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T창n Pastoral handbook

Tan staff 2013-14 Miss H Shepherd – Head of House Learning mentor



Mrs Kelsall



Mrs Roberts



Mr McFarland



Miss R Illidge



Mrs S Goodwin



Mr A Butler



Mrs C Douglas Mrs G Jeffs Mrs P Jones Mrs P Jones Mrs R Roberts Mrs B Webb Miss S Foulkes Mrs K Nichols

Mrs T Wynne

TAN - 2013-14 House captains KS3 Owen Hughes Bethan Brown

KS4 Bethan Collings Thomas Hayes

Prefects Jade Griffths Iwan Pullen Callum Sant Lewys Taylor Emma Winterbottom Bethan Shone Tom Lamont


7TaJKe Arianna Evans


Alice Cahalane Thomas Hayes Caitlin Roberts

Jade Griffiths

Amber Clarke

Lewys Taylor

Iwan Pullen Callum Sant

8TaPR Bethan Collings Alice Lawrence Sophie Seabrook Tom Lamont Emma Winterbottom

Bethan Shone




Pastoral dates September 4th - School open for students 16th - SLM meeting 19th - Yr 7 Pastoral evening 24th - Yr 10 Info evening October 7th-11th - Yr 11 Progress reports November 5th - Yr11 Parents evening 8th - Non uniform reward day December 2nd-13th - 7-10 Progress reports 5th – Autumn fair January 7th-17th - Yr 11 Reports 10th - Non uniform reward day 13th - SLM meeting 28th - Yr10 Parents evening February 3rd - 7th - Yr 8 spot check 10th - 21st - Yr 9 Reports 11th & 18th - Target setting March 7th - Non uniform reward day 18th - Yr8 Parents evening

Code of Conduct The code is based on the “Key Values” which underpin the School Aims these are: - Honesty, Social Responsibility and Mutual Respect. The one main rule for the whole School is: - “Everyone will act with courtesy and consideration to others at all times”. This means that you: •

make it as easy as possible in class for everyone to learn and for the teacher to teach (Arrive on time, with all the correct equipment, listen carefully and follow instructions)

Move around the School in a sensible and quiet way. (Keep to the left, never run or shout in the corridors, show good manners)

Always speak politely to everyone, try to listen and understand other people’s points of view. Keep the School clean and tidy so that it is a place we can all be proud of. (Put litter in bins, keep walls and tables unmarked and respect displays) • Always remember that your own and the School’s reputation depends on the way you behave when out of school. This code applies to school visits and your conduct on the way to and from school each day. Classroom Expectations • •

Enter rooms sensibly, when told, and go straight to your place. Arrive correctly dressed Take out books, pens and other appropriate equipment Remain silent whilst the register is taken and instructions are given and concentrate on what is being said. • Put up your hand to answer questions. Work sensibly with your classmates. Do not distract or annoy them. • Record homework accurately in your Planner • If you arrive late to or miss a lesson you need to make up work covered. • Act with respect and courtesy at all times and carry out all reasonable requests without argument End of Lessons • • • •

The end of lesson bell is a guide for your teacher. You should not pack away until told to do so. Only when the teacher gives permission should you leave the classroom and do so in an orderly fashion. Registration, Lunchtime and Break time

• • • • •

Treat the environment with respect. Eat and drink in the picnic areas or the canteen only, not in the classrooms or corridors. Coats and trainers should not be worn around the School. Fully respect the duties and decisions of the lunchtime supervisors. Remain on the School site at all times unless you have specific permission to leave. Sign out if you leave the premises. Never “mess around” or play fight - someone could get hurt Argoed High School - “Succeeding Together”



By Whom

Name calling Peer group fall out

All students brought together – no blame approach – talk through problems – arrive at solutions. Put a note in each file. Set review date.

LM initially then SLM if necessary

Continuous name-calling/ teasing

Parents informed – further work with group/individuals. Clear records kept of meetings/call


Meeting with HOH/Head/Learning Mentor and parents. Behaviour planning meeting


Students separated immediately and sat in isolation. Witnesses separated and written statements obtained immediately. Injuries dealt with. If neither badly hurt and both regretful-peacemaking session looking at actions/consequences. Parents informed. Record in file.

