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My Behaviour Plan My behaviour I will • • • • • •

follow staff instructions treat everyone with respect not swear, tease, name call or put down keep my hands, feet and other objects to myself be properly prepared and equipped for all activities look after my own and the schools property

If I behave well I will expect • praise - positive comment from members of staff • pleasing comments in my student planner • merits - for effort and consistently good behaviour • positive notes home or ‘phone calls to parents • subject/pastoral rewards or certificates to collect for my student profile (ROA) • special rewards

If I choose to break a rule I will expect (the following progressive consequences) • a verbal comment • a verbal warning • to be moved or sent out briefly • a 10 minute detention (break/lunchtime/after school) • a lunchtime detention • an after-school detention

If my behaviour is severely inappropriate I understand this could lead to • my removal from the class and my being sent to work elsewhere • my being isolated and having my privileges removed • my exclusion from school

10 my behaviour plan  
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