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SEASONS GREETINGS, J’ADORIANS! In the past five years, J’Adore has become a magazine of global reach and impact. While covering “The Best of All Worlds” as our tag line boldly states, we have discovered through our readers that next to our exclusive features, the Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion sections are extremely popular! With that being said, it brings me great pleasure to introduce our latest installment: The Style and Fashion Issue. Fashion has always been about individual expression. This year, designers captured the essence of floral patterns and bright solids mixed with yesteryear’s classic vintage pieces, hence the theme of 2012 was go bold or go home. Speaking of bold statements, you may have noticed we gave J’Adore’s interior a fabulously new makeover; this issue is draped in bold colors accompanied with impeccable designs demonstrating a keen eye for detail, adorned in vibrant accessories that further defines each section. In my opinion, all of these enhancements easily make this issue our best layout design to date.

PUBLISHER’S LETTER In this Style and Fashion Issue, J’Adore had the privilege of interviewing Mad Men’s Costume Designer and fashion icon JANIE BRYANT, as well as E! Fashion Police and celebrity stylist GEORGE KOTSIOPOULOS! Both photo shoots were quite interesting as we were faced with the challenge of styling these fashion gurus. However, in true J’Adore form, we pulled it off successfully and produced amazing imagery to accompany their in-depth interviews. In addition to our cover features, we highlight other current fashion leaders, beauty experts, celebrity stylists, as well as up-and-coming designers. As always, we bring you the best in food, cars, HIP SIPS, SUITE SPOTS, fashion, entertainment, the latest in technology, and other exclusive treats. Yep, there is always a little something for every J’Adorian within each issue. While flaunting our new look and freshly revamped website, we recently launched our advanced fashionable App store which promises to solve all your digital and mobile reading needs! I am proud to announce that J’Adore is not only available in print, but also available digitally. It can be downloaded on your iPad/iPhone, Google Android, Kindle Fire, Pocketmags and Magamall for both Mac and PC. Now you have several ways to enjoy your favorite magazine!

But there’s even more great news! In the midst of all the excitement, J’Adore recently secured a contractual “strategic partnership” agreement with WHILEMINA ARTIST MANAGEMENT DIVISION—the largest modeling and artist agency in the world. We are extremely excited about this collaboration and we look forward to a prosperous future, trendsetting and producing quality content for years to come. Simply put, J’Adore will continue to be the trailblazer in the media industry and we are happy to take you with us. Always remember that fashion is the way of life. Whether you draw your inspirations from fashion leaders such as the classic Chanel, creative McQueen, sexy Versace, chic Dolce & Gabbana, the occasional pinch of hipster, or your very own creative DIY pieces, we hope that you are moved by the fall and winter months. All in all, I trust you enjoy this issue as much as I do. And to the selfless individuals who devoted long hours and weekends to bring this fashionable work of art together, I would like to extend a personal thank you. I wish you all Happy Holidays and I pray the New Year brings everyone happiness and success. Until we speak again, stay stylish and remember: This world is your runway and your walk is everything! God Bless, Taneish Leslie Publisher

J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Life & Leisure

—WORDS BY SEAN WILLIAMS PHOTOS BY DENNIS MALCOLM BYRON Cigar aficionado and owner of El Primer Mundo, SEAN WILLIAMS, candidly provides a list of tips on how to look like an experienced smoker instead of an embarrassing novice. As I write this piece, I’m hoping no one will be offended, but it’s looking inevitable. Just know I mean well. There are certain dos and don’ts to enjoying a premium cigar that everyone needs to know. These are not things to keep the recreation super exclusive or high post; they’re simply rooted in basic etiquette and common sense. I’ll run down a quick list to put you up on game so that you are not that dude in the cigar shop or bar that everyone’s shaking their heads at. DON’T BE ‘NOSY’. When you grab a cigar in a retailer’s humidor, do not pick it up and sniff the cigar through the cellophane (unless you have some unusual affinity for low-grade plastic). No one wants to buy a cigar

after someone’s nose has gone up and down the plastic, harmonicastyle. Moreover, you can’t truly smell the cigar through the cellophane anyway. Understand that truly enjoying a cigar is appreciating all the aesthetics that come along with it, but if you’re going to sniff the cigar before you make a purchase, there is a proper way to do it: You should gently slide the foot of the cigar out of the cellophane just about a half an inch and place it near your nose, and then inhale deeply. This allows you to get a full bouquet of the wrapper and the blend, but let’s try and keep the sniffing to a minimum. DON’T BE A PORN STAR. When in a cigar shop or bar, there is absolutely no reason to moisten your cigar like a popsicle — especially before cutting it. There is nothing worse than another patron grabbing one of the house cigar cutters and use it after someone just performed fellatio with a cigar cut previously with it. If you cut the cigar properly with a well maintained cutter or punch, it should leave a clean, well-shouldered cut every time. Be respectful and considerate of the tools and fellow customers in the shop. Don’t puff, puff, pass. There are times


when I’m in the factory working on new blends for El Primer Mundo and we may pass a cigar around between two or three people that are involved in the blending process to test the flavor. However, this is basically the only time that this practice is acceptable; a single cigar isn’t meant to be shared. There are the rare occasions that someone you are intimate with is not an avid cigar smoker and just wants to taste the cigar. In this special instance, it’s cool; otherwise “Man Law” is in effect. If you want to pass something around, you may want to smoke something else. DON’T ‘SMASH’. This one’s real simple. A cigar is a work of art; it’s not a Newport or Pall Mall. When you’re done enjoying it, please don’t smash it in the tray like a cigarette butt. Lay it in the ashtray and it’ll go out on it’s own in a minute or so. It makes the clean-up much easier, but more importantly, is shows respect for the craftsmanship. These are four simple things to keep in mind the next time you decide to sit back and enjoy a stogie, great conversation, and camaraderie. Just don’t be that dude. VISIT SEAN WILLIAMS’ EL PRIMER MUNDO WEBSITE AT PRIMERMUNDOCIGARS.COM TO LEARN MORE.

J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Life & Leisure



Looking for an amazing place to stay when you want to get away? Well, a vacation is not a vacation without a beautiful, pampering hotel or resort to rest your head, relax, and treat yourself to the serenity you have yearned for. We know you deserve it, so pack your bags and kiss stress goodbye! Since we went the foreign route in the Media Issue, travel fanatic and J’Adore Executive Editor Dennis Malcolm Byron strongly recommends these incredible accommodations throughout the States, including surrounding attractions and festivals to enjoy while there!



GRAND AMERICA, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH Yep, Utah! If you think this state’s a hub for conservatism, no alcohol, and a few mountains, you are sadly mistaken and owe them an apology! Start by staying in one of the most grandiose hotels in the country, Grand America, Salt Lake City’s only AAA Five Diamond hotel. And although the Grand is based in the heart of the state’s capital, it flaunts a European feel with hand-crafted furniture from France, Italian marble bathroom fixtures, and English wool carpets throughout all of their spacious rooms and suites. Staying global, there’s a world class spa; housemade French pastries and Italian gelato at La Bonne Vie (“the good life”); and another sweet-lover’s dream, the Willy Wonka-esque JouJou boutique store. With its dedication to fine dining, finely pruned landscaping, and your personal balcony to take in the picturesque Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain ranges, the Grand and its surrounding attractions collectively boast one thing: Utah is gorgeous! Don’t miss: Hit up a nearby Utah Jazz basketball game; savor farm-totable fare at Pago; and explore the delicious beer (yes, beer) Utah has to offer including the Beerhive Pub, Epic Brewery, Red Rock Brewery, Squatters Pub, Uinta Brewery, and the Bayou. Love shopping? Look no further than the brand new City Creek Center Galleria. Spend a day at the hi-tech Natural History Museum of Utah; and ride alongside bison on horseback in the secluded Antelope Island State Park based directly on Salt Lake.

RESTORATION ON KING, CHARLESTON, S.C. Good luck finding a hotel that fuses Southern charm, chic décor, and downright stunning interior design better than the popularly regarded “Newest and Most Luxurious Boutique Hotel” in Charleston—The Restoration on King. Although the rooms share the same dedication to fine hospitality, go the full mile and unpack your bags in one of the 16 posh, multi-level suites. High-end stainless steel appliances, exposed brick, polished wood floors, contemporary furniture, a swanky rooftop terrace, plus grocery delivery and stocking service will make checking out one the hardest things you have ever done.


Don’t miss: Charleston is world renowned for their dining and overall Southern hospitality based right off the East coast. Find out why at fine restaurants like FIG, Magnolia’s, Jestine’s Kitchen, Fish, and the Macintosh; quench your thirst at Closed For Business; shop for homemade gifts and signature Sweetgrass baskets at the City Market; go on a horse-drawn Palmetto Carriage tour; take a dip at one of the fi ve nearby beach towns; and attend one of the great annual events such as the Charleston Food + Wine Festival.



WESTIN BOOK CADILLAC, DETROIT, MICHIGAN The original Hotel Book Cadillac was built in Downtown Detroit in 1820 and was a magnificent, 89,000 sq ft property that embraced the architectural influence of the Italian Renaissance. When the Westin launched a $200 million restoration in a two-year span, the magnificent Westin Book Cadillac Detroit officially opened in October 2008. Since then, it has been revered as a 32-floor, 453-room masterpiece that has flawlessly maintained the building’s splendidness of yesteryear. Sink into a signature Westin Heavenly Bed, gawk at its intricate façade stonework, indulge at the city’s finest steakhouse on the Book’s ground floor, Roast, and explore Downtown Detroit’s numerous attractions at the hotel’s doorstep. There is no question the Westin Book Cadillac deserves its National Register of Historic Places designation. Don’t miss: Wine and dine at the luxurious Iridescence; become enlightened at the riveting African American—Charles H. Wright Museum; try your luck at various surrounding casinos like Greektown; catch a Tigers baseball game at Comerica Park; become affected at the extraordinary Heidelberg Project; validate Detroit’s “Motor City” moniker at the Henry Ford Museum and Ford Rouge Factory Tour; relive the soul era at the Motown Museum; and chow down at Slows Bar BQ and the soulful Southern Fires.


DON’T SLEEP ON… ASHEVILLE, N.C. If there is one city that, regardless of its small size, is becoming one of the most appreciated in the U.S., it’s Asheville, N.C. Besides people flocking here to escape bustling city life for a more laidback environment, gorgeous mountains, and the town’s overall charm has made this one of the most revered destinations in America. Stay at the contemporary boutique Indigo Hotel in the heart of Asheville, make the cozy Cedar Crest Inn bed and breakfast a home away from home, explore the Southside while staying at the convenient Doubletree Hotel Biltmore, or for luxury of historical proportions, the plush Inn on the Biltmore Estate is absolutely amazing! Don’t miss: A Brews Cruise tour to numerous local breweries and realize why Asheville is consistently declared Beer City USA; satisfy your hunger at The Admiral for seafood lovers, L.A.B. for a lively dining experience, and Curate is the new hot spot for tapas. Tour the incredible Biltmore Estate; or learn how to drive a fleet of luxurious SUVs during the Land Rover Experience Driving School. Be sure to visit J’Adore online at for more Suite Spots around the world!

J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Life & Leisure

10 HAUTE DINING DESTINATIONS Since this is the Fashion Issue, Food Writer Andrea Janise spotlights ten restaurants around the U.S. and abroad that not only serve delicious cuisine, but also have an amazing atmosphere to dine in. So if you find yourself in any of these culinary-themed cities, be sure to add them to your itinerary!


Telegraph Restaurant and Wine Bar Chicago, Illinois

One of Chicago’s most hip locales is Telegraph, where fine wine is just as important as the food. Indulge in dishes like seared scallops with white asparagus; and braised pork belly with sweet corn puree, while paired with some of the best fermented grapes the world has to offer. Not quite a connoisseur? Let the expert staff guide you to the perfect wine to complement your meal. –

Firefly Restaurant Panama City Beach, Florida


For a formal dining experience, make reservations at the Firefl y Restaurant. With a plethora of choices on the menu, like the pepper-crusted, stuffed Filet Mignon, and Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon with a honey ginger soy glaze, you’ll be pleased with whatever you choose. Plus rumor has it that President Obama and the First Lady dined here when they visited PCB! – firefl

The Red Drum Charleston, South Carolina


The Red Drum is an award-winning restaurant founded by acclaimed chef Ben Berryhill highlighting the unique flavors of the Southwest by creatively infusing them with the culinary techniques of the Panhandle. This unique spin on comfort food and has elevated Berryhill into a niche all his own. The shrimp and grits dish is a favorite! –

Café Circa

Atlanta, Georgia


Looking for a great place to eat, and then stay around for a cocktail and maybe a cigar afterwards with friends in posh atmosphere? Well look no further than Café Circa. Their Caribbean-inspired menu attracts the who’s who of Atlanta sipping Circa’s handcrafted cocktails and swaying to tunes on their lively rooftop bar. The guava jerk wings and the sweet, seared plantains come highly recommended. –

Flour + Water

San Francisco, California


Artful and delicious are just two words that will give you an idea on what’s happening inside the beloved neighborhood restaurant aptly named Flour + Water, which uses just those two items to make fresh made pasta and dough for wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas. Serving a modest list of rotating pastas with seasonal ingredients makes the flow of customers steady in this popular Mission District restaurant. –

Byrd & Baldwin Bros Steakhouse Norfolk, Virginia

Service is key at Byrd & Baldwin, where you’ll find delicious steaks and seafood paired with an extensive wine list, plus a pampering wait staff that will make sure that you are well taken care of. Located in a handsome, yet stately building in downtown Norfolk, Byrd and Baldwin is undoubtedly a outstanding culinary experience. –

From the pristine beaches to picturesque landscapes, Oranjested aims to give you that much-needed relaxing getaway. Stay in the inclusive Renaissance Aruba Resort and you’ll have access to exclusive beaches, shopping and delicious dining options like L.G. Smith’s Steak & Chop House. Steps away from your room, this classy steakhouse is the perfect setting to enjoy fresh seafood and aged steaks along with a great glass of wine. –

Catch a flight to Curaçao and get whisked away in its culture. You’ll find several places to taste local cuisine usually consisting of rice, stewed meats and steamed vegetables, but for a fine dining experience, head over to the mall at Renaissance Curacao Resort and Casino. CRU Steakhouse & Wine Bar has a wondrous balance of an upscale, yet rustic vibe, which is ideal for relaxing while enjoying a delicious entrée made of high-quality steaks and seafood. –


New York City, New York


This north Brooklyn brunch spot has earned a place in the hearts of many because of their delicious farm-to-table fare. Try comfort dishes like Eggs Rothko, a farm fresh egg cooked inside thick brioche topped with melted cheddar cheese; and the classically elevated Duck Hash. Don’t miss their recently opened sister restaurant, Parish Hall, just a few blocks away. –

Logan Restaurant

Ann Arbor, Michigan


At Logan, the atmosphere is sophisticated, the drinks are thoughtfully selected, and the cuisine is magnificent. Chef Owner Thad Gillies takes you around the nation with his menu of “New American Cuisine” which explores all of the many regional flavors that you can imagine. Try the tasting menu and let the chef select the perfect three or four courses to dine on. –

Images By:

Words By: Andrea Janise


L.G. Smith’s Steak & Chop House Oranjestad, Aruba

CRU Steak House & Wine Bar Willemstad, Curaçao




J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Life & Leisure



When it came to spirits back i smoothness, distillation, agin the bottles that contained them the packaging has become jus as the vodka, gin, rum, bourb Since this is the Fashion Issue amazing, but are known to tu

Kru 82 Vodka Come on, unbreakable bottles of Kru 82 vodka ranging from 1.75L to an attractive 200ml? Now that’s cool! Whether you are out hiking, at the beach, or just want to show out the other run-of-the-mill bottles people are flaunting at a dinner party, this reusable, stainless steel canister of premium vodka complete with a handy metal carabineer will be the conversation of all social circles, no matter the setting. KRU82.COM

Crystal Head Vodka Sure, a crystal skull sitting on a shelf will already stop you in your tracks at first sight, but you’ll lose your mind once you truly appreciate the quadruple-distilled premium vodka inside. Designer John Alexander, along with his buddy and owner of the company— veteran actor Dan Akroyd—conceptualized this bottle concept based on the legend of the 13 crystal skulls dating back centuries ago. Triple-filtered through Herkimer diamonds, it’s crystal clear why Crystal Head has won so many awards in both design and quality. CRYSTALHEADVODKA.COM

Asombroso Tequila No matter what conclusions you draw from Asombroso’s hand-blown bottle, it’s certainly captivating to say the least. Phallic? Maybe. But they claim that the design is influenced by an 18th century decanter found in a European castle. With old world inspiration and a time-honored recipe, one thing is for sure: this 100 percent pure blue agave tequila is damn good! In fact, the 11-year aged Añejo comes available in a cedar lined humidor box to stock your cigars after indulging in this hip sip. ASOMBROSOTEQUILA.COM

in the day, it was all about their complexity, ng and overall quality to soothe the soul—not m. Not anymore. Within the past few years, st as significant in the adult beverage industry bon, or whatever else is inside being poured. e, here are some bottles that not only look urn heads, and deserve to roll down the catwalk.