Person at the scene

Incessant unpleasantness Verbal abuse/Physical abuse to fellow student

Nurse/First aid SLM/SMT/Head


If one student was clearly the victim and other the antagonist culprit internally or externally suspended depending on the severity of the incident. Apology/contract on return/ reparative meeting

Classroom Disruption Learning completely disrupted

Use “My Behaviour Plan” (white slips). ON Call system used to remove student. Detention given by teacher. On Call system used immediately to remove student. Written witness statements taken – matter referred immediately to the Head. Student internally/externally suspended. Apology/contract on return/ reparative meeting


Verbal abuse to members of staff Damage to School Property

Accidental damage should be investigated. Damage paid for. Letter home


Purposeful damage/vandalism – witness statements taken (dated) Damage paid for in full. Internal/external suspension or community service, depending on severity. Parents informed. In extreme cases students will be prosecuted


SLM/SMT/Head SLM/Head Teacher/SMT


Head/Govs Rudeness/Aggressiveness to support staff/LSAs/Lunchtime supervisors/Duty team Visitors to the School site

Immediate isolation whilst matter investigated Witnesses separated Statements taken Internal/external suspension Apology/contract on return

SLM/Curriculum Leader (Depending on where incident happens)

Leaving School site without permission/truanting lessons

On Call person informed by teacher/investigated Parents informed. Detention given to make up time. Meeting to sort out problem


Out of classroom behaviour

Eating/drinking/minor misdemeanors – white slip in box (remember to write lunchtime/break/between lessons). Severe/serious – refer to Duty SMT

Teacher/etc. SLM/SMT Head

Misbehaving on School trips

Report written by teacher in charge. Witness statements taken Parents informed. No further trips for at least the following year.





My Behaviour Plan My behaviour I will • • • • •

follow staff instructions treat everyone with respect not swear, tease, name call or put down keep my hands, feet and other objects to myself be properly prepared and equipped for all activities

If I behave well I will expect • • • • • •

praise - positive comment from members of staff pleasing comments in my student planner merits - for effort and consistently good behaviour positive notes home or ‘phone calls to parents subject/pastoral rewards or certificates to collect for my student profile (ROA) special rewards

If I choose to break a rule I will expect (the following progressive consequences) • • • • •

a verbal comment a verbal warning to be moved or sent out briefly a 10 minute detention (break/lunchtime/after school) a lunchtime detention If my behavior is severely inappropriate

I understand this could lead to • •

my removal from the class and my being sent to work elsewhere my being isolated and having my privileges removed


Referrals - If you are concerned about a pupil and feel they would benefit from being refereed to one of the people/agencies listed below please see your SLM. CAD (Inclusion Inclusion Coordinator) Coordinator - A school based service for any pupil referred through the SLM. This will provide support and guidance in a positive and structured environment, which reduces barriers to their learning enabling them to reach their full potential. Linda Ellis (Inclusion Inclusion Welfare Officer) Officer - The IWOs liaise with CAD and the SLMs once a week to discuss any pupils whose attendance is below 90% or who are causing concern. Jane Jones (School School Nurse) Nurse - The school nurse provides a service for pupils with emotional and/or health problems. This may be the result of a parental request or as a result of the pupil self referring. When necessary the nurse refers the pupil onto other agencies for further support such as CAMHS.

Gill Smith (Behaviour Behaviour Support) Support - Gill can work with small groups of pupils with parental permission on behaviour issues. This has changed and Gill is no longer available to work with individual pupils.

FCAT(Flintshire child and adolescent team) - The child and adolescent mental health service provides support for children with severe emotional problems which are placing them at risk from themselves or others.

Counselling Service - A school based service will be available for pupils to self refer.

Child Protection - Any concerns regarding child protection issues need to be directed immediately to DS, in his absence refer to assistant head in charge.


Please regularly check how many merits each pupil has collected. Once they have received one of the numbers listed below please forward the house, pupils name and certificate required to reprographics where they are made ready to hand out in assemblies -

25 - Bronze 50 - Silver 75 - Gold 100 - Platinum 125 - Head teachers 150 - Governors