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Client & Agency

An illustrated view of an intern's first experience within the design industry

Client & Agency

An illustrated view of a designer's first experience within the design industry

I have spent 3 months on placement between Diageo and Design Bridge, experiencing both c lie nt a n d d e sig n a g e n c y o p e ra tio n s . T h is opportunity was brought to me by the D&AD New B lood Aca demy a nd as par t of my placement I was asked to document my progress. I have put this short collection together to illustrate some of the lessons I have learnt and experiences I have gained from my first interning opportunity. - Thomas Fitzmaurice


Funneling the timings of a project with m ore f l exibilit y a t e a r ly sta g es a n d tighter deadlines towards the end allows for the creative ideas to breathe and become more complete instead of being taken forward prior to being fully understood.



Quality not assured


Takes any badly written brief and churns out work in a fast stream straight to the client.


Si m p ly d u r i n g p u t , i f yo u w an a long m e e t i n t t o ke e p e a ch g , fo o d n or m a ot h er h a p p y l ly h e l p s.


LOCAL MEANS BUSINESS Making the most of what is on your doorstep for art/material supplies and specialist workshops leads to specialism only proud, independant owners can offer. Great relationships with local shops result in great project advice, possibly free or discounted offcuts of material and sometimes the odd rush job without a hurried, messy result. Consumers aspire to more locally sourced goods so we should be doing the same.


I w e n t o n my fi r s t d e e p d ive (a l s o refe r re d to a s a s a fa ri) w hil e wit h D esig n B rid g e. At t h e l a u n c h of a new brief, it's smart to get the creative team out of the studio to introduce the brief in a suitable a nd fitting environment. Being immersed in an atmosphere aligned to your design's aspirations sets you up to release a lot more of those starting insights and ideas that could be crucial moving forward.


Being interested in what others follow at work is a great way to connect and feel a better part of your team whether that is through sports, exhibitions or any out of work past time. Football is a universal language and when in doubt is a great place to start when creating new work relationships.


COLLABORATE The best work I saw while with both agency and client were projects with a strong sense of collaboration and disregarded egos. Much like how clients should provide a designer with a good brief to get good results, maintaining good relationships is also vital to bringing about better work, together.


STORYTELLING Design has the power to inspire, excite and inform. Treating design with storytelling allows us to put human moments and experiences into the consumer's hand.



D&AD : Client & Agency  

An illustrated account of an intern's first experience in the design industry, exploring the ins and outs of both sides of the brief.