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Albany campus ​previously on tales of births area we were exploring the city of Lopez and we just did a ceremony thing and artorias appeared and velvet got really really mad so we are back and I think the objective now is to go to the inn and we're gonna have some food or something like that because our characters are peckish after all your brother was murdered before your what the hell how do you know that the shadows watch those who flinch from the light is this the shadow guilt oh this is getting interesting okay so we take on which request we get to choose okay destroy goods search for a missing man or foil and ambush hello ants welcome my name is Miss multi-count so and welcome back to tales of birth serie we just met up with the shadow guilds and we got some I guess you could say side quests because we were actually going to search for a missing scholar along the Gallus Lake Road galleys Freight Lick Road or something like that anyway and I think that the shadow guild is actually hiding something from us about artorias I think they have information about Sartorius which I'm really excited about because I just want to know I want to know I want to know so anyway before we do that there is some little little dialogue stuff around here so I want to do these very quickly before we do anything so I wonder what's going on here looks like he's playing on some kind of like old-school guitar so I know they have a special name for them or something but I forgot what they're called yeah let's tilt red ceremony was simply fantastic lord artorias his speech was brilliant of course but prince Percival was really something too he raises up artorias to help the country and its people then willingly steps down now that's what I call a king you think so well to me it just looks like a wimp he may look that way but he has a great inner strength he's excelled as a scholar and a leader since he was young his only hobby is falconry but sadly I hear he hasn't had the time for it lately you seem like a big supporter of his well he's got two younger brother but just between you and me there dholtze worse they hang with a bad crowd if anything would have happened to Prince Percival the future of mid gand would be bleak I see so everyone's hopes are riding on him then which means mid ganz vulnerable without him let's kill him I feel like this guy is really judgmental saying that his younger brothers are like dolls hanging out with bad crowd and stuff like that how the hell would he know like come on like royalty you're not gonna notice very much about royalty really I mean they don't really tell people about their lives really like I guess you could say they it comes up in like the news and stuff like that but half of that it's just gonna be rumors and lies and stuff like that so it's just like how the hell would he know like what his brother gets up to that's what I don't get but whatever I guess and down this play there is also another conversation so I like the conversations I think they give a nice bit of backstory and sometimes they give you little hints at what's gonna happen next or like who's the bad guy and stuff like that so that's why I love listening to these so looks like we got some kind of priest dude here what's going on High Priest Gideon is an honest and righteous man he's dedicated his life to his faith and to the church now as the representative of the clergy he's thrown his full support behind the abbey hmm so he's a man of principle that's right he even donated his personal savings to support orphanages and hospitals so be at ease for he offers up prayers for all equally even for the more dubious among us boys right I'm so grateful I can feel the tears of gratitude coming any moment now any moment now I've come any second now my good that priest like he was mean he's judgmental why are all these people judgmental I hate judgmental people they annoy me it's irritating it's so like I know mr. protections I suppose you could say you could say that's what it is judging people for something when they might not actually be like that it's just like how it comes across kind of thing I own a just not really my type of thing so I'm gonna leave now I'm gonna leave this town and we're gonna head towards our quest cuz I don't think there's any more little dialogues around here unfortunately I love listening to the little dialogues so let's leave and maybe we'll get a skit on the way that would be nice we're going to Gideon Lake or something I think it was Oh Oh my name's Maggie Louise Menagerie you've come to exactly the right place you must be a penguin what do you want you already know about the code red demons right the really strong demons the Abby wants gone yeah would you ever consider hunting them down for us will reward you properly reward why pay us when the Abby would do it for free it's complicated the Abby is calculating in their deployments especially where code red demons are concerned I get it they'll only act if they determined the demon would cause more harm than the losses they'd incur in battling it that does seem logical but

