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Today, a large number of people consider buying annuities to secure their retirement. If you are also looking to buy annuities, here are some frequently asked questions about annuities. 1. What is an annuity? An annuity is a financial product that guarantees a steady stream of income after retirement. It is basically an investment that an individual has to make and in return he will get regular monthly payouts. 2. Who owns annuity payments? Sometimes, personal investors purchase annuities for their retirement. In such cases, the payments are deferred for a specified period of time. 3. What are the pros of selling annuity payments? It provides lump sum amount of money that can be used in other investments. Another thing is that the costs and tax liabilities are reduced. 4. Can I receive cash if I sell my annuity? Yes, you have the option to sell a portion or all of your annuity payments for a lump sum amount of money. There are a number of companies which are ready to purchase annuities and these companies will be able to offer you the best price for your annuity. 5. Why do people sell annuities? In most cases, people make the decision of selling their annuities so they can pay off their debts. Moreover, people who have lost their jobs or have suffered injuries which has prevented them from working often sell annuities so they can get cash in hand to support themselves. Moreover, it is also sold if people have found an annuity which offers a better rate or to invest in some avenues to increase rate of returns. 6. Do I need my insurance company's permission to sell annuities? It is completely your decision and you don't need to seek permission from anyone. 7. I want to sell my annuity. What do I do next?

If you have decided to sell your annuity, the best thing to do is speak to an annuity specialist. An annuity specialist will be able to explain to you the pros and cons of your choice and also provide you a quote about the worth of your future payments. 8. How do I go about looking for a reliable company to purchase my annuity payment? Looking for the best company to sell annuities is not an easy task. Not every firm is reputable and reliable and not every firm can offer the best annuity quote. You can either seek help from an independent financial advisor or search for the best company on the internet. It is always important to make sure that the company you are choosing has the expertise, creativity and integrity to offer the best quote and the most money for your future payments. 9. How do I make sure I am getting the best annuity quote? By getting a single or the first quote, it is impossible to tell whether it is the best for you or not. One of the ways to make sure that you are getting the best annuity quote is by getting a number of quotes and comparing them. 10. How long does it take to receive funds after selling an annuity? It usually takes between 45-90 days. It depends on the firm you have chosen to sell your annuity to.

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