dresses that go from one person to another, evolving organically as each artist adds to them. The letters form an archive of ideas, feelings, handwriting styles, and cultural idioms. The dresses themselves provide space for development of symbolic constructions and creative diversities, transporting memories and stories through time and space. In the social life of collective art works, the project sustains and exemplifies interconnectivity and reciprocity within ritualized experiences of daily life.

The Feast (top plus detail); The Voyage (Bottom plus detail) / 2006 – 07 Textiles / 90 × 140 cm each Graduate Studies 142

143 Graduate Studies

Matthew Hollett / MFA Media Arts / island / 2007 Inkjet print 84 Ă— 112 cm

Graduate Studies 144

Untitled (Didi and Gogo) / 2007 / Oil and alkyd on canvas / 120 Ă— 120 cm (each)

145 Graduate Studies

Daniel Bowers Hutchinson / mfa Painting

Antonin Artaud wrote, “The theatre is the only place in the world where a gesture, once made, can never be made the same way twice.� Attempting perfect repetition with painting, as in the theatre, reveals a subtlety of difference that in turn elicits instability within expectation. As the viewer changes their vantage point in relation to the paintings, contrasting brushstrokes catch incidental light and the fugitive image of a stage reveals itself from the monochromatic surface. To complete the works, oil paint is applied through the use of syringes in a carefully choreographed orchestration of gravity-induced pours. The pours introduce the agency of the material itself as visual incident, thereby foregrounding difference inhabiting repetition. Untitled (Didi and Gogo) refers to Samuel Beckett’s 1949 existential play Waiting for Godot in order to look at its central themes of repetition, difference and circularity. The play features two hobos going about the business of fulfilling the promise of the title of the play. Estragon (Gogo) and Vladimir (Didi) wait in act one and they wait in act two. Godot never appears. This tragic aspect of the story is played against the comedic antics of the two characters as they quarrel, make up, lament their physical ailments, contemplate suicide and repeat. Pragmatically the second act of the performance is a repetition of the first and the only new meaning it applies to the story is by compounding the futility and comedy of the situation; waiting for salvation in the eternal return.

Graduate Studies 146

BeBeachHead 2002 / 2007 / Oil on canvas / 118 Ă— 145.5 cm

147 Graduate Studies

Nam Duc Nguyen / MFA Painting /

The starting point for my paintings are digital photographs of ordinary, banal things and spaces. These digital photographs serve as my raw material that I transform using a variety of tools that range from traditional drawing implements to computer graphics programs. I am not interested in a sociological study of a subject or an earnest attempt at communicating a particular experience. Rather, what I find exciting is the surprising results that can arrive out of my process. The title of the painting, BeBeachHead 2002 references an outdated video game of the “future,� and a stutter that in its utterance reconfigures a visual form. The painting explores traditional techniques of illusion that are subtly yet intentionally disrupted. At once both seductive in its illusionistic quality, and unnerving in its depthlessness the image raises questions without answers. Flat areas of color are painted in contradiction to careful modelling. Seams that suggest collage are carefully painted, and qualities of light and space do not give cues of a recognizable scene, confounding a usual sense of reality. The figure is doubled, frozen in the moment of pulling a trigger. The suspended moment suggests a kind of impotence, a refusal of closure, which is also implied by the emptiness of the game screen.

Graduate Studies 148

149 Graduate Studies

Grace Nickel / MFA Ceramics /

In my thesis work I have been investigating themes of devastation, loss, and recovery. Broken and cut fragments of trees, destroyed by natural means such as floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes, or through human intervention, are collected and cast in plaster. Embedded into the walls of the rebuilt ceramic trees, or applied to the surfaces, are traces of branches, leaves and veins, vestiges of a former existence. Fragments of architectural ornament also suggest a record of past history. Certain poignant words such as “devastated” and “remembered,” or the Latin, devastatus, devastare, rememorari or memor are repeated in clay slip, proliferating across the surface in an effort to create a new bark or protective sheath for the ceramic reconstructions. While my fragmented ceramic trees stand as memorials to loss, they also suggest hope for recovery.

Waterline / 2008 Ceramics / 131 × 36 × 36 cm Graduate Studies 150

151 Graduate Studies

Natalie-Ann Roy / M.Des

Design & Collaboration During the fall semester, I attended the Icograda World Design Congress. It allowed me to tap into a broader contemporary discourse of Design, confirming my sense of an identity crisis, within both the professional and the educational realm. I also discovered stories, case studies, and relevant debates, all of them directing me to further my thoughts on the role of Design in encouraging social responsibility. It is not enough for the Design discipline to maintain its existing strategies; in order to ensure its relevance, Design would benefit immensely in undertaking social collaboration practices of an inter-disciplinary nature. I am investigating: >> Professional identity >> Collaborative models >> Current Design process models >> Social Design: case studies >> New process model >> Collaboration exercises >> University curricula

Graduate Studies 152

153 Graduate Studies

Christopher Scully / M.Des /

Visual abstraction as an ideation strategy as a communication tool as metaphor Abstraction is commonly brushed off as just another style, a distant notion offering little insight into our everyday routine, when in fact, it is a significant part of the very fabric of our thoughts: it helps us come up with ideas, communicate them, and generate analogies conducive to their understanding. This work attempts to demonstrate the powerful potential of abstraction for communication designers and to contribute to sharpening the design discourse.

Graduate Studies 154

155 Graduate Studies

Katherine Warren / M.Des

Clockwise from top-left: Annual report spread and inside graphic; Typography book excerpts; Poster for children’s circus exhibit; Art gallery catalogue poster / Various dates and sizes

Graduate Studies 156

Giles Woodward / M.Des

157 Graduate Studies

Business card ‘spur of the moment’ idea: Gerry O’Neill, Director, Atlantic Abalone 2002 Ltd


The wood and lead types on the cover and throughout this catalogue are from the Dawson Print Shop collection, now at home at NSCAD’s Granville Campus. These are a very important asset to the university both in their rarity and in their relevance to the recent renaissance in letterpress printing. The images were created by arranging them by hand and then capturing them on a flatbed scanner. The now antiquated but beloved letterpress technology and process combine the skills and sensibilities from art, craft and design and thus represent NSCAD, its activities of higher learning in the arts, and its students. The act of scanning and electronically appropriating the wood type forms (rather than using their impressions in a traditional manner) merges historical processes and technology with

Facing page: The cover image in the making (wood types arranged on a flatbed scanner).

those of the present. This beautiful and quirky hodge-podge aesthetic of combining and appropriating a variety of wood letterforms has been mimicked using electronic type throughout this book and further combines the old and the new in a visually exciting way. It is interesting that the words formed in this manner—a pastiche of sometimes wildly different letterforms—remain clear and legible. Like these different components working together to create meaning in a way that is fresh and innovative, the spectrum of work represented in this catalogue communicates the richness, growth and experience of the graduating students’ time at NSCAD University. Tom Froese Catalogue Designer

5163 Duke Street Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada b3j 3j6 (902) 494 8251 tel,

NSCAD University Graduation Catalogue 2008  

A catalogue of student work from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

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