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Welcome to Solomon Mines January Edition 2016.

Solomon Mines is a luxury Jewish Magazine. It is the only publication worldwide to specifically cater for a highnet-worth Jewish readership. Circulated on a bi-monthly complimentary basis in 15 countries, our quality bespoke coverage includes: Philanthropy, Business News, Luxury Lifestyle, Arts & Culture, Real Estate, Fashion, Beauty, Travel and Technology. We provide quality news analysis, reviews and exclusive interviews with some of the world’s leading figures. We do not cover political affairs, religion or Middle East conflicts.

Solomon Mines is a luxury lifestyle publication whose name derives from King Solomon’s legendary mines. For thousands of years archeologists, historians and filmmakers have been painstakingly searching for the buried treasure but, to date, the precise location of the excavation remains unknown. King Solomon’s mines are reported to contain over five hundred tons of gold, coloured diamonds, precious stones and silver artifacts. Solomon Mines magazine is a 21st century reincarnation of the mines, where the quality bespoke information we provide is equal in value to the physical worth of the treasure. Finally - Solomon Mines has been found. This Edition (Volume 1, Issue 5) provides our readers worldwide with access to exclusively tailored reviews, news and interviews with top leading figures: GOLDMAN SACHS CEO - Lloyd Blankfein’s 2016 market predications. PRINCE ALBERT OF MONACO II - Overview of Grimaldi House and the Principality of Monaco. DAVID KING REUBEN - Review of avant-garde NY based mixed-media artist. FABERGÉ - Interview with the new CEO, Sean Gilbertson. TORI BURCH - An insight into the fashion icons life. We hope that you find this issue inspiring, entertaining and insightful. Should you wish to participate in the next edition, due April 2016, or have feedback please contact us. Kind Regards, Noam Estaban Delarosa Editor

GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION: 20,000 hard copies are distributed in London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Monaco, Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Munich, Brussels, Mallorca, Stockholm, Sydney, South Africa and Israel. Copies strategically placed in over 350+ distribution centres include: Synagogues & Community Centres, Key Jewish Social & Business Functions, Private Banking & Family Offices, Estate Agents, Luxury Residential Complexes, 5 star Hotels & Spas, First-Class Airport Lounges, Car, Yacht & Jet Dealerships, Auction Houses & Galleries, Beauty & Medical Clinics, Subscribers & Direct Mail, Concierge & PR Companies.

CONTACT DETAILS: Solomon Mines Ltd. Berkeley Square House, Mayfair, London W1J 6BD United Kingdom. Head Office: + 44 (0) 20 7112 8286 Email: info@solomonmines.com www.SolomonMines.com To view behind the scene pictures and exclusive interviews, follow us on: Instagram @Solomon_Magazine, Facebook and LinkedIn.


10. Interview: Exclusive interview with CEO

of world’s renowned jewellery brand: Fabergé

14. Cover Story: Beatrice Tollman, Philanthropist

and President of Red Carnation Hotel Collection and Uniworld Cruise

20. Feature: Review of the Principality of



Monaco and Grimaldi House

26. Art Review: A conversation with avant-garde

NY based artist, David King Reuben

31 . For Her:

Fashion & Beauty, Psychology & Relationships and Entrepreneurship

36. Interview:

Fashion icon, Tory Burch, shares her top tips for success and introduces her latest collection


42. Luxury Lifestyle: Private Islands, Private Jets, Super Cars, Wine Trends, Men’s Fashion

56. Business News:

George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Lloyd Blankfein, Mikhail Freidman, Dan Shulman, Elon Musk





62. Property:

Introducing Faena House Miami super-luxury residency & hotel and travel specialists, UltraVilla

68. Israel News:

Interview with technology expert, Uri Levine, who sold Waze to Google for £860m and a presentation of Israel’s largest presidential hotel suite

74. Directory:

Solomon Mines recommended service providers.


SOLOMON MINES | INTERVIEW In 1842, Peter Carl Fabergé founded one of the most renowned luxury brands in the world. Synonymous for crafting stupendous Imperial Easter Eggs, timepieces and jewellery, Fabergé made some of the most important objects of our time, representing the epitome of luxury. In 1885, Tsar Alexander III appointed Fabergé as the Official Goldsmith of the Russian Imperial Court, a position that made Fabergé the ultimate gift purveyor of royalties, industrialists and artistic intelligentsia. In 1917, the Russian revolution brought an abrupt end to the Romanov Dynasty and Fabergé’s company was nationalised, all his assets were stolen, production was stopped and consequently Fabergé escaped to Switzerland. In 1920, Peter Carl Fabergé passed away and his family lost all legal rights to the name. In 2007, nearly a century later, a new chapter in the history of Fabergé has been written, when South-African businessman Sean Gilbertson bought the brand and in an unprecedented move, reunited it with the great-granddaughters of Peter Carl Fabergé: Tatiana and Sarah Fabergé. Solomon Mines speaks to Sean Gilbertson about the legacy of Fabergé, the upcoming new collections and its vision for the world-class brand. Fabergé is well placed on King Street in London, a location that matches the identity of some of its previous and current clients. We meet the CEO at the company boardroom to learn more about this magical brand. Gilbertson is a Mining Engineer and Executive Director of Gemfields, one of the world’s leading mining companies. He is highly passionate and knowledgeable about Fabergé and methodically describes the long process and fierce competition he endured in order to acquire Fabergé and its associated licenses. It is the first time in 65 years that the Fabergé brand is under the management of one company.


An Objet D’art Masterpiece: The Fabergé Pearl Egg (2015)

“ It’s all about history, heritage, legend and legacy. No other name conjures quite the same magic ”

Sean Gilbertson is the CEO of Fabergé, responsible for bringing the world’s renowned brand into the 21st century

Why have you acquired Fabergé and how does the fact that Gemfields is a mining company contribute to the long-term growth of Fabergé? Fabergé was acquired by Gemfields plc, the world’s leading supplier of responsibly-sourced coloured gemstones, in January 2013. Gemfields acquired Fabergé to further its ambition of creating a globally recognised leader in precious coloured gemstones. Fabergé provides Gemfields with direct control over a high-end luxury goods platform and a name with exceptional heritage. Fabergé works closely, but not exclusively, with Gemfields when sourcing exceptional precious coloured gemstones for its contemporary jewellery collections. Gemfields currently supplies responsibly-sourced Zambian emeralds, Zambian amethysts and Mozambican rubies from its worldclass coloured gemstone mines.

Over the years several companies used Fabergé's trademark to sell products such as barbie-dolls, sunglasses, ties and perfumes. This was not the vision of Peter Carl Fabergé over one hundred years ago and it does not correspond with the brand identity and philosophy. Which steps have you taken to correct this historical injustice and protect the brand? One of the main aims of Fabergé today is to perpetuate the spirit and philosophy of Peter Carl Fabergé, restoring the authenticity and dignity of the name. When we acquired Fabergé in 2007, we initiated the process of shedding all of the former product licenses and reuniting the Fabergé name with the Fabergé family, which were effectively separated in a legal settlement back in 1951. This allowed us to re-launch with a clean slate and re-establish Fabergé’s reputation as the leading artist-jeweller. Today Fabergé takes inspiration from its storied past to create eternally original pieces that when worn, convey breathtaking individuality. By painting with the world’s finest coloured gemstones, Fabergé explores the art of colour through creations, which are designed to become future heirlooms. Celebrating the concept

of the artist-jeweller in today’s world of luxury, Fabergé traces the legacy of excellence in creativity, design and craftsmanship to introduce a new era of enchanting and enduring personal possessions and gifts for contemporary connoisseurs.

La Lumière D’Été Drop Earrings


Can you describe how the great-granddaughters of Peter Carl Fabergé, Tatiana and Sarah Fabergé, are involved with the company? This new chapter in the Fabergé story reunited the Fabergé name with the Fabergé family in 2007. Tatiana Fabergé and Sarah Fabergé, great-granddaughters of Peter Carl Fabergé, sit on the Fabergé Heritage Council which counsels the Fabergé team on many aspects of Fabergé’s history and heritage. Tatiana Fabergé is one of the world’s leading experts on Peter Carl Fabergé and she recently published one of the most important Fabergé reference works entitled ‘Fabergé: A Comprehensive Reference Book’. Providing vital insights into the ethos of Peter Carl Fabergé, Tatiana and Sarah are closely involved in maintaining the spirit, values and integrity that are pivotal to the brand today. Today Fabergé fascinates people from all over the world as it did over a century ago. Why? Simply put, Fabergé is all about history, heritage, legend and legacy. No other name conjures quite the same magic. Fabergé is revered as the pinnacle of the jeweller’s art, with connoisseurs indulging in the unique fusion of design and craftsmanship. The legend has been carried across the decades by movies such as James Bond’s Octopussy in 1983 and Ocean’s Twelve in 2004, ensuring that Fabergé continues to reach and surprise a wide audience. The manifold exhibitions of Fabergé’s work, taking place internationally at any one time, also undoubtedly play a key role. And then of course, the eyepopping auctions of Fabergé items at Bonham’s, Christies and Sotheby’s highlight the value placed on his creations with, for example, in 2007, the Rothschild Fabergé Egg was auctioned at Christie's London for £8.98 million. This was a record price paid for a piece of Fabergé as well as the highest price ever paid for a Russian object and the most expensive price for a timepiece. In 2014 the Rothschild Fabergé Egg was given to the Hermitage Museum in Russia by President Vladimir Putin in commemoration of the museum’s 250th anniversary.

Kate Hudson in Fabergé at Venice Film Festival

What is Fabergé’s upcoming collection? Our current collections focus on three key categories: jewellery, timepieces and objects d’art. The key collections, which we are currently expanding are: The Devotion Collection: The Devotion Collection offers both ornate and sleek designs, catering to both contemporary and classical tastes. It exemplifies ‘the art of colour’, seamlessly fusing extraordinary coloured gemstones, artistic ingenuity and exceptional craftsmanship. Creative fantasy is paired with technical perfection and a sumptuous colour palette. This collection celebrates special lifetime events, milestones and memorable moments with inspirational gemstone-set engagement, anniversary and celebratory rings. Fabergé’s vibrant gemstones are chosen for their exquisite colour, cut, clarity and character. The Emotion Collection: Infused with intense colour, explores the intellectual and artistic richness of Fabergé’s world. These bold and daring jewels, pushing the boundaries of design and craftsmanship in true Fabergé spirit, illustrate the Fauvist view of colour as an emotional force and an expression of feeling. They comprise painterly abstract compositions of random pavé work in blocks of colour-rich precious and fine gemstones, with each ring featuring over 300 unique gems.


Fabergé Secret Garden Necklace. POA

Timepieces Collection: The new Fabergé watches are contemporary creations that introduce unexpected materials and functions. The design of these simple or complex watches for men and women are based on one core quality: the unexpected. The timepieces represent a bold move in new directions, constantly adapting to the trends of the times, harnessing the power of technology and innovation to create wonderment. combinations of shapes, materials and functions. For the first timepieces of this new era, Fabergé called upon the skills of Agenhor, APRP, and Vaucher Manufacture. Respectively, they have produced the movement for the Lady Compliquée Haute Horlogerie collection, manufactured the calibre of the Visionnaire I men’s Haute Horlogerie model, and equipped all the models in the Lady Fabergé collection with self-winding movements. What is your long-term vision for Fabergé? Our vision is and has always been to restore this noble name to its rightful position at the pinnacle of luxury. We want Fabergé to be associated with the most innovative and ingenious contemporary jewellery and objects, hinting at the past in a most contemporary way, and always looking to the future in the true spirit of Peter Carl Fabergé himself. Fabergé is steadily growing and we now have boutiques in Geneva, London and New York, with another 20 retail partners in cities around the world. This expansion of the global footprint in key cities will continue as we seek to become the jeweller of choice for the world’s most discerning and elite clientele. We are providing the pleasure that only Fabergé can bring, to a new generation, creating jewels and objects that will be prized as the heirlooms of the future. Fabergé embraces 21st century methods and technologies by using 3D printers to assist its creative teams with production. For example, it is possible to create several plastic casts for rings and try them on before assembly. This enhances the value and precision of the production process and also precious materials are not wasted. The craftsmanship of Fabergé is unique as only a few individuals in the world can truly master the art. Therefore 3D printing is only a testing tool, because Fabergé is committed to maintaining its tradition of putting pieces together entirely by hand, exactly the way they did one hundred years ago. Fabergé recently started to accept bespoke commissions from discerning customers wishing to gift loved ones a truly memorable one-of-a-kind piece. For example, one could personally meet with the Fabergé creative team, choose a watch design, select preferred materials and even write an inscription on the dial adjacent to the Fabergé name. This makes for a wonderful and unique present that will be cherished forever. Gilbertson says. “Not every request we receive is fulfilled because we adhere to our heritage, brand philosophy and ethos”. One of the most important Fabergé collections belongs to the British Royal Family, which includes a large collection featuring three historic eggs. Queen Elizabeth II’s grandmother Queen Mary bought the Colonnade Egg Clock, the Basket of Flowers Egg and the Mosaic Egg. The Royal collection is particularly significant as many of the 100-plus masterpieces were acquired directly from Fabergé or arrived as gifts. It is known to be one of the biggest Fabergé collections in the world, containing exquisite, delicate, hardstone flowers, ornate boxes, figurines, photo frames, miniatures as well as the largest assembly of Fabergé hardstone animals.



TRANSFORMING BUSINESSES AND PEOPLE’S LIVES In 1955 at the age of 21, Beatrice Tollman purchased a small hotel in South Africa for £2,000. In 2013, she bought and refurbished her seventeenth hotel, Ireland’s Ashford Castle for £80,000,000. Tollman is President of The Red Carnation Hotel Collection, part of The Travel Corporation that employs over 12,000 people in 70 countries, servicing over 2,000,000 customers annually. We speak with the inspiring entrepreneur about her life as an hotelier, her philanthropic endeavours, her international river cruise line and passion for interior design and cuisine.


e met Beatrice Tollman for afternoon tea at the five star Milestone Hotel in Kensington. Sitting comfortably by the fireplace, Tollman wears an elegant grey dress, which compliments her English-South African demeanour. A well-mannered butler arrives to help me choose from the fine selection of quintessential English teas, éclairs tartlets, macaroons, scones and champagne. I look at Tollman and ask ‘did you envision sixty years ago the level of success that you would achieve?’ She smiles affectionately and says, “When my husband and I got married, all we ever dreamt about was to buy one hotel. We never dreamt of having a few, not to mention seventeen.” Tollman manages the multinational business with great attention to even the smallest detail. Every night, she reads a sixty-page report sent from the hotels detailing occupancy, rates, meals purchased, suggestions from guests, staff reports and more. It is amazing to see a high profile hotelier still involved at the micro level of the business. Tollman says “Our clients teach us our business”, and indeed over the years, many influential figures have stayed at the Red Carnation Hotels including Prince Rainer III of Monaco, Barbra Streisand, Ted Kennedy, Brad Pitt, Ronald Reagan and further businesspeople and sportsmen. You are personally involved in the design of the hotels. Why is it important for you to lead the process and where does your inspiration come from? It is important for me to be hands on in everything related to the collection, from the cuisine to the service delivery, and interior design is no different. We do it all ourselves, we have a small design team that has been with me for a long time, including my daughter


Toni. We understand each other and we challenge and learn from each other. I have always been involved in the design of our hotels, from the early days back in South Africa to our latest opening - Ashford Castle, which was a phenomenal two-year project. We restored this amazing building, parts of which date back to 1228, both inside and out. We always choose properties with an interesting history and location so that is always our first inspiration for the interiors. We ensure that the style of each room and the furnishings, art and antiques that they feature pay due respect to the building and its environs, while at the same time offering the levels of comfort, quality, style that our guests expect from a five-star luxury hotel. For example at Ashford Castle we used beautiful Connemara marble in the Prince of Wales bar and in some of the bathrooms because, not only is it stunning but it was fitting to use materials from the local area. I also personally select art and antiques from auction houses across the world that I know will look perfect in a particular place to delight our guests. Many of your staff have stayed with the Collection for decades, what do you think are the reasons for this? One of my main goals is to give our family of staff the very best opportunities to thrive and grow in this business. Most of our general managers have worked their way up, starting in the kitchens or in housekeeping, to the positions they hold today. We do our best to reward good service through our Employee of the Month programme, which culminates in our annual awards at the Staff Appreciation Party, where we host a gala ball for 1,000 employees, bringing staff from all of our overseas hotels to experience London and spend some time working with colleagues here. I am proud that we have been recognised for our achievements

in staff training, incentivising and retention. We have an award-winning training programme and were the first company worldwide to win the Gold standard in Investors in People, and currently hold the amazing position of number 2 in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work for across the whole of the UK. I firmly believe that happy guests are the result of happy staff and it’s important that everyone that walks through the door of our hotels is greeted with a smile and a willingness to make that guest’s stay the best it can possibly be. In 2012, industry peers voted you ‘Hotelier of the Year’ at the European Hospitality Awards. Were you surprised? It was a very humbling experience, one that I am exceptionally proud of and will always remember. When my husband and I started out in this business in South Africa, we were just working hard to make a living and make each hotel the best it could be with what we had. We had no idea that 60 years later, we would have an award-winning collection of 17 hotels, including a 13th century castle in Ireland! The awards are a fantastic recognition of what we do, but they are really just a by-product of what’s truly important which is ensuring that the guest is at the heart of everything we do, and that each guest’s stay exceeds their expectations every single time. Your philanthropic endeavours include social developments, environmental and marine preservation and financial support to various charities. How do you choose which one to support? Our philosophy as a business is “Because We Care” and this carries through all our daily activities from the hotel operations to our corporate social responsibility. There are three main areas in which I like to give back: Firstly, before I met my husband and

Beatrice Tollman is heavily involved in all aspects of the hotel business, from the interiors to the cuisine, and has published a book of her favourite recipes.

went in to the hotel business, I used to be a nursery school teacher and children have always been close to my heart. Therefore children’s charities are very important to me. In the UK, the proceeds from my cookbook ‘A Life in Food’ go to two charities, the Starlight Foundation, which grants wishes and provides entertainment to seriously or terminally ill children in hospices, and Great Ormond Street Hospital Tick Tock Club which supports life-saving work and improves the quality of comfort levels for children at the hospital. Similarly in South Africa, we have a long-standing partnership with the Amy Biehl Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town working to develop and empower under privileged youths in the townships. It’s important to me to see the next generation reach their potential irrespective of their circumstances. Secondly I am a big animal lover (as such all our hotels are pet friendly) so I am proud of our achievements in Bushmans Kloof in South Africa in supporting the Cape Protecting San Rock Art dating back 20,000 years

Leopard Trust. In partnership with them we have collared seven Cape Leopards at Bushmans Kloof, which is part of a vital long-term research and monitoring project to protect and preserve this rare and beautiful animal’s future. Thirdly, as a business, our approach to sustainability is built in from the top down. We have countless initiatives in place. Some are implemented across the entire collection such as energy saving and recycling and a groundbreaking carbon measurement scheme, which we pioneered with The International Tourism Partnership and the World Travel & Tourism Council. Others are put in place on an individual basis by each hotel as they are all empowered to come up with their own ideas to make a difference. Examples are the beehives we have installed at the Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel and the Living Wall at The Rubens at the Palace, which is London’s largest living wall and attracts wildlife, helps improve the air quality in the area and reduces the risk of urban flooding. Starlight Children’s Foundation

With over 130 unique rock art sites, some as old as 10,000 years, Bushmans Kloof has been dedicated to protecting this extraordinary treasure.