Bong Vodka

KAH Tequila

This smoking hot bottle leaves no mystery with its name: Bong Vodka. Resembling the apparatus pothead movies have made famous throughout the years, the ingenuity of a fifth generation distiller out of Holland, bottle designer Jimi Beach, and the Bong Spirit Import Company has paid off. Ever since this premium vodka’s release in 2006, Bong has reaped numerous awards worldwide in various spirits categories ever since. They also provide select underground artists the opportunity to provide artwork to their packaging as well. Now that’s smokin’! WWW.BONGSPIRIT.COM

Okay, we featured one skull-themed bottle already, but after one glance at the KAH bottle and learning its meaning, we had to make room for one more. There’s nothing morbid about owner Kim Brandi’s 100 percent pure Blue Agave tequila (Blanco, Reposado and Añejo); the name “KAH” means life in the original Mayan language. Paying homage to the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) and the famous Calaveras used during the rituals, the handpainted skulls by Javier Gonzales and Sandra Lugo out of Los Angeles serve as stunning bottles that bring any occasion to life. KAHTEQUILA.COM

There are more striking bottles on the shelves from Cruz Tequila, Ypióca Cachaça, Corzo Tequila, DeLeón Tequila, Milagro Tequila, and one of the original innovators, Absolut to name a few, so keep an eye out for them. Oh, and drink their contents responsibly. Cheers! Look for more Hip Sips and Cold One… 01 beer love online at

WORDS BY: Dennis Malcolm Byron


J’ADORE—The Fashion Issue—Fashion




J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Life & Leisure

WORK OUT IN STYLE —WORDS BY JAYDE NICOLE Everyone has goals in fitness and in life. “I want to lose weight.” “I want to tone up.” I hear this from my clients all the time. It is very important when trying to change your life style or body image that you make goals. But it’s just as important to know how to choose the correct type of goals, how to track them, and most importantly, achieve them! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something that is very important to me. I make sure to take my supplements, drink a ton of water, avoid toxins and balance my stress levels. I personally hit the gym 3-5 days a week. I do about 20 percent cardio and 80 percent weight training. Plus, I love to hike! Living in Los Angeles, we are blessed with great weather, so I try to go at least once a week. I also do our JNF workout DVD about twice a week when I don’t feel like going to the gym.

Here are my TOP 10 favorite tips for getting fit! 1. Don’t drink your calories! No more soda, juices or high calorie smoothies or coffee blends! Switch to water, teas, and zero-calorie drinks. 2. Bronze yourself beautiful! I suggest TanTowel products or Jergens Natural Glow. You get the sexy slim look of a tan without any of the damaging effects you get from the sun. 3. Keep moving! No matter what your schedule is like, you can drop those pounds and firm up. Take the stairs at work, do squats while brushing your teeth, dance up a storm while out with your friends. The little things add up!

5. Motivate yourself! Write down your feelings when you are at your most motivated state and keep them where you can always see it!

Here are my favorite fitness fashions: VICTORIA SECRETS SPORTS BRAS VS have an amazing line of bright color sports bras, which are trendy, affordable and furthermore, comfortable! You want to replace your sport bras every six months. LULU LEMON WORKOUT PANTS LuLu workout pants are amazing and virtually indestructible. One amazing bottom that I love is the “Wunder Under Pant.” These pants have a place for you to stash your cards in the hidden waistband pocket, which is great to hold small items like your cell phone while on a hike. The chafe-resistant flat seams let you focus on your training instead of irritation, and the wide waistband won’t ever dig into your sides.

7. It takes two! Getting a diet/exercise partner will always help your chances of success!

NIKE SHOES They have so many different types of workout shoes, you are bound to find a pair that works for you. They even let you customize your own footwear, which is my favorite thing because you get to make the shoe match your outfit! The Nike Free Run iD Running shoe is my favorite style because of its breathability and lightweight feel. I wear them when running, weight training and even light hiking.

8. Enjoy the success! Setting reasonable specific goals for yourself and celebrating each time to reach one. Success is addicting. The more you know you are being successful in your program the happier and more eager you will be to keep going!

PINK BY VICTORIA SECRET I am a huge fan of the Victoria Secret workout line; they have fun styles that fit well with every body shape. I love these yoga shorts for those hot summer and beach workouts.

9. Go green! To drink 1-3 cups of green tea a day. Or take a supplement with green tea extract in it like my Hair, Skin & Nails Miracle Formula. It is so good for your skin, antiaging for your entire body and shows amazing statistics in preventing many different types of cancers! It’s also zero calories and speeds up your metabolism, which is good for the diet.

LULU LEMON HEAD ACCESSORIES While you are working out, you don’t want to worry about your hair getting in the way; it can be distracting and can take away from your workout. I suggest you wear a headband or a hat. Lulu Lemon has a headband that stays in place as you move, and a moisture wicking fabric that pulls sweat from your head!

10. Take notes! Keep track of what you put in your mouth! This includes the smallest snack, or even one bite or sip! All of those little things add up and we sometimes forget. I do it in my cell phone so I always have it with me.

BEBE SPORT TOPS Besides selling cute dresses, BeBe has a whole line of trendy sport outfits as well! This zipper mesh racerback tank is so comfortable and really a looker when you wear it! I love to be able to multi task when shopping, and this works perfectly.

6. Stay focused! Focus on eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and NO fast food or junk.

Work out in style!


4. Switch up your iPod list! Get some new playlists together that really motivate you to burn those calories! Music always keeps me strong when I feel like I can’t keep going!

When working out, you should want to feel good and look good. Luckily, this summer’s workout clothes are more exciting than ever! There are so many different options of bright summer colors in various styles to fit your body type. Just remember that you want to make sure you are getting the correct gear when trying to get into shape, because when you physically feel good, you work out harder.

J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Life & Leisure



I never gave up on love. If I didn’t believe in love, I wouldn’t be any good at my job. I lead by example because my experiences are my expertise. I am a General of Love who has seen the front lines of war. Everyone deserves to be guided to true happiness by someone who has already found it: me, SiggyFlicker, the ultimate Love Picker! THE DOS GO OUT AT LEAST TWO TIMES A WEEK. At least twice a week, you have got to make dating a priority. It’s all a numbers game. If you increase the frequency of your going out two, four, six, eight times a month, the chances of you finding somebody that you connect and have chemistry with is exponentially greater. Treat it like a job: You go to work fi ve days a week, you have to date at least twice a week. CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. Nothing is going to work unless you have the right attitude! The first step is to never look at dating as a chore. You got to put your best foot forward in the dating world. Nobody wants to be around somebody who’s negative. Do you? Probably not. MEET MORE MEN: COMPLIMENT A STRANGER. Where do you meet men? The answer is: anywhere. It could be at Barnes & Noble, it could be at the post office, it could be at the bookshop. Walk down the street and look around instead of looking at your BlackBerry or your iPod. There’s a whole world out there! All you have to do is compliment someone. It can start a conversation. Everybody’s always in a rush to get from point A to point B. Wake up and take advantage! Live life to the fullest by being a part of your surroundings.

DATE OLDER MEN. Not to insult men, but women are bright, and they’re brighter by nature. Men are more visual. Women look for security — especially emotional security; it doesn’t have to be financial. Women are more mature than men, so if you want to feel secure and taken care of, you have to aim higher. DON’T FEAR REJECTION. My personal mantra is, “A man’s rejection is God’s protection.” Nobody is interesting without a few battle scars. If you don’t have bruises, scars and scrapes, what kind of character do you think you have? If somebody is going to reject you, you should say, ‘Thank you for getting out of my way, so the road to love is a lot clearer.’ Embrace it as a gateway to your future! THE DON’TS DON’T THINK TOO MUCH. Get out of your head and into the game. Paralysis by analysis can waste years of your life. There is nothing wrong with thinking before you do something. Do a little research, make a plan, and explore potential upsides and problems. Take a leap of faith and be more willing to dive into the deep end. DON’T JUST LOOK AT THE DOWNSIDE. When you see everything from a negative perspective, you quickly punch a hole in your own motivation. You find faults everywhere and problems where there are really none. A solution is to realize the limits of a negative perspective. Trying to establish a habit of seeing things in a more positive and optimistic light can be quite useful. Also, try a smile; it ties into having a better attitude, which is what men want to see. DON’T RESIST REALITY. How can you improve if you don’t recognize what led you to the place you live in now? You can’t change your life until you recognize what’s keeping you down or holding you back. Open up! Realize your existing limits and then force yourself to try something new to see the difference. Good luck and happy dating!


One of the things you might be telling yourself (or even he has told you) is that he has issues with commitment— bulls**t! Okay, I won’t dismiss the possibility that in some cases there is truth to it, but don’t be so quick to buy into that excuse. Have you ever seen a man with a woman for several years, never willing to marry and then finally they break up? Then as soon as you blink your eye, he ends up in a new relationship and is engaged months later. That man didn’t have commitment issues; he simply has an issue with committing to you! I am not saying that to hurt your feelings, but I am saying it to wake you up. Despite all of the energy and time invested, you simply may not be the right girl for him and you have to accept that. The good thing is, there is a great way to know if this is indeed the case in your situation. Just ask yourself, is he really the right guy for you? Deep down inside you know the answer to that question. You may have tried to convince yourself otherwise, but you are the one person who really knows the truth. Understand that if he truly is not the man for you, then you will never be the woman for him. Trying to push this along any further is just a set up for unnecessary drama, issues and disappointment. You deserve happiness and fulfillment. That can only happen when you are putting yourself in the place that is truly best for you. There is a door waiting for you with an abundance of blessings behind it, but to access it you must close the other door first. Trust me, when you find yourself with the best guy for you, he will have no issue with accepting commitment.


So you have been in a relationship with this guy for a few years now. Maybe you live with him or maybe you even have a child by him. If one thing is for sure, you have made it known that you would like to be married someday and maybe you were hoping that someday would be now. Unfortunately, he says he isn’t ready yet. He needs more time or wants a few more things to fall in place. He tells you it will eventually happen, but not now and probably no time soon.


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—WORDS BY: EVIEROBBIE A sweeping movement throughout the U.S. and abroad is women wearing curly, kinky, locked or afro hairstyles wrapped around their tresses’ natural texture. “Going natural” is what they call it. Whether it’s a woman cutting chemically treated hair completely off to begin growing natural hair anew or a simple transition from straightening their hair every day, to accepting their curls exactly the way they are, natural hair’s popularity is growing. Both Kim Etheredge and Wendi Levy are at the forefront of this movement, as the co-founders of the vegan, all natural hair care line, Mixed Chicks. Mixed Chicks specializes in helping women of all ethnicities tame their curls through a line of shampoo, conditioner, and detanglers. Kim (Irish and African American) and Wendi (African American and Jewish American) are no strangers to the plight of being a “mixed chick”—the absence of a product that could help manage their curls. The void, however, was a blessing in disguise because it led to the launch of their successful business. “Mixed Chicks stemmed from the notion that we always had to use more than one product for our hair,” Kim explains. “It was an issue that I struggled with, and Wendi struggled with.” It’s a bi-racial inevitability. Yet and still, both ladies

are adamant that the product line is not just for the black/ white ethnic hybrid. Wendi describes the Mixed Chick consumer as, “just a curly haired customer that has trouble managing frizz. That person could be Israeli, could be Mediterranean, or simply could be mixed.” She can also be an adult or child, because they have a kids’ line of products available as well. “You know we laugh because Kim has a white mom,” Wendi says. “I have a black mom. Often, white women don’t know how to manage curls or thicker hair, whereas with me having a black mom, she knew exactly what to do. A lot of white women email us for help.” Kim adds, “Yeah, but there are a lot of African-American women that don’t know how to do their child’s hair; it’s women in general. I have girlfriends who don’t know how to do their hair. You know why? They get their hair done every two weeks.” Though Mixed Chicks represent a minority, it’s refreshing to witness a new age of women embracing who they are, aesthetically, in an organic way, chemical-free. Kim states, “I love that Wendi and I created this product and this natural movement is in motion; a stage where women are owning themselves. Women are saying I don’t have to look like you. I don’t have to be defined by you. I can be me. I think we have really helped with this feeling and it’s a good one because women are more confident. Women are more proud.” She concludes, “When you see another woman, you speak. Before, it was easy to walk by each other and just look. Now we’re giving each other a nod, a compliment. This is a cultural movement.”


TROPICAL FRUIT FACIAL • 1 Avocado • 1 Banana • ½ Papaya Combine fruit in a bowl and mash together. Apply mixture directly to face, avoiding eye area. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse. STRAWBERRY EGG FACIAL • 1 egg white • ½ cup sliced strawberries • 1 teaspoon organic honey • ½ teaspoon fresh lemon juice Mix all ingredients together into a paste and apply to face. This mask will feed, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. CORNMEAL FACIAL SCRUB • 2 oranges • ½ cup of cornmeal Mix ingredients into a bowl and use this exfoliating tool in the shower in the morning and at night.


Here are inexpensive, all natural homemade beauty supply recipes that work just as good! Ever wondered how easy and safe it is to pamper yourself without breaking the bank? Try out these homemade pampering ideas during your daily beauty routine and see how inexpensive it is to create body products free of added chemicals. Plus, you can easily find all of the ingredients at your local grocery store. It’s that easy!

LEMON FACE TONER • ½ cup of lemon juice • 1 cup of distilled water • 2/3 cup of witch hazel Combine ingredients and apply directly to face with cotton ball. Apply your favorite moisturizer to face afterwards.

NATURAL SHAMPOO • 1 oz. olive oil • 1 egg • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice • 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until well combined. Use like regular shampoo. Discard any leftovers. HONEY AVOCADO DEEP CONDITIONING HAIR WRAP • ½ of avocado • 2 tablespoons of honey Mix ingredients together and apply to hair. Let it set under a shower cap or plastic wrap for 15-20 minutes. This helps hair to be smoother, healthier and more manageable. BERRY FOOT SCRUB • 2 tablespoons olive oil • 4 strawberries • 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar or turbinado sugar Strawberries are great for exfoliating! Mash the strawberries, but don’t make them watery; add olive oil and sugar. Mix together. Massage feet with mixture. Rinse well and apply your favorite moisturizer.

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Words By : Alex LaMarsh Lee Graff’s career has spanned almost three decades in the cosmetic industry. Since 1985, she’s been working with clients of every shade of skin to correct their imperfections. Her expertise lies in helping others feel better about themselves and how they present themselves to others. Starting out as a Corrective Makeup Specialist at the CosMedic Clinic at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Lee searched endlessly for products that would lend a natural look to skin while concealing and enhancing. When products continually fell short, she took things into her own hands and started Cover FX, the ultimate in primers, concealers, foundations and powders for all skin types and shades. J’Adore recently grabbed a moment of Lee’s time to ask this entrepreneur a few questions about the business, her products and of course, her tips. J’ADORE MAGAZINE: TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR WORK AS A CORRECTIVE MAKEUP SPECIALIST? WE’D LOVE FOR OUR READERS TO KNOW A LITTLE BIT MORE ABOUT YOUR BACKGROUND AND HOW IT HELPED YOU TO DEVELOP SUCH WONDERFUL PRODUCTS.  LEE GRAFF: For over 25 years, I have used special makeup to conceal skin imperfections of people whose selfconfidence has been eroded because they feel insecure about the way they look due to these skin issues. For 15 years, I would mix several different brands of makeup together in hopes of achieving proper skin tone matching and making the coverage look as natural as possible. My quest was to try to find an existing brand that offered real colors for real people from all over the world and also ensure that the ingredients would address people with sensitive skin. My years of experience working with people from near and distant parts of the world would prove to be a great motivation to finally go into a lab and develop my own brand.

IND THE BRAND DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR PRODUCTS TO BE GENTLE ON THE SKIN AND FINE FOR CONSUMERS WITH SENSITIVE SKIN? Our products were tested on 1,500 rosacea patients who have almost intolerant skin [cannot tolerate many products] because of that intense sensitivity that is commonly associated with rosacea. Dr. Neil Shear, head of Dermatology at Sunnybrook Hospital, leading research facility in Canada, was and remains our medical advisor who oversees our ingredients.

ONE OF THE UNIQUE THINGS ABOUT COVER FX AS A COSMETIC BRAND IS THE PLETHORA OF COLORS YOU OFFER IN CONCEALERS AND FOUNDATIONS. IT’S DEFINITELY A BREATH OF FRESH AIR. HOW DID THAT COME ABOUT? I wanted to ensure that Cover FX would be an inclusive brand not exclusive, no one would be left out in terms of finding the perfect shade that matched a person’s true color. Since Toronto has such a diverse population base and so many cultures are represented here, people who I would see in the clinic became the basis for all the colors of our products. Mixing the pigments and shades on real skin of the large global palette of people that I would see along with the help of a chemical engineer to create, develop, research and test the products was essential to establish the validity of our existing shade offerings. Today, twelve years after the original shade selection was created, we still make sure that our colors are valid and we will be adding new shades based on any gaps in our present day color lineup. There are truly new skin colors being created based on the blending of cultures we see today.


HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE ROLE COSMETICS PLAY IN BOOSTING WOMEN’S SELF-ESTEEM? Based on the multitude of testimonials from women who use our products and thank us for changing their lives for the better, I am proud to say that our products influence the well-being and psychological health of those who use Cover FX. My dream was to help women face the world with a renewed sense of confidence and not be burdened with embarrassment about the way they look. Giving women control over what is controlling them [skin imperfections and self-perception] is very rewarding.

DOES COVER FX USE ANIMAL TESTING? We have never, nor will we ever test on animals. PETA recognizes us as a cruelty free company.

WHAT ARE YOUR TOP TWO FAVORITE PRODUCTS CURRENTLY OFFERED BY COVER FX? I can’t live without Skin Prep FX primer [use it day and night because it is a serum and primer in one] and Natural FX and Bronzed FX hydrating liquid foundation. WE ARE DYING TO HEAR ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE MAKEUP TIPS. WOULD YOU SHARE ONE WITH US? MAYBE A TIP FOR SUMMER MAKEUP SINCE IT’S JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Summer can mean oilier looking skin for a lot of women. Using Matte FX blotting powder under and over your foundation; even tinted moisturizer will help to minimize that greasy or wet look to your skin as the day wears on. Radiance is nice, oil slick isn’t! HOW IMPORTANT DO YOU FEEL THE ADDITIONAL STEP OF USING DAILY PRIMER FOR SKIN BEFORE MAKEUP IS? Critical and essential! It creates a soft and smooth surface prior to makeup application. DO YOU SEE COVER FX BRANCHING OUT IN THE FUTURE WITH EYE SHADOWS, BLUSHES, ETC.? We have many surprises in the pipeline for Cover FX and color cosmetics are part of our future plans. It’s ‘ssshhhh’ for now.