sometimes people have lost a loved one to such a demon or sometimes they have a connection to the person the demon used to be wherever there's a Code Red demon you can bet there are people willing to pay good money to have it killed and let me guess that's where the blood wings come in exactly there are blood wings all throughout mid gantt who have information on these code red demons if you defeat a demon and report back to my comrades they'll make sure you're well compensated alright I understand but I won't make any promises that's fine no sense in drawing up a contract when the hunter probably won't survive anyway if you get results let us know we'll hold up our end that being said I feel guilty if I didn't help out at least a little so here take this what are you giving me those blood Wings are definitely a rough crowd to be fair things are never that straightforward when you're dealing demons all that matters is that there's something in it for us if we hunt those CodeRed demons the only thing better than fighting formidable foes is getting paid for it just remember that these CodeRed demons are tough enough to make the abbey shiver we'd be wise not to underestimate them we should talk to those blood wings before considering any of the marks they might have information that will help us prepare yeah and we better remember to upgrade our equipment right I was wondering when these Code Red demons were going to like reappear into the game because it was mentioned and then nothing really came over until now so this is nice okay you can use an ax North bottle by pressing l2 you when you are in town or field using the bottle with teleports you directly to specified locations ah okay interesting so they're not like everywhere oh we just got a skit delicious dishes I wonder if this is a skit because I've been I've been making a velvet cook meals for the party for stat boosts so this might be a skit about Velvets cooking let's see hey Lafayette what is it robber Oh Barbeau curry huh oh it's about the curry it's not it's not about that it's just a random skit it's just saying it makes them hungry it smells good and it's creamy and kind of spicy eating it made me feel nice I'd say you love it then do all Maliki have such an appetite each has their own tastes some eat a lot some eat a little just like humans or demons what do you like isin drinks I suppose what else pretty much just drinks know what like anything else is it a problem if I don't know I'm just wondering for me its drinks and candied sweet potato homes where you boil strips of sweet potato in oil and then coat them in sugar you cook them in sugar yeah I never get tired of them so you like to drink but you've also got a sweet tooth yeah is that so strange no I have a sweet tooth but you need sweet potatoes sounds good ah there's nothing to be ashamed of it's just a sign that you're alive remember right yo he gets so embarrassed bless him so I wonder if we can take any of these contracts on I'm kind of curious about it oh I'm sure you're already aware but if you screw up during a hunts and die we aren't responsible good luck thank you for that okay getting my permit it was a nightmare okay I don't know maybe we need to use the bottles oh the in off bottles teleports you to a the entrance of any visited town maybe we just can't do it yeah maybe we're just not far enough in the story also something I forgot to show you guys is actually from my expeditions I actually got a treasure this little pendant thing no idea what it does but apparently it occasionally emits this sounds like the howling of a beast so it's quite intriguing it's a bit strange that I just randomly got that but okay um where we supposed to go is here so I'm not sure exactly the way to go maybe it's that said at the top of the map there's a little area at the back maybe we have to go down there cuz that sides a cave and there's a little field area down there so I'm gonna head to that and see if that's anything oh I found something I've gone up to the area oh maybe that's a CodeRed demon oh hey that noisy demon looks pretty strong think it might be one of those CodeRed demons doesn't matter to me I'd rather not waste my time fighting it if I don't need to I want photos it is a waste of time me though the abbey only has a handful of Exorcist strong enough to take something like this down right probably I'd say pray towards like Lady Teresa and the legate's could probably take it on and those guys are all your enemies right I see where you're going with this the abbey is strong both in its individual members and as an organization and if we're to close the gap between us and them we need to fight strong opponents like this demon that's what I would do but you're free to make your own decision all right I'll concede the point but we should determine just how strong it is first I don't want us to bite off more than we can chew that goes without saying I'd rather not get myself killed due to inadequate preparation you don't have to worry that much if you want to go fight I'll help keep you safe myself I promise I don't recall asking for your protection you don't need oh it's so sweet they definitely have got something going on I bet the game won't do anything romantically with those two but it would be it's so nice if something happened did happen between them but I just don't think there will be anyway I need to find a way over to where that little demon is cuz I do want to fight him I want to fight him and see if we can take him down because the game basically said you know you've gotta close the gap in between us and Teresa so it's the games kind of encouraging us to go down there and face that guy but the question is how do you get down there that's the question I wonder if there's a way to like jump down or something hang on what is that check no that was just nothing okay come on please be away jump down jump down or something I don't want to have to walk all the way around it looks like that might be the case though it looks like we might have to walk all the way around to get down there stupid wolf blocking the way I don't want to fight the world