A non -profit organisation that is dedicated to brightening the lives of seriously and terminally ill children in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK, reaching over half a million children every year.

Preserving 800 years of Irish history at Ashford Castle

The Cape Leopard Trust, Western Cape, South Africa

A two-year meticulous restoration and enhancement programme to restore the castle to its former glory and preserve this historic property for future generations.

An initiative to find solutions to human-wildlife conflict through a long-term research and monitoring project with an interactive and dynamic environmental program.


What is Uniworld and in which countries do you operate? Uniworld is the world’s only authentic boutique river cruise line. We feature 19 luxurious ships with an average capacity of just 130 guests, fantastic excursions, gourmet cuisine, gracious hospitality and the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the river cruise industry. Uniworld offers truly all-inclusive itineraries in Europe, as well as voyages in Russia, Asia, Egypt and now India—a total of 21 rivers in 28 countries worldwide. What is the service philosophy on board Uniworld River Cruise Ships? Our philosophy to guest service is the same as with Red Carnation Hotels – ‘No request too large, no detail too small’. We take our experience garnered from decades working in luxury hospitality and apply it to Uniworld. This expertise enables us to deliver the same luxurious hotel experience on the river and we are genuinely setting the standards for excellence in hospitality, culinary operations and levels of luxury and comfort on Europe’s rivers.

period over which she presided, using a team of artisans and talented craftsmen who painstakingly handpainted details like the Tromp L’Oeil-inspired mural and gold leaf coronets on every door. The names of the ships vary. The River Beatrice is my namesake – I am her godmother and she was the first Uniworld ship I fully designed. Similarly the S.S. Antoinette is named after my daughter Toni. It depends on the inspiration for each ship. How do you describe the experience of taking a river cruise with Uniworld? A river cruise with Uniworld is the ultimate luxurious hotel experience delivered on the river, which you can enjoy as glorious scenery passes you by. I don’t believe there is any product out there that can rival us for design, amenities, service, food and overall levels of luxury. Our mission statement is to passionately deliver unique and luxurious river cruises to inspiring destinations whilst respecting the communities where we live and travel. How are you different from other operators?

I’m very involved in the interior design on the ships, as is my daughter Toni and the rest of the Red Carnation design team. The concept for our latest Super Ship, the S.S. Maria Theresa, was born after I bought a 10 foot painting of Maria Theresa herself, a prominent Queen and member of the Habsburg dynasty. Using her as our inspiration, we devised a ship that emulated a floating 18th century castle from the Baroque

Our ships are totally different to anything else out there and we have won numerous awards for their design, food and service from some of the most prestigious organisations in travel and cruising. And our wonderful staff set us apart too. One of our Captains put it very eloquently. He said: “I am often asked why I work for Uniworld and not another river cruise company. I simply say we have the absolute best crew and overall team on the rivers. Every crew member goes above and beyond to make sure our guests have the most memorable experience and this is the most important thing.”

Uniworld ships feature magnificent period interior decor throughout.

Uniworld’s super ships feature indoor pools with mosaic detail.

Are you involved as well in decorating the ships? How did you choose their names?


How is a river cruise different from an ocean cruise? River cruising is a very leisurely way of travelling, and one of the many advantages it has over ocean cruising is that the scenery is constantly changing. On an ocean cruise you might see nothing but the horizon for hours on end, but on a river cruise you’ll pass castles, vineyards, towns and people walking along the river banks, as well as iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or the Buda Palace in Budapest. It’s also a much more intimate experience given the size of the ships and allows guests to go in to the heart of the cities we visit, unlike the big ocean cruise liners.

Uniworld offers luxurious itineraries in Europe, Russia, Asia, Egypt and India

Uniworld has won some of the most prestigious industry awards and accolades and has been voted ‘World’s Best Cruise Line’ by Condé Nast readers

How do people respond when they are on board your ships? People are always struck by the beauty of our ships and their unique interiors; they are real masterpieces. They have state-of-the-art features like on-board cinemas, indoor swimming pools and spas. We were the first river cruise company to launch French balconies with windows that shut at the touch of a button, creating a conservatory experience. But it’s not just about the ship itself – our guests are equally struck by the service, the warmth of the staff, the quality and range of the entertainment and activities, the shore excursions and the food, all created from locally sourced produce.

Uniworld guests have a choice of dining experiences, from fine dining to eating outdoor on the deck


Red Carnation Hotels are a collection of family-run, award-winning boutique hotels in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA. Each hotel is a landmark of history and tradition, with a peerless reputation for exquisite fine dining, leading spas and sumptuous surroundings. We pride ourselves on delivering a warm, thoughtful and highly personalised service.


The Milestone Hotel

A passionate team and exquisite details have made this five star Grade II Listed mansion hotel a benchmark for luxury and service, overlooking Kensington Palace and Gardens .

Hotel 41

An award-winning five-star hotel that comprises 30 luxurious rooms and suites, exceptional levels of comfort, personal butlers and passionate staff who outnumber guests two to one.

The Rubens at the Palace

The Montague on the Gardens

The Egerton House Hotel

The Chesterfield Mayfair

Situated in Knightsbridge, this five star boutique hotel feels like a homely private residence. Discover immaculate attention to detail and warm smiles at every turn.

Enviably located in Mayfair, near designer shopping and many of the city's iconic attractions, the Regency style British boutique hotel feels like a traditional private club.

Bushmans Kloof

The Twelve Apostles

This luxurious and elegant hotel is located in a prime position opposite the Royal Mews of Buckingham Palace and is moments from London's best shops and restaurants.

A genteel Georgian townhouse in elegant Bloomsbury, The Montague is a peaceful hideaway that combines modern sophistication with old-worlde charm and fine British hospitality.

South Africa

The Oyster Box

Situated on Umhlanga’s beachfront overlooking the Indian Ocean and the iconic lighthouse, The Oyster Box is the ultimate in colonial charm and style, with 86 luxurious rooms and suites.


This multi award-winning natural reserve consists of 16 luxurious guest rooms and suites. Its beautiful Spa offers a variety of beauty enhancing treatments for maximum relaxation.

70 elegant guest rooms, with unique features that include a holistic spa, private cinema, and breathtaking views from the legendary Azure Restaurant and the vibrant Leopard Bar.


Hotel d'Angleterre


As the only five star boutique hotel in Geneva, the difference is in the detail. Overlooking the Jet d’Eau, it offers charming British character, refined Swiss hospitality and genuine generosity.


The Chesterfield Palm Beach

Surrounded by palm-lined boulevards and elegant villas, this architectural gem and local institution epitomises Palm Beach’s relaxed lifestyle. It offers 53 comfortably appointed rooms and suites.



Ashford Castle

The Old Government House

Summer Lodge Country House

The Lodge at Ashford Castle

The Duke of Richmond Hotel

The Acorn Inn

Sitting majestically in a splendid estate on the shores of Lough Corrib, it is one of Ireland’s most impressive and romantic hotels, recently voted Best Hotel in the World by Virtuoso.

Overlooking the magical Lough Corrib and set within the magnificent 350 acre Ashford Estate, The Lodge offers Irish hospitality at its finest, wonderful cuisine and elegant rooms.

Situated in the heart of St Peter Port, it is the only five star hotel and Spa in Guernsey. Located near the main shopping street and just a five minute walk from the picturesque quayside.

This luxurious Hotel in St Peter Port, offers unparalleled service in elegant surroundings. An easy stroll to the beautiful harbour, the position is delightfully peaceful.

The award-winning Grade II Listed Hotel & Spa in the enchanting village of Evershot, Dorset, is surrounded by rolling hills and represents luxurious five star country house charm at its finest.

The Acorn Inn offers ten individually designed en-suite guest rooms, exemplary personal service, award winning dining, fresh country air and an original skittle alley.


Solomon Mines 19



Monaco 20

Seventy years ago, Monaco was not a super luxury lifestyle destination attracting the rich and famous, however in 1956 a young actress called Grace Kelly glamorised Côte d’Azur beyond recognition. Her marriage to Prince Rainer III, brought some of Hollywood’s biggest stars to the South of France. Solomon Mines tells the story of the iconic Princess and Monaco’s modern and colourful life through the eyes of the current reining monarch, her son, His Royal Highness, Prince of Monaco Albert II.



arlier this year I attended the Monaco Grand Prix. I had not been for more than 20 years, and had not been to Monte Carlo for at least a decade, so I had forgotten what a miracle the place is. Everything works; it is clean and warm and over the years some pretty interesting people have decided to make it their home. I find that the world is an altogether more agreeable place for the presence of this small chunk of rock and reclaimed land on the littoral of the Mediterranean. Inevitably, it reminds one of Hong Kong. People of my generation and younger take the place for granted, treating the forest of concrete and glass that rears up out of the barren, unforgiving terrain as a phenomenon that is somehow naturally occurring. Of course it is not. But what is surprising is that 66 years ago, when he ascended the throne, Prince Rainier inherited something that seemed like it might be in financial peril. In 1950, Monaco’s income slumped by 75 per cent. New gambling resorts such as Reno and Las Vegas, with their big-name entertainers, offered a livelier and more relaxed atmosphere, which the modern gambler seemed to prefer to the elegant and formal way of losing money that prevailed in Monaco. Just as serious was the erosion of the winter season. Traditionally, the south of France had been a winter destination, a place to shelter from the harsh weather in northern Europe. The Côte d’Azur as a summer place had been ‘invented’ in the 1920s, along with the suntan and sports clothes. But in the same way that the seasons were reversing on the Mediterranean coast, so they were in the mountains of Switzerland, which had long been the summer choice of the sort of people who appeared in novels by Henry James. Grace Kelly On April 12, 1956, as a large American ocean liner sailed into the bay of Monte Carlo, it was Aristotle Onassis’s private plane flying overhead that showered the sea with flowers. Prince Rainier would of course have been delighted to see any ocean liner bringing tourists to his country, but this vessel was special, for among the passengers was a plain spoken former Olympic sculling champion called Jack Kelly, who had come with his family to see his daughter, Grace, marry the Prince of Monaco. It would have to have been a particularly hard-hearted Irish American who did not get a lump in his throat watching his daughter walk down the flower-covered gangway to meet her fiancé, who had pulled up alongside on his yacht, the flowers cascading from the plane mingling with those being thrown by the passengers. It is perhaps at this moment that the modern Monaco that we know today was born. The rebranding of the seaside principality was about to begin, as the fairytale prince was about to marry his film-star princess.


In 1982, Grace Kelly was driving back to Monaco from her country home when she had a stroke. As a result, she lost control of her Rover P6 and drove off the steep winding road and down the 120ft mountainside. Her daughter Stéphanie who was in the passenger seat tried to regain control of the car but was unsuccessful. The following night Kelly passed away after Prince Rainier decided to switch off her life support. Thirty-three years after the accident, Prince Albert II lifts the lid on what it was like to be raised by the iconic Hollywood actress. Prince Albert told People Magazine: “My mother was a loving and caring hands-on person who only ever sought the best for her three children. While most of the world only ever witnessed the glamour and poise she projected in the public eye, she was even more beautiful on the inside. Even with the fame and responsibility that came with joining the royal family, she never let it compromise her desire to be a good mother. It all must have been hard for her at first, but I never heard her complain about coming to live here and having to behave in a certain way. Instead, she made sure to raise us with love and care, as well as a certain air of decorum. She taught us to be polite and respectful and made sure we had private moments. Any free time she had was spent with us”.

Prince Albert II Foundation In June 2006, Prince Albert decided to establish a Foundation to address our planet’s alarming environmental situation. The Foundation is dedicated to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development on a global scale. The Foundation supports initiatives of public and private organisations, in the fields of research and studies, technological innovation and socially-aware practices. The Foundation supports projects in three main geographical zones and focuses its efforts on three main areas. It works to establish partnerships in order to carry out projects and implement concrete activities, raise both the public’s and the authorities’ awareness of the impact of human activities on the natural environment and to encourage more environmentally friendly behaviour. The Foundation has three priority areas: the Mediterranean basin, the Polar Regions and the least developed countries (as defined by the United Nations official list), such as the countries in Sahelian Africa, which are severely impacted by the effects of climate change, the loss of biodiversity and water shortage. The three principal domains of actions are to limit the effects of climate change, promote renewable energies and safeguard biodiversity.

Prince Albert, who attended Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou Gala Diner earlier this year said: “I created the Foundation in order to take action and implement various projects, in association with global NGOs and local players, with private companies and public institutions. This Foundation has since been involved in close to three hundred and fifty projects across the globe: From the African deserts to Canada’s northern forests, from the Mediterranean shores to the Pacific islands; all its activities are implemented in close co-operation with local partners. Through each of these initiatives, the Foundation is in close touch with the stakeholders involved, at the heart of the issues for which we work. This Foundation also gives me the opportunity to meet men and women who are driven by the same hope, who do not resign themselves to let tigers, whales and tuna disappear and who want to leave their children a preserved planet.”

Prince Albert brought Grimaldi House into the 21st century

LIFE IN MONACO Monaco has a reputation that very much precedes it. This microstate covers an area of just 2 sq km, similar in size to London’s Hyde Park, Green Park and St James’s Park combined. It is the most expensive place to buy high-end property in Europe, according to Savills, with square metre prices in what it terms the ‘ultra-prime’ residential sector averaging £90,900 (second to Hong Kong, at £92,500 per sq metre, but considerably above London at £52,700). Monaco’s population is unusual in that the native Monegasques are a minority in their own country. Out of 37,800 residents, 28.4% are French and 21.6% are Monegasque. 2.4% of the overall population is Jewish (40% originating from the UK). Safety: With 515 police officers for 35,000 people (1 to 65), Monaco has the largest police force and police presence in the world on both a per-capita and per-area basis and includes a specialist unit, which operates patrol and surveillance boats. Business: Monaco has the world’s highest GDP nominal per capita at £108,500, GNI per capita at £120,000. According to the CIA World Factbook, Monaco has the world’s lowest

poverty rate and the highest number of millionaires and billionaires per capita in the world. It has 36 banks holding over £100bn worth of funds in 150,000 accounts. No income tax is applied to citizens. Location: Monaco sits on the Mediterranean coast, sandwiched between the French and Italian Riviera. As a destination itself it is pretty breath taking, whilst within a short drive are some of the most picturesque and stylish resorts in Europe, such as Cannes, Saint Tropez and Portofino. Weather: another excellent reason for visiting. The winters are mild and sunny, whilst the summers are glorious and hot. But the heat is rarely a problem as most luxury apartments in Monaco are either a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean Sea or have their own swimming pool for those all-important cool downs. Sports: For sport fans the opportunities in Monaco are huge. The principality has its own successful League 1 football team, it is home to the headquarters of the International Association of Athletics Federation and plays host to arguably the most famous Formula 1 race in the world, as well as the biggest yacht show in the world.

Monaco’s Formula 1 Grand Prix has become a global attraction.

Culture: Boasting its own philharmonic orchestra, opera house and an award-winning cultural centre, the Grimaldi Forum, those in search of some culture will not be disappointed.