HOW NATURAL WAS THE TRANSITION FROM YOUR CAREER WITH COSMEDIC CLINIC AT SUNNYBROOK HEALTH SCIENCES CENTRE TO STARTING YOUR OWN COMPANY? This was a huge transition! Becoming an entrepreneur was a far cry from running a clinic in the dermatology department of a hospital. Financing, the creation of a brand, developing and manufacturing products, finding suppliers, convincing retailers to carry the products, hiring staff and running a business— just to name a few criteria—was a real eye opener! Having the drive, persistence and conviction to keep going when things were not 100 percent working out, having the passion and belief that your ideas will be accepted by others…you develop a new layer of tough skin.

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J’Adore Magazine’s guide on how to get the run

GET THE LOOK SHOW: Oscar De La Renta to Fall/Winter MAKEUP: Cheek and lip stain. Good mascara. Enhanced brow. Subtle gold eyeshadow.

NARS CREAM EYESHADOW IN COSMIC GIRL (PALE SKIN), CORFU (MEDIUM SKIN), CAYENNE (DARK SKIN) Apply to top lid and blend out around eye and up towards the brow. Lightly blend a small amount under the eye as well.

Product suggestions for this look are as follows: CHA CHA TINT BY BENEFIT COSMETICS Apply to cheeks with a sponge. Tip: squeeze a bit of moisturizer onto a sponge, then apply Cha Cha Tint to the sponge and dab onto your cheeks starting at the apple then blending back to the hair line. Apply the tint to your lips, then dry apply your favorite clear lip balm to keep lips from getting dry.

TWO TONE EYE-OPENING MASCARA BY ESTEE LAUDER You won’t need your fake lashes for this look! If you feel bare, just add a few individual lashes to the outside edges of your eyes. BROWS A GO-GO BY BENEFIT COSMETICS This kit has all of the products that you need to get the perfect subtly filled in brow for this look.

nway look at home

GROOMING J’Adore’s list of MUST HAVE items in your grooming kit. This is good so boys pay attention! STEP 1: Cover your entire face with Jeune d’Age Anti-Aging Serum (this creates highly moisturized glowing complexion)  STEP 2: Keep your skin from getting oily by using OC Eight throughout your T-Zone

STEP 3: Fill in pores and even out skin while keeping your skin from looking oily or greasy by hitting the T-Zone with POREfessional by Benefit. This is also great for you baldy boys who don’t want a shiny scalp! STEP 4: Groom your brows up and away to look less messy with  Speed Brow by Benefit. STEP 5: Moisturize your lips so they don’t look dry or shiny with  Bert’s Bees Honey Lip Balm.

—WORDS BY ALEX LAMARSH PHOTO: Allen Chu MAKEUP/HAIR: Alex LaMarsh MAKEUP/HAIR ASSISTANT: Maira Gomez MODEL: Aimee Fogelman MODEL: Nicolas LaFrance @ Next


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Lips/Brows No She Didn’t by Lime Crime Lashes by Lash Royalty


“Am I really supposed to believe that bull$#!%!?”

Lips/Brows Mint To Be by Lime Crime Primer: Illuminating Perfecting Primer by Estee Lauder

“You make me SO angry. I can’t deal wth this anymore” Lips/Brows D’Lilac by Lime Crime Mascara: Sumptious Extreme by Estee Lauder

“One day when it’s too late you’re going to realize that you F@#$%D up the best thing you ever had. Until then... Lips/Brows D’Lilac by Lime Crime Mascara: Sumptious Extreme by Estee Lauder


J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Beauty

Lips/Brows Styletto by Lime Crime Highlighter Highbeam by Benefit Cosmetics

... I’ll go back to black.”


MAKE TIME TO PRIME Immediately after cleansing the skin, always apply primer. It’s an extra step in your routine, but it’s the most important if you don’t want your beautifully applied makeup to absorb right into your skin. SHU UEMURA UV UNDERBASE WITH SPF 30 is a great primer. It’s foam that feels weightless on the skin and provides you UV protection in one step. It now comes in three shades, so there is a color for every skin tone. Apply with a sponge after moisturizing and you can be confident that your makeup will last all day long.

LIGHTEN UP ON FACE MAKEUP I love using GIORGIO ARMANI FACE FABRICS. This product has a second skin texture that can smooth out pores and imperfections on the skin leaving it soft and smooth without the heavy feel. It also has an SPF of 12 for added protection. Just apply with your fingers to your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. This product is also great for men because it looks like you’re not wearing makeup.



We all want the glowing skin of summer, but it has to be applied in the right place. If you put shimmer products on your nose and forehead, it can look like you are sweating, not glowing. GIORGIO ARMANI FLUID SHEERS come in an assortment of colors for many different effects. Apply with a sponge in a tapping motion in an “S” formation around your cheeks, temples and above the brow after applying Giorgio Armani Face Fabric.

BODY BRONZER To get a beautiful glow all over your body, use NARS BODY GLOW. It smells absolutely amazing, made with pure coconut extract and Tahitian Gardenia. It is super hydrating and gives the skin a radiant glow without looking fake. It is not a self-tanner, so it can be applied scare free. Apply Body Glow immediately after showering for maximum hydrating benefits. Allow a few minutes for the product to absorb into the skin before getting dressed.

MONOCHROMATIC MAKEUP Monochromatic colors are all of the tints, tones and shades of a single hue. This is the fastest and easiest way to wear makeup on the go, keeping your makeup simple, clean and looking fresh. Warmer skin tones tend to suit corals and fairer skin should use pinks. For a great product that rocks the 3-in-1, try MAKEUP FOREVER HD BLUSH. It’s easy to blend and comes in a ton of colors to suit all skin tones. Be sure to apply with your fingers and blend with a shadow brush. Finish off the look with no-fail waterproof mascara, like the L’OREAL VOLUMINOUS WATERPROOF MASCARA or LANCÔME DEFINICILS WATERPROOF MASCARA.

HEAD TO TOE BEAUTY MUST HAVES BEAUTY BLENDER SPONGE THE BEAUTY BLENDER is an insider secret on the best sponge ever invented for applying makeup. It works like a dream; the egg shape helps to get into the hard to reach places that other triangle sponges may miss. Use the fat side for foundation and cheeks, and the narrow side to get around the nose, eyes and lips. Plus, it’s great for applying concealer. Blend, blend, blend!


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L’Autre Chose dress, Lee Angel necklace, Kara Ross cuff, Circa Sixty Three ring, United Nude shoes


Timo Weiland dress, Cynthia Rowley belt, Juma scarf, A Peace Treaty rings, Alibi rings, Houghton cuff, Alejandro Ingelmo shoes

J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Fashion



Richard Chai Love dress, Sobral necklace, Ben Amun bracelets, Lee Angel bracelets, Cursive Design bracelets, Kara Ross ring, Walter Steiger shoes

Juma dress, Elizabeth Knight rings, Kara Ross bracelet, Alejandro Ingelmo shoes

Timo Weiland jacket, L’Autre Chose leggings, Betsey Johnson necklace, Lee Angels bracelets, Kara Ross ring, Tsubi shoes


Wesc dress, WuYork bowtie, Stylist’s own shirt, Houghton ring, Delphine Charlotte Parmentier ring, Etienne Aigner ring, BCBG bracelet, Cynthia Rowley anklets, Walter Steiger shoes

J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Fashion





In this era of designer-draped superstars and billion-dollar fashion empires, it’s easy to be blinded by all the glitz and the glamour. After all, who doesn’t want to dress like June Ambrose or have Versace on speed dial? Believe me, I’m not here to dash your dreams; if you’ve got it like that, by all means, give Donatella a call. But if you’re anything like the other 99 percent of Americans, chances are the minutes on your cell phone are going elsewhere, and that’s okay! J’Adore is here to tell you that there is another way to be unbelievably fly for pennies on the dollar.

For many of us, the idea of wearing used clothing brings back childhood memories of sibling hand-me-downs and wildly embarrassing trips to Goodwill with our parents. In fact, even the thought of willingly taking a trip to the Salvation Army would seem simply ridiculous. But thrifting—shopping at thrift stores, flea markets, and other bargain depots— is no longer “your mother’s hobby.” Everyone is doing it, just ask celebrity actress Drew Barrymore. Here are some great tips on how to conquer the art of thrifting and walk away looking like a million dollars, even if you only spent $20. DRESS THE PART. Thrifting is an exercise of patience. Think of it like a marathon, not a sprint. Expect long fitting room lines, lots of inventory to sift through, and you don’t want to leave without trying an item on. With that being said, make the process a little easier on yourself, and avoid getting frustrated or you could end up leaving behind a beautiful, gently-used Diane Von Furstenberg signature wrap dress. Trust us, you’ll hate yourself for it later if you don’t! Opt to wear things like slip on flats, loose-fitting slip dresses, tank tops or leggings. That way, you can try things on without having to get completely undressed or removing multiple layers. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. For some reason, we’re obsessed with rules that we were programmed to follow since kindergarten. Hence, the first rule of thrifting is: There are no rules! Don’t feel obligated to only shop in the women’s apparel section. If you’re petite, take a stroll through the children’s section. Need a great new blazer? The men’s section will be in no short supply. Sometimes, a little rule-breaking can’t hurt.

ASSESS YOUR PERSONAL STYLE. Exercise a little vision. Know what works with your body type; hair style and color; and even what pieces you already own that might pair well with the item. If you’re a frills-andlace kind of girl, the tulle skirt someone else just eyed in shock and horror might be the perfect addition to your already awesome wardrobe. Take advantage! SHOP OFF-SEASON AND ON DEAL DAYS. Inventory is typically best when everyone’s not looking for the same items. Instead of waiting until it’s cold outside to find the perfect winter jacket, shop for jackets in the summer and cute summer dresses during the winter months. Second, although thrift stores—especially those in small towns—already offer great deals, many of them have weekly specials where you can save even more money. For example, Wednesday’s might be a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ day. Use those days to score big. PATROL FOR POTENTIAL. One word: alterations! Often you’ll find a gorgeous piece that’s not quite your size. Or perhaps there are a few changes you’d like to make in order to better suit your taste, such as the removal of sleeves, adding straps, etc. There’s no reason to walk away from the perfect $3 cocktail dress simply because some silly designer opted to put puff y bridesmaid sleeves on it. Tailoring is often an inexpensive way to make an item work for you. Also remember that garments lie! Never believe what an item of clothing says to you on the hanger. On the hanger it might say, “Burlap sack,” but on your body it could say, “Fits perfect!” See a garment for what it could be, not for what it is at the moment! Happy thrifting!

DIY: Clutch Denim Clutch DIY: Denim 2

1 While most people my age (especially those living in a city like NYC) spend their Saturday nights out at bars, partying until the wee hours of the morning… I spend mine on my living room floor up to my ears in hot glue and scraps of fabric. And I have a great time doing it!


Things You’ll Need… 1) Denim Pant Leg 2) Scissors 3) Needle & Thread 4) Hot Glue Gun 5) Closure Fixtures I started by taking the leg portion of a pair of jeans left over from a previous DIY and cut it open along one of the seams. Next, choose the dimensions of your clutch. I chose to make mine a medium sized clutch (about 8×6). Fold in the sides of the fabric and hot glue them down and then fold up the bottom portion and glue down the sides (only the sides) of it. I then hand-stitched each side of the bottom portion for a little extra durability. Fold over and glue down the edges of the top portion. Again, hand-stitch the corner edges to secure it. Now it’s time to add few fixtures. (I took all the closures from an old clutch). Attaching the magnetic closure button is really simple. It has two prongs that simply stick through the fabric and fold down in the back. You can use scissors to cut small holes if the fabric is too tough for you to poke the prongs through. Now comes the “hard” part.

7 47

This DIY requires a little bit of sewing, but don’t freak out. I am far from anybody’s seamstress so I kept it super-simple.



5 8

I snapped the fixture closed to make sure that I had every thing lined up properly. Once I had done that, I simply hot glued the portion of the flap with the other half of the magnetic closure on it to the top portion of the clutch Once that’s done, it’s time to add the buckle to the outside of the clutch. Again, the easiest way to do this is to buckle it and then hand stitch where it lands.

9 Adding the wrist strap was a last minute edit. You know the deal… glue and then stitch. DONE!


J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Fashion


CELEBRITY ADORNMENTS: A PREVIEW INSIDE THE EVERYDAY ‘MAN PURSE’ There’s been a proven track record in Hollywood when it comes to fashion, and celebrities are often the chief ambassadors. Over time, both sexes have created fashion faux pas, trends and statements that lead to bestsellers. For men, a popular accessory of choice is none other than the man purse (or the male version of a woman’s clutch). The popularity of the “murse” has been adorned even by the most masculine of gents looking to assert their own independence, but are they taking a leap forward or backward? Here’s a preview of celebrity men who feel they are bagging up the competition when it comes to styling.

NICK LACHEY Even in casual attire, TV host and former pop star, Nick Lachey has found a way to incorporate his Dooney and Bourke designer bag during a shopping stint.

TERRANCE HOWARD Actor Terrance Howard proves that clutches aren’t just for women. In a red carpet appearance, he dons a black one to compliment his black tuxedo.

LENNY KRAVITZ Lenny Kravitz shoulders his designer bag in New York City. The rocker who is known for his unconventional style wears thigh-high boots to match with his carry on satchel.

KANYE WEST It’s not in Kanye’s nature to abandon his addiction to man bags. The rapper turned fashion designer is always manicuring his style to include a mixture of men and women’s clothing.

LUPE FIASCO Rapper Lupe Fiasco gives a thumbs-up to his Goyard designer bag. The red and white patterned style blends in with the urban attire.

HUGH JACKMAN Actor Hugh Jackson’s most prominent fetish is his collection of handbags that he carries for traveling purposes. Here, he effortlessly wears it around his waist in an apparent rush to escape photographers.

SEAL While pumping gas, the soul singer Seal is posing for the camera in an effort to show off his man purse draped over his chest.

DAVID BECKHAM It’s likely that soccer star David Beckham gets fashion advice from his designer wife, Victoria, but how often is he seen with a man purse? In this photo, he shows off a Louis Vuitton bag.



J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Fashion


Hollywood isn’t just about gaining traction on the screen or on stage like it used to be. In a media-rich culture, celebrities are including fashion design as a major influencer to market their brands. They are incorporating a style that is uniquely their own and widely celebrated among fashion’s elite, including Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Prada. Jessica Simpson and Kanye West are just some reveling in the success of their transformative creations.  So let’s take a closer look at their fashion success and see who else has their eye on couture.


KANYE WEST Rapper, producer and music exec Kanye West has never been one to turn a blind eye from fashion. His unconventional style as a hip-hop entertainer places him in the realm of high-end couture, and in 2011 he officially broke into the industry himself. Gaining inspiration from fashion experts, he unveiled the highly anticipated DW women’s line (named after his deceased mother Donda West) in Paris with the help of British designers Louise Golden, Katie Eary and Giuseppe Zanotti. Described as cool and chic, West’s collection is gaining traction with fashion gurus worldwide.


CELEBRITIES the clothing label House of Dereon in 2004. The launch, which was inspired by her mother and grandmother, became an even more expansive family affair with Solange and Beyoncé as the faces of the campaign. Their collections embrace a contemporary theme with pleated jackets, denim pants and evening wear. Since giving birth, Beyoncé is also in talks to debut a maternity line for the fashionconscious moms-to-be. JESSICA SIMPSON Singer Jessica Simpson has dabbled in music, television and film, but her creative chops also include her hugely successful fashion brand, Jessica Simpson, which has grossed more than one billion dollars to date. The newly-minted fashion mogul currently designs shoes, handbags, dresses and jackets, with plans to expand her clothing line into maternity and infant wear. The 31 year-old new mom has covered all the bases as she currently hosts the NBC’s hit show, Fashion Star.

BEYONCÉ For more than 10 years, Beyoncé has evolved into a fashion and music icon. So it came as no surprise that she co-partnered with her mother (and personal stylist to Destiny’s Child) Tina Knowles, to help build

THE KARDASHIAN SISTERS Long before their start in reality television, the Kardashian sisters had operated a fashion boutique out of their closets called Dash, which grew into a multi-million dollar franchise. Within a span of fi ve years, they generated massive appeal with the K-Dash for Kardashian brand under QVC and Sears; wisely, they had cut a deal to ensure that the value of their merchandise was affordable for their consumers. Evidently, when it comes to fashion, the trio is already set for continued success.


PHARRELL WILLIAMS When he isn’t in the studio developing hits for artists, Pharrell Williams and friend Nigo are the creative geniuses behind the successful clothing line, Billionaire Boys Club, which is widely popular among teenage boys and men. But it was only after the iconic “Ice Cream” shoe with Reebok when producers decided to market it into a line of T-shirts, polos, and sweatshirts in New York and Tokyo. Pharrell is currently at work designing a collection for women called the Billionaire Girls Club due out in spring 2013.

SEAN “DIDDY” COMBS Diddy has left more of an imprint on fashion than virtually any other rap mogul in the modern age. His ingenious creation, the Sean John clothing label, has generated massive sales in the U.S and abroad with a wide array of men’s shirts, pants and jackets (not to mention the I Am King fragrance and liquors he endorses. As an asset to the urban wear community, he continues to invest in other couture labels to keep his style at the forefront.

RIHANNA Singer Rihanna is currently in pursuit of her own clothing line. As Emporio Armani’s spokesmodel for their fall 2011 and spring 2012 campaign, she is seeking advice from some top designers in the industry. It is rumored that her wardrobe will largely showcase her personal taste for flair, sophistication and, well, leather.