okay so this is the way that we're supposed to go this is the lake road that we're meant to go down but before I want to explore it at least I know where it is now I just wanted to make sure like this was the way to go so at least we know that is definitely the way to go by that safe point but I'm gonna backtrack and we are going to attempts to face the code red demon let's do this guy's all right backtracking completes we are here and there is our targets I'm ready for your monkey man I'm ready for you to gorilla steal back attack okay auch King oh god okay here we go he's good ol Kong sorry not King oh come sohe's demi-human armored he's a fiend it's got 18,000 life he is a week two wins is there anything to help us is only like wins that can help us so I'm just gonna do combos and stuff definitely does here we go I'm gonna see if I can do as many combos as possible it helps to going down really fast so it's not like it doesn't seem to be like insanely difficult or anything be is only our very first code red demon so I don't expect like him to be really tough because that would be you know that would be a bit annoying so here we go oh I love some of the moves that um velvet is pulling out right now so cool okay here we go keep pulling out these combos keep doing my best to do the combos is it almost halfway already so it's not too bad if it's gonna rest the second out whoa whoa whoa that was bad that hurt that hurt a lot um yes what are these oh yes these are little soldier things okay here we go we can unleash everything on him now because I just got tons of soldiers okay here we go and it also gave us lots of life back which is really cool because I've been told you shouldn't use items like if you don't have to so try not to use them is good because you get more slight XP and stuff at the end of battle or something like that so I need to rest again okay go go go go go go no we don't have enough sort of soul gems at the moment to do our claw moves so that's a bit annoying I wonder if there's anything around the map I can take no nothing around the map at the moment I'm just gonna have to okay here we go we can use it we can use it yes yes yes what almost there guys almost there this is gone really Wow actually surprised at how well this is gone right monkey man you're nearly dead why didn't you just give up why didn't you just give up already just give up can't use them my consuming floor again cuz I've only got two souls at the most so kind of just doing my normal attacks he's almost there just a couple more hits then we've got him a couple more hits a couple more hits come on come on come on come on yes I think we did it yay we did it we did it you're not the victor I'm the victor I did it not you huh that thing was pretty strong it was one who just wanted something good to train on I'm not in it just for myself if I get stronger I'll be more helpful in your battles this counts towards the repayment of my debt but you don't deny at least part of it with for yourself of course not every true swordsman wants to train so they can improve themselves it might be a little late to ask but what debt exactly are you repaying Roker oh my sword is my life when I was separated from it velvet told me where to find it also she broke me free from a 500 year long five hundred years I wonder what he did I can't fully trust you I don't follow us around get some men are renowned for our sense of duty and commitment actually now that you mention it Ron get Suze a pretty unusual last name I heard your family specializes in unconventional swords and fighting styles that's true our ancestor was a swordsman from way off in another country who came to this land a long time ago a foreign swordsman huh I guess that explains why your swords and techniques stand out so much he had quite a hard time getting by in this unusual land until he was taken in by an aristocratic family ever since the Ron getsu clan has accepted the rule of their benefactors and has served them in repayment of their debt serve them as bodyguards bodyguards assassins spies body doubles whatever the order your family will carry it through always return that which you've borrowed even if you must repay it with your life that was our ancestors creed and truth four of my five older brothers are dead oh man you have to admit we take our sense of duty serious a bit too seriously if you ask me I'd I get it you and your family are all tied to your sense of honour that seems to be the case we can count on him as long as he's on our side at least oh come on that's not fair it's true though it's true it'd be scary if rockery was on the other side you know it would be scary anyway guys I think that's about it for today next time we would definitely go to the lake area where we're supposed to go so you find this Mende person and continue with the story so I hope you enjoyed that was a really cool battle for our first code red demon thank you for watching please comment rate and subscribe and I hope I'll see you next time [Music] Dominican College, Orangeburg.