The contemporary art market is having an unprecedented boom, but how does one pick from the panoply of advisors, many with limited qualifications, to find a guide through a highly competitive market? SOLOMON MINES investigates. Private jets, super yachts and palatial homes have long been the hallmark of success. Now contemporary art is also part of the luxury panoply. The figures speak for themselves; in 2015 a record £3.9bn of post-war and contemporary art was sold at auctions alone. Dealers and Auction Houses are the natural beneficiaries of this growth. Yet so are art advisors. As new fortunes sprout each day, art consultant and curators are called in to help with art portfolios. “There are more serious collectors of serious artists at very high prices than ever before” says Allan Schwartzman, an art advisor whose clients include Dallas-based former hedge fund manager, Howard Rachofsky, and Brazilian mining magnet, Bernardo Paz. Schwartzman added. “Advisors are needed, because it is harder to find great things, because the rate of transactions is much more rapid, and because collectors are paying as much attention as professionals in the field to what artworks are available for purchase. Not surprisingly, the profession is in expansion mode, says Gordon VeneKlasen, Director of the Michael Werner in New York, “I get around twenty-five emails a day and they are all from advisors”. He says he has come across some who know “maybe slightly more than the person they are representing”. These unqualified upstarts are not going unnoticed. “When the art market becomes extremely strong, people with little experience print up business cards that say ‘art advisor’ as there are no specific credentials required. There is no degree track or educational accreditation”, says New York based advisor Todd Levin, who advised hedge fund manager Adam Sender, for eleven years, and was an under bidder on a Francis Bacon sold at £85m at Christies in November 2013. “It is like the Wild West - when an inexperienced, unethical or unknowledgeable art advisor operates, it reflects poorly on the true professionals in the field”. The most common practice among art advisors is taking payment from both sides. They collect a fee or commission from the buyer (ranging from five to twenty per cent of the artwork price), then get an agreed fee from the dealer. A London based couple are currently suing long-time advisors for receiving undisclosed commissions for buying

and selling art on their behalf. Another practice is helping a client pay less tax than is owed. In 2006, L. Dennis Kozlowski, former Chairman of Tyco International, agreed to pay £2.6m in sales tax and interest after being indicted for non-payment of New York sales tax on art purchases he made through an advisor. In addition, unprofessional art advisors hurt their clients by influencing them to buy bad art - that’s if they have clients to begin with. Some pretend they represent big collectors, ask a dealer for an image of an artwork, and then shop it around in the hope of finding a buyer, eroding the work’s rarity value. Ideally, an art advisor should show the client art, teach them about the artists, point out the best work, and negotiate with the dealer on their behalf – first to get offered a piece, then to get the right price. Most importantly, the advisors offer access to something money cannot buy: the world’s top art galleries, who pick and choose to whoom they sell their best work. Museums are their top choice, followed by private collectors with established collections. “We are guarding the integrity of the artists and the careers that we are building”, explains VeneKlasen. “As primary dealers, art galleries tend to charge less than what the works can later fetch on the secondary market or at an auction. They are wary of buyers who quickly sell the work to make a short-term gain - and of their advisors.” For a long time art advising was exercised by people who were also, officially and unofficially, dealers.’ “They were making an income on the trade in a way that wasn’t transparent” says Schwartzman. For example, in the Twenties and Thirties the dealer, Joseph Duveen, advised and sold to the likes of John D. Rockefeller and JP Morgan. Today an art advisor’s compensation is limited to a pre-set of commissions. In recent years, the collectors’ approach to art has changed too. A century ago they sought works that would subsequently qualify as masterpieces. Today they want works that will rise in price. “Money is now an increasingly prevalent element within the transaction of art”, says Schwartzman. Todd Levin tracks this trend back to the mid-Eighties when Citibank started an art advisory department. “Since then, art has taken up the appearance of an

investment or asset, something that can be quantified as such”, he says, “even though it really can’t be. With money being a bigger part of the equation than before, the responsibility of the adviser is greater too. Collectors are increasingly dedicating larger portions of their net worth towards art”, says Levin. “I have to think in different terms for a collector of this type, as opposed to somebody buying a couple of nice pieces of art to decorate their home.” One thing that all experienced advisors agree on is this: art buyers who are in it for the long haul stand to benefit most. Notes Schwartzman, “Every collector I work with, whose main goal is to collect art well, not to invest their money well, has done better with their art investments than in other businesses.” Provided, of course, that they choose the right adviser in the first place. TOP FIVE ART ADVISORS: Sandy Heller Heller advises Roman Abramovich and Hedge Fund Manager Steven Cohen. In 2013, he helped Cohen buy Picassos’ Le Rêve (1932) for £99,000,000. Allan Schwartzman Schwartzman was a founding member of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, then Director of New York’s Barbara Gladstone Gallery. Recently, he co-founded Art Agency Partners. Mary Zlot Zlot set up Mary Zlot & Associates in 1983. She has developed a collection for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and has investment Firms Charles Schwab & Co. and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. as clients. Thea Westreich With her husband Ethan Wagner, Westreich has advised collectors Norah and Norman Stone and Venture Capitalist Richard Kramlich. The advisors plan to donate most of their huge art collection to the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Pompidou Centre. Todd Levin A graduate of the University of Michigan, where he studied Art History, Levin worked at Sotheby’s for five years before becoming an independent art advisor. SOLOMON MINES 25

DAVID KING REUBEN David Rueben is a talented artist who creates revolutionary art, which challenges perceptions of modern culture, relationships and religion, through a magical journey into the subconscious. Solomon Mines meets Reuben at his latest exhibition at London’s Display Gallery.

“ I don’t think I ever wanted to be an artist; I just had never wanted to do anything else ”


Most Wanted, 2008/15

Yellow Portrait No.1, 2013


ueben is full of energy, enthusiasm and passion when he describes his art. His eyes are lit with a sparkle as he takes us through his latest creations. His persona is captivating. Few people can strongly communicate their ‘brand’ even before they are globally famous and this is the exact position we envision Reuben to reach. Born in London, Reuben originally began painting and drawing in search of an identity outside of Orthodox Judaism. In 2008, aged 19, he launched his first debut solo show at Beach Blanket Babylon, Nothing Hill. Ten years later, the artist moved to New York City to carry on his exploration of the young arts scene. In the next few years he had numerous exhibitions in New York City’s famous art districts of Chelsea and Tribeca and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video at the School of Visual Arts NY. Where does your inspiration come from and what kind of materials do you use? “I have always been a big fan of movies. Life is like a movie, we have conflicts as well as good times. The main objective is to create a dialogue between my work and the audience. When one questions why they like or dislike something, they begin to understand their own story. It is these answers that allow us to understand who we truly are. I work with an array of materials from oil paints to acrylics, cement to fibreglass and etchings to lithographs. Each material is only a tool for one to express themselves. The more materials an artist is equipped with, the greater vocabulary the artist has. In my New York ‘Most Wanted Show’ at Andy Warhol’s last studio - Soho Arts Club, I showcased thirty large-scale paintings, ten paper works and a larger than life sculpture of my face.” What are the key messages of your creations and how do people respond to them? “My message changes with every show and every painting. Why have the same conversation twice? In the Display London show, I was approached by an ultra-Orthodox Jew who reacted to a work about Moses; at the same time

The Chassis, 2013

another woman placed three botox bottles on top of a work called Botox. People react to what speaks to their own story. The power of art only really happens when a dialogue takes place. Without the audience a painting is just a splash of colour on a piece of rag canvas.” Have you always wanted to be an Artist? “I don’t think I ever wanted to be an artist; I just had never wanted to do anything else.” Who has purchased your work over the years? “My works are in the collections of: Chin Chu, the Senior Managing Director and Co-Chairman of The Blackstone Group; Justin Bieber’s music producer Scooter Braun; filmmaker Marc Forster and others. Prices range between £500 to several thousands.” Do you aim to combine music and film in your creations? “I received a Bachelors of Arts at The School of Visual Arts in film and video. I have been making music as long as I have been painting. My aim is to eventually bring all these creative mediums together to have a dialogue using as many senses as humanly possible.” Which shows are you planning in the future? “I am currently having talks with Nautilus (a Sixty Hotel) for a Miami Beach Art Basel Show and another show at Cafe Royal Hotel in London. It’s been non-stop, but better busy than bored”. In recent years several avant-garde artists have surfaced the art world and taken it by storm. Damien Hirst’s ‘For the Love of God’ diamond-encrusted skull sold for £50m whilst Banksy’s ‘Keep it Spotless’ graffiti fetched £1.5m at Sotheby’s. Reuben’s pieces are fresh, diverse and unique. However we think that the real centrepiece is actually the man behind them. For more information please visit: davidkingreuben.com




CHARITY & EDUCATION Born in Salzburg, Austria, Andrea Dibelius made her first entry to the art world over 10 years ago. She trained in law before working at Daimler Chrysler Bank. Dibelius left the corporate field after visiting the studio of German painter, Dieter Mammel.

Visualise the last time you visited a museum. Did you look at a masterpiece with admiration and think to yourself, why do I like it? We tend to analyse art through our own subjective minds and life experiences, when, in reality, the meaning can often be different.

This unforgettable encounter instilled a passion in Andrea to support the arts and in 2010, the EMDASH Foundation was born. EMDASH has since gone on to collaborate with a range of artists including: Peter Liversidge, Cecile B. Evans, Aahita Razmi and Pilvi Takala. Since its launch EMDASH has sought to encourage and enable significant projects Andrea Dibelius with contemporary emerging artists, enabling them to showcase new works in museums and institutions. Such an undertaking has led them to support the likes of Frieze Projects a commissioned series of works presented at one of the world’s foremost art fairs, Frieze London - and the Austrian Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale.

The power of knowledge is hard to underestimate especially as it can feed into our inner worlds. Understanding the history of art can help make our lives fuller as we unravel the true origins of modern culture, civilisation and evolution of various artistic styles.

Dibelius said: “There’s a lack of funding for performance based art because it’s harder to sell, but visionary developments are being made in this area, especially in terms of technology. Foundations should support things that are under-recognised.” This Autumn EMDASH commissioned a one-off performance by the formidable Angolan artist, Nástio Mosquito, who has become increasingly celebrated in the art world for his exhilarating, dynamic and provocative works. The project was a collaboration with the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, one of the capital’s most respected contemporary art organisations. EMDASH continues to develop and in spring next year will announce the first winners of an annual prize, which enables an emerging artist to realise a new project in partnership with a world-renowned museum or institution. The new award, unlike those granted from 2011 - 2013, will focus entirely on commissioning performative works and will include artists of all ages and nationalities. Amanda Sharp, Co-Director of Frieze Art Fair, said: “EMDASH foundation aims to encourage primarily artistic and cultural ideas and is to be greatly welcomed and the founder, Andrea Dibelius, congratulated. We are delighted that they have chosen to support Frieze Projects and we very much look forward to working together.” The range of projects they nourish is highly diverse – stemming from contemporary art and collaborating with non art world disciplines or organisations. Emdash.net

My mentor, a leading institution Professor, once told me an interesting story that took place at a dinner. One by one guests eloquently described their private collections in full detail. When his turn arrived he said that his private collection encompassed every major artwork including Antiquities, Hanna Yakovleva Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-Classical and Impressionist. The room fell silent and guests must have thought “How can a Professor afford such expensive art?” The professor continued. “My artwork is displayed at Hermitage, the Louvre, National Gallery, MOMA, Ufizi and leading galleries all over the world. These institutions display art for all to enjoy. Look at the Michelangelo’s statue of David; should anyone own it? This belongs to future generations to see.” UK art establishment supports the statement of the Professor and therefore displays some of the most important pieces of our time. Art is intended to inspire people and touch them, regardless of its monetary value. It is far better to have Picassos and Monet’s displayed in a museum rather then stored in an underground vault in Switzerland for instance. After all, art is created to be seen and not hidden. Art trends are continually changing; new artists are emerging and new styles are developing. It is our own responsibility to educate ourselves, our children and our friends to the origins of art, because if we do not spend time understanding our history we cannot truly understand the present or shape the future. Hanna Yakovleva provides specifically tailored art tours, art talks and art education classes to individuals or groups. She holds a Master of Arts in ‘Art and Art-World Practice’ from Christie’s Education, and an Art Business Diploma from Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Hanna also advises Art Sale Firm Maven and Co. as well as international private art collectors. Should you wish to learn more, please visit: HannaYakovleva.com




POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY FOR FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS Most entrepreneurs face a variety of challenges when starting or running a business. Ideas need financing, ideas need a comfortable environment to grow in, as well as a clear strategy. Entrepreneurs have to invest their time and resources wisely and take care of the way they perceive competitors, the market and most importantly - the way they perceive themselves. It is very important to feel fulfilled, self-motivated and surround ourselves with driven and ambitious people. SILJA LITVIN evaluates the personal development path towards reaching financial independence and professional goals. The beauty of positive psychology lies in its focus on everything that is successful and positive about a person’s life. World-renowned Neuroscientist Andrew Newberg proved via CAT scans that positive thinking and meditation actively changes brain activity, reducing stress agents in the body and flooding the system with ‘happy hormones’. All these things account for a raise of the satisfaction level perceived by the person experiencing it. While doing exercises that enhance mental and emotional health are just slowly becoming part of our life, there are already a few helpers such as the apps ‘Headspace’ and ‘Happify’ that keep people on track whilst measuring their emotional levels and offering mental exercises. But what else can be done? WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS The average person has 65,000 thoughts per day, 40% of which are said to be negative. In order to grow as a businesswoman, and actually as a better human being, it is important to listen to our thoughts and try to flip the statistic in our favour. The way we perceive the world and our personal life determines its quality. Every bad experience can be reframed into a different, happier context. French explorer Robinson Crusoe compiled a very interesting list shortly after becoming stranded on desert island. None of his belongings, specifically his clothes, made it to the island, but this didn’t make a difference. The list was not a physical inventory, but rather the life-saving skills he had to employ in order to survive the harsh environment. Hopefully, none of

us will ever be stranded on a desert island, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t use to same approach in our life, even in its simplest form. For example, who hasn’t been stuck in a traffic jam, late to an important appointment and completely lost their nerve? That is exactly when you need to focus on positive aspects in your life, breathe calmly and think broadly. The next time you face a challenge, simply take three long and deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This will not only make you feel better, but if you make it a habit, it will change your brain chemistry and improve your health physically as well as mentally. WHO INFLUENCES YOU? Do not surround yourself with negative people or those who give up too quickly or have distractive lifestyles. This can even be your closest friends or family. Those are known to be fiercest critics. Instead, surround yourself with people that are one the same journey as you and are influencing you consciously or subconsciously by their actions, thoughts and lifestyle. There is a saying that your five closest friends determine who you are. That is true to an extent as we are social creatures and it’s crucial to have a network of people that support us and that we can rely on. Psychoneuroimmunology, the science of body and mind interaction, proves that people with close friendships not only have significantly lower levels of stress hormones, but that they actually show a higher expectancy of life. Stress is known to have a similar effect on your health, as smoking or eating bad food.

CONNECT Meditation can be a great practice that brings clarity of thought, focus and tranquillity. Managing a business requires a long-term strategy; therefore having short breaks refuels your body and mind. Even a 3 minute daily retreat can easily become the most important time to our day. Research has piled up overwhelming proof that meditation is not just a hippie or monks practice. Harvard Neuropsychologist, Thomas Vlatzowik, piled up meta studies to show how meditation will allow people to go through the day with significant lower levels of stress hormones, higher cognitive abilities and a much greater feeling of satisfaction and happiness. DISCONNECT Disconnect from oneself by focusing the brain on physical activities to promote innovation, fresh thinking and happiness. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, describes how people can lose themselves in tasks that acquire just the right amount of concentration. This can be writing, walking, drawing, singing, reading, etc. Anything that requires intense focus. A task that brings you into flow will have you forget time, work and tasks. This is the state of mind that triggers a light euphoria that releases hormones such as dopamine into the system, functioning similar to a mental lubricant. We process data faster and more efficiently, react and think quickly. The more we reach this state of mind, the happier, healthier and more balanced our lives become.



Susie Ambrose, a trained Psychotherapist, uses scientifically proven methods to evaluate people compatibilities. Since 1999, Ambrose and her team of eleven psychologists and relationship experts have brought to the world over 55 newborns via their service. In an era where people have a personal tailor, trainer, assistant or private chef, some also choose a personal matchmaker. Our correspondent visited Seventy Thirty, a bespoke matchmaking agency for high-net-worth-individuals, which offers memberships from £15k to £50k per year.


mbrose is adamant that the services she what kind of life partner they are looking for and then use provides are only suitable for individuals who our in-depth expertise to find them. are committed to finding a genuine long-term How does one become a member and what scientifically partner. The agency has over 1,200 members, proven methods does your team use? 60 percent of which are men and 40 percent women, with an overall 20 percent Jewish Our members are successful entrepreneurs and international subscription. Seventy Thirty have access to a database of business leaders who are looking for a serious and longover 15,000 people of all ages, backgrounds, qualifications term relationship only. After profiling, a member can expect and nationalities of which they utilise to make international to receive the first match within weeks. Following on from introductions. Ambrose that, the team will spend says: “Many jetsetters a large proportion of the socialise in the same time they have allocated to repetitive social circles, a member, to searching for which makes it extremely and interviewing potential hard to meet new matches on the member’s people”. Furthermore behalf to ensure an she emphasises that efficient service. Selecting “We cannot always a match is a detailed know instantly the process which will take the true intentions of matchmaking team time new people we meet”. - the quality of matches Quintessentially, the a member receives will concierge company be very high because we recently described will take the time needed Seventy Thirty as selecting profiles for our ‘exclusively tailored to members, with a focus respond to the needs on quality. We offer our of successful, affluent clients the highest level of people. The vast network service, we are generous of contacts across the with time and we want to dating scene enables encourage a more ethical Susie Ambrose and Seventy Thirty Managing Director Lemarc Thomas. them to introduce you approach to matchmaking, to that special someone. They waste no time and offer where matchmakers have a professional conduct. Our team members the crème de la crème of the dating scene’. of professional psychologists are trained under strict ethical codes combined with the absolute motivation to truly help When did you realise there was a need in the market for each individual client. We understand that members value your services? discretion and expect a top level of service in matchmaking, At the beginning of this century, whilst running my own as they do in all the other aspects of their affluent lives. successful psychotherapy practice, I noticed that many of The world is now completely connected via the Internet. my clients were wealthy, successful and attractive. However, Why does HNWI’s need a matchmaking service? due to their busy lifestyles they had difficulty meeting a compatible partner. One day, an aristocratic English We are relationship experts who understand people and gentleman came to me looking for help to find true love. I the laws of attraction. We know what makes a relationship decided to help him and successfully matched him with his work; therefore our team work with members to explore perfect mate. Ultimately this was the catalyst that drove me exactly who they are and who is compatible for them. We to build Seventy Thirty. The name Seventy Thirty originated then proactively search and select matches, considering after my research concluded that successful people spend attractions, personality, values, lifestyle and goals. around 70% of their time working and 30% socialising. I then Technologies are proven to reduce empathy and obstruct realised that there was a gap in the personal introductions genuine conversations and interaction. The thing that market and launched the first exclusive luxury matchmaking brings us so close to one another also creates barriers, where company based on relationship psychology at its core. Using emotions and personalities cannot be truly communicated over 20 years of psychological experience and strategies, and appreciated. Our members quality is known to be our team analyses our members’ requirements based on extremely high which makes them very desirable. Yet it is characteristic, emotions and lifestyle. Ultimately we learn not always easy to find the right relationship that is based


Susie Ambrose has been a psychotherapist for nearly 20 years

on mutual compatibility. There is a lot being said about our modern lifestyles getting in the way of love. For example, always being busy, spending time within the same social circles, enhanced career focus and international travel. We may also miss many romantic opportunities because we don’t often see them or fear that they will obstruct our goals. How do you differ from online service providers? We are the leaders in the field: Seventy Thirty has been noted as the agency responsible for leading the matchmaking industry, enabling it to become the lucrative industry that it is today. Fifteen years ago when we started, there was no other agency operating at the exclusive luxury end of the market. We had emails from professionals in the dating industry saying that no one will ever pay £15,000 to £50,000 per year for matchmaking. However, Seventy Thirty made a bold statement, matchmaking exclusively for very prominent individuals who were highly successful. We paved the way for other agencies entering the market, realising that relationships are the most important part of one’s life and one is willing to invest significantly in finding the right partner. We have a large international membership base: Seventy Thirty has prominent members in all the major cities around the world. We have a large professional team and an international team of consultants: with a solid team at our head office in London and a network of 32 consultants in various locations around the world. What are your top three tips for building a sustainable relationship?