THE WILLIAMS SISTERS Venus and Serena Williams are globally renowned for infusing tennis into fashion. Revered for their high octane performances on the court, the duo has also made headlines with their ostentatious styles. The elder sister, Venus, launched her own line of sporty and daytime clothing in 2007 by pairing with retail store, Steve and Barry’s, which resurged for the spring 2012 premiere. The younger Serena has followed in her footsteps with the exclusive line, Aneres. Evidently, tennis and couture are a perfect match.

J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Fashion


BLAKE VON D’ D’ss TOP TEN UP AND COMING DESIGNERS Louis Vuitton, Versace, Chanel…you know them, you love them. But before these multibillion dollar fashion empires grew to be such, they were simply the brainchild of budding new designers praying for their big break. Here are ten more designers who are embarking on the same success story.


1. RAQUEL ALLEG Born to artisan parents, Raquel Allegra was destined for a life of creativity. She began her career in fashion as a sales associate at Barney’s Beverly Hills. It was here that she began to receive recognition for her deconstructed t-shirts. While the deconstructed t-shirt is a staple in Raquel Allegra collections, 2009 marked the beginning of a brilliant next phase of the line that includes deerskin, cashmere, French lace and linen. Celebrities such as Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Kim Kardashian have donned Allegra’s work and she shows no signs slowing down. 2. CLARE VIVIER Clare Vivier is the epitome of “Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” While working in French television and traveling nonstop, Vivier was confronted with a lack of functional, yet stylish cases for her laptop. But rather than schlepp around a 10-pound carrier case, Clare created her own, which quickly jumpstarted her own line of handbags. The line’s lightweight designs and boldly colored zippers have been wildly successful. 3. ANYA AYOUNG-CHEE

Anya Ayoung-Chee, the most recent winner of Lifetime’s reality show Project Runway, is a Trinidadian beauty who took the fashion world by storm—and surprise! Ayoung-Chee began her journey towards fashion royalty with very little formal training; yet, she has proved that raw talent and unrelenting drive can be all the “training” some burgeoning stars need.

4. MONDO GUERRA First known to the public as a contestant on Season 8 of Project Runway, Mondo Guerra quickly became a fan favorite, landing week after week in the top 3. Despite consistently presenting strong and unique designs, Mondo ultimately was crowned the runner-up—one of the most controversial decisions in the show’s history. Relentlessly, Mondo returned with a bang on the first ever All-Star season of Project Runway and walked away crowned the winner. How’s that for a comeback? Since his win, Mondo has continued to awe the fashion world while lending his fashion voice to HIV/AIDS awareness. 5. LEAH RAE The chance to meet Beyoncé’s stylist at a nightclub turned out to be just the big break lingerie designer Lleah Rae had been waiting for. Months later, Rae’s creations were used to promote the second single from the superstar’s 4 album. The brand of Beyoncé is strong and what she wears, people buy by the boatload. Look for Ms. Rae to be the captain of that ship! 6. EMILIO DE LA MORENA Recently featured in British Vogue, Emilio de la Morena describes his designs as “structural chic.” Each piece he creates exudes a level of sophistication that is seldom seen from new designers. His tailoring is impeccable and attention to detail is unmatched. Having already showcased his collection during London Fashion Week, the sky’s the limit for Morena. 7. COCO & BREEZY Identical twins yet boldly unique, Coco and Breezy are quickly cementing their position as the go-to designers for bold accessories— particularly edgy eyewear. Their shades have been worn by megastars including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Kelly Osbourne, Serena Williams and Nicki Minaj to name a few. Originally from Minnesota, this 20 year-old duo recently relocated to New York City and is set to take the world of accessories by storm.

8.ALEJANDRO INGELMO Working out of his Soho-based studio, Alejandro Ingelmo debuted his first collection of women’s shoes in 2006, and a year later, he launched a collection for the gents. The buzz? Each Ingelmo shoe features an architectural aesthetic that makes it stand out in a crowd, resulting in nominations for the Swarovski Award for Accessory Design plus numerous other accolades. 9.NIKE OYELAMI Ekineyo, designed by Nike Oyelami, is a Brooklyn-based indie fashion line known for its use of bright colors, body hugging silhouettes, and feminine details. The line has been featured on major fashion websites like The Fashion Bomb and spotted on the likes of Tika Sumpter, Elle Varner, Lola Monroe, Gloria Govan and The Game’s Raquel Robinson. The bold design aesthetic and fun, flirty pieces will solidy Oyelami a permanent position in the fashion scene. 10. JEN KAO Since her debut in 2008, Jen Kao proven that she is a forced to be reckoned with. When the models for the Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection graced the runway in lace, leather hi-tops, and intricate headpieces made of paper, the fashion world took notice. Since then, Kao has been a fashion magician with her creativity and more tricks are on the horizon! —WORDS BY BLAKE VON D

—WORDS BY: REESE HARLAN This summer, consumers looked on in awe as luxury watchmaker Hublot set the stage for statement accessories by giving the appropriately named White Hot Big Bang Hublot Chronograph watch to each member of the Miami Heat to celebrate their success as 2012 NBA Champions. Team executives, owners and players donned the custom watches emblazoned with the Miami Heat logo valued at close to an astounding $15,000 apiece. Although this pricey timepiece was custom designed especially for the Heat, this sporty specialty is just confirmation that white watches are the go-to statement accessory for the summer and into the fall. And since summer 2012 is all about bright retro-modern fashion and neon accents, white watches are the perfect way to add an extra pop of personality to any outfit.


For fashion forward consumers looking for a comparable option at a lower price, the Chanel J12 from Chanel’s signature White Collection is a unique watch that puts a conservative twist on a casual classic. Scratch resistant and waterproof with a 42-hour power reserve, this ceramic self-winding timepiece is great for work or recreation. With prices starting at $5000, the Chanel J12 is the perfect reward for the champion in you.

WATCH THIS: WHITE ON TIME And for those looking for a high-end watch with all the buzz at half the price, the ToyWatch is a hot item that has been showcased on the wrists of celebrities from Adele to Oprah. In fact, Sandra Bullock was one of the first celebs to debut the white ToyWatch Plasteramic (shown below) in her hit movie The Blind Side. Since then, ToyWatch models like the Monochrome and Metallic Chrono have become industry must-haves because of their sporty style, versatility and variety. From neon accents to Swarovski-studded faces and wristbands, ToyWatch’s customizable collection has been featured on Fashion Week catwalks from Milan to New York, and every neighborhood in between. Toywatch is available for $350.00 at Nordstrom so get it while it’s white hot. As always, J’Adore knows what time it is.


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‘If I like it, I am going to wear it. I don’t care that the bottoms of my shoes aren’t red and I don’t care what everyone else wears. I have my own personal style and I wear what I want.’


Discovered after responding to a Craigslist ad, Christa Graziano has been cast in more than a dozen music videos over the last three years. Her resume includes several Young Money videos, Birdman’s “Money to Blow”, Rick Ross’s “Here I Am,” and Mystikal’s newest video “Original.”


J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Model Citizen

Residing in Miami, Fl., where even trips to Wal-Mart are fashion shows, Christa is happy to admit she isn’t swayed by South Beach’s high-maintenance runway culture.

you see me on the streets and I’m all laid back and what not; it’s kind of contradicting. It’s like I have that life, but at the end of the day, I go back to being and doing me.”

“I’m a flip flop type of girl,” she says. “I’ll wear a pair of flip flops and some sweatpants and call it a day. I am very, very simple. It’s so funny for me to be a video model but then

Christa also maintains her individuality when it comes to her philosophy on following trends and brand loyalty, compared to most of the other models she works with.


“I don’t care what people think,” she explains. “If I like it, I am going to wear it. I don’t care that the bottoms of my shoes aren’t red and I don’t care what everyone else wears. I have my own personal style and I wear what I want.”


J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Model Citizen


‘You definitely have to put thought into what image you want to portray because people will associate that image with your personality and who you are.’

ON INTERVIEWING CELEBS FOR J’ADORE TV: “I loved it. It was the first time I’ve done interviews with anyone. I love talking to people and finding out their stories. I love the fact that I can really ask questions I want to know the answers to and discover what other people’s personalities are really like.” ON HER FASHION SENSE: “I don’t think I could describe my fashion sense in one particular style. I try different trends whether or not anyone else does. I’m a chameleon in a sense. Even when other people weren’t happy to see the return of Hammer pants, I didn’t mind. I think it’s all about taking different elements and making them your own.” HOW FASHION AND STYLE PLAYS INTO HER HAIRSTYLES: “I have one disadvantage with my hair: it’s so pin-straight! I can’t do as much as I’d want to. I do like to play with my hair color because I can’t style it much. I’m constantly changing the color. I once went to a salon for a formal. They used hairspray, gel and everything you can think of to get my hair curly, and all the curls dropped almost immediately.”


Already a top fashion store manager, Jennifer Ivanytski had the opportunity to take her love for impeccable clothing design and the celebrities who don them to the next level working with J’Adore Magazine. Discovered by Editor-In-Chief Jasana Alleyne, Jennifer’s talent was quickly put to use in this Fashion/Anniversary Issue. J’Adore put Jennifer, a slim and striking emerging model, to the test, flew her to New York, conducted her very first photo shoot and on-air interview gig! Hey, when we see talent, we reel it in! Here is Jennifer sharing her incredible experience.



J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Model Citizen

‘I genuinely love the fashion industry. I’d love to work with anyone who’d be open to working with me. Fashion is sincerely my passion in life and that’s what matters.’

WHY YOUR PERSONAL IMAGE COUNTS FOR YOUR PERSONAL BRAND: “I think you’re a brand. Your image is very important because it’s first impression. Our image is based on looks and many people don’t like that, but it’s what people see. You definitely have to put thought into what image you want to portray because people will associate that image with your personality and who you are.”

ON OTHER STARS SHE WOULD LOVE TO WORK WITH FOR HER NEXT SHOOT: “I genuinely love the fashion industry. I’d love to work with anyone who’d be open to working with me. Fashion is sincerely my passion in life – and that’s what matters.”


ON HOW TO HELP SOMEONE FIND THEIR STYLE: “First, you have to ask them, ‘What kind of look do you want to go for?’ You want to know what areas they don’t like about their body. You want to look at the colors and cuts they gravitate towards. You need to find out what kind of event they’re shopping for, and then build around those cues.”

J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Model Citizen When used properly, modeling can be one of two things: a full-fledged career or the gateway drug to a greater height. In the career of model Lisa Leggz, a transition is happening quite organically. She’s morphing from the runway and magazines, to an artist; from businesswoman to visionary. Currently signed with Ethnicity Models agency, Lisa is putting the art of business in the forefront of her life. Independent and driven, in Lisa’s world, it’s go time. Lisa’s story starts in Jamaica. Born to strict parents, Lisa learned the essence and necessity of hard work and discipline at a very young age. Lisa explains, “My mom is super strict. If it was not church related, I was not going. The militant upbringing makes me very disciplined.”


Into her adolescent years, Lisa’s family moved to South Florida, where she was eventually scouted by an agency that was making money off of the lack of knowledge aspiring talent had about the industry. The story is similar to most; the agency pushed for out-of-pocket costs to be handed over immediately, citing the funds were for photographers and portfolios. Ultimately, Lisa and her family walked away from the opportunity, but were not blinded by the lesson attached to it. From their first invaluable lesson in the modeling industry, Lisa learned the components needed to push herself to higher ground. This not only aided her in her own career, but also worked as a catalyst to her starting a business, Lease A Star. Lease A Star functions as a platform for artists to maximize their exposure as they build a name for themselves in the areas of modeling, artistry, and even publishing. It’s about bringing networks together to help bridge the gap between the established and the aspiring. These days, Lisa has taken a turn into the world of music. Normally, we see models standing beside or behind the artists, but not in this case. Here’s what Lisa says about the gears she shifted to take her to the next level.

J’ADORE: HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE AN ‘ARTIST’ IN THE SENSE OF WHERE YOU ARE AT THE MOMENT? LISA LEGGZ: I’ve been working on my music for four years—ever since I was thrown in the booth by Scott Storch. I played instruments and sang in the choir. I’m also a writer. I wrote a song and gave it to him. He didn’t want to read it. He wanted to hear it in the booth. That day changed my life. He taught me how to record that day. I got a full production. It felt so comfortable to me. WHAT ARE YOU MORE OF NOW, AN ARTIST OR A MODEL? An artist at this point. As an artist, it’s good that I know how to model. I can always pull on that skill. ‘Artist’ reflects me now as a woman; it’s what my vision is and what I want to achieve. It’s using my music as a platform to make a difference. ARE YOU LOOKING TO GO WITH A MAJOR LABEL OR INDEPENDENT? I am digital independent on iTunes for now. The music industry has changed. The people who have been winning are the independents. They have had bidding wars instead of running to the labels. It’s important for Lisa to introduce herself as herself when it comes to the music. There’s no intended album flooded with features. There’s no shade thrown to the modeling industry. I’m just a woman with a message and a platform to get it out. FOLLOW LISA LEGGZ ON TWITTER @LISALEGGZ AND MYSPACE AT




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J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Model Citizen


When “model” comes to mind, the brain has a tendency to default to the imagery of high fashion runway. Understandably so. Yet, there is a less popular genre the masses should know about within the industry: lifestyle modeling. These are the models in television commercials and ad campaigns who favor the everyday person. They are more realistic and personable because it’s not just about wearing an outfit; it’s about a full, realistic representation of a brand. New Jersey native, model and mother Joslynne Hood has found a way to excel in this genre, earn a living, and become highly sought by simply being her.

As adolescent phases hit, bodies take form, young ladies begin buying lipstick alongside their schoolbooks, and the idea of modeling becomes a fantasy for many. When Joslynne was first scouted at 16 years old, she had high hopes until the agency that showed interest in her proved to be a scam. Though the business relationship had to reroute, it played a crucial part in her life. For the first time, Joslynne knew what she wanted to do, and became focused enough to make it happen. Life as a commercial model gives a sense of flexibility that isn’t always afforded to high fashion models. Joslynne explains, “It’s only young when you only do runway. They start to groom you at age thirteen. In commercial lifestyle modeling, that goes up until you die. If they need people to model Depends diapers, I’m in this forever.”


—WORDS BY EVIEROBBIE IMAGES: Mark Sacro MAKE UP: Alex LaMarsh HAIR: Jaqui Davis WARDROBE: Betrice Benbow WHITE DRESSBY Joshua Casey BODY CHAIN BY DeVawn Accessories BLOUSE BY Fly Couture SKIRT BY Sergio Hudson JEWELRY BY


J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Model Citizen

‘It’s not that hard. Maybe it’s that hard when you’re a full timer, but I can have a day when I’m still with my daughter. Sometimes a week will go by and I’m extremely busy, but we have a great support system. My mom is there. Trinity also has a great father and his mom is there.’ After Joslynne approached her mother with the idea, it was agreed upon that her mother would put some money into modeling, but it was her responsibility to come up with the rest. Only three years of being a teen, Joslynne did what needed to be done in order to make the dream work; she got a job and it all paid off. As fate would have it, commercial modeling started for Joslynne during a pregnancy with her now two year-old daughter. After an abrupt split with the Philadelphia branch of the national modeling agency, Wilhelmina, it was clear Joslynne had to find a home that welcomed her changing lifestyle and the imminent new addition to her life. Luckily, she found refuge in Expecting Models. They achieved getting Joslynne work during her pregnancy, and left the option open to sign with them after her daughter was born. Even though the modeling world is all about an image, plus hustle and bustle, Joslynne has found comfort and structure in it. When asked how difficult it is to balance it all, she responds, “It’s not that hard. Maybe it’s that hard when you’re a full timer, but I can have a day when I’m still with my daughter. Sometimes a week will go by and I’m extremely busy, but we have a great support system. My mom is there. Trinity also has a great father and his mom is there.” Even at a such a young age, it doesn’t hurt that Joslynne’s little pride and joy has picked up an affinity for the business as well. “Trinity picks up cell phones and she knows how to find the camera,” Joslynne beams. “She’s always making faces and posing on her own. I work hard to keep her comp card up to date. She loves the attention. She’s all for it.” Currently, Joslynne can be spotted in various lifestyle modeling campaigns, as well as online mid-September for the new launch of her website, FOR BOOKINGS, YOU CAN REACH JOSLYNNE HOOD AT

—WORDS BY REESE HARLAN Keeping up with celebrity stylist George Kotsiopoulos is harder than trying to pronounce his name. (And for those of you that don’t know, it’s pronounced Kot-See-Ah-Puhl-Lus.) A man of many titles, Kotsiopoulos has been applauded for his work as a style editor at large for “Cardinal Courier Media” C Magazine, a stylist to the stars and fashion associate for The New York Times, but most people recognize him as the quirky fashion critic with the signature cackle on E! Entertainment TV’s hit show Fashion Police. Every week, George joins Fashion Police co-hosts Joan Rivers, Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne, to candidly dish on celebrity fierceness and fashion faux pas. J’Adore managed to catch up with George following his overbooked schedule of red carpet appearances and A-list celebrity styling at Fashion Week to talk about his personal fashion favorites, hear what it’s like to work with his quick-witted co-hosts, and his plans to stay relevant in a fickle industry. Voted by The Hollywood Reporter as one of The 25 Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood, George has become known for his eclectic mix of color and in-your-face fashion by using himself as a walking advertisement on and off screen. When it comes to his personal style, George admits that he gets paid to style himself and exaggerates his look to wow the viewers. He says while laughing heartily, “I style myself because honestly, they’re not going to find someone to style me better than me.”


J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Take Cover

‘I love styling and fashion, but I know it has a shelf life woman wants a 40-something year-old man telling th That’s why I’m working on a book and a clothing line.


e. What 23 year-old hem what to wear? .’