1 Be open. We often restrict ourselves by strict criteria, which are not essential for a relationship. Understand what are the 5 essential things you need for a relationship and use that as your gateway criteria – everything else is flexible, including appearance. 2 We are visual beings, we want an attractive partner, but remember that only a small percentage of attraction is physical; kindness is one of the most attractive things in a

relationship. Attraction is the catalyst that helps us form an attachment. It’s unpredictable so don’t limit yourself by looking for physical attributes; search for real qualities and perhaps you will be attracted to someone that you never expected.

3 One of the biggest things that hold us back from finding a relationship is fear of rejection. Build your self-esteem so that if you have had previous unsuccessful relationships it will not affect your chances of finding a healthy, supportive and meaningful new relationship. The life of successful international business people can be extremely challenging, especially when trying to balance work, life and social activities. Sometimes, meeting the right person, at the right time and the right place, is easier said than done. So, how do we pick the right mate out of a global population of over 7 billion? How can we really be sure who is the person we just met? What is their background? Are they trustworthy? What are their objectives? Many people enjoy the notion of ‘love at first sight’, which is great, but on a practical level when one reaches a certain age, there is no more time left waiting for chance to intervene. What Seventy Thirty specialises in is finding people a suitable match. This can be for a 60-year-old divorcee, a 40-year-old bachelor or a 25-year old lady. In all cases, Susie Ambrose and her team employ methodical psychological strategies to save people time, heartfelt disappointments and increase the chance of a long-term stable and healthy relationship. Susie Ambrose is a Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Nominee for The Great British Entrepreneur Awards (2014), a Nominee for Entrepreneur of the Year by UK Dating Awards whilst Lemarc Thomas, Seventy Thirty’s Managing Director was nominated as Matchmaker of the Year (2014). For further information please visit: www.seventy-thirty.com or call on: +44 (0) 207753 7621



Hair Styles Maldives vs Verbier

No matter where you are going this season - be it a glamorous seaside resort, a ski chalet or a yacht trip, your hair should be kept healthy, shiny and stylish. The way we maintain our hair and wear it says a lot about our personalities and mood. So how does one choose from the extensive variety of hair products and hairstyles available? Seasons may change, but style never does. By Ondine Cowley. Summer: For daytime, finger combing is the ‘must do’ of the season. So before you hit the sea or pool you can add our newest favourite products, Oribe Mineral Gold Lust Oil, to your hair. Finger comb your hair back into a plait or if your hair is short just finger comb your damp hair back and leave it to dry naturally - I love this method. For lunchtime either re-apply a little of the magical oil if you have short hair (this adds shine and hydrates your hair) or if you have long hair, unravel it. For curly hair I recommend leaving it in a plait as it will give a more defined look. Spray Oribe Natural Après Beach Wave & Shine Spray, as it works wonders. If you leave your hair down just scrunch it in your hair will look super lush. Transitioning into the evening, I recommend washing your hair with Pureologys Hydrate Shampoo. Add their conditioner to your towel-dried hair and soak it for 1020 minutes. It is very important to rinse out chlorine as it will change the colour and texture of your hair. Salt water will also dry your hair out so let it dry naturally to feel nourished and hydrated. To protect from humidity and prevent excess frizz, finger comb your hair into a low pony tail then separate it into two sections. Plait each section, then twirl your plaits around your hair tie. This is such a chic pulled-together evening holiday look.

Pureology Hydrate Oribe Mineral Shampoo Gold Lust Oil

Create a 'puffy' hairstyle to achieve an elegant summer evening look

The high ponytail look has returned to fashion


Wearing a silk scarf under your helmet or hood will greatly protect your hair from the elements

A sophisticated après ski evening look

Winter: During the day, the key is to ensure long-lasting hair so you look fabulous no matter what you choose to do. Keep your blow-dried hair from the night before (a top tip is to sleep on a silk pillow to make your hair look fresh the next morning), or alternatively wash your hair in the morning and smooth any unwanted frizzy sections away. Using a round bristle brush, take small sections and blow-dry the frizz away, taking your hair backwards not forwards. This season is all about finger combing to give a more natural couture affect. Add Nicky Clarke’s Hold & Shine Hair Spray to your fingertips then, using your fingers as a brush, finger comb your hair into a low ponytail. Don’t use a hair-tie; instead roll the ends into a tight twist and wrap them around into a low chignon. Place grips such as Kirby grips or glam hair slides to hold them into place. To protect your hair from the elements and your ski helmet, my favourite tip is to fashionably wrap a silk scarf around your hair before applying any headgear. This will create a glamorous movie-star look, and has the added benefit of keeping you nice and warm whilst out on the slopes. Once you hit après-ski, remove the silk scarf, unravel the twist and shake your hair out - the tousled effect will create the ultimate effortless ski bunny look. In the evening, finger comb (using the method explained above) your hair back into a low or medium ponytail. To glam things up for the night ahead, why not use a beautiful hair tie like a Rosantica’s hairpiece, which I simply adore. With a pair of tongs or straighteners you can choose to go wild or perhaps a little more subdued, depending on your mood/venue. Either straighten your ends smooth, or tong them into medium curls, applying spray for maximum hold. Using your fingers, gently comb the ends into a softer, more undone effect.

Fashion Styles St. Barths vs St. Moritz

It is the holiday season once again and we all know what this means: Winter vs Summer. The big question many people ask themselves is where should they travel? The options are vast; this can be skiing in the Alps or strolling down the wonderful beaches of St Barths, Seychelles or Bora Bora. However, no matter which destination you choose, Victoria Valerie Rader fashion styles will make your trip more memorable.

Hammamas Set of Four Saint Laurent Striped Woven Cotton Emmanuelle Small Beach Towels £75 Fringed Suede Bucket Bag £1,400

La Perla Anchor Cutout Neoprene Swim Suit £480

Melissa Obadesh Kate Cotton Blend Lace Kaftan £199

Rene Caovilla Crystal Embellished Metallic Ayers Sandal £725

Stella McCartney One Shoulder Asymmetrick Stretch Gown £1,840

Summer: It’s all about sun, sea and fun. This season’s ‘must have’ will make your strolls down Sandals white beaches, more pleasant. Although a sunny vacation is relaxing, choosing the right wardrobe can be a challenge. You will need a couple of swimsuits, a kaftan, sunglasses, a few evening dresses, sandals, hat, bag T-shirts and more. One also has to think of the occasion; it may be a full-on Nikki Beach party perhaps a more formal dinner on board a mega yacht. We recommend La Perla sexy-chick Anchor swimsuit matched with Mellisa’s Obadesh Lace Kaftan. Rene Caovilla’s Crystal Embellished Sandals are very versatile and can be worn both during the day (great with khaki shorts) or evenings. Okay, so now the evening has finally arrived and you want to stun all your friends, yet you wish to remain comfortable. Stella McCartney One Shoulder Blue Gown is a great option, because it doesn’t look like you have made too much of an effort, yet the look is timeless, elegant and sophisticated. We hope that you find these recommendations useful. All that’s left to do now is dance the night away. Enjoy!

Winter: If the magical glitz of St Moritz or the stylish slopes of Courchevel won, you will be looking at winter essentials to spice up a cold night and an active day. Few places in the world are as glamorous as a ski resort, and you may want to up your look just for this vacation: the catwalk begins at breakfast, when everybody is gearing up for the slopes after eggs benedict and avocado toast. This is the perfect time to wear a warm slim cut overall pants-suit. Chloe and Moncler rule this specific fashion niche; you definitely can’t go wrong with them. Combine that with a print sweater and moon boots by Aquazzura or Moncler, and you already have a head start. Of course your look would not be ready without this year’s latest craze - a cool print hat, preferably by Chloe, Tak. Ori or Markus Lupper. Finish your performance with a colourful ski jacket by Fendi or Moncler. That way people can admire your expertise on the mountain side, or at least find you if you’re not that great a skier and rolled down the wrong slope. There is also the possibility that you do not intend to actually exercise, and the small mountain cities do have enough to offer and entertain. Here you could opt for a shearling coat - Chloe absolutely aced it this year - or maybe a combination of fur and wool by Moncler or Marni? Warm and definitely cool shearling boots (Miu Miu, Loro Piano, Laurence Dacade) topped with a knitted scarf and cap. However you wish to spend your days, make sure you look fabulous and stay comfortable with these selected items:

Yves Salomon Rabbit Fur Earmuffs £34.95

Harrods of London Fox Fur Spital Trim Cape £1,250

Diane Von Furtenberg Perfect Moment Auroro Fringed Leather Gloves Skinny Stretch Twill Ski £160 Pants £200

Dunbarru Donegal Leather Boot £275

Tiffany Crystal Square Sunglasses £870


Fashion’s most charming empire builder, Tory Burch, talks to us about her new sport line, the man in her life, and why ambition is not a dirty word. Counting her recently opened Paris flagship, Tory has 160 boutiques around the world, with Santiago, Cairo, and Prague on the way. In just over a decade, she has amassed a £750m fortune. For those hoping to decipher Tory Burch through two decades of photographic tea leaves, with her avian frame tucked into a meticulous evening gown, her narrow neck ringed in gems, or who feel they know her from the nostalgiasteeped, ladylike, just-bohemian-enough clothing line she helms, it may come as something of a surprise to learn that she is, at her core, a jock. But if you grew up with Tory on Philadelphia’s Main Line, where as the captain of the varsity tennis team at the Agnes Irwin School for girls she had a two-handed topspin backhand that was a kill shot, or if you have played at her garden court in Southampton, Long Island, steps away from the Jazz Age neo-Georgian mansion where she spends summer weekends you will know she is a simple girl at heart. It is the end of a long day that began, as most do for Tory, at 5.30 a.m. and as she sinks into a plump sofa in the pea-green drawing room of her home in the Pierre hotel and squeezes a tiger-striped velvet cushion between her knees. She explains, “The initial concept was pretty simple. How do we make beautiful, evocative things that don’t cost a fortune? But it’s a complete surprise to me that it’s become what it is. Being the face of the company is a super hard thing for me. I’m not a big believer in signs, but there’s this Gemini dichotomy: although I’m a shy person, I think I’ve always been attracted to risk. If I’m not taking chances, if I’m not a little bit out of my comfort zone, I get bored.” Last month, testifying to that restless imagination, she launched a new brand called Tory Sport, a collection of stylish tennis ensembles, sleek tracksuits, surfwear, golfwear, and all manner of avant and après-sport clothes. During New York Fashion Week her original store on Elizabeth Street in downtown Manhattan will become a Tory Sport pop-up shop; the first stand-alone store, on Fifth Avenue, will open a few months later. It’s no secret that Tory is among the most tireless and hands-on CEO’s in the business. “She inspires her team without making a big song and dance about it,” says Neta-Porter founder Natalie Massenet. “She just does it and delivers results.” On a recent Thursday morning in her offices on West Nineteenth Street, appointed in orange and brown lacquers with the requisite smattering of gold leaf, Lucite and mirror; a ginger jar here, an Indian print there, Tory is, as always, everywhere at once. At a meeting with the company’s President, Brigitte Kleine, she mulls over locations for a boutique in Ginza whilst nursing a red Blow Pop (it’s Employee Appreciation Week, and candy is everywhere), then leaps up to take her mother to a doctor’s appointment. Back an hour later, she reviews composite stones from Jaipur, suggests adding iridescent Lurex yarn to an oatmeal sweater, and proposes barrettes in lilac tulle at a ready-to-wear design meeting for the main line. She runs


upstairs for a visit with an executive from the U.S. Olympic Committee (dressing athletes may be part of her future), then down again to supervise the shoot of the Tory Sport lookbook. “Can we get the lighting to feel like a Rineke Dijkstra photo?” she asks the team, passing out coconut ice pops. All around the room, clothing racks are hung with tracksuits, bombers, and piqué polos. There’s a neoprene wet suit with floral side panels, a Ponte blazer with a zipout hood, pull-on dresses with tunic necklines, and oversize sweaters in cashmere that, she swears, breathes. Bags have compartments for water bottles and sunscreen, and sneakers are encrusted in navy-blue pearls. Tory waxes lyrical about bonding and seam sealing, windproofing and waterproofing, and indeed stealth functionality is everywhere, interior zip pockets, reflective piping, UPF fabrics. The styles skew old school, but the technology is state-of-the-art. After college, Tory worked at a series of New York fashion jobs: assistant at Zoran, junior Editor at Harper’s Bazaar, PR and advertising at Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, and LVMH during Narciso Rodriguez’s tenure at Loewe. A first marriage, to the real estate scion Billy Macklowe, ended after six months. By 2001, she was married to the entrepreneur Chris Burch, had three young sons, and was stepmother to Chris’s three daughters. She was also an increasingly visible presence in the uptown social swirl, and it might have appeared that this soft-spoken and perfectly turned-out young woman from Philadelphia wanted nothing more than to settle into the role of a rich Upper East Side wife. But Tory had other ideas. “The truth is, I was a bit removed, a bit of an outsider, and I liked that feeling,” she says. “I still feel like that—with the uptown tribe and the fashion tribe. It’s like I’m in it but also an observer of it.” She recalls the first article about her, in 2004 in The New York Times. “I told the writer that the word ‘ambitious’ bothered me. And a friend of mine called me up after that and said, “You should never shy away from that word.” That got me thinking. Why would women reject the idea of ambition? Well, because it’s a word that’s often used negatively to describe women. But that’s a cruel double standard. So now I have no problem saying I’m ambitious.” A few years ago Tory met Pierre-Yves Roussel, the CEO of LVMH Fashion Group, at a breakfast at the Ritz in Paris arranged by a pair of bankers who thought the two might like to make a business deal. Though no business came out of that meeting, the two discovered they had a lot in common: each has three sons and he too had done a stint in Philadelphia, at Wharton. But it wasn’t until May of 2014 that they became a couple. He is, Tory says, the love of her life. “I used to look at my parents and see this amazing love affair that lasted 47 years, until my dad died, and I never thought it would happen for me,” she says. “And now it has.”

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton wearing a Tory Burch black and white geometric print dress.

Hollywood stars such as Jessica Alba have embraced the Tory Burch brand

In just over 10 years, Burch has created a multi-national brand worth ÂŁ750m

Diane Von Furstenberg, Anna Wintour, Jenna Lyons andTory37 Burch SOLOMON MINES

FOR HER OSCAR DE LA RENTA EAR CUFF £170 Oscar de la Renta's elegant gold-plated pewter and brass cuff outlines the curve of your lobe. This mismatched stud earing pair is cast in the shape of leaves and set with crystals. Showcase them with a high ponytail. De la Renta became internationally known in the 1960s as one of the couturiers who dressed Jacqueline Kennedy. An award-winning designer, he worked for Lanvin and Balmain. De La Renta sadly passed away in 2014 (aged 82). However his legacy lives as his eponymous fashion house continues to dress leading figures, from film stars to royalty. Oscardelarenta.com

ALEXANDER BIRMAN DAVINYA SCHUTS HEEL £160 Alexandre Birman crafted the shoes in the heart of Brazil using the finest leathers available. These purple heel mini- gladiator effect look elegant, sophisticated and chic. They are great to wear with a white dress or a pair of skinny jeans (if you want to look eighteen again). Celebrity fans of the brand include Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore, Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio and Olivia Palermo. Available also in black, blue and brown. Alessandrabirman.com

LILLY HASTEDT’S PEACOCK RINGS £6,500 These kunzite and green tourmaline rings accentuated with pavé set diamonds in 18-carat gold are created by talented jeweller Lilly Hastedt. She makes versatile, sophisticated jewellery that is extremely graceful and classic whilst simultaneously having a contemporary edge making it à-la-mode. Her London Chelsea boutique showcases exquisite and elegant jewellery and is set in a discreet location on Old Church Street. The jewel-like boutique incorporates her workshop which can be viewed through a pair of French glass doors, where Lilly designs and individually handcrafts each piece. Lillyhastedt.com

KOREAN MOTHER OF PEARL JEWELLERY BOX £500 This beautiful jewellery box depicts a serene image of cranes under an old pine tree and a full moon. The elaborate adornment of the iridescence and intricate mother of pearl design incorporating four drawers makes it a unique piece for storing jewellery. Size: 27 x 17 x 36cm Christies.com




From nature and travel to history and film, Michele della Valle finds inspiration at every turn. The Geneva-based jewellery designer has developed a distinctive style and has become one of the most sought-after jewellers in the world. He works with some of the noblest emeralds, rubies and blue sapphires, but also uses garnets in blood red, grass green or fiery tangerine, sapphires of all shades, rubellites of pulsating pink and a panoply of intriguing specimens. This bracelet is composed of 18 karat gold, ten strands of emerald beads, the clasp centered by an emerald-cut synthetic ruby and numerous round rubies, accented by round diamonds. Sold at auction via Sothebys.com

A red calf leather belt brought to you by iconic American designer Tory Burch. Renowned for her exquisite leather goods products, ready-to-wear collections and timepieces, Tory Burch items are versatile and elegant. Named after Tory’s parents, Buddy and Reva Robinson, this belt is modern fantastic. The epitome of understated chic, the Robinson Reversible Logo Belt made of the highestquality, scratch-resistant leather is great for everyday use. Simply pop the double-T buckle off to change the color and voilà; two accessories in one. This one-size belt can be removed from the buckle and cut to the desired length. Get a classic belt from inspiring fashion entrepreneur Tory Burch. Toryburch.co.uk

MAISON MICHEL KATE DOUBLE CHAIN HAT £199 Maison Michel's pecan hat is your route to achieving that elusive Parisian nonchalance. It's molded to a classic silhouette, with a black grosgrain band and the label's distinctive 'M' internally to finish. Wear it with everything from mini dresses to sharp tailoring. Maison Michel was founded in Paris in 1936 by hat creator Aguste Michel. Since then, la Maison Michel has been creating premium headwear with the use of old Weissman straw machines to produce the most stunning hats for the top prestigious creative studios. Sewn with invisible stitching and a vintage craftsman process, Dior, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto and Kenzo are among the brands that call upon Maison Michel for the impossible: an extremely rare straw mastery with satin, velvet, felt or leather. Sold at auction via Matchesfasion.com

ELECTRIC AROMA DIFFUSER £240 The Diptyque Electric Aroma diffuser is sophisticated in design and function. It uses innovative mobile technology to diffuse note-perfect interior fragrance into your home. Choose a capsule from your favorite Diptyque fragrance family (Ambre, Baies, Figuier, 34 or Feu de Bois) and simply insert into the high-tech machine to begin your scent cycle. The diffuser offers a heatless, flameless and smokeless way of enjoying your favorite scent. Featuring an intermittent mist setting, it is ideal for use with stronger scents, or whilst sleeping or meditating; simply choose from the 60, 120 and 180-minute settings. Harrods.com



Create Your Own Perfume To have a perfume crafted exclusively for you, using some of the world's finest flowers and oils is the ultimate in luxury. After all, a custom-blend fragrance is the story of your life.


ithin the business of fashion, haute couture is about clothes, specifically tailored and beautifully made. But it can also be said about bespoke fragrance; the Holy Grail in the world of custom-made products. The perfume you dab on your pulse points is more than just a part of the grooming routine: It is an expression of style and personality. As with clothes, discerning customers are looking beyond mass-produced fragrances and turning to carefully blended scents. “Brought up on a diet of olfactory banality, the public is repudiating this commercialisation,” says Roja Dove, the famous Perfumer. “A bespoke service, it is the ultimate in discovering a scent of true individuality.” Historically, bespoke perfumes have their roots in Europe; they were blended for royalty and wealthy patrons. Floris of London, which was established in 1730, is the oldest retailer of fragrance in England and is the ‘appointed perfumer’ of the Queen. The process of creating a distinct fragrance can take anywhere from three months to almost a year depending on how fast a master perfumer, or ‘nose’ as they are affectionately called in the business, can understand a customer’s needs and demands. The challenge lies in translating a client’s ephemeral olfactory memories to blends of flowers, spices and oils.

in the business at Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne and Giorgio Armani, Hennessy started his eponymous brand in 2007. The Frenchman works his magic from his boutique in Manhattan’s meatpacking district. It can take anything from “a day to a year” to perfect a scent. “It all depends on the client,” says Hennessy. Price: POA

Solomon Mines offers a selection of some of the most prestigious bespoke perfume services in the world.


GUERLAIN, PARIS Before Shalimar or Vol de Nui, two classic early 20th century perfumes from the House of Guerlain, founder Pierre Francois-Pascal Guerlain created a bespoke citrus-floral scent in 1853 for French Emperor Napoleon III’s bride, Eugénie de Montijo ‘Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperiale’, which is still sold and retails at £81 for a 100 ml bottle. This earned Guerlain the title of ‘His Majesty’s Official Perfumer’ in France and commissions to create fragrances for Queen Isabella of Spain. The process starts with a two-hour consultation with Sylvaine Delacourte, Guerlain’s Director of Fragrance Evaluation that helps ‘clients to relive their best olfactory memories’. Thierry Wasser, the Swiss Master Perfumer, then meets with clients to refine the chosen scent. Price: £44,000. KILIAN, NEW YORK Perfumer Kilian Hennessy hails from a lineage of luxury (his family is the 'H' in LVHM). He is the grandson of Richard Hennessy, who founded the famous French cognac empire. After working and training under some of the best perfumers


FLORIS, LONDON Getting a bespoke perfume created at Floris means joining the illustrious private perfume ledger started by founder Juan Famenias Floris in 1730. Its nearly 300 year old customer ledger includes Winston Churchill Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy. Over the centuries, no request has been too bizarre for the noses at this prestigious family-run perfumer. “A gentleman wanted a fragrance that captured the smell of a motor racing track mid-race. Another lady, who was keen on watching tennis at Wimbledon, wanted a fragrance that captured the scent of a freshly opened can of tennis balls,” reveals Bodenham, the ninth generation descendent of Juan Famenias. The company offers what it calls a ‘full perfume design’, where over a six-month period a client works with Bodenham to bottle a truly unique scent. Prices start at £4,500.

One of the best noses of this century, Roja Dove uses only the finest raw ingredients to create memorable scents. “So, when I use rose, I only use Rose De Mai from Grasse”. It takes between 306,000 and 308,000 roses, picked before the sun becomes strong in the morning, to produce one kilogram of oil that’s priced at £32,000,” he says. When he begins work on a custom scent, Dove “meets a client for a cup of tea” in his atelier situated within the Salon de Parfums on the sixth floor of Harrods. The fruits of his labour, or rather his ‘nose’, come at a price. Price: £25,000. FRANCIS KURKDJIAN, PARIS “A human adventure” is how French contemporary perfumer Francis Kurkdjian describes a custom-made fragrance. So far, his calling has proven to be an adventure of sorts. At the behest of clients, he has created scented fans, perfumed a swimming pool in Spain with a fresh citrus scent and even captured the ‘aura of dead lilies or the smell of horses’. He has created 40 celebrated perfumes for major fashion houses, including Lanvin, Jean Paul Gaultier and Narciso Rodriguez . Six years ago he opened his headquarters in Place Vendome, Paris. Price: £15,000.

FAAB Centre of Wellbeing, Dermatology and Medical Aesthetics is a multidisciplinary clinic offering a wide range of treatments. The advanced practice includes a team highly qualified and dedicated Aestheticians, Traditional Medical Herbalists, Hypnotherapists, Alternative Therapy Practitioners, Physiotherapists and Acupuncturists. Tucked away in a quiet residential street in NW London, FAAB is managed by sisters Leila, Homi and Padideh Behjat who have a deep passion and experience in assisting clients. The clinic is fitted with highly advanced equipment in skin and body care, whilst the ambience is carefully lighted and scented.

Treatments: • Anti Cellulite & Firming • Massage Therapies • Face & Body Contouring Lifting & Tightening Skin & Dermatology • CACI non-surgical face Lift • Botox & Dermal Filler • Microdermabrasion • Clinical Peel Holistic & Alternative • Herbal Medicine • Aromatherapy • Hypnotheray • Reflexology • Reiki Hair Removal • Ellipse IPL Hair Removal • Waxing
 & treading • Electrolysis

Dr. Murad skin product and supplements are the result of scientific research and life experience of a world-renowned pharmacist. The products range between Anti-Ageing and Targeted Skin Conditions, depending on your primary concern. Revitalise your skin, relax your mind and discover a dramatic improvement in your appearance whilst restoring skin to its peak condition. The clinically proven facials are tailor made to suit your individual needs combining the most advanced ingredients with the latest skincare technology for instantly youthful, radiant, flawless skin. During your consultation, the team will establish which treatments is the most beneficial for you according to your skin type.

Venus Legacy is a safe treatment that delivers Multi Polar Radio Frequency, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field and VariPulse Technology™ to the skin to produce a dense, uniform heat matrix, stimulating the body’s natural healing response. (MP)2 Technology increases collagen synthesis without pain, resulting in a dramatic improvement to the skin. The comfortable and safe treatment will result in softening deep wrinkles and diminishing fine lines, contouring stubborn fat pockets to reduce upper arm bulges, reduce volume and tighten skin for a more contoured silhouette, contour and tighten the abdomen for a flatter

and more defined waistline and firmer curves, dramatically reduces cellulite to create a smooth tightened skin to shape and lift buttocks. Clients can see amazing results in one session with no down time. During this safe treatment, clients are comfortable, pain free, and possibly enjoying the best life changing treatment they can have. FAAB C.O.W 592 Finchley Road, London NW11 7RX Tel: +44 (0) 20 8455 9126 Email: info@faabcow.com www.faabcow.com SOLOMON MINES 41



Owning a private island has always been regarded as an acquisition reserved solely for ultra high-net-worth individuals such as Richard Brandon or Larry Ellison. However, this is not necessarily the case. Private islands in the Caribbean, South-East Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas are on sale for £500,000, with an additional £500k required to transform infrastructures and create your own personal paradise.


A starting budget of £1m in London, Tokyo or Geneva is relatively modest. However at Berry Islands, Anguilla Solomon Islands, Belize or Saint Lucia, the budget can go a lot further.

Owning a private island can be a good way to either retire early, diversify your portfolio or have an outstanding additional family vacation home.

Check with local authorities what are the legislative procedures that enables foreign buyers to acquire land on a freehold basis. Some municipalities forbid foreigners to own land; however some local real estate agents and investment companies can legally facilitate this.

Over 2,000 islands are available for sale around the world, from a 50sqft plot to 5,000 acres of Vénézuélienne jungle by Gran Roque. Next time you go on holiday, why don’t you plan a few stops to prospective islands to evaluate if living by the sea is suitable for you and your family. Agencies: Vladiprivateislands.de Privateislandsinc.com Privateislandsonline.com SOLOMON MINES 43

THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT Founded in 1996, London Executive Aviation (LEA) is the UK’s largest business aircraft charter operator. The company provides a full range of business aviation services, including management, chartering, consultancy and sales. LEA operates a large and diverse fleet of light, midsize and largecabin aircraft from bases in the UK and Continental Europe. The company is led by co-founders Chief Executive, Patrick MargetsonRushmore, overseeing strategy and finance, with Managing Director, George Galanopoulos, overseeing flight and business operations.

Making over 500 flights from the UK every month, to a choice of over 10,000 destinations in Europe and the Middle East, London Executive Aviation’s (LEA) client list includes investment banks, large and mid-size businesses, USbased executives, leading air brokers, celebrities from music, entertainment and sports, high net worth individuals, government, hospitals and medical assistance companies. LEA is part of the Luxaviation Group, the second largest corporate aircraft operator in the world, with bases across Europe, South Africa, Australasia and Asia. As part of the Luxaviation family, their customers benefit from access to a combined fleet of more than 250 business aircraft worldwide, increased aircraft availability and a broader range of aircraft types. Earlier this year, LEA was named ‘Best General Aviation Operator’ in the prestigious Baltic Air Charter Association (BACA) Excellence Awards for the fourth time in a row, also marking the sixth time the company has won the award in nine years. Owning a private jet has always been reserved for very wealthy individuals, is this still the case? Patrick: It’s not just individuals who own private jets; companies will purchase their own jet in order to fly their C-level executives and senior management teams to business meetings worldwide. Prices of used business aircraft tumbled


during the recession. Right now, the used aircraft market is a buyers’ market; it is an excellent time for someone to be purchasing an aircraft with some business jets available to buy for less than £1m and the prices are certainly predicted to recover. Owning an aircraft can make very good business sense, especially with the benefit of chartering the aircraft to third parties. If the jet is put into professional management and made available for charter, the owner will benefit from the aircraft management company’s wealth of experience, insight and resources and many of the operating costs can be offset. In these cases, owning a jet can actually be an attractive and affordable proposition for many. You operate in a very competitive market with many service providers, how do you differ? George: LEA is the UK’s largest private jet charter operator and as a company, we offer outstanding personal customer service – from our operations and maintenance teams to our pilots and cabin crew. Everyone in our team is dedicated to offering a truly personal service, bringing luxury and efficiency to our customers. That quality of customer service is delivered from the moment a broker or customer makes contact with LEA, through to the journey itself, to onboard the aircraft and often beyond the destination itself. Travelling with LEA isn’t just about the flight; all of the LEA

team, from the pilots, crew, engineers and ops staff, are highly trained and committed to meeting every customer’s need throughout their journey. What are the benefits to the company of being a member of the Luxaviation Group? Patrick: In May 2014, LEA became part of the Luxaviation Group, the second largest corporate aircraft operator in the world and with over 250 aircraft. Luxaviation brings together strong and trusted operators, with deep local knowledge and long-term customer relationships which enables all of these businesses to thrive through purchasing efficiencies, collaboration and shared best practice. What are the most popular flying routes and what are the busiest periods of the year? George: We fly our customers for business and leisure to destinations throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the US. Throughout the year we operate business trips for our customers to financial centres in Europe such as Geneva, Zurich and Frankfurt and also further afield to the Middle East, particularly Tel Aviv, and also Africa. For our leisure trips, our busiest periods are the core winter and summer holidays. Traditionally, the winter season is very busy for LEA as we have individuals and groups of people flying overseas for the Ski season, specifically the Alps. Christmas markets are also very popular, including those in Lille, Brussels and Cologne. Popular summer destinations include the Côte d’Azur, the Balearic Islands and southernmost Portugal and Italy, as well as the eastern Adriatic and the Aegean. Key entertainment and sporting events such as the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival are very busy for us as we fly high-profile participants as well as those visiting the events.

London Executive Aviation co-founders George Galanopoulos and Patrick Margetson-Rushmore

How do you foresee private aviation to change in the next 20 years? What is your vision for the company? Patrick: Those are big questions! What we do know are two things – firstly, numerous problems in the aviation industry create a greater need for private jets, and secondly globalisation, that increases jet bookings. Private jet travel is certainly expected to increase considerably in the next few years. The real cost of owning or chartering a private jet reduces with time, as jets become more efficient and cheaper to operate. Travelling on a commercial airline gets more expensive and difficult with airport terminals and airspace getting congested. Delays and cancellations will inevitably increase, making business and leisure travel more frustrating for the traveller. Globalisation will play a big part in how private aviation develops. Whilst globalisation has been around for some time, the need for businesses, cultures and people to interact will continually increase and this will drive the need for travel in a controlled and efficient manner. LEA has a diverse fleet of 24 aircraft with bases in the UK and Continental Europe. The fleet ranges from the entry-level Cessna Citation Mustang up to the Dassault Falcon 2000LX. In 2013 alone, LEA added a Phenom 300, Falcon 2000LX, Legacy 650 and Challenger 300 to its fleet. The breadth of the LEA fleet means it is able to offer one of the most cost-effective solutions for a wide range of business travel needs. This strategy is one of the reasons LEA has proved consistently profitable. For example, shorter journeys and smaller groups can be accommodated in a Citation Mustang, rather than a higher priced aircraft. LEA was the first executive air charter firm to obtain European Joint Aviation Authority certification and, in 2001, was the first to introduce the world’s most popular business jet, the Cessna Citation Excel, to the UK charter market.

The expansion of the business aviation market has seen the advent of various new travel options, including fractional ownership, jet cards or block hours schemes (which entitle one to a fixed number of flying hours in exchange for an advance lump sum). However, chartering aircraft by the hour remains by far the most popular choice for business aviation, since it provides an identical experience in terms of aircraft, crew and customer service, yet offers an attractive blend of flexibility and value for money. For all but the most regular travellers, conventional chartering typically offers the most attractive financial proposition. Private business travel is a personal business. George, Patrick and the LEA team are available 24/7 on +44 (0) 1708 688 420 or email reservations@flylea.com. For further information about LEA go to www.flylea.com



Mayfair Prestige is a specialist supercar dealership based in Marylebone. Operating for 8 years, the dealership acquires and sells some of the rarest cars in the world. We speak to Manager DANIEL EDGINGTON about the newest models, industry trends and the vision for the dealerships. Lamborghini Aventador £249,950

Bugatti Veyron £650,000

The latest in a line of other worldly supercars that includes the Miura, Countach, Diablo and Murcielago, the Aventador is Lamborghini’s technology and performance-packed flagship. Stupefyingly quick, aggressively angular and awe-inspiring in a deeply primal way, it’s also more comfortable and refined than its feral predecessors.

The Bugatti Veyron has been regarded as a supercar of superlative quality. It was a challenge for developers to fulfill the specifications that the supercar had to meet: over 1,000 bhp, a top speed of over 400 km/h and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in under three seconds. Mayfair Prestige is one of the only London dealers to stock Veyrons.

Mayfair Prestige is located in a quiet residential street in Mayfair, London. Many pedestrians who walk nearby are completely unaware that the discreet building is actually a showroom for supercars worth millions of pounds. This was the intention of the owners who wanted to create a secluded supercar haven where customers purchase supercars for up to £2,000,000, with utmost privacy and comfort. Mayfair Prestige showroom is very discreet. Why didn’t you open a ‘Berkeley Square style’ grandiose display?

Ferrari 458 Speciale £249,950

Rolls-Royce Wraith £199,950

The car exterior styling and features were designed for aerodynamic efficiency, producing a down force of 140 kg (309 lb) at 124 mph (200 km/h). The front grille features deformable winglets that lower at high speeds in order to offer reduced drag.

Designed to redefine boundaries, The Wraith hosts the most powerful Rolls‑Royce engine ever. The Wraith is an imperceptible force, inspired by the words of Sir Henry Royce: “Take the best that exists and make it better.” Mayfair Prestige stock a variety or Rolls-Royces.

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster £279,950

Brabus POA

The car can immediately be recognised by the uniquely designed geometric lines from the removable roof to the engine hood. The roof is made entirely of carbon fibre and has been carefully designed to ensure maximum aerodynamic efficiency. The two components are simple to attach, allowing both the driver and passenger to decide for themselves how intensely they would like to enjoy the Roadster experience.

Brabus’s primary focus is to achieve maximum engine performance through the increase of horsepower and torque. They also offer cosmetic modifications including low profile spoilers, bodykits, carbon fibre splitters, and multi-piece alloy wheels. Brabus engines range from small 200 horsepower (150 kW) K4 blocks for SLK roadsters and CLK-Class to the 800 horsepower (600 kW) twin-turbo blocks for the S-Class.

McLaren Mercedes SLR £199,950

Ferrari Speciale 458 £279,950

The grand tourer car jointly developed by Mercedes-Benz and McLaren Automotive, built in Portsmouth and the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking. SLR stands for ‘Sport Leicht Rennsport’ (Sport Light Racing), homage to the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR which served as the McLaren’s inspiration.

As with all Ferrari speciale serie the 458 Speciale boasts an array of advanced technical solutions that make it a completely unique model designed for owners looking for an even more focused sports car offering extreme driving emotions. Mayfair Prestige owns the only black Ferrari 488 in the country.