Hardly modest about his wardrobe choices, he makes a clear distinction between his on-the-job wear versus his everyday outfits; he’s also fearless when it comes to pushing the envelope or going under the radar. “On TV, I have to look a little over the top so it translates to the people watching. I might wear the nerdy 50’s look with some cut pants rolled up, a colorful H&M blazer and skinny tie, but off camera, I prefer to keep my look simple and conservative with combat boots, chinos and a loose t-shirt.”

George’s wardrobe is not the only thing that’s over the top. His review of celebrity style can be quite scathing, but it pales in comparison to his Fashion Police co-hosts who never seem to be at a loss for words when it comes to critiquing celebrities. He admits spending much of his time either laughing or wincing at Joan’s brash commentary, and thoroughly enjoys the camaraderie they share. In fact, he defends them fiercely and raves about his work experience to anyone who asks. “I absolutely love Kelly, Joan and Giuliana!” he gushes. “Joan is a blast and Giuliana is such a sweetheart. People talk about Kelly’s hair color, but she pushes the envelope and doesn’t want to be ‘traditionally pretty.’ She could easily do the whole Marilyn Monroe look, but Kelly does something different and it makes people talk about it.”


J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Take Cover


‘I style myself because honestly, they’re not going to find someone to style me better than me.’

It’s no surprise that George gravitates towards anything that keeps people talking. And although he plans to keep people talking, he wants to make the conversation more diverse than just solely fashion. When asked about his future plans, he says reflectively, “I love styling and fashion, but I know it has a shelf life. What 23 year-old woman wants a 40-something year-old man telling them what to wear? That’s why I’m working on a book and a clothing line.” But if anyone wants to know more about what’s next with Mr. Kotsiopoulos, mum’s the word. All he can say right now is, “It’s in the works and I can’t discuss it…but it’s going to be big.” Based on his accomplishments thus far, what’s not to doubt?

—WORDS BY REESE HARLAN IMAGES: Mark Sacro GROOMING: Nico Scegiel WARDROBE: George’s own STYLING: Mr Bradshaw

J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Take Cover


‘MAD’ ABOUT JANIE BRYANT —WORDS BY DENNIS MALCOLM BYRON Sets of eyes by the millions have been glued to televisions to watch the past five seasons of the consistently awardwinning AMC drama Mad Men to witness all of the sex scandals and cutthroat maneuvering the advertising firm Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce has in store in every episode. But while the lady magnet Don Draper ( Jon Hamm), curvaceous vixen Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks), and cunning Roger Sterling ( John Slattery) surely contribute to the show’s eminence, it’s the clothing created by the Emmy Award winning Costume Designer and Fashion Guru Janie Bryant that has Mad Men setting the new standard for style.

Already reaping accolades in the fashion industry for her ability to singlehandedly make the Old West one of the most fashionable eras of all time in HBO’s Original Series DEADWOOD, Bryant’s interpretation of “corporate chic” in Mad Men set during the 1960s, has made everyone from apparel giant Banana Republic to women’s undergarment producer Maidenform and even Downy recruit her expertise for the present and future. Originally a southern belle from Cleveland, Tennessee, the attractive and vibrant Bryant parlayed her education, inspiration from particularly classic films such as Gone With the Wind; experience living in New York and Paris; and revered designer John Scher’s tutelage to springboard her stellar career. Although constantly on the go, J’Adore caught up with Bryant in the Big Apple in-between designing clothing for her new brand that is set to launch in 2013. In an exclusive, one-on-one interview where she discusses everything from where she gets her fabrics to actors wanting to keep the clothes she designs, Bryant has a ball verbally stripping down to the bare essentials. J’ADORE: I see you are really rocking and rolling in the world of fashion thanks to especially your work in Mad Men. Working with Banana Republic, you have taken the 60s, jumped in a time machine, and has the people of today looking like Don Draper and his crew! JANIE BRYANT: Yeah, it’s something. I have designed two collections for the Banana Republic Mad Men Collection and they have both been very, very successful. I really love working with [Creative Director] Simon Kneen and Banana Republic; they’re great, and truly fans of my work and the show. It’s nice that the consumers have pieces inspired from the show, but they are still contemporary in the cuts and fabrics. YES, IT’S NOW COOL TO BE DRESSED UP, HAVE THE TAPER LEGGED SUITS, BE EXTRA CLEAN CUT, AND OVERALL SPORT THE MORE FITTED LOOK PARTICULARLY IN THE LAST FEW YEARS, SO IT CAN BE ARGUED THAT YOU HAVE REVOLUTIONIZED WHAT’S HIP IN FASHION. Oooh, I like it! I started a revolution! Can I use that? SURE!

IMAGES: Mark Sacro MAKEUP: Alex LaMarsh HAIR: Jacqui Davis WARDROBE: Betrice Benbow Wardrobe Assistant LOCATION:

Thanks! I think it’s very important to be educated on what looks great on your body and to be able to know if you want to look sharp or be casual. Particularly in the 1960s, men wanted to have that great tailored suit, skinny collars and lapels, narrow trousers…everything basically being permanent pressed. For women, it was all about being dressed up for virtually every occasion, be it the movies, dinner or even the grocery store. People in general just dressed up well, you know? In this contemporary lifestyle, it isn’t about dressing up all the time, but at least having that education of being able to do that.


J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Take Cover

NUDE STRAPLESS COCKTAIL DRESS: Indus Abau Ghanem CHAIN: EARRINGS: all things fabulous

OKAY, LET’S DISCUSS THE CHARACTERS. DON DRAPER IS ALWAYS SUAVE, BUT PEOPLE BETTER NOT SLEEP ON ROGER STERLING! THAT GENT WEARS SOME SERIOUS THREADS! (Laughing) Thank you! Yes, I am a fan of Roger Sterling and the actor John Slattery. He is one of the greats; he truly is. I love his three-piece suits—pretty much all of the suits he wears I custom make for him. When I first started designing for the show, to find vintage three-piece suits was very difficult and over time, pieces got lost or whatever, so I had to custom make a lot of what he wore since that was the Roger Sterling uniform. WELL THAT HAS TO BE A FUN CHALLENGE GETTING ALL OF YOUR CREATIVE BUTTONS PUSHED TO THE LIMIT... It really is. I wish I could custom design and build everything from scratch, but due to the sheer volume and cost, we can’t do that, but it’s good to still have my signature in the show. It’s also cool that John loves all of the attention to detail as well. OKAY, THESE ACTORS MUST WANT TO BRING SOME OF THESE CLOTHES HOME, RIGHT? IF I WAS JOHN, I WOULD WANT TO ROCK THAT SUIT OUTSIDE OF THE STUDIO AT LEAST ONCE! Ha! No, that is the gloriousness of acting and costume design. That suit is Roger Sterling, not John Slattery. John is jeans and a button-down shirt, you know? He is totally, like, relaxed. I mean, he has a great personal style, but it’s just part of getting into the character and making that transformation into the costume.

WHAT ABOUT YOUR OWN PERSONAL STYLE? Wow, personal style is a little bit romantic and a little bit with an edge. I love to be feminine, but I also like to mix it up with edgier pieces and accessories. I also really love vintage and might wear a vintage piece that may be the focus of what I am wearing with everything else modern. It is also a mood thing so I might be obsessed with a certain era and go from there; now it’s the 70s and maybe the opulence of the Baroque period. When I am working, it’s a t-shirt, heels and high heel boots. That’s my uniform, because my job is very active. If it’s going on the set, or running to the fabric store or a costume shop, I have to be able to move and be comfortable all of time. Just know it’s high heels all the time!

CONSIDERING THE WARDROBES OF MAD MEN’S ACTRESSES, WHOSE WOULD YOU, JANIE BRYANT, WEAR THE MOST AND WHOSE WOULD YOU NOT BE CAUGHT DEAD IN? Oh my God, this is the best question anyone has ever asked me! Let me see. I would wear Meagan Draper’s clothes. [Laughing]. I love how modern and cool she is. I love how she really represents the youthful, modern culture within the show. I always imagined her to have those French influences. She’s sophisticated, but still cool and groovy. That’s pretty close to how I portray my style. OKAY, AND THE ONE YOU WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT DEAD IN? PEGGY? Ummm…no, no. I love Peggy’s costumes. Maybe, um… Betty Draper’s clothes. I wouldn’t wear anything in her closet right now. AH! TOO FORMAL? Yes! OH, AND SHE IS ROCKING MUUMUUS NOW, RIGHT? I know, I know! You got it. Especially this past season. I mean, I love the costumes and practically designed everything she wore but I wouldn’t. No way. WELL SHE USED TO DRESS SO ELEGANT AND FORMAL, AND THEN, YOU KNOW, SHE FLIPPED THE SCRIPT THIS SEASON WITH THE WHOLE WEIGHT GAIN THING AND LOSING SELFCONFIDENCE. Yes, the story has changed and that is just another amazing thing about being the costume designer of Mad Men! There is the evolution of its characters and that is directly related to their costumes. Oh wait! Now that I think of it, I wouldn’t be caught in Lois Sadler’s costumes! Betty had some gorgeous pieces throughout all of her phases, but Lois—from the operating room to being a secretary—always had the ugliest costumes. Oh my gosh! OKAY, YOU ACED THAT QUESTION. Thank you! Whew! TO SEE ALL OF THE COSTUME DESIGN BRILLIANCE OF JANIE BRYANT, VISIT AND HER PERSONAL WEBSITE,


OKAY, YOU ALSO SHOW A LOT OF LOVE TO FULLER-FIGURED WOMEN AND MADE THEM EVEN MORE RADIANT ON TELEVISION. I MEAN, LOOK AT THE JOAN HARRIS CHARAXTER. SHE IS A SEX SYMBOL, ESPECIALLY WEARING THAT RED! I think that if I contributed in that way, then I am very happy about that. For me, working with Christina [Hendricks] and costume designing Joan, it’s such an amazing part of Mad Men. An hour glass shape is iconic to femininity and it was almost crazy to me that the hour glass figure went out of fashion. If women can embrace that more, pinch that waist in and rock their curves, there’s nothing better! It’s something to be proud of.



J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Take Cover



J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Take Cover





In 2008, Canada’s punk rock princess Avril Lavigne took her own advice and launched her clothing line, Abbey Dawn. Taking the fashion industry by the horns, Avril designed every article of the collection to mimic her own personal style. “Abbey Dawn is a direct reflection of who I am,” she says. “I always like to go for a rock n’ roll edge; I don’t like to be too clean because then I feel like a little doll. With Abbey Dawn and my personal style, I just like casual and comfortable while making some kind of a statement; something like a bold accessory, bold makeup or a bold hair. ”Avril continued, “I am also designing heels for Abbey Dawn; they will usually have some kind of loud design, a crazy skull or crazy spikes. It’s all about finding an item and making it loud and more rock ‘n’ roll.” Not one to succumb to the latest trends in fashion, Avril never worries about naysayers of her collection and overall approach to style. “I never really think about it,” she says. “I just do my thing; I don’t really think about what other people say. At this point in my life, I don’t really pay attention to it. Fashion is 100 percent another way to express who you are.”

‘Fashion is 100 percent another way to express who you are.’—Avril Lavigne

J’ADORE—The Style Issue—Take Cover While she candidly admits to a few mishaps in the past, Avril makes it clear that she has no real regrets about her prior fashion faux pas and encourages other young rock divas to do what makes them feel best. “Don’t be worried about what people think about your hair color, or your make up. You have to be comfortable with yourself. Once you find happiness within yourself, you will find so much more peace.”Unlike many stars who refuse to compliment others in the business in order keep the spotlight on themselves, Avril has no problem talking about her inspiration when it comes to fashion. In fact, she name drops fellow rocker Gwen Stefani on her knack for exuding style. “Gwen Stefani is cool,” Avril said. “She has a very unique style. She is a mom, but she doesn’t dress like your typical mom; it’s so rock ‘n’ roll! She just does her own thing and makes it work for her.” And while she loves the threads, Avril is not solely fashion-savvy; she’s shown some serious know-how in marketing as well. Instead of sticking to traditional retail marketing channels to promote Abbey Dawn’s Spring 2012 collection, she teamed with online fashion styling service JustFabulous to create an integrated digital marketing campaign. Outfitted with personality, the strategy included social media, a live acoustic performance at The Viper Room in West Hollywood, plus exclusive backstage videos. Lavigne and her camp targeted her massive following as well as the fi ve million-plus members of JustFabulous, with great results: 10,000 shoes and bags were sold during the media blitz. Currently, Avril’s just finished her record but isn’t rushing to put it out just yet. Her focus is currently on Abbey Dawn’s Spring 2013 design and working on her nonprofit foundation, which she recently founded.

“I got to work with the Make A Wish Foundation, which is something I really enjoy,” she noted. “However, I wanted to start my own foundation so that I could do more and take it to the next level. I started the Avril Lavigne Foundation, which focuses on young people with disabilities or serious illness. I partnered up with Easter SEALS. “ The foundations worked together to create several RockStar programs. “Recreational programs are usually the first things to get cut [during budget crises], so we do a lot of recreational and afterschool programs, most of which are related to music. We want kids to have fun, feel special and have a smile on their face. Also, with children’s hospitals, we’re developing an event for those, as well as online auctions and other fun stuff. We’re putting it together now.” For most celebrities, generosity stops when the tax breaks stop, but not with Avril. She dives headfirst into her charity work, and takes charge in every area of its development, much like she does with her bustling career. Does it ever get overwhelming?

“My message to my fans has been to believe in yourself,” she said. “I’ve had so many dreams and I always want to go to the next level. I’m a hard worker. My heart and my intuition allow me to be self-driven and rock out on my own.” Rock on. BE SURE TO VISIT AVRIL’S WEBSITE FOR HER FOUNDATION, AT


“Yes, but it all ties into me as a person and my music,” she answered. “Everything I do requires a lot of integration at once, but it’s about building a team and strategizing; it’s all a part of me and represents who I am. It’s exciting to have extra projects going outside of music that reflect who I am.”

Behind the overwhelming majority of successful people, there is either mentor or idol who has empowered them along the way. However, Avril’s fiercely independent personality has always led her to look within for the motivation to make her dreams come a reality.

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IN TRAVELING FASHION: HEIRPORT APPAREL From the cool college kids of Virginia State, to the gentlemen entrepreneurs, the men of Heirport Apparel have etched their own stylized hieroglyphic into the walls of fashion. Grassroots beginning. New York City push. Global scope. As the brand name insinuates, Heirport Apparel is a launch-pad line whose representation goes far beyond its logo on sweatshirts and tees, for both genders. It’s indicative of a lifestyle for those who look at hurdles and catapult over them, thus “taking flight.”


Travel has always been in the forefront of many members of the Heirport originators lives. Collectively, the men have traveled to more than a dozen countries, rocking the signature “H” logo on at least one article of clothing along their journeys. There’s also the obvious “Heirport” versus “airport” phonetics of the brand name. Photos can be seen of the clothes being adorned everywhere from Egypt to Panama, to the streets of New York City. This versatility and international appeal is what already has the grassroots style brand fl ying high above the rest. Trendsetters, tastemakers, world-travelers, innovators, and dreamers alike have the connective tissue that makes a brand like Heirport flourish. J’Adore had the chance to sit down with one of the Heiport owners, Dean MF, and get a deeper look into the history and vision of the line.

J’ADORE MAGAZINE: WHAT IS THE HEIRPORT MISSION STATEMENT? DEAN MF: Heirport Apparel is a lifestyle brand designed with those in mind who choose to live ‘Life on a Higher Plane.’ Using aircraft precision, we blend youthful energy with timeless appeal to inspire quality of life with our clothing. Creativity, authenticity, integrity and sophistication fuel our brand while remembering the responsibility of passing down these ideas to the next generation. Our mission is based on the adage, ‘To whom much is given much is expected.’ We were given a great deal in terms of talent and inspiration naturally and from our surroundings. It’s about realizing that talent and not wasting it, like Lorenzo told Calogero in [the movie] A Bronx Tale, ‘The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.’ HOW DID HEIRPORT ORIGINATE? The core of us met in college and grew close going through the growing pains of starting and running our own campus organization (F.A.A.M.). The idea to start an apparel line was inspired by our individual hobbies on and off campus, and paraphernalia we designed for ourselves in the process. We became popular for being stylish and in the know. As we grew beyond college, we felt that the same magic, our combined

talent—or ‘Mastermind Group’ as Napoleon Hill would call it—could make even more of an impression on the world. WHO SHOULD BE WEARING IT? Any and every one who can identify with the lifestyle we represent should be wearing Heirport. We pride ourselves on being diverse and representing every walk of life. From rags to riches, hanger to hangar, coast to coast. WHAT ROLE DOES TRAVEL PLAY INTO HEIRPORT? Travel is one of the many influences and focal points of the members of our group. It has become the basis of a number of our designs lately because of recent travels and influences.

89 It also goes hand-in-hand with our goal of becoming world-renowned, and establishing a presence from the ground up—no pun intended. Wherever we are, or end up, we like to remain worldly, having a wide-ranging perspective, and being able to adapt to any situation. In one way or another, travel adds quality to our lives and to our style. Life plus style equals lifestyle. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HEIRPORT APPAREL, VISIT THEIR SITE AT —WORDS BY EVIEROBBIE


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‘I want to have people physically touch the product before the purchase. People got so caught up with the Internet. I want to build a whole new fan base with this collection.’


—WORDS BY EVIEROBBIE Genius many times stems from a place of unknowing. An idea produces itself seemingly out of thin air. As it blossoms, the vision matures and the genius is recognized. Thus goes the story of the evolution of Stevie Boi. Currently reigning as one of the fashion industry’s top accessory designers specializing in eyewear, Stevie catapulted what could have been a MySpace fluke into a conscious business move. Segueing from music into fashion, online into film, and clothing into accessories, he’s a fashion gentleman caller for the more assertive celebrities. The story of Stevie Boi begins with a wideeyed creative child, born to what some would characterize as a close-minded, military-type family which only made the need deeper for the pendulum to shift towards self-expression. “I literally spent those three years from 18 to whenever trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life,” Stevie explains. Moving out during his first official year of adulthood was the push that he needed to put his dreams first, leading him to a number of celebrity friends. One of them was Stephanie, better known to the world as Lady Gaga.