The idea is to provide a more personalised service within a relaxed environment. Some dealerships waste fifty percent of their time answering questions from car enthusiasts who are only interested in taking pictures of the cars or touching them. Our showroom is hard to find. A lot of research has to be made before you arrive to us. Therefore we know that whoever walks through our door is a serious buyer. Which makes of car have you sold to date? What was the most expensive one and who are your clients? We have sold Bugatti Veyron, Brabus, Rolls-Royce, McLaran, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Mercedes. The most expensive car I ever sold was a Veyron for £650,000. However we have sold a car for £1,250,000. Our client base ranges from business leaders to athletes, property developers, jewellers, financiers and more. Usually our clients are not first-time Ferrari buyers for example, as these tend to go to mainstream showrooms. Our buyers are more established and have probably had 2 to 3 supercars beforehand. We have seen the whole spectrum of the market, including serious collectors with up to 25 rare vehicles. The atmosphere in the showroom is a little bit playful, fun and relaxed. Is this planned? Look; supercars are fun so this should not be taken too seriously. Of course it is true that we deal with highly expensive items, but the trade should be celebrated. Almost every day our customers come in; we sit down for a meal, talk about cars and do business. We enjoy this approach and so do they. Over the years many friendships have been formed because people trust us. Mayfair Prestige is not a broker; we own our continually expanding stock that is currently worth in the region of £10,000,000. Furthermore, some dealers advertise cars they don’t actually have in order look good, whereas any car listed on our website is available immediately. What is the long-term vision of Mayfair Prestige? I would like to offer our clients access to some of the rarest cars in the world. We want to specialise in the crème de la crème of supercars including: Pagani, Koenigsegg, McLaren, Mansory and Maybach. I foresee that we are going buy more quality cars in the future. www.mayfairprestigeuk.co.uk




A PRODUCT OUT OF THIS WORLD Founded in 2012 Senturion is a technologically advanced and beautiful crafted wristwear that acts as a wireless key to your supercar. The Senturion enables super-car owners to access vehicles without the need of a key with a simple press of a button. Made from out-of-this-world Meteorites, Senturion is revolutionising the luxury goods sector and is one of the most sought after items to have. It is also one of the most unique items created in recent years to a niche market of HNWIs globally. Andromeda Blue Rose Gold. Limited to 150 pcs. Price £62,000

Red Racing Meteor Gold Plated. Limited to 165 pcs. Price £62,000

Hydra Supernova Heavyweight Rhodium & Black Gold Plated. Limited to 50 pcs. Price £68,980



enturion has created one-of-akind luxury wrist wear that is an Elite Supercar Key. Catapulted from ancient space to Earth, the meteorite used in Senturion manufacture is over 4 billion years old, originally part of an earlier generation star. When the star ran out of fuel in the final stages of fusion, it started creating a very heavy Iron isotope which then exploded, throwing it back into the universe. The meteor has travelled the universe for billions of years before colliding with Earth and during its process of slow cooling at zero kelvin, the Thomson structure was created. This kind of pattern is not re-creatable in a lab and is completely unique to meteorites. Originally discovered by the Nama people, with the spectacular backdrop of the Skeleton coast in the haunting African wilderness of Namibia, the meteorite may have an African heritage but it is in fact older than Earth itself. Naturally marked by entropy over millions of years of slow cooling in space, the meteorite’s unique pattern is not re-creatable on Earth. The Senturion piece cannot be compared to anything else. Though technically sculpted, it aesthetically casts to the shadows any watch or jewel on a gentleman’s or lady’s wrist. The Senturion is much more than an accessory - it is a way of life, belonging to a truly unique story. The inconceivably rare material at the core of the Senturion means that even among the world’s finest craftsmen, there are very few who are able to machine meteorites. To ensure that the Senturion retains its spectacular extra terrestrial display, it is finely plated in Black Gold and then Rhodium in order to protect it from the elements. Each piece is laser engraved with its own unique registration certificate and number, which will endorse its authenticity and originality. They are made all the more desirable by the fact that the Widmanstätten etch pattern on every Senturion is unique and no two pieces are alike.

What is the idea behind Senturion? Ayla Varquin: At the core of our brand lies the idea that we refer to as ‘Senturion Man’; someone our fans aspire to be and someone our clients share a lifestyle with. The Senturion Man knows no bounds and is held back by no limits. A born leader who initiates, and does not follow. He knows what he wants and he gets what he desires. The Senturion Man is one in a billion. Wearing a Senturion piece completely eliminates the need to have lumpy, clanging and sometimes potentially sharp keys that are both aesthetically unappealing and also inconvenient to carry around. The Senturion can open doors fitted with secure Yale or Paxton locks without the wearer having to search through their pockets. Which supercars are compatible? We have perfected the method of synchronisation with the following brands: Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Audi, Range Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes, Lexus, Maserati and Porsche. However, these brands are not limited as our production team can synchronise with almost any car. Current RFID technology supplied by some of the most renowned secure locking firms in the world, providing Senturion wearers with the very best solution for remote locking. What is the product range? How many units do you produce every year? A Senturion is a collector’s item. Not just a key to your supercar, but a key to an elite lifestyle. After selling out our Palladium range, we introduced a yellow and rose gold collection and enquiries have doubled. However, we retain the exclusivity of our products by only releasing a limited amount of pieces per collection. For example, our Meteorite collection is comprised of 250 pieces – making sure that only 1 in 30 million people can be a Senturion owner. Currently we are working on a collection that is even

“ We are now working on a collection that is even more exclusive, only seven exquisite pieces will be made, reflecting our ethos that the Senturion Man is one in a billion.” Ayla Varquin, Director

Senturion has revolutionised the wrist-wear market

more exclusive – only seven exquisite pieces will be made, reflecting our ethos that the Senturion man is 1 in a billion. Do you think Senturion is the next big thing in luxury lifestyle? Yes, without a doubt. One of the most exciting things about Senturion is its originality. It is wrist-wear that is not a watch (there are plenty of beautiful timepieces competing for a man’s wrist) and it has a powerful and masculine functionality – the key to your supercar. Most importantly, because our brand is at the high end of the luxury market, there is nothing like knowing that you are one in a billion. Senturion has no predecessor, no parallel and no peer. We pride ourselves on making highly original products that are backed by quality and expert craftsmanship. The easiest way to order your Senturion is to schedule an appointment at our showroom at 9 Berkeley Street, London. That way our representatives can provide you with the most detailed personalisation options. However, if you simply cannot wait to know what it feels like to wear your supercar on your wrist, you can buy from our most popular range in London or St. Tropez.

design ensures that comfort and security doesn’t come at each other’s expense. In this case, wearable technology becomes totally unobtrusive. The beautiful items created by Ayla Varquin are sophisticated, elegant and revolutionary. There has never been a product that is over 4 billion years old. Not only is Senturion a fashion statement, it is also a very versatile item. Prices range between £30,000 to £100,000 depending on the collection, whilst bespoke customised Senturion are available on request. The key to your supercar is sure to make headlines around the world. By appointment only. Senturion 9 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8DW Tel: +44 (0) 843 254 8864 www.senturionkey.com

Specifications: Polyurethane Strap: High-resilience polyurethane deployant strap and solid palladium handcrafted locking bolts and bezel. The Senturion has been fitted with strategic, powerful micro magnets to increase ease of use. Lock Mechanism: The Senturion uses a two-stage revolutionary easy secure, safety clasp, developed to omit wear and tear on buckles, reducing fastening time whilst providing additional security. This feature ensures the Senturion does not come off unless you want it to. Senturion


FOR HIM TZAR CAVIAR (KOSHER) £20 TO £35 (50G-100G) VERSACE MEDUSA EMBROIDERED SLIPPERS £570 Versace interprets the modern men's shoe with an iconic logo embellishment for instant fashion recognition. Featuring embroidered Medusa heads on either foot these pure leather slippers with their velveteen texture are also finished with the matching Medusa head logos on the heel for a refined finish. Pair with block colors to keep this shoe’s real statement. Bring some Roman luxury to your home-look with these velvet slippers from Versace. Versace.com

Produced by Paris based business partners Yohann Assayag and Oliver Kassabi, Tzar Caviar is a top-class kosher caviar sold around the world. Their revolutionary production technique creates caviar with a longer shelf life, whilst not endangering any fish species, in a process known as molecular engineering where fish bouillons are made to resemble content of sturgeon eggs in full taste and consistency. Yohann and Oliver have sold thousands of Tzar Caviar jars around the world as the demand for kosher caviar is continuously high. The Tzar Caviar texture is distinctive, as the black eggs pop on your tongue and the rich, slightly sweet taste oozes into your mouth whilst the flavour fills your nose. Tzarcaviarfrance.com

REISS GIOVANNI SILK PINDOT £50 Add a touch of class and elegance to your wardrobe with this Giovanni Silk Pindot scarf from Reiss. Made in Italy, this pure silk accessory screams sophisticated grace with its classic Pindot detail and is sure to be the perfect compliment to any outfit. With its dotted and classic tasselled ends, this luxury scarf looks great with winter coats and jackets. Indulge in Reiss’s luxurious sense of style with this scarf; crafted in London this scarf has a tonal reversible design, putting a sartorial spin on winter wardrobes. Reiss.com

WINFIELD ROCKING CHAIR POA Offered by Walpole Antiques, this 1850 English chair is a masterpiece. The unique look and sophisticated characteristics cannot be found in 21st century items and one Winfield Rocking Chair is guaranteed to transform your living room. Plated in gold lacquered tubular brass with cast and silvered foliate infill, newly upholstered in hand dyed and buttoned leather. R.W Winfield is listed in various directories between 1835 and 1890 with a factory in Birmingham and office in Fleet Street, London. Walpoleantiques.com


STING HD BRACELET £500 TO £6,000 Bracelets for men are definitley back in fashion and Sting HD are here to assist gentleman customise their wrist wear. Customers can chose from a variety of strands, metals and stones. You can even choose to add rubies, platinum or 24k gold. Model B425 (above) is made from fine leather, rose gold and twenty five white diamonds. This can supplement very nicely any luxury watch. The two hand-wrapped stingray leather cords are held together and accented with large column-style rings that meet in an elegant figure of eight clasp making this bracelet an instant classic. Styles including stones boast DF-VS+ quality diamonds, black diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Shown with solid 18k rose gold, DF-VS+ quality diamonds and a black strand. Cord size is based on individual proportions. Stinghd.com

LORO PIANA MINK OVERCOAT £30,940 The Tailor Vicuña Storm System with mink offers the rarest, finest fibre in the world, with lining and collar in fine, light weight mink. Close-fitting with sleek, clean lines, the coat is impeccably constructed and treated with Storm System for a waterproof, wind-resistant finish. Ideal city outerwear for the winter season, as well as for formal occasions. Get a sophistcated and classic look from the worlds renowned Italian Tailors. Loropiana.com

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN FREDO CALF BRIEFCASE £1,295 A beautiful, elegant and sophisticated men’s leather briefcase from fashion’s powerhouse Christian Louboutin. Famous for his trendy red soles trademark, this Louboutin briefcase is the designer’s newest collection for 2016. The “Fredo” briefcase is the new workday essential. Its soft leather body and modern zip-top silhouette features a spacious cotton-lined interior with cardholders, slip pockets, and a zip pocket for your laptop or tablet. With its detachable shoulder strap, this masculine bag makes a sleek addition to your 9-5 look in crimson grained leather. Christianlouboutin.com

BELLE EPOQUE COFFEE MACHINE £7,500 Highly original with its slim-look, the Belle Epoque is a machine in a class all of its own, where beauty, functionally and reliably merge together. The brightness of its metal, shaped to a design with the fascination of the past makes an immediate impact and provides a striking finishing touch for elegant, refined premises. Elektrasrl.com


ABELS: THE ART OF MOVING Moving house or office can be very challenging, especially if you own irreplaceable family items, precious art and antiques. Moving valuable items, whether locally or across several time zones, requires the highest level of expertise, precision and dedication. Founded generations ago as a family business, Abels started delivering goods as an Auctioneer. In 1981 the company had the privilege of moving wedding presents for Prince Charles and Princess Diana and has also helped Marks & Spencer develop their home delivery service. In 1989, they were awarded the Royal Warrant by Her Majesty the Queen, and today they are known globally as market leaders with access to over 1,500 service centres in 56 countries. When you move home, you want to know that your valued possessions will be treated with the greatest of care. Abels have provided continuous exemplary removal services for generations of discerning clients, so you can rest assured that your possessions are in the safest of hands. Moving across continents always involves expert care in packing valuable possessions, not to mention the mountain of paperwork covering duties, taxes and regulations required when moving outside of the EU. Abels has a team of specialists who work on overseas relocations and who provide all the latest information on currency, education, vaccination requirements and customs considerations. So wherever your destination, they can relocate you and your belongings safely and efficiently.

Fine Arts, Antiques, Commercial, Business & Storage Services Abels have been moving fine art and other items of value for generations, whether it’s a multi-million pound painting between museums, an oversized work of art to a gallery, or a client’s complete wine collection. The Commercial Services department expertly handle
global freight requirements whilst bespoke packing cases are tailor-made for each item, so whether it’s a musical instrument or a Concorde aircraft engine, every piece will arrive in the same perfect condition in which it started. Abels also have purpose-built storage facilities providing the optimum environment for treasured belongings, business equipment or valuable documents. The facilities have stringent fire controls, CCTV coverage and a constant security presence. Items are carefully packed and then listed on a detailed inventory in situ, and once the storage containers are sealed on collection, they are not opened again until you require their return. To ensure quality standards are maintained and audited, Abels are affiliated to all the major trade bodies and standards. This attention to detail combined with decades of experience ensures quality of service can be provided, whether from London to Tel Aviv, or New York to Geneva.

Tel: 0800 626769 | Email: enquiries @abels.co.uk | Website: www.abels.co.uk 54

WINE TRENDS MARKET UPDATE It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new wine and producers from the Northern Hemisphere are feeling great after carrying out their harvests and hoping for a good vintage. The Douro Valley Portuguese Winemakers are waiting with bated breath for the 2015 Port wine harvest, hoping it to be of a high quality as in 2011. Champagne has entered the final crucial period in the build-up of the harvest and growers are convinced that 2015 will be the next big vintage. Across France the heatwave was similar to that seen in 2003 and the potential of having the same quality vintage is imminent. On the other side of the Atlantic, Napa Valley saw the earliest start to a wine harvest compared to recent years. Let’s wait and see if this vintage will be another one to remember.


CHARDONNAY The power of C - grape, Chardonnay in the 1980’s became a name more familiar to the world's wine buyers than any of the geographically named wines this vine variety had for centuries produced, such as; Chablis, Corton-Charlemagne, or Montrachet. When the emerging New World wine industries introduced varietal labeling - calling wines by the name of their principal grape variety - it was Chardonnay that made the most friends. EXCLUSIVE NECTARS: ARMAND DE BRIGNAC ‘GOLDEN BUBBLES’ Champagne Armand de Brignac, better know as ‘Ace of Spades’ due to its distinctive large spade pewter label on the bottle, is a range of Prestige Cuveés exemplifying a true passion for the art of Champagne. Armand de Brignac was established by the Cattier family, 11th generation Champagne growers who have been perfecting their craft for over 250 years. The father and son winemaking team, Jean Jacques and Alexandre Cattier, had a dream in 2000 to create a Champagne for the new millennium, at an exceptional level of quality that they had never done before. Crafted in the small village of Chigny-les-Roses, the cuveés see just 8 people in their journey from pressing to

bottling, with each taking the utmost care and personal attention to ensure the highest level of detail. The brand was famously bought by Hip Hop artist, Shawn ‘JAY Z’ Carter last year. Since the acquisition the brand has gone from strength to strength and has welcomed two new expressions

in the form of a Blanc de Noirs and a Demi Sec, which join the collection of Blanc de Blancs, Rosé and Brut Gold. The exceptionally rare Armand de Brignac Blanc de Noirs is crafted using 100% Pinot Noir grapes, and less than 3,000 bottles will be released globally. The palate is highlighted by the stunning 2008 vintage, presenting a powerful, yet refined structure with notes of orange blossom and brioche, and bright red fruit flavors. Six years of ageing provided the champagne with layers of complexity and an exquisitely fine bubble. A highly refined style that pairs beautifully with food, the Blanc de Noirs is an unusually special experience for fine food connoisseurs. Available from Harrods and selected fine wine retailers around the world.

KOSHER WINE Something to warm you up, Chateau Guiraud 2000, a first great growth from Sauternes in Bordeaux made exclusively of Semillion (65%) and Sauvignon Blanc grapes (35%). Located 45 km south to Bordeaux, on the left bank of the Garonne River, Château Guiraud extends over 128 hectares. The whole estate is located in the village of Sauternes, which is a beautiful location. The vines grow on extremely heterogeneous soils and subsoils: sandy gravel makes up to 80% of the soil; the rest consists of deeper layers of a mixture of gravel and clay. Fermentation is made in new oak barrels over a period of three weeks to two months and different batches are fermented until reaching their own equilibrium. A minimum of potential alcohol (20°) must be reached before starting the harvest, which is done entirely by hand (late autumn). Price: £72.30 via Hedonism Wines


The Yeatman is a haven for wine lovers and the prime destination for those wishing to explore the pleasures of Port, the great classic wine for which the city of Oporto is famous. The hotel has a unique cellar and relationships with many of fine wine producers who participate in tastings, seminars and wine dinners. These partner wineries also decorate individual rooms and suites.