In essence, although it was music that got Stevie his first bit of notable public attention, photography is something that he admits to always having an affinity for. This art form is what prompted him into modeling and building relationships within the fashion industry. Unbeknownst at the time, it would also be the catalyst that moved him away from T-Shirt designing and into eyewear. “It almost became like I was a mini Andy Warhol,” Stevie reflects. “I started putting my hand in many different pots. I like the clothing, but I wanted something more architectural. Not even clothes. Just things you wear on your body. Like, why are you wearing a statue on your body? It went to eyewear.” He adds, “I just remember always taking pictures of my face because you can only hold a camera so far away from your body. So, I started to decorate my upper body region. I was really inspired by the sunglasses and it was just something that popped into my head.” Stevie continues on with his collection which can be seen on everyone from celebrity Amber Rose to Japan Vogue’s own Ana Delarosa, and, of course, Lady Gaga. His newest installation

is called 54. He explains, “54 is inspired by Studio 54, the 70s and 80s. I was looking at a Grace Jones photo and she is having way too much fucking fun. I’m just really going to use her as inspiration.” And he did. When asked to describe the collection, Stevie states, “A lot of glitter is involved. Record headpieces. Motion activated lights on headpieces. Lots of sequin.” It sounds like a spectacle and that’s precisely what he wants. Stevie is eager to re-bridge his brand of products with the consumer on a one-to-one basis. “I want to have people physically touch the product before the purchase. People got so caught up with the Internet. I want to build a whole new fan base with this collection,” he confirms. With the inspiration of Grace Jones and world-renowned photographer David LaChapelle on his side, Stevie is well-equipped with the creative prowess to continue above and beyond just eyewear. Looking through his eyes, the sky’s the limit.


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As someone who has traveled the world and went from farmer’s little girl from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to star-filled sets, Shea Curry simply feels lucky to be introduced to something that has changed her life. J’Adore caught up with the talented designer of Shameless Jewelry and new reality TV star of Lifetime’s Project Accessory. Although she was eliminated after episode 5, Shea’s jewelry can be seen flaunted by celebrities and in upcoming movies, including the current one she is featured in, New Years’ Eve. Shea has made it her mission to inspire women everywhere, and remind them of their inner beauty and outer flare. Read why.

WHY JEWELRY? I have always been creative. I remember as a kid, my mom would send me to my room for my daily nap and I would be inside quietly weaving ribbon into clip barrettes or retooling old jewelry pieces for my dolls. Let’s just say, naptime was playtime for Shea.

WELED —WORDS BY LAURA TURNER IMAGES: Mark Sacro MAKE UP: Paloma Alcantar HAIR: Joyce Castaneda WARDROBE: Betrice Benbow WARDROBE ASST: Juliet Vo

WHAT DON’T YOU LIKE ABOUT BEING ON TV? I absolutely love acting. I especially love playing the ‘bad girl’ roles. There’s something about getting into the psyche of those characters that is so thrilling. But being you on reality TV is a whole other ball game. You have no say in how they edit you. So one moment, comment, or situation could be taken out of context, leaving you a bit frustrated come airtime. But I’ve watched enough reality TV to know what I was getting in to. WHAT ARE THE UPS AND DOWNS TO BEING ON REALITY TV? Well, here’s the thing, if you try and play the overly sweet person wanting everyone to like you, no one will. So you just have to be yourself.  I think people can tell when you try to be someone you are not. And I’ll admit, I can be a total dork! I really don’t take myself too seriously. You can’t control how they are going to edit you, so you have to let it go. But the huge upside has been the brand awareness and free press for Shameless Jewelry. The Sweetheart/Bitch necklace I wear in the first episode has been selling like crazy on my website.

AS A CONTESTANT ON PROJECT ACCESSORY, WHAT’S IT LIKE HAVING THE PRESSURE AND A MILLION EYES AROUND THE WORLD WATCHING YOU? It was very stressful at first. I mean, when it comes to design, I don’t know one designer that makes a design and then sticks with it. Usually there are changes to be made once the process starts. Or in my case, since I hand–cast all pieces, there are sometimes production issues that you absolutely have to change the design for. So to have a time limit is not realistic in the business aspect of design. Sure, you have deadlines, but I spend months designing and tweaking my collections before I show them, making sure they are exactly what I want and capable of mass production. Knowing that millions of people are watching you on reality TV was definitely


J’ADORE: WHAT IS YOUR INSPIRATION FOR EACH COLLECTION OF JEWELRY? SHEA CURRY: Shameless Jewelry currently has three collections and each collection title is a double entendre; the Naughty/ Nice Collection, which was inspired by all my strong female friends. I absolutely love strong women. The Animal Attraction Collection was inspired by nature’s sexual energy and my own! And my latest collection, which I designed after I came back from shooting Project Accessory, is called Twisted Love. This collection is very personal and based on my own love life. I think we all have a twisted love story.

more stressful than having millions of people watch my acting. With acting, I have a script and I play a role and read their lines. With reality TV, it’s me being me. I worried about my cursing on TV more than anything! I can have quite a potty mouth!

WHAT DO WE MISS OUT ON THAT DOESN’T NECESSARILY AIR? Um… A lot! I am technically not allowed to really answer this question., but here’s something I can say: I made breakfast for my roommates every morning. That’s the southern girl in me. Oh, and I sang a lot of show tunes while I worked. Told you I was a dork! WOULD YOU DO IT AGAIN? Absolutely! What an amazing experience! I met some incredible friends for life. James, the shoe guy on the show, made my shoes for the premiere of my film, New Year’s Eve, which I’m excited to say is my fourth Garry Marshall film. And it was on my first Garry Marshall film, Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement, that I first started hand-making jewelry in my trailer. It all comes full circle!


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World-renowned African-American designer Kenneth “KAS” Flanagan is determined to not let the money and politics in high-end fashion wear him down. There were two men who mentored multiaward-winning fashion designer Kenneth “KAS” Flanagan: Stephen Burrows and Yves Saint Laurent. Although the two couturiers were contemporaries, it is the French brand that gets name-checked by rappers from Lil’ Kim and Kanye to Tyga and Diggy, not the Harlem-born, AfricanAmerican that has adorned public figures from Miles Davis to Michelle Obama. This truth indicates just how much the U.S. fashion industry has been influenced by European designs, and how oft forgotten African-American contributions are. Beyond merely picking cotton, many African slaves, who, ironically, were brought to the U.S. naked, were tasked with creating European-style “couture”— hand-crafted, custom-made garments — for slave owners and themselves. The skills were so sought out that some, when freed, found financial success as designers, and people flocked to metropolises like New Orleans for fashion made in African-America. One woman,

Elizabeth Keckley actually purchased her freedom from her earnings as a seamstress, moved to D.C., and became the exclusive dressmaker for First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln. Still, legacy building to the likes of an Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, or Valentino fashion house takes tremendous effort, especially for African-Americans. Reports, out of the 127 designers showcased this past February at the industry’s preeminent event, New York Fashion Week, only two were African-American—B. Michael and Tracy Reese. “[For] the average person to get in the [Fashion Week] tent, you’re going to need at least $80,000,” KAS explained regarding the expenses that keep many African-Americans out of the mainstream. For KAS, he had to work as a paralegal and criminal investigator for 15 years to fund his design dreams. The awards he won in international design competitions helped him to get sponsorships; he’s showed at Fashion Week three times in previous years. But, it’s not only financial barriers. When he made history as the first African-American male to sell at SAKS Fifth Avenue, AfricanAmerican patronage of the high-end department store went up 63 percent and

his collection sold out in 45 days. “Why am I not still in there?” he asked. “I think it’s more political.”



Regardless, KAS refuses to be bound. The philosophy he uses for his “timeless, clean, sexy, fashion-forward” clothes is a synthesis of what Saint Laurent and Burrows taught him: “Don’t make clothes to make money, make clothes to change lives,” and “Stop worrying about what you see around and worry about what you can do to change it.” He now has five lines including a plus-size collection and one he’s designing with his daughters; and he has his own store at the ritzy National Harbor. “There’s so many designers out here that people haven’t even heard of that make incredible clothes,” KAS informed. He plans to use the Internet to showcase his lines and urges consumers to do the same when looking for clothes to purchase. “My whole thing is, don’t get stuck on the label, get stuck on the quality and the style.” FOR MORE INFORMATION ON KAS AND HIS LINES, VISIT


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Alan Luxmore’s ‘Fix This Yard’ Renovates Reality TV

According to Alan, being the charismatic host is as difficult as managing huge projects. “Being a host is harder than it looks, but working with Amy [Devers] makes it easier,” he admits. “It’s great because I’ve grown to respect her more over the past three seasons. As a carpenter, I respect that she knows her way around when it comes to production. But on the other hand, we have our opinions and sometimes we might disagree from a designer versus project manager position. We don’t always see eye to eye and that comes across on screen.”


While most people may recognize Alan from features on mega makeover shows like EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION and the ABC spinoff MAKEOVER HOME EDITION – HOW’D THEY DO THAT, few realize that he is an extremely skilled carpenter and project manager who had an integral part in EXTREME MAKEOVER’S Emmy win for “Outstanding Reality Program” in 2005 and 2006. While viewers were tuned in for the emotional unveiling the new house, he was busy behind the scenes overseeing everything from the moment the backhoe hit the old house, until the locks were installed on the new one. In fact, Alan’s success building a new home in less than 100 hours is arguably the fastest build time in television history. In between setting records and supporting Emmy award-winning shows, Alan joins his co-host Amy Devers (whom many may recognize from the hit show TRADING SPACES), to find unhappy neighbors to star in his hit show. After disgruntled neighbors point out the landscaping eyesore next door, Alan’s team swoops in to add curb appeal to unsightly properties. Unlike the myriad of renovation and makeover shows he has supported in the past (HGTV’s THE OUTDOOR ROOM, CMT’s MOBILE HOME DISASTER, and TNT’s WEDDING DAY to name a few), Alan’s involvement in Fix This Yard is a personal and professional accomplishment that has given him a unique opportunity to move from behind the scenes to front and center stage.

Cast dynamics aren’t the only things that keep this show spicy. Since the first season, viewers have flooded the Internet with speculation about Alan’s rugged looks and relationship status. Seemingly surprised by fans referring to him as a “smoldering hunk,” he takes the compliments in stride and although he admits having “someone special” in his life, he remains elusive about whom that is and what that means. Although Alan may be a man of few words when it comes to his personal life, he is optimistically vocal about his future endeavors. In addition to working on future seasons of FIX MY YARD and pitching new renovation shows to A&E, he works on smaller projects in his spare time and encourages homeowners to stay positive, no matter how negative the outlook may appear. So what piece of advice does Alan have for homeowners in an unstable market? Alan says the best thing they can do in a downtrodden market is to stay positive and diligent. He says, “There are always things that people can do to increase their property despite a declining property market. In tough times, it’s a good time to make sensible renovations because you get quality items and services cheaper due to lower demand. The market will turn and history repeats itself, but landscaping is a great way to increase the value of the property and improve chances of selling property.” We can dig it. To get more home renovation tips and check out bonus episodes of Alan in action, go to or tune in on Saturdays.


In the ever-growing mix of cable reality shows, it has become increasingly difficult to find a captivating show that doesn’t rely on sensationalized camera tricks, space swaps and concocted conflicts to reel in unsuspecting viewers. Fortunately, for do-it-yourselfers who prefer substance over spectacle, A&E has revived a third season of the hit show FIX THIS YARD, starring Alan Luxmore as the captivating host who successfully combines real-life results with much needed makeovers.

And it’s that unpredictable relationship that adds the extra spice to the reality renovation show.

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—WORDS BY CHRISTINA JETER Fashion mogul Man-E Jay established his career after he recovered from Leukemia. His family and friends never left his side, while his mother quit her job to care for him. It was this support, as well as his fighting spirit that helped him overcome the life-threating disease. “I was like, okay, I have what and how do I get rid of it?” questioned Man-E Jay when he heard the news. Determination was important in taking control of his disease as well as his career in fashion. He said, “I want to show people the dedication it takes to pursue a dream, the understanding it takes to reach out to someone who can take your life to the next level, and the success you achieve whether you get a yes or no.” The rising stylist from the small town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Man-E Jay now resides in Los Angeles after developing his career in New York City. His life is undoubtedly on the path to keep growing, as this risk taker makes it a point to break the rules of fashion with his righteously titled T-shirt line, Misfit (Stylish Edition). Man-E Jay’s past clients include Oxygen network reality star, Judi Jai from BAD GIRLS CLUB SEASON 7: NEW ORLEANS; Lady Gaga eyewear designers; and Coco and Breezy to name a few. With so many accomplishments already on Man-E Jay’s resume, there is only one goal left that he strives to pursue: “inspiring people with my perseverance and you-can-do-it attitude.” FOR MORE INFORMATION ON MAN-E JAY, VISIT HIS WEBSITE AT WWW.MANE-J.COM.




L.A. COMPLEX star Benjamin Watson is all about comfort when he isn’t on the set filming. Playing the CW hit show’s controversial “Tariq,” an aspiring hip-hop producer struggling with his career and sexual identity, the Jamaican-born Canadian star didn’t hold back when discussing his practical take on fashion and his love for Wal-Mart. “I love Wal-Mart,” Benjamin disclosed. “People are surprised when I say I shop there, but there is nothing wrong with Wal-Mart.” And his steez? “It’s a pair of sweats, a T-shirt and a pair of socks.I don’t like to dress up at all. I’m a dude at the end of day, so I can just keep it simple and be good.” If there was a fashion fad he wished the world would get rid of, Benjamin emphasized how he is sick to the stomach of sagging pants. “One trend I wish would go away completely is the sagging trend. Women don’t like that. Women like a man in a nice pair of fitted jeans.” Taking a second, he clarified, “Fitted, not skinny jeans.”



J’ADORE—The Style Issue—EntertainMEnt


—WORDS BY: DENNIS MALCOLM BYRON Power Attorney LeRon E. Rogers launches law service to protect celebrities, athletes, and ballers in times of crisis 24-hours a day.

‘I developed Esq.365 with a simple goal in mind: to help my clients protect the livelihood they’ve worked so hard to create.’—LeRon E. Rogers, Esq.365 potentially costly. Ultimately, the goal is to minimize risk and handle matters privately. That’s another reason why ESQ.356 was created. I don’t give much free advice, but this one is on the house: Many people don’t understand that calls to an agent, a publicist, or even parents and family members are not protected and may cause damage if divulged in court proceedings. Conversations with legal counsel are protected by attorney-client privilege, so your first call should be to your attorney!

J’ADORE MAGAZINE: WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START ESQ.365? LERON E. ROGERS: I developed Esq.365 with a simple goal in mind: to help my clients protect the livelihood they’ve worked so hard to create. After many years representing top business execs, athletes and entertainers, I realized that there was a need in the market. Highly publicized situations, like the Tiger Woods debacle, may be an anomaly, but they also prove that one seemingly small incident— even if no fault of his/her own— can quickly become a threat. Compounded by the omnipresence of smart phones and today’s 24-hour news cycle, Esq.365 was created to legally protect my client’s assets.

WHAT IS THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE FOR HAVING THIS SERVICE? I call ESQ.365 ‘Your best line of defense’ for obvious reasons. I’m a huge basketball ball fan and know that even slower, weaker teams can gain an advantage if they have a strong defensive strategy. It has less to do with speed and quickness, than anticipation. ESQ.365 is about managing the unexpected. No one can predict a crisis, but you can minimize its potential impact by establishing a plan. Most celebrities who suffer fallout from a crisis did not have a plan in place. Have a plan, work the plan, and have a backup plan, too. That’s where we come in.

WHAT PROFESSIONS WOULD BE THE PRIME MARKET FOR THIS SERVICE? ESQ.365 is ideal for businesses, athletes, entertainers, and high networth individuals. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE MOST FREQUENT LAW ISSUES THAT SURFACE? As a partner at Lewis Brisbois, we see all types of legal issues. The ESQ.365 private service is ideal for a variety of high profile situations arising from business disputes, investment and business deals gone awry, as well as managing a public crisis on behalf of a business or celebrity conscious of its public image.

WHAT DOES THIS SERVICE COST AND HOW CAN PEOPLE SIGN UP? I always encourage clients to think in terms of risk. Most often, it is considerably less expensive to be proactive in a crisis situation than to play catch up after it is out of control. Clients will retain the firm to be ‘in-pocket’ if there is a need. 24/7/365 we will always be on call and available to assist, regardless of location or the type of legal matter at hand.

WHAT IS IT THAT WE DON’T KNOW OR IS THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION REGARDING MANAGING A PUBLIC CRISIS FOR A BUSINESS OR CELEBRITY? IS THERE ONLY ONE CALL? WHO SHOULD YOU CALL FIRST? ETC. The reality remains that no one can predict a crisis. It can arise at the most unexpected time and involve the unlikeliest of circumstances, but the consequences are always very similar: stressful, time consuming and



There is no doubt legal adversity tries to find everyone from the most celebrated rappers to major corporations and star athletes, but how prepared are they to deal with it? Atlanta-based power attorney LeRon E. Rogers is no stranger to working with the world’s elite, and found the need to establish a 24-hour private legal concierge service called ESQ.365 that will immediately provide the most effective counsel. Partnering with Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP, every base is covered. In an exclusive interview, Rogers breaks down exactly what ESQ.365 provides and why it is so necessary.

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As we all know, celebrities are key in influencing what’s deemed hot, especially when it comes to fashion. Since J’Adore always shows love to all those who are fl y in the entertainment industry, we did a little shopping with burgeoning female MC Gloss Da Boss and Maybach Music, as well as Hoodrich CEO DJ Scream, two innovators who are known to go the extra mile when they brandish the latest in footwear, clothing, and all of the accessories that come with them.

MC Gloss Da Boss Coming out of Atlanta, GA, Gloss, 22, breaks down her shopping mentality when it comes to… FAVORITE CITIES TO SHOP IN AND WHY… I would probably have to say NYC because that is a city that I visit often and have loved to shop there ever since I was a young girl. I guess it’s because New York City has some amazing and great boutiques and major department stores that are not in Atlanta.


FAVORITE STORES… Well I am always working so I do a lot of online shopping. Sometimes I shop at stores like Zara and Forever 21 for trendy pieces, but for my classic pieces I am a Neiman Marcus/Bergdorf gal.

WHAT SHE BUYS THE MOST… I splurge on handbags and I also buy good make up brushes. My mom always had a thing for handbags and she actually showed me how there are many bags that have increased in value so I consider them investments. I call it Glossy Glam because I am young, so my style is flirty and fun but I incorporate classic pieces into my looks. ON BEING A BARGAIN HUNTER OR PAYING THE FULL PRICE… I am definitely a bargain hunter when at all possible. I know that certain brands like LV or the Chanel Classics never go on sale, therefore I know I have to pay full price and I do not mind. Anything else has to be a bargain. I hate to think that I paid full price for an item that I could have saved money on. That almost makes me feel like I’m a sucker! (Laughing.)

WHAT HER FASHION PHILOSOPHY IS…Dress for yourself and no one else. Also, do what feels right. There are no rules anymore. Wear what makes you feel good.

WHAT HER FAVORITE BRANDS ARE… My favorite brands are Chanel, Balenciaga, Alice and Olivia, Elizabeth and James.



FAVORITE STORES… When I want to go high-end, I definitely enjoy shopping at Saks [Fifth Avenue]. They always have some great quality stuff. I shop at Bally a lot, but I can be a Foot Action and Foot Locker person when it comes to sneakers. Gucci is cool too. H&M, American Apparel and Urban Outfitters are cool for day-to-day active wear. WHAT HE BUYS THE MOST… I spend the most on hats; I have a hat fetish. I have a collection of so many, I probably got enough to fill up a whole bedroom. When you’re dressing—at least for me—the shirt and shoe combo is pretty simple if you are just trying to match that up, but trying to make the hat come together with everything is always the most difficult part. I buy hats every week. Usually there’s not a week that goes by that I don’t buy a hat. I’m an avid collector of snap backs; New Era, Mitchell & Ness and all that. I buy a lot of limited edition hats too. ON BEING A BARGAIN HUNTER OR PAYING THE FULL PRICE… I don’t really hunt bargains, but if it’s a Fourth of July sale, Memorial Day sale, or I see a big sign that says ‘everything’s on sale,’ then of course I will check it out and try to save a few bucks. But for the most part, if it’s to that point where you need something or you got to buy that one item to make that outfit pop per se, then you just gotta do what you gotta do!


WHAT HIS FAVORITE BRANDS ARE… Definitely Bally, Polo is classic, and Gucci. I go with Adidas and Nikes when it comes to kicks outside of Bally. A big reason why I buy Bally as opposed to Gucci and Louis Vuitton when it comes to shoes is because they’re just more comfortable for me. With me being a size 13, just because the shoe is dope or looks dope, doesn’t mean it will be comfortable for me. Clothes? Abercrombie can be dope. When it comes to jeans, I like Seven and Tru Religions are cool.

DJ Scream Whether it’s at a packed concert paying one of Maybach Music’s numerous hits, or banging out his own hit single “Hoodrich Anthem” on XM Radio, DJ Scream makes sure he stays on point with the gear. Here’s what he says regarding… FAVORITE CITIES TO SHOP IN AND WHY… Definitely New York because you get an advance in the fashion; you usually get some exclusive stuff that you don’t find in other cities. I think Miami is the best place to buy shades because they always have styles I’ve never seen before and probably will never see again. Atlanta has some dope shopping, too!

DOS AND DON’TS… No skinny jeans and no Tommy Hilfiger. I like shades; they’re important. I like the Gucci frames, Marc Jacobs has some cool frames, too. I always like watches, rosary necklaces with black onyx stones and other variations; I wear those a lot. I’m not really into bracelets. I like cool belts, Gucci, Polo belts or any other cool ones. WHAT HIS FASHION PHILOSOPHY IS… It’s cool to look fl y, but for me it’s a comfort situation. I’m pretty laid back. I do a lot of earth tone colors it’s just my own flavor but at the same time I can be versatile and get colorful with my outfits or If I got to get more dressy I can do the button ups. But for the most part I’m conservative but versatile. TO STAY UP TO DATE WITH DJ SCREAM, GO TO: and on Twitter @DJScream




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DEAR MR. WARHOL When we think about creative geniuses that helped paved the way for many aspiring visual artists, Andy Warhol stands out not only for his impeccable talent, but also for his instrumental role in the Pop Art movement that took the world by storm in the 1960’s and has remained extremely popular and relevant. For this, we tribute Andy Warhol with our very own Warhol-inspired pop art images—Thank you Mr. Warhol.


J’ADORE—The Style Issue—EntertainMEnt

When people think African fashion or African music, I’d like for my face to pop in their head. When you think style icon, I’d like to be right up there.



In that same year, Lira became the first person from her country to have a music video aired on an American music television station when VH1 featured her for the track “Feel Good,” which debuted on the soundtrack for the hit TV show, Girlfriends. Aside from shining in the entertainment industry, the gorgeous muse plans to conquer the fashion world with a philosophy developed over time that encourages independent thinking and a lot of self-confidence. “I just got comfortable with everything that I liked,” Lira explained. “I didn’t wait for anyone to approve and I think this is one of best things that you can do as a woman. Just find things that make you feel good in your skin; anything that makes you incredibly attractive and anything that you wear will look great.”

songwriter, Lira, was asked to describe herself, she replied, “I consider myself as somebody who represents possibility. I am always pushing the bar and I always want to do what was thought to be previously impossible. That excites me because I feel like I am building a legacy that is beyond just me and the music.”

Lira proudly infuses Afrocentric style to her wardrobe on every occasion, even if it’s by wearing a small bracelet. She credits Grammy Award winner and legendary South African songstress Miriam Makeba as not only a style icon, but an inspiration in dressing with African pride also. “Miriam Makeba made African fashion acceptable everywhere around the world,” Lira reflected. “She made me feel like it was okay to dress how I feel most comfortable. I also love Josephine Baker. I have a very small frame, so that whole 60’s vibe seems to work well.”

Besides all of her accolades including being named Glamour Magazine South Africa’s 2008 Woman of The Year, Lira has managed to capture hearts globally and break stereotypes of the Motherland’s culture globally.

Considering her life’s major goals, Lira concluded, “When people think African fashion or African music, I’d like for my face to pop in their head. When you think style icon, I’d like to be right up there.”

WHEN South African beauty, award-winning singer and





The funky vibraphonist, crooner and songwriter ROY AYERS is one of the most sampled musicians in history thanks to his virtually endless list of seminal hits including “Everybody Loves the Sunshine,” “Searching,” and “Running Away.” Ayers, a Los Angeles, Ca. native who is now a youthful 71, has received such a tremendous amount of love from the most celebrated rappers and crooners, and performers due to his groovy, head-nod-inducing compositions, even multi-platinum artist ERYKAH BADU christened him the “King of Neo-soul.” In an exclusive interview, Ayers discusses being “remixed” by everyone from MARY J. BLIGE to A TRIBE CALLED QUEST, hip-hop, the most dynamic artist he has ever worked with, and his funky sense of fashion he has brandished on album covers since the 70s. After all, this is the Fashion Issue, right? YOUR MUSIC IS AGELESS WHICH EXPLAINS WHY YOU ARE SAMPLED SO MUCH. SOME HATE TO BE SAMPLED AND GIVE CLEARANCES A HARD TIME, BUT YOU EMBRACE IT. TALK ABOUT THAT. Oh man, I have a good time with Hip-Hop artists. Then there is GURU who I toured with before he passed away, along with DONALD BYRD who joined us. That was a great time. There are so many rappers who have worked on my tracks. I have been sampled more than any other artist in the music business, so I have to! There’s at least 42 hits with my samples. I asked Q-TIP why they like to sample me and he simply said it was the sound. It’s something when people hear their raps over my music. It doesn’t bother me at all; it is a compliment. The most sampled song is ‘Everybody Loves the Sunshine’ I think. THERE ARE SO MANY I COULD NAME OFF THE TOP, LIKE ED O.G., A TRIBE CALLED QUEST, DIGABLE PLANETS, X-CLAN, BRAND NUBIAN… IN FACT, YOU ACTUALLY PLAYED ON A GREAT TRACK WITH TALIB KWELI AND KANYE WEST. Yep! Working with TALIB KWELI was also very good, recording that track ‘In the Mood.’ I played the vibes over his lyrics on a separate track and that’s called overdubbing. I though his style was very unique and creative. Hip-Hop is getting stronger and stronger. In fact, I might have to add a little more of that hip-hop flavor to my music! JUST SO YOU KEEP YOUR ELEMENT SOLID! Oh yeah, I will still keep the same element! THE COOL THING I NOTICED IS HOW VIRTUALLY EVERY SONG IS ON A POSITIVE NOTE, DELIVERING AN UPLIFTING MESSAGE. YOU ARE THE REASON FOR THAT. Wow, that’s something…and very true, actually! Thank you very much. I try to keep everything positive. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SONG THAT SAMPLED YOUR MUSIC? Hmmmm… MARY J. BLIGE’S ‘My Life.’ Yep. WHAT ABOUT BEING CROWNED THE ‘GODFATHER OF NEO-SOUL BY ONE OF THE BEST TO EVER DO IT? (Laughing) Yes, the ‘Godfather’ name was given to me by ERYKAH [BADU] in the studio while she was recording. With microphones all around her head, she paused and told me that I was the ‘Godfather of Neo-soul.’ I thought about that and said I never heard of ‘Neo-soul.’ She said that it’s just my sound and so many people have embraced it like … I just said, ‘Oh wow!’

he was using [drugs] and when he wasn’t, it was like night and day. He was so polite sometimes… the perfect gentlemen. He was the most wonderful host and brought people together. He was special. A lot of people don’t know that he is a wonderful guy. OKAY, LET’S EMBRACE THE THEME OF THIS ISSUE: FASHION. YOU HAD A FEW ALBUM COVERS THAT EXHIBITED YOUR ECCENTRIC TASTE IN CLOTHES ESPECIALLY IN THE 70S. LET’S GO OVER A FEW OF YOUR THREADS, STARTING WITH THE OUTFIT ON THE LET’S DO IT COVER. [Laughing]. Aww man, you remember that, huh? Yeah, I was just wild. Man, I can wear anything. Sometimes it was simple like the yellow T-shirt on the Ubiquity cover. I just was tossing lemons up and down and wearing that t-shirt to reflect sunshine. It’s my personality. I also wore a lot of things that was influenced from my time in Africa like Nigeria and when I was hanging with Fela Kuti; I loved robes. I just wore things that were wild so that people would say, Where did he get that from? SO WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU? I am ready to release one of the best albums I have ever worked on. It’s going to be one of the best I ever done, and it will be a spoken word album. It will be all about life. That’s what it’s all about.

YOU HAVE OBVIOUSLY WORKED WITH SOME OF THE GREATEST ARTISTS TO EVER RECORD. WHO REALLY HAD AN EFFECT ON YOU? RICK JAMES was a very flamboyant man, and extremely creative. He would just do anything and say anything spontaneously. He was also kind of dangerous because he got pretty high off of drugs and could be very rude at times. It wasn’t intentional but he would say anything when in that state, but he was a great, creative artist, man, and I was very impressed with his work. He was just amazing.

WHAT DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO THINK WHEN YOUR NAME COMES TO MIND? Ahhh. The music man. I love just being a man about music,having a good time, and just letting things flow. Life is a party. That is the way we should make it.

WAS THAT DAVE CHAPPELLE SKIT ACCURATE ON RICK JAMES? That was funny and yes, it was pretty accurate [laughing]. But when you say somebody is ‘out to lunch,’ that was Rick James. But you know, when



The ‘Godfather of NEO-SOUL’ talks about being sampled, ‘Sunshine’, Rick James, and fashion.

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THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE Have you ever wanted to know what goes on in creating a magazine, the trials and tribulations of the editors, writers, photographers and the head honchos in charge? This documentary, capturing moments of fashion history with the creating of the September issue of Vogue Magazine, you’ll see the illustrious Anna Wintour, Editor In Chief of Vogue, along with the other editors, crafting the legendary issue of Vogue. “Fashion is Religion. This is the bible.”

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA Based on the novel of the same name, we follow Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) as she works as an assistant to Runway fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). It is said that the story is based on real-life writer Plum Sykes when she worked as an assistant to legendary Anna Wintour at Vogue Magazine. BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S In one of the most iconic turns for any actress in any era, Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly was known and revered just as much for her class and fashion sense as she was for her performance in the film. This is the story of an unlikely pair, a struggling writer and his quirky neighbor and the romance that blossoms between them. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a classic in every sense of the word. THE COTTON CLUB In an era that saw the end of prohibition, where there were still color lines clearer than crystal, the Cotton Club reigned supreme in Harlem, NY. Starring Richard Gere, we’re transported back to a time when everyone dressed to impress. With stunning costume design that honors the men and women that who were dapper day in and day out, this film stands apart from most for the sheer class and pizzazz that the performers, patrons and workers of The Cotton Club brought to New York fashion scene.

PICTURE ME What is a Model’s life like? Here, you get a rare eye view of the life of model Sara Ziff. A documentary, this film was recorded over the course of several years chronicling Ziff’s rise from ingénue to an indemand high fashion model who travels the world on runways and photoshoots from New York to Milan.


PRET-A-PORTER: READY TO WEAR A huge cast of characters, celebrities, cameos, photographers, models, magazine editors, and more than a few stories all converging on this one fashion show in Paris. Julia Roberts, Kim Basinger, Marcello Mastroianni, Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren and many others star in this Robert Altman directed film.

COCO BEFORE CHANEL We know of the brand name Coco Chanel, but I know there are some of you who didn’t know that’s name of the brand’s founder (Coco was her nickname, Gabrielle was her real first name). This story follows her humble beginnings as a seamstress and singer to her rise of the height of the fashion world. We see her love and loss and how it all created the brand of Coco Chanel. SEX AND THE CITY & SEX AND THE CITY 2 Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha and Carrie. Scores of women have these names seared into their brains and squeal with absolute delight whenever these movies (or the TV show it’s based on) starts to play. The fabulous foursome that made Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos household names take us through a wedding (Carrie marries Mr. Big) and a trip to Abu Dhabi between the two films. All the original actors reprised their roles for both films. VALENTINO: THE LAST EMPEROR Documentaries are meant to show us the unflinching reality of the lives of the people whom are being put on display for our edification and education. Enter Valentino Garavani, one of the biggest names in haute couture, whose preparations for the 2006 Spring/ Summer Collection in Paris, France allows us to see just how serious fashion design is. We see him throughout a year of his life as he works through the business of fashion. Will he retire or go on as he has? Watch and find out .

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Following the runaway success of their Wii console (97 million units sold), the Wii U is the next-generation console from Nintendo. Endowed with backward compatibility, most Wii games and accessories can be used with the Wii U. On September 13, 2012, the launch details of the system were announced. Bucking their own trends of the past, Nintendo will be offering two distinct retail packages, or SKUs (Stock-Keeping Units), when it launches this Fall on November 18. The Basic Set will consist of a white 8 GB (storage capacity) Wii U, Wii U GamePad™ (controller), HDMI Cable, sensor bar and AC adaptors for both the Wii U and GamePad™ and will retail for a MSRP of $299.99. The Deluxe Set will consist of a black 32GB Wii U and all the accessories the Basic Set will have along with an included copy of the new game NintendoLand, a GamePad™ cradle charger, GamePad™ stand and Wii U console stand that will retail for a MSRP of $349.99. In addition, the purchase of the Deluxe Set will enroll you into the Deluxe Digital Promotion which allows you to receive points for each digital download and redeem those points for future downloadable content from the Nintendo eShop™. This promotion is planned to last through 2014. There will be about fifty titles available within the launch window (November 18 – March 31, 2013) with first-party retailing for an MSRP of $59.99 each.

There will also be a new Pro Controller, sans screen, for those whom would like something smaller. The console’s unique GamePad™ controller is very responsive and the streaming of video to it is insanely fast and fluid. The touchscreen is also as snappy and sensitive as a Capacitive touchscreen, even though it is Resistive. It was light in my hands, which was surprising considering all of the technology packed into it and much smaller than it might look in still images. Not only does it contain a 6.2-inch 480p screen, but it also has a gyroscope, accelerometer, Near Field Communication (NFC), front-facing camera (for videochat), magnetic sensor, a rechargeable battery, dual analog control sticks, microphone, sensor bar and with dual analog sticks and the usual assortment of controller buttons and triggers. One of the neater features of the console and controller is that you can switch between viewing the game on the TV and viewing it solely on the GamePad™ if the TV is being used by someone else. The GamePad™ opens up a variety of control possibilities, called “Asymmetric Gameplay”, from simple map display such as in Mass Effect 3 to environmental manipulation as in Rayman Legends to weapons/gadgets cycling such as in Lego City: Undercover.