Mikhail Fridman £10.54bn Telecom Acquisition Fund Offer To Buy Brazil Oi £2.63bn MIKHAIL FRIDMAN Russia’s second wealthiest person, may spend as much £2.63bn to expand his telecommunication holdings into South America. The Brazilian telecommunications company Oi said that Fridman’s investment group, LetterOne, has given it a proposal to invest in a possible merger of Oi with Telecom Italia’s local operator, TIM Participações. “In accordance with LetterOne’s proposal, sent by BTG Pactual to Oi’s management and board, LetterOne would be willing to invest as much as £2.63bn in Oi, conditioned on the operation of consolidation (with TIM),” Oi said in a statement. The company said that it would “analyse” the offer. Because Oi’s market value is about £428 million, Fridman’s investment would presumably give him control of Oi’s stake in any merged company, but Oi’s statement also said that any deal “would not represent an economic

dilution of shareholders.” Fridman became one of the world’s richest men after selling his stake in joint oil venture TNKBP to Rosneft in 2013. He also recently sold energy assets in Britain. Through LetterOne Fridman already own stakes in two telecom companies: VimpelCom, based in Amsterdam, and Turkcell in Turkey. LetterOne said in April that it was planning to spend up to £10.54bn on telecom acquisitions. Oi hired the Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual last year to look for a way to merge with TIM Participações. At the time, BTG stitched together a £9.22bn deal in which Oi would have joined forces with Telefónica of Spain and América Móvil of Mexico to carve up TIM Participações, but the deal fell through as Telecom Italia decided to maintain its presence in Brazil. Since then, Brazil’s economy and TIM Participações’ business model have deteriorated.

Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO, 2016 Market Predictions GOLDMAN SACHS has begun rolling out their outlooks for 2016. In a client note they outlined what they believe will be the top 10 themes across global markets in the new year, which inform their various forecasts for stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and everything else in between. “Growth has consistently disappointed over the past several years, but this has not prevented risky assets from increasing substantially,” said Strategist Charles Himmelberg. “In 2016, we expect activity to continue to expand in the advanced economies, led mostly by the consumer.” For stocks, Goldman forecast that the S&P 500 would end next year at 2,100, implying only

a 5% return from current levels. And, betting on the US dollar, and against the euro and the Yen, is Goldman’s top trade recommendation for 2016. The themes reiterate some of the same big discourses of 2015, like monetary policy divergence, lower-for-longer commodity prices, and modest S&P 500 returns. These are Goldman Sacks top-ten 2016 market predictions: stable global growth, lower inflation, sustained monetary policy divergence, lower oil prices, decline in commodity prices, reverse in global savings glut, limited stock markets returns, emerging market slowdown, continuous low liquidity and corporate earning increase.

PayPal CEO Dan Shulman To Reshape 21St Century Banking Systems SCHULMAN’S vision for PayPal to create a dominant payment system for mobile, web commerce and digital wallets, he strives to position PayPal as the goto solution for digital transactions. He told Fortune Magazine: “I think that technology can help to reimagine what the management and movement of money can look like”. PayPal’s total payment volume in the second fourth of 2015 was £44bn, up 20 percent year over year and the company reported revenue of £1.5bn, up 16 percent year over year. Expect Schulman to talk about his plans to grow that business and offer services targeted to the mobile millennial


generation. The company is building out its Payments business, acquiring a family of payments businesses. Among the most prominent: Venmo is an app that lets users instantly send money for free. It processed £1bn in the second quarter of this year. Braintree’s platform is used by companies including Airbnb, OpenTable and Uber. PayPal expects Braintree’s payment volume run rate to be £33bn this year. PayPal is also in the process of acquiring online remittances platform Xoom. PayPal’s Working Capital loans for small businesses has lent more than £820m to over 60,000 small businesses in the U.S., U.K. and

Australia. Working Capital is a small but important part of PayPal’s strategy to offer additional services to its small business customers and to strengthen the PayPal ecosystem. The program, which was started in 2013, addresses two specific merchant pain points: access to credit and the lengthy application processes typical of many traditional lenders. Working Capital is only available to existing PayPal merchants who have been processing payments via PayPal for at least 90 days and have processed at least £15,000 in the past 12 months. This initiative and a currency like bitcoin reshapes banking.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Reach 1.5bn Daily Users FACEBOOK posted quarterly results that topped analysts’ expectations as ad revenue jumped and its user base continued to balloon. The social media giant reported third-quarter earnings of 57 cents per share on £2.9bn in revenue. Wall Street expected the company to deliver quarterly earnings per share of 52 cents on £2.6 billion in revenue, according to consensus estimates from Thomson Reuters. Shares rose as much as 3 percent in extended trading, which would mark an all-time intraday high. Monthly active users, or MAUs, rose 14 percent from the previous year to £1.1bn billion. Mobile MAUs came in at £1.2bn, and both narrowly beat

analysts’ expectations. Daily active users also climbed 17 percent to 1.01 billion. Nearly 950 million mobile users were active daily. Advertising revenues, the vast majority of Facebook’s sales, jumped 45 percent from the prior year to £2.8bn. Mobile ad sales accounted for 78 percent of that, up from 66 percent in the prior year. “We think we have the best mobile ad product in the market. We’re able to target, we’re able to measure. We have broad scale,” Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer at Facebook, told CNBC. She pointed on advertising traction on photo-sharing app Instagram, which topped 400 million MAUs this year, “We are really

pleased with the marketer demand for Instagram ads,” Sandberg said. Progress in the company’s video segment platform has about 8 billion daily video views. Facebook is inching closer to a £200bn valuation, only 3 1/2 years since it went public. Its stock had languished below the IPO price of £25 per share for more than a year but has since rallied. Shares of Facebook have surged nearly 38 percent in the last 12 months. Last quarter, the social networking giant said it would increase investments in areas such as Messenger, WhatsApp and Oculus to boost advertising revenue from mobile and drive future growth, making Zuckerberg fiercely competitive.

George Soros Invests £282m In Latin American Hotel Market KRK investment firm headed by Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros has reportedly agreed to invest £196m to finance an Argentine hotel company’s expansion in Latin America. Soros’ investment will provide funding for as many as 5,000 new hotel rooms over a three-year period in Argentina and other South American countries including Chile, Ecuador and Peru that Buenos Aires based Fen Hotels will manage. Patricio Fuks, Chief Executive of Fen Hotels, said, “you can still build for a reasonable price in Latin America’s capital cities.” Fen Hotels already has 35 hotels in Latin America, making it a major operator in markets where competitors tend to be familyowned and family-operated businesses, and hotels that bear leading global

brands are scarce. Fen Hotels also is establishing a foothold in the U.S. hotel market with properties in Miami and Los Angeles and a Brooklyn property operating under its Dazzler brand. But Fuks says that he sees better potential for his company in South American countries, with the exception of Brazil, the most populous country in region: “Brazil is too expensive to develop there. But if it turns around, the other countries will follow.” This news comes after Bloomberg reported that Soros is buying a stake in Ukrainian software developer Ciklum Holding Ltd after committing to invest as much as £842m to help the country’s economy earlier this year. The Ukrainian Redevelopment Fund, advised by Soros Fund Management LLC, agreed to buy

an undisclosed stake in Ciklum from Danish founder Torben Majgaard and private-equity fund Horizon Capital, according to a statement made this month. Horizon was co-founded by Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko. “It’s an investment in what I call the ‘New Ukraine’ – Ukrainians who are young, well educated, and eager for their country to break from the past and to build an open society,” Soros said in the statement. Ciklum employs more than 2,500 programmers in Ukraine and other countries. Like U.S.-traded EPAM Systems Inc. and Luxoft Holding Inc., the company’s business model is betting on cheaper engineering talent from Central and Eastern Europe to develop software for the U.S. and Western Europe.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Expands To China In A Bid to Surpass General Motors TESLA CEO Elon Musk has always dreamt big and it looks like his ambitions are only getting bigger. The entrepreneur (worth £10bn) said that he is not ruling out Tesla becoming a bigger car company than other auto giants like General Motors, Volkswagen, and Toyota. Tesla Motors could begin producing cars in China in two years, Musk said, adding that local production had the potential to slash the sales prices of its models in the world’s largest auto market by a third. Tesla’s negotiations with officials on Chinese production have been quite encouraging and it is likely the company will cooperate with a local partner, Musk said, according to Chinese language transcripts of remarks made made earlier this month that were provided by the company. Foreign automakers are

generally required to establish a joint venture with a Chinese company to produce cars domestically. The California-based automaker has struggled with weak sales in China, leading to job cuts this year. Domestic media has put the headcount reduction at 30 percent of its 600 staff. The company, which does not regularly release China sales data, said in a release that it had sold 3,025 Model S cars in the country from January to September. Musk also said Tesla is already working with Chinese Internet company Baidu on GPS navigation and automated driving. He added that Tesla’s giant £4 billion battery plant in Nevada, known as the ‘gigafactory’ would produce its first batch of batteries next year, estimating that the plant would reach full capacity in two to three years.



CAPITAL MADE EASY Chrystal Capital Partners LLP is a FCA regulated corporate finance boutique based in London. The firm provides alternative sources of funding for select, private and public companies globally. They raise finance predominantly from large single-family offices, UHNWIs and select niche institutional investors, thus providing a unique gateway to sources of capital that are difficult to access.


he Firm has solid relationships with a significant number of single and multifamily offices that manage assets worth £165 million or more and are actively seeking direct investment opportunities in private and public companies. These families possess diverse sector and geographical requirements but Chrystal’s aim is to aggregate the most common areas of interest and then source opportunities based on pre-qualified investor demand. This expedites the fundraising process for the company since they already know from where and from whom there is demand. James Innes Partner and Co-Founder said: “Institutional capital will always be there and as their job is to advertise the fact they are open for business, a company should be able to find the most appropriate for their purposes. Finding an investor from a family office or from UHNWIs is more difficult. We give companies that pass our strict due diligence processes a much broader access to capital and therefore create an increased chance of funding”. Chrystal works in close partnership with a number of institutions that have an


alternative approach to investing, such as: Specialist Equity, pre-IPO and IPO, equity purchase agreements, listed cash shell, specialist debt convertible bond specialists, small and mid-cap focus, commodity specialists, royalty and stream finance products, mezzanine finance, hybrid and conventional mezzanine debt. Since 2010, you have raised over £425m for clients. What is your vision for the future? Family offices will continue to develop relationships with trusted advisors across various asset classes – gone are the days when one shop fits all requirements – and this is especially true when finding direct investments into companies. The momentum of such investors wanting increased control over investment decisions and a direct connection with the companies they have supported will be an ongoing theme. This means that Chrystal will continue in its role as a link between direct investment opportunities in global trading businesses and this ever-expanding pool of capital. What is the firm’s strategy when raising funds? The general picture is that we have raised £425m for our clients in the past few years

across 30+ transactions. These deals have been done at realistic valuations ensuring that investors have made significant returns – for example, on our IPOs, such as Constellation Healthcare Plc and Escher Plc, current share prices are significantly above their initiation prices. On our private technology transactions we can demonstrate an average return, on an IRR basis, is c.25%. The company also hosts on a regular basis lunches and other events attended by the family office network. This hub provides participants with a unique opportunity to meet and share investment ideas with a noteworthy group of family office investors. A guest host is also invited from among a respected group of thought leaders and entrepreneurs to lead a topical discussion on their industry in an informal roundtable setting, providing the attendees unique insights into specialist areas of investment followed by the opportunity for Q&A’s. Previous guest hosts have included: Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Martin Gilbert, Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah, Sir Stuart Rose, Crispin Odey, Mike Lynch, Jon Moulton, Tony Hayward and Peter Hambro. For further information please visit: Chrystalcapital.com




Financial planning is a very bespoke and personal form of wealth management. The process starts with a meeting and some very open questions to let clients express what they really want to do, be, or have, which is what makes financial planning bespoke, because goals are prioritised and nothing is missed. This is the most important phase because sometimes clients just hint at areas of concern or aspirations, that might actually turn out to be very important. Some clients just don’t think their planner wants to hear such things, but the planner should be totally non-judgmental. People can and do sometimes change their minds about what they want. But as long as the planner ‘actively listens’, clients know that it is their interests that come first, not their money. FINDING A SOLUTION That’s the start of financial planning, but the relationship often develops after a client has asked for help or advice on one or two issues. For example, taxefficient saving for education fees, inheritance tax planning (IHT) or understanding how the new rules on pension flexibility might give them more options. Should they take the entire pot as a lump sum or income? Should they leave some or all of it until they are older? Even at this early stage the astute planner recognises the knock-on effects that one area of advice can have upon another. So how do you get the balance right?

Disclaimer: Tax Planning and Inheritance Tax Planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Statements about taxation are based on our understanding of UK law and HM Revenue & Customs practices which are subject to change. The guidance provided within this article is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore primarily targeted at consumers based in the UK. Radcliffe and Newlands is an appointed representative of TenetConnect Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Clients can see different scenarios that show different courses of action or different assumptions. We all know that in real life, circumstances and assumptions change, but at least the client has been given a realistic and reasonable guide as to what is achievable. Just like a plane flying from one airport to another, the course varies, so it is essential to meet at least annually to review the plan, starting with how the clients feel about their original goals. TAKING ACTION The results can be very rewarding for clients and create a trusting relationship, where all results are directed at and checked against client objectives. Clients can feel inspired to take action knowing there is a sense of direction and timescale, rather than a vain hope. Financial planning can also reveal that there is no need for a product sale if, for example, clients can make changes themselves. ASK YOUR ADVISER • Can you explain if and why I might need to take any investment risk? If I do need to take any risk, will we have a proper conversation about it, rather than just completing a questionnaire? • Do you have access to specialists in tax advice, pensions, overseas issues and other complex areas?


• Are you able to explain simply and clearly the processes involved in plain English, in case I am unfamiliar with the terminology?

The answer lies in detailed but explainable cashflow planning using figures and coloured charts to show income, assets used and shortfalls.

• Will you properly consider what I want to achieve in life, rather than just pigeonhole my goals to fit conventional financial products?

About the Author: Andrew Kemp is a Certified Financial Planner at London firm Radcliffe & Newlands and has been an adviser for almost 20 years. His wide-ranging client list includes barristers, business owners, high-net-worth individuals and those starting a family. For further information please contact Andrew. Email: akemp@rad-new.com Telephone: 020 7382 0430




We meet Christoph Edible at the Mayfair Hotel in London. The company Director has just signed a major deal with a client and is about to travel to Germany for only few hours, then head to Switzerland for a dinner, and back to London. This is an average day in the life of Edible, who heads Tiberius Group of Companies.


iberius is responsible for managing assets of £2bn, of which half is held in commodity futures. It’s flagship fund and strategy; the ‘Commodity Alpha OP’ currently holds £1bn in assets. Tiberius is a recognised provider of strategies covering all aspects of the commodity sector. The firm’s business focus is on the active management of long only and long-short commodity portfolios. Which kind of services do you provide? What is the company core speciality? Tiberius Group of companies loosely comprises several businesses from asset management, physical commodities trading to mining. Tiberius Asset Management has been founded ten years ago with a strong focus on delivering portfolio solutions for commodities. As the pioneers in active beta management in Europe, we have the longest track record available and offer long only, long-short and multi-strategy solutions. Fundamental and quantitative research forms the foundation of superior returns in our funds. Besides the management of commodity funds we are also focusing on fixed income strategies whereby we fundamentally differ from our peers, as we are believers of a bond market bubble and consequently positioned. In the physical commodities space we are a mid-sized metal merchant operating under the TMT Metals brand. We are


one of the world’s largest tin traders operating our own mines in central Africa and supplying more than 100 endusers in Europe, Asia and the United States. Besides tin, aluminium and minor metals are the biggest trading books within our merchant business, the mining business as a third business pillar and follows an African mining approach. With mines in Uganda, Rwanda and Nigeria the company mines for the technology metals tin, tungsten and tantalum. How do you differ from other asset management firms?

growth and investors have positioned themselves extremely one-sided. Equities, real estate and US-Dollars long while shorting commodities, emerging markets and Euros. Levels have reached extremes on both ends – unfortunately few investors have the guts to position themselves ant-cyclical. History will tell their fate. Buying commodities whether physical or in derivative form today comes with little carry as interest rates have never been as low before. It is comparable to investing in real estate with the difference of non-inflated housing prices.

Our asset management business is built on solid fundamental research models, which have been created and developed over a time span covering two decades. The combination of sound fundamental research with a quantitative model approach is quite unique in the industry and requires significant resources in order to master such an investment process. The long-standing experience and access within the paper as well as the physical commodities industry is value -add which few other players globally can offer.

What is Tiberius company track record? Firstly our management team has a long-term track record for running physical and proprietary commodity trading books and Tiberius has been managing commodity funds for more than a decade. Within the last five years a majority of long-standing commodity managers went bust and left the industry. Tiberius is standing strong and it is our ambition to be the leader in commodity management in Europe going forward.

Which opportunities can you offer investors?

To deliver superior returns to clients, create innovative investment solutions, being ahead of the curve in research themes within the commodities space and leading the market with unique opinions and research.

Commodity prices are trading close to a forty-year low measured on the broadly diversified commodity indexes. The markets seem to trade the worst expectations for China and global

What is your long term-vision?




eer-to-peer lending is where either one or a series of individuals makes a loan to a borrower. This is a relatively new form of lending, as traditionally companies and individuals had to borrow from a bank or other financial institution unless they knew friends or family who would lend to them. Like a loan from a bank, peer-to-peer lending can either be secured on an asset (e.g. a property or a car) or an unsecured loan - in which case there is no additional security. A secured loan is generally safer as the lender has an additional level of security (a property or a car for instance) to sell before it needs to recover any remaining shortfall from the borrower. Peer-to-peer lending has recently received a lot of press because of the way it gives both borrowers and lenders a better deal - a borrower can usually get a cheaper rate than borrowing from a bank or other institution, whilst the lender can get a better return on their investment than leaving it in a bank or building society account. Peer-to-peer lending, like any investment, has its risks, but any investment can lose money - even a bank account, as was clearly seen for depositors with Icelandic banks in the last financial crisis. However, if done correctly, peer-to-peer lending is generally safer than most people expect and still gives a high rate of return. This means that its risk reward ratio is better than leaving your money in a bank account or indeed many other asset classes. The key is to ensure that your peer-to-peer lending is secured on an asset - such as a property or a car - which can be sold even in turbulent market conditions for more than the value of your loan. In addition, there is often a social aspect to some loans. There are often occasions where a peer-to-peer loan is the last resort for someone and you are helping them out of a tight corner. One example we recently found was where a bank was foreclosing on a borrower’s property and had put it up for sale in auction because he had missed his last few interest payments. Because the person did not have enough income, the bank would not lend to them, but the asset was more than sufficient to allow the loan to be restructured. Another advantage is that by investing in peer-to-peer lending you are spreading your assets (diversifying) so that not all your eggs are in one basket. At the extreme end, imagine you had put all your life savings into an Icelandic bank - you thought it was safe but then after the financial


crisis and the collapse of some of those banks, you may well have lost most or even all of your savings. Allocating a portion of your savings to peerto-peer lending spreads the risk of such a calamity affecting all your savings. And then there is a further level of diversification in that most people investing in peer-to-peer lending have more than one loan at a time so the risk of a default in one loan (were that to happen) would have even less effect on your savings. CHECK LIST: 1) Are you lending to a platform or on individual loans - if you are lending to a platform, then if the platform becomes insolvent, your investment is potentially more at risk than if you are investing in individual loans and the lending platform is simply your agent. 2) Is the lending secured (less risky) or unsecured (more risk). Secured lending means that there is an asset (eg a property or a car) to sell before the lender needs to chase the borrower for any shortfall 3) What checks does the company do to ensure that the lending is unlikely to default and lose the investor money (eg do they take security, do they have an independent valuation done, are you able to sue the lawyers if the documentation is incorrect and the loan is unenforceable) 4) Is the lending platform putting any of their own money at risk - if they are, and especially if their money is at risk before yours, then this is likely to indicate the loan is safer as they are ‘putting their money where their mouth is’! 5) A  re you able to choose which loans to lend against - clearly if you can choose which loans, then you are more in control and can steer away from loans you feel are risky 6) How long has the company been trading and what losses has it experienced on its loans to date - clearly a platform with a long track record of no losses is likely to be a safer bet than one with a short track record and many losses HNW Lending ticks all the above boxes and is run by Ben Shaw. He is a regular member of St Johns Wood synagogue and has reported to us that some of his lenders derive from the community. Some co-invest along with Shaw and a couple of other lenders on loans, whilst others prefer to do the whole loans themselves. Investments range from £10k to over £1m. To learn more about HNW Lending’s services, please contact. T: +44 (0) 207 600 2185 E: ben@hnwlending.co.uk



FAENA HOUSE Faena House introduces to Miami Beach forty-seven extraordinary oceanfront condominium residences envisioned by Alan Faena and designed by the internationally renowned architects Foster+Partners. It is Alan Faena’s 21st Century vision of true indoor/outdoor living, ingeniously designed and engineered, and meticulously constructed to exist in perfect harmony with its ocean front setting. Breakthrough architectural advances allow panoramic views from ocean to bay with glass walls that open extraordinarily wide to virtually eliminate a division between indoors and exteriors. Faena House is the first element of Faena District, which is destined to become a new paradigm of fine art of living. Faena, the curator of Buenos Aires’ most successful urban neighborhood and cultural center, has assembled an all-star team of collaborators: from architects and engineers to curators and chef, in order to create the district. This thoughtfully conceived and executed new neighborhood is a private enclave that will be an international nexus for cultural activity and leisure. The District forms a nexus to the myriad entertainment and shopping areas of South Beach yet is a world apart with a more curated and elevated way of life. It is within minutes of the very best Miami has to offer: the world-class shopping of Bal Harbour Shops and the burgeoning Miami Design District shops including Hermès and Louis Vuitton, the dynamic Wynwood Arts District with its provocative galleries and restaurants, America’s economic gateway to Latin America centered in downtown Miami and exclusive resorts and clubs such as Edition by Ian Schrager, One Hotel, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Soho Beach House, Indian Creek Country Club, and La Gorce Country Club. Located between Miami Beach from the Atlantic Ocean to Indian Creek and Collins Avenue between 32nd and 35th Streets intersects the district. Faena House is perfectly situated on the widest stretch of white sand beach. The residencies offers one to five bedroom fully finished residences with sleek and impeccably detailed interiors. Each home has a majestic outdoor living terrace that wraps around its interior, known in Argentina as an “Alero.” The Aleros connect with interior spaces seamlessly through floor to ceiling window wall and sliding door systems. Three one-of-a-kind penthouses crown the residences with the full floor penthouse featuring a private interior elevator and outdoor pool.


Picture Right: Business partners, Alan Faena and Leonard Blavatnik (Source: Faena.com) Picture Left: Douglas Elliman Brokers, Tal and Oren Alexander (Source: Business Insider)

POWER TOWER The beautiful condominium tower developed by Faena and industrialist Len Bletvink, is set to become one of the most sought after residencies in Miami. To date, several high profile international business people have purchased units at the luxury tower, including: The Founder of Citadel Investment Firm Ken Griffin (purchased 2 units for £39.5m), Hedge Fund Manager Alan Howard (purchased a unit for £9.55m), Goldman Sachs Chairman Lloyd Blankfein (purchased a unit for £6.3m), Lions Gate Entertainment Chairman Mark Rachsky (purchased a unit for £8.9m), Addison Lee CEO Daryl Forster (purchased a unit for £5.8m) and renowned Art Dealer Larry Gagosian. These sales continue to establish Faena House and Faena district as a focal point in Miami for both business and leisure. Owning a unit in the luxury complex means more than only owning a piece of high-end real estate as it allows access to a powerful elite club. Interiors range in size from 1,307 to 4,730 square feet. Aleros range in size from 420 to 1,516 square feet. Half Floors range in size from 4,243 to 6,399 square feet. Half Floor Aleros range in size from 2,727 to 3,887

square feet. Full Floor is 8,064 interior square feet and a Full Floor Alero is 7,299 exterior square feet. Owners enjoy exclusive access to a thoughtfully conceived managed amenity. An impeccably trained, multilingual staff, and private residents’ concierge will look to daily needs and special requests with enthusiasm, expertise and resourcefulness, including: • 24-hour Doorman, valet, five-star concierge services. • In house fitness center with direct ocean views, timber flooring, and best-in-class fitness equipment by TechnoGym. • In-house Spa with separate men’s and women’s residence sauna and steam room, dressing rooms, showers and bathrooms. • A dramatic twenty-seven foot triple height lobby defined by polished black concrete wall. • Tranquil pools pass through the lobby area into the surrounding landscape.


Villa Au Soleil St Barths

15V Mykonos

Amilla Fushi Maldives

Privately situated high in the hills of Lurin, Villa Au Soleil’s ambience has a touch of Hollywood-esque glam. A stylish and spacious living room features a media corner for watching DVDs. A well-appointed kitchen and covered terrace with a BBQ, delightful for al fresco dining and entertaining, is adjacent to a Caribbean-chic ‘formal’ dining room. Outdoor living space abounds. Multiple comfortably furnished terraces surround a tiered infinity edge pool that seems to almost flow into the sea below. A Balinesestyle gazebo – a hideaway worthy of an assignation – is set amidst lush tropical gardens complete with a lily pond.

15V lies just above the entrance of Ornos bay on the southern side of Mykonos. This is a prime location on the island, as it is well sheltered from the wind, and close to the lively Ornos Beach and Mykonos Town. Surrounded by a garden, the property’s outdoor area is set between the two main units, with a terrace stretching out towards stunning views. The coziness of the property, combined with easy access to the island’s highlights, make this the perfect retreat for those who like to combine rest and relaxation with visits to beaches, activities and an electric night life. Mykonos is a great island to visit averaging 25°c year round.

Amilla is an intimate, timeless place – not about travel trends, but about lifestyle. Located in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Baa Atoll, one of 26 natural Atolls in the Maldives, Amilla Fushi offers you private beach residences with four to eight bedrooms that will be your own island home. Reach your exclusive island destination by seaplane in just 30 minutes from Malé International Airport, or take a 15-minute flight to Dharavandhoo Domestic Airport in Baa Atoll followed by a short 10-minute speedboat ride to Amilla. According to the UN by the end of this century the Maldives will dissapear, so make sure you enjoy it.

Sleeps: 8-13, Price: £19,750 pw

Sleeps: 8-12, Price: P.O.A

Sleeps: 30+, Price: £9,865 pw

ULTRAVILLA.COM The finest selection of luxury villas from around the world

Roaring Pavilion & Spa On The Beach Jamaica The Roaring Pavilion & Spa is a world-class private villa. It is highly regarded for its exquisite design, excellent staff and service, private beach, wave runners, and French-trained chef. An in-house full spa is also included. Treat yourself to holistic cleansing, oxygen and anti-aging treatments and a steam room. What to see: Greenwood Great House, the 18th-century entertainment home for the Barretts of Wimpole Street and now the finest antique museum in the Caribbean. See also Noel Coward’s Jamaican home, Firefly, in Port Maria with one of the world’s most magnificent views. Sleeps 8-13, Price £29,595 pw

Cinnagon Private Island Caribbean Spanning 80 acres, with six beaches, it consists of the main house and two residences which sleep over 40 guests. There is full staff on hand, and you will find three boats available for use. There’s plenty to explore on the island too, with water toys, a professional gym and pilates room, a jacuzzi, a billiard room, a floodlit tennis court, a huge home cinema and a Yamaha Grand Piano. There is also a full programme of excellent children’s activities. A tour of Grenada is a must. Port St George in Grenada is an enchanting little town, with 18th-century architecture and a fabulous market. Sleeps 40, Price £50,000 pw


Chalet Truffe Blanche Swiss Alps

Chalet N Austrian Alps

Chalet Marco Polo French Alps

A truly exceptional alpine residence, Chalet Truffe Blanche is a vision of grandeur and elegance. Formerly known as the Chalet L Raphael, it occupies one of Verbier’s most exclusive addresses. This uber luxurious chalet will not fail to disappoint. Adorned with specially selected Italian silks, rich textures and 17th century inspired furnishings, attention to detail is at its finest. This tremendous chalet spreads over 3,000 m² and sleeps 18 people in 7 suites and 2 superior bedrooms, all with en-suite facilities. Each room is symbolic of the owner’s unique style; perfectly combining classic decoration with a modern design.

Chalet N sets the benchmark for true Alpine over-indulgence. Undoubtedly one of the most impressive properties in the ski chalet rental market worldwide, it is a vast chalet that manages to keep its understated homely ambience, whilst being utterly opulent. Chalet N combines the pure nature of the Arlberg with exceptional luxury, ensuring every visit is unique. Traditional building materials from the region and locally made soft furnishings have been combined with cutting edge technology to create a distinctive environment set amidst stunning, un spoilt mountain views. Book early to avoid dissapointment.

Marco Polo has been voted the best ski chalet in France for the last two years at the World Ski Awards. Situated in the heart of Val d’Isère, yet set back from the main road, the chalet gives you complete privacy, yet easy access to the centre of the high altitude resort. A true masterpiece of style, the Marco Polo has combined contemporary and traditional materials to create a chalet like no other. Bringing you 1,000m² of Alpine chic. The living area is expansive with a large open plan living and dining area all set around a central fireplace with a bar that is perfect for pre-dinner cocktails. Nothing compares to fresh mountain air.

Sleeps: 16 - 20, Price: £42,750 pw

Sleeps: 20 - 30, Price: £42,750 pw

Sleeps: 8-12, Price: £42,750 pw

Chalet Edelweiss Courchevel Chalet Edelweiss – truly ski in, ski out – is one of the most exclusive and sought after chalets in Courchevel. Its eight bedrooms, each with private bathrooms, are furnished to the highest quality with the latest furnishings and fittings, both with two master suites of 100m². The spa floor has a state of the art gym, a double massage room and a pool area that rivals none. The private nightclub and bar area offers the ultimate entertainment space, and the profoundly elegant lounge and dining areas provide unexpected charm, as Edelweiss has been built in a traditional and sympathetic style. There is a 50m² ski room opening directly onto the Bellecote piste. A car lift provides access to an underground garage and another lift gives access to all levels, in addition to a magnificent spiral stairway. There is a separate staff lift; stairway and entrance ensuring complete privacy. Sleeps 16-20, Price: £42,750 pw

Binder’s Hood Park Chalet Aspen Newly remodeled and outfitted, this stylish ski house enjoys 4 acres of land and absolute privacy. This is a house that can be enjoyed all year round, with the snowfall in the winter and beautiful sunny days in the summer. After skiing you can soak in the hot tub or relax in the sauna. Rated the #1 ski resort in North America by Condé Nast readers, Telluride Ski Resort is recognised internationally as a premier ski and snowboard destination. Summer brings warmer weather and clear skies, perfect for exploring the pristine hiking and biking trails that start right from the valley floor. With no chain stores in the area, Telluride and Mountain Village offer a unique selection of independent retail shops. Whether admiring window displays or indulging in the latest styles in apparel, home décor, jewellery and more, shopping is a world-class activity in the Telluride region. Sleeps: 12-16, Price £19,750 pw

Solomon Mines 65


MIT Property Consultants is a boutique real estate agency based in Knightsbridge. They provide tailormade solutions ranging from sales to rentals, serviced apartments, developments, property management, off-plan investments and a unique access to off-market properties.


any estate agents, brokers and property developers operate in the highly competitive inner area of London. They utilise market information and data to identify not only the best deals, but also those who can generate long-term growth. MIT Property Consultants specialise in this area and have established long-term partnerships which includes high-net-worth individuals from oil rich Gulf States. This exclusive access and track record delivers an average of seven to ten percent yearly rental yields and competitive sales prices.

MIT Property Consultants founder, Murtaza Haidermota, said: “I personally work with each client on an individual basis to ensure we understand who they are and what their long-term objectives are. We do not employ hundreds of estate agents in multiple locations like some of our competitors. Our approach is more like a Private Members Club. Furthermore we have complete transparency regarding our fee structure, which is between one and two percent on sales and have produced a successful solid track record”. MIT Property Consultants have a wide selection of properties in London, UK and internationally. They manage assets for international clients and provide valuation services, refurbishment, tenant sourcing and assistance with legal and mortgage advice. “Trust, reliability and achieving results is our key motivation” expresses Haidermota. The firm has access to off-plan properties throughout London for investment purposes. Battersea’s Power Station and the Nine Elms project are currently sought after due to the fact that only a 10% deposit is required to secure a unit. Early-bird investors who buy at the earliest phase of planning and construction will sometimes re-sell or ‘flip’ their investment prior to its completion, whilst others however will take a medium to long-term investment view, by holding onto their residential stock purchased off-plan as part of their property portfolio. OFF MARKET PROPERTIES: DISCRETION & CONFIDENTIALITY Official figures show that last year there were on average seven thousand properties sold in London every month. What many investors do not know is that several hundred of these properties are never advertised or marketed, simply because they are sold entirely off market. MIT Property Consultants has a designated ‘login only area’ that provides access to some of these precious assets. MIT Property Consultants have been entrusted over the years by institutions, high-net-worth individuals as well as celebrities in some of London’s most exclusive off -market property transactions. Through their global and national network MIT Property Consultants can provide access to a vast array of off-market properties, discreetly and confidentially.

CONTACT DETAILS: 14 Basil Street, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1AJ Tel: 020 3402 4807 Email: info@mitpc.co.uk www.mitpc.co.uk


SOLOMON MINES | ISRAEL NEWS URI LEVINE is a serial entrepreneur and one of Israel’s most leading technology experts. In 2006 he founded Waze, a location based geographical navigation application programm for smartphones with GPS support and display screens, which provides turn-by-turn information and user-submitted travel times and route details, downloading location-dependent information over mobile networks. Waze won the ‘Best Overall Mobile App Award’ at the 2013 Mobile World Congress, beating Dropbox, Flipboard and others. In 2013, Google completed the acquisition of Waze for a reported £860,000,000. As part of the deal signed, each of Waze’s 100 employees received an average of about £790,000, which represents the largest payout to employees in the history of the Israeli high-tech industry.


OLOMON MINES meets Uri Levine in London as he speaks at a business breakfast at Investec Bank. Levine, wearing a t-shirt and black trainers, is a great public speaker who has clear passion for problems and, more precisely, solving them. Have you always known from a young age that you will become an entrepreneur? I always wanted to develop innovative solutions to help people in their daily lives. However, it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I knew that the technology sector would enable me to do so.

Please tell us about your six new start-ups? All of my start-ups are aiming to help consumers make more educated decisions in their daily lives, both personally and professionally. The next six apps are really exciting for me as they deal with a variety of industries and a variety of problems. From hotels, to car mechanics to hidden financial fees, we don’t always know what our options are. My applications give back power to the consumer. In order to take these applications further into the global market, I am looking to raise £20,000,000 in the next six months. Solomon Mines readers are more than welcome to contact me should they wish to become involved.

What do you think of the Israeli technology sector? I think that Israel is a great base for talent, innovation and technology leadership. Every year our industry produces thousands of life changing inventions that shape global commerce. I anticipate that in the next ten years many changes are going to take place in the world. If you look back ten years ago Facebook had just launched and look at it today. It has completely changed the way the world communicates and shares information and this is just the beginning. We are at the dawn of a new era in human technological evolution, and I anticipate that in the next decade Israeli startups are going to play a major part in shaping the future. What are your top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs? The best tip I can give is that you should concentrate on the problem you aim to solve and not its solution. Ask yourself - how big is the problem and is it worth solving? Think about your consumers and how they are going to benefit. Be passionate about your ideas, work hard, believe in yourself and do not fear failure.


Car Mechanical Faults Analysis and Price Comparison When the ‘check engine light’ flashes in cars many consumers are left to deal with a confusing and stressful problem. With Engie they are able to understand what is wrong with their vehicle, how severe the problem is and also get repair quotes from mechanics local to them. The device connects to your vehicle’s computer and communicates with the Engie app via Bluetooth.

Real Time Air Ticketing Price Monitoring App The global aviation market is known for its extreme volatility in ticket pricing. Consumers do not have access to information about the amount of seats sold, when more seats become available, or when a price change will occur. This information gap creates a belief that prices only increase, when in reality prices continually fluctuate up until the flight takes off.

A Market Place For Gift Cards An app that helps consumers sell their unwanted gift vouchers and store credits to other consumers who are interested in them at a discount. The Zeek marketplace is open to both buyers and sellers and offers a secure platform for voucher transactions.

A Market Place For NonRefundable Hotel Rooms Roomer is doing for hotel rooms what Airbnb did for home owners. According to Levine, there are 81 million hotel room cancellations in the United States alone every year. Roomer tries to solve that problem by letting users sell their unwanted hotel room at a discounted price, which would otherwise have cost them a cancellation