Their new Nintendo Network™ is a multi-functional online service, bringing online gameplay, entertainment and social networking into one. Miiverse™, the game-centric social aspect, uses Mii avatars to communicate with other Wii U owners who not only play the same games you play but also games you may be interested in or that are popular. Online game play is already a given for those titles that support it, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The entertainment aspect comes in both the built-in web browser and Nintendo TVii™, which works with all cable and dish carriers in the US and Canada, making the GamePad a truly universal remote control and the Wii U a one-stop hub for TV and movies, whether live TV or online through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and Youtube, as well as DVR services such as TIVO. Nintendo TVii™ can, if you like a certain show, pull in all of that show’s episodes from every available source for you to watch. With the live sports integration you can check game scores, stats and watch the game live, or use it to set your TIVO to watch a game later when you get home. It is also tied into the social networking aspect as you can comment on shows, scenes and movies and share them on Twitter or Facebook. Nintendo Network™, Nintendo TVii™ and Miiverse™ are all available for both Basic and Deluxe sets at no monthly or yearly fee. —WORDS BY LOC DA’BORG FIND OUT MORE ON WWW.JADOREMAG.COM



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—WORDS BY LOC DA’BORG With Christmas coming up, if you’re like me, you’re probably beating your brains out wondering to get that technophile that is so hard to shop for. Other than Nintendo’s new console, you’re coming up empty on what to buy. That’s where I, and The Tech Side, come in to help assuage your frustration with some suggestions. Also, there are things afoot that, coming up, are going to be the talk of the technorati for years to come. If there’s one thing I have learned about technology in my many years alive, it is that this quote by an intriguing cat rings true to this day: “Trends come and go, but progress is forever.”- Shawn Jackson 1080P TO 4K… IS THE WORLD READY? Remember the march to Hi-Definition around the turn of the new century? The adoption rate was very slow and the huge bump from Standard Definition (480p) to HD (720p – 1080p) was one that caused us all some degree of fascination. Well now that Full 1080p HD is pretty much the standard with only the number of Hertz behind it to make the images come more to life (120Hz is

where you should start with that kind of set) and what size T V to get being the pressing questions in most people’s eyes, some may ask themselves, “What’s next?” While we are not anywhere near the point of widespread adoption nor mass market presence, much less price, T Vs are in for a resolution upgrade to Ultra High Definition Television 4K (4096 x 3072 or 12.6 megapixels). There are already some available for purchase such as the 84-inch Sony XBR-84X900 which will retail for $24,999 sometime in November. However that cost is incredibly prohibitive for most, unless you’ve got it like that. It will be years before these become affordable and the new in thing, but at least if you didn’t know about it before, you will now. DUDE, WHERE’S MY PHABLET? By now, you know about the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy SIII, their advanced feature and where you can get them. What you may not know is that another superphone is just on the horizon to be released from Samsung: the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Yes, that


“Phablet”, or phone tablet, makes its return with this sequel. The Galaxy Note II will be launching later this year with Android 4.1 ( Jelly Bean), a quad-core processor, the same HD Super AMOLED screen and, perhaps not so surprisingly, a slightly larger frame at 5.5-inches. You should be able to find the Galaxy Note II on AT&T and possibly Verizon and be available in Marble White and Titanium Gray. Launch dates for the Note II were not available at press time. OOPS! SAMSUNG DID IT AGAIN! Possibly launching in North America in late November, the new Galaxy Camera comes with a quite a few new camera features (in addition to a quad-core processor and 1080p video recording) thanks to the operating system that you’d normally find on a smartphone: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The 16-Megapixel ISO 3200 camera offers a minimalist design with a pop-up strobe flash that retreats back inside the body of the camera when not in use. But it’s the software that really makes this camera shine. With the Galaxy

Camera’s built-in WiFi and separately sold 3G and 4G packages, you will be able to automatically upload each picture you take into the “cloud” thanks to the Auto Backup Cloud feature. As well, not only can you view a video in slow motion, but you can record in slow motion too. There’s voice control, advanced editing features and the ability to use camera apps, such as Instagram, from Google Play. The rear screen display is also huge, coming in at 4.77-inches with HD Super Clear Touch Display technology. Rounding all the features out is the ability for 21x Optical zoom. No launch date or price was available at press time.

Other items I’d like to recommend are: The Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 - $499 (as shown) – Available Now Sony VIAO Duo 11 – Price N/A – Release Q4 2012

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—WORDS BY DENNIS MALCOLM BYRON If there is one thing to say about 2012, there are a number of finely engineered automobiles that are pampering their passengers with numerous technological advancements, life-saving safety enhancements, adding extra horses under the hood and, in many cases, presenting new ways to conserve the petro. Here are some of the outstanding four-wheelers that deserve some strong consideration if you are ready to upgrade your personal transportation. We even included a few previews of what to look for in 2013, so buy your pair of driving gloves now! AUDI TTS 2.0 AND A6 SERIES While the highly celebrated models like the R8 continue to be flashed by celebrities, multi-millionaires and even in numerous films, more affordable models like the 2012 AUDI TTS 2.0 and A6 are equally impressive. The curvaceous TTS ($47,000 base), sits on 19-inch tri-spoke wheels, boasts two pairs of dual exhaust pipes and make the most of its “S” denomination—a turbo charged 265 HP, 258 lb.-feet of torque, and S-tronic

6-speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox with Audi Launch Control, while still averaging a respectable 26 miles per gallon. The A6 is ideal for an executive who wants to exude class when pulling up to business meetings. Available in either the 2.0T FRONTTRAK FWD engine or 3.0T QUATTRO ALL-WHEEL DRIVE, this impressive sedan boasts strength, effortless handling, plush interior and technological pluses including an automated head-up display; night vision assistance; Audi “pre sense” for added collision protection; and a WiFi hot spot for up to eight devices, so looking for a Starbuck’s to email those important files to a potential client at the last minute are a thing of the past. While the 2.0T was no slouch at generating 211 horsepower and best-inclass fuel economy, the supercharged V6 has 310 horses under the hood, eight-speed Tiptronic, and an overall mind-blowing driving experience you can customize thanks to the Audi “drive select” which adjusts steering, throttle and transmission to your every desire.

ACURA 2012 TSX SPECIAL EDITION Acura can go toe-to-toe with any carmaker worldwide when it comes to looks, power, resale value and technology, but when the question of consistence comes up, this carmaker separates itself from the rest. The new TSX Special Edition is a joy to drive, and 6-speed manual transmission is strongly recommended to fully appreciate the 2.4 liter DOHC 16-valve I-VTECH engine. Considering its extensive list of amenities Acura considers “standard”, the TSX is quite a bargain at $32,310 MSRP. VOLVO 2012 C30 T5 When Volvo was mentioned years ago, “safety” immediately came to mind thanks to the sound engineering and impeccable history for passengers walking away from collisions. Now, this automaker put the same amount of attention in its cars’ looks, performance, and amenities. The C30 T5 and C70 are perfect examples of how well-balanced Volvo’s product has become. Tear up the roads with the sporty C30 hatchback, thanks to


its turbo-charged 5 cylinder engine topping off at 227 hp, a booming 8-speaker sound system, and the brand’s signature R-Design embellishments to emulate the ultimate racing experience inside and out for a great price ($27,450 MRSP). Or cruise in Scandinavian luxury and style in the ultra-sleek C70 starting at $31,300 MSRP. Go topless with class in this three-piece retractable hardtop sedan, while enjoying everything from a 910-watt sound system to supple leather seats, and optional Dynamic Package for optimal visibility. Evidently, Volvo has not lost its step in quality; in fact, they have taken a lot more forward.

HYUNDAI 2012 EQUUS ULTIMATE Hyundai has already become one of the most successful automakers in the world, but now this Korean powerhouse is flexing muscle in the luxury department with the 2012 EQUUS ULTIMATE that rivals the Mercedes Maybach 57. While passengers will surely be pampered with the premium leather and wood trim throughout the cabin, 17-speaker Lexicon7.1 surround sound audio system, and an almost glide-like ride powered by the 5.0L GDI DOHC V8 with an astounding 420 horses

for $58,750, we say spend the extra $7,000 and go the Ultimate route. The Equus becomes a celebrity limo particularly in the rear with a reclining right seat and massage system; a thermoelectric refrigerator for beverages; an 8-inch monitor/entertainment system; and even powered sunshades to block out the rays (and paparazzi).


2012 NISSAN MAXIMA 3.5 SV The Maxima is one of the most revered series in the automotive industry, and continues to be a major trendsetter regarding design, handling, and of course, performance. The 2012 MAXIMA 3.5 version of the original “4Door Sports Car” is packing a 3.5 liter DOHC 24-valve V6 with 290 horsepower, 18” wheels, the Nissan Intelligent Key with push button ignition, Vehicle Dynamic Control, and a load of other amenities that amazingly come standard. PA confidence-boosting Nissan Advanced Airbag System, Traction Control, and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) also make this car one of the most balanced inside and out on the road today. The base

price is a reasonable $34,450 MSRP, but the Sport (19-inch Light Hyper Silver Wheels, rear spoiler, paddle shifters) and Technology (7-inch color, touch-screen monitor, XM NavTraffic) packages are highly recommended to experience everything the Maxima has to offer.

A J’ADORE SNEAK PEEK: LEXUS 2013 GS350 The Lexus brand has always been a favorite in this publication, and they continue to not disappoint. Definitely look for the gorgeous 2013 GS350 SEDAN, powered with a 3.5 liter V6 engine 306 hp, set at $46,900 MSRP. You will be more than happy with this fine sedan which comes with a load of features including a premium Lexus audio system, voice recognition, and seemingly countless airbags to protect virtually every part of a passenger’s body, but the F Sport package is an incredible upgrade worth considering. Enhancements like the Sport S + drive mode; Adaptive Variable Suspension; full navigation package; heated and ventilated front seats; and 19-inch fi ve-spoke wheels with the signature dark graphite finish, make this car both luxurious and beastly on the road. Ultimately, it’s the best of both worlds. Be sure to see more coverage of the latest automobiles including the TOYOTA CAMRY SE V6, NISSAN ALTIMA C.P.E. 3.5 SR, 2012 BUICK REGAL PREMIUM II, and 2013 INFINITI  JX in J’Adore’s Street Lines section online at

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CODE OF CONDUCT Philanthropist James W. Brashears III is making a difference with Corporate Code one suit at a time. —WORDS BY DENNIS MALCOLM BYRON

WHAT IS YOUR FOUNDATION AND WHAT DOES IT ENTAIL? Corporate Code is a nonprofit program designed to provide interview appropriate attire and career counseling to displaced and disengaged men— the homeless, formerly incarcerated, and/or unemployed— seeking employment. The goal is to help them gain economic independence by building self-confidence. Corporate Code strives to ease the transition to gainful employment. I created this organization based off of years of experience volunteering in homeless shelters and realizing that a lot of them are skilled, knowledgeable; they have just hit a brick wall and resources are limited. They want to go out and get a job in a society of first impressions, so they’re instantly judged and aren’t even given the opportunity to introduce themselves, so I created this to give those men the opportunity to stand on an even playing field. This led to the birth of our Fashion & Philanthropy event series designed to celebrate the fashionable man. ELABORATE MORE ABOUT YOUR FASHION & PHILANTHROPY EVENT SERIES. Sure, the Fashion & Philanthropy event series was created to promote, engage and support select nonprofit organizations charged with missions centered on improving the lives of men.  Fashion & Philanthropy establishes cutting-edge entertainment, progressive style, and collaborative philanthropy as the cornerstones of

‘all things gentlemen.’ Fashion & Philanthropy has garnered the support of a number of community leaders, brands, and organizations, thus providing a unique opportunity for sponsors to take part in an unparalleled weekend of fashions, socializing, and partying all with a purpose. Attendees of F&P include a diverse group of influential, socially aware, trendsetting, fashion conscience men and women from all walks of life.  OKAY, LET’S TALK GEAR. HOW DID YOU DEVELOP A FONDNESS FOR FASHION? It wasn’t planned, it just sort of happened. I have always been one to read and study men’s fashion magazines and brands. When I started the organization, my focus was to first help men who were less fortunate with the tools and resources to look the part, and it grew into this movement with a strong fashion industry attachment. SINCE YOU LIVE IN ATLANTA, WHERE DO YOU LOVE TO SHOP? My picks for best male retailers in the metro Atlanta area in no particular order include Miller Brothers, SID Mashburn, Drew Lewis, Bill Hallman, Façonnable, WISH Atlanta Boutique, and Cole Haan. HOW ABOUT A FASHION TIP ON HOW TO LOOK FLY WITHOUT SPENDING OUR ENTIRE PAYCHECK? Sure! How about this: Price does not make a difference; style is personalized and it’s all in how you pull it together. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to look like a ‘million bucks.’ Thrifting and bargain store shopping are great ways to find good deals and very fashion-forward pieces.  WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU AND CORPORATE CODE? The Corporate Code movement is growing; there are thousands of men in need of assistance. Besides our Fashion and Philanthrophy series taking place. We are working on launching our first Corporate Code affiliate programs in select cities designed to assist displaced men become contributing members to society. We hope to make a difference nationally. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE FASHION & PHILANTHROPY SERIES, VISIT WWW.CORPORATECODEATL.ORG.


Always a fashion enthusiast, James W. Brashears III took his fondness for the threads to the next level—by establishing a nonprofit out of it. Realizing the void for helping particularly displaced men who have been incarcerated or homeless learn how to be presentable, groomed, and confident when looking for employment, Brashears, 34, started a non-profit organization called Corporate Code in August of 2009. Based in Atlanta, Ga., Corporate Code provides the less fortunate suits, grooming, interviewing preparation, and other invaluable tips to better their situation for free. Between dealing with major supporters including Men’s Warehouse to Grey Goose, to holding lavish fashion-oriented fundraisers, Brashears, sat down to discuss the art of being both benevolent and fly.

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—WORDS BY MODELESQUE You’re fashionable; now save the world with it. Through the concept of intertwining fashion and philanthropy, Fashion {EM}powering Women (FEW) provides fashion forward people with new ways to be of great use to your community. FEW founder, Desiree Venn Fredric, isn’t using the popular app Instagram to show off her fortunes and fashionable dailies; instead, she is exposing a way of being philanthropic without changing your appearance to “look” the part. “It’s all about what’s within,” says Venn Fredric, “I modeled for 12 years and walked in everything from New York Fashion Week to Paris to Johannesburg. I loved every moment of it. I also saw that this industry which commanded the attention of the world had great ability to change the world, one woman and man at a time.” The connection of fashion and philanthropy is powerful, and Venn Fredric is doing her part to bring those worlds closer together. With a mission to raise $50,000 for various charities aimed at helping women and girls across the United States and in Sierra Leone, Venn Fredric started the “LookGoodDoGood”

campaign to connect a niche market with giving back to the overall community. “It’s crazy to think that the majority of women in this world live and raise children in poverty; we are undereducated, dying at insane rates during childbirth or from preventable diseases such as AIDS. Our world has to do better. We have to do better.”As a business woman, “I relish in this time because we’re thriving,” Venn Fredric boasts. “I live in a city full of young professionals and it’s nothing short of encouraging. I relish in my position in business, specifically the nonprofit sector.” She continues, “I am an immigrant and my experience has been different from that of the Black American woman. And, instead of seeing my ‘otherness’ as a hindrance, I use them to my advantage. You see, I have a presence and I learned that at a very young age; it is not solely attributed to my 5’10” height, but there is no way you can miss me, which is something I use to my advantage.” Now that she has overcome that societal barrier, the mission of Fashion {EM}powering Women’s LookGoodDoGood campaign is more than possible. This non-profit organization puts in motion the industry of the arts by developing opportunities for its members to lend a hand in social service to many community-oriented organizations that empower girls and women. FEW promises to focus its efforts on particular factors that are vital to breaking the cycle of poverty, including education, shelter, health, nutrition, and family services. The ultimate mission is that women across the nation will have the skills and resources needed to reach their goals and ultimately empower themselves.


Want to know where the next top clothing designer is coming from? We are guaranteed to find some shining stars out of these revered fashion schools to dictate the newest trends in threads.

PARSONS, THE NEW SCHOOL FOR DESIGN As home to Project Runway and the place where countless fashion greats like Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu, Alexander Wang, Donna Karen, and Tom Ford got their start, Parsons, The New School of Design, has solidified its position as a fashion powerhouse. Although the price tag is likely to cause sticker shock—tuition is a staggering $38,510 a year—graduates can rest assured that the education they receive will be well worth every penny. FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Nina Garcia and Michael Kors both call Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) home. Despite the fact that tuition is less than half that of Parsons’¬ $13,550 a year for out of state residents—FIT is hardly playing second fiddle. This design school boasts its own museum and an exceptional lecture series.

LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION Two words: Jimmy Choo. Yes, this is where the designer of beautiful sky-high stilettos got his start. Across the pond, the British take the business of fashion quite seriously. The London College of Fashion offers a variety of courses exclusively for their students. For example, LCF offers a course in “Cosmetic Science” which focuses on the chemistry aspect of beauty products. In addition to producing world renowned designers, London College of Fashion has also been known to produce supermodels including alumnus Alek Wek.

ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS (ANTWERP) If Harvard had a design school, it would the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Half the work is getting there, the other half is staying there. The workload is not for the faint of heart and many students soon find they just can’t hack it. That being said, those who make it to the end can count themselves among greats such as Haider Ackermann and Bruno Pieters. CENTRAL ST. MARTINS Has anyone wondered where Alexander McQueen began his rise to fashion royalty? The answer is Central St. Martins. Central St. Martins is a college of the University of the Arts London and an elite institute for fashion design. The stellar reputations of designers like Stella McCartney and Zac Posen—also Central St. Martins graduates—contribute to the designs school’s already much respected position. FASHION INSTITUTE OF DESIGN & MERCHANDISING—LOS ANGELES, CA Brides nationwide have FIDM to thank for esteemed alumni including brilliant bridal wear designer Monique Lhuillier. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising boasts one of the best databases for career placement of any design school, and its location gives graduates the unique opportunity to access Los Angeles’ booming entertainment industry. ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY New York City has long been known as the “Fashion Capital of the World,” but California design schools could reign when it comes to entire states. The Academy of Art University is the only fashion school that is featured at New York Fashion Week!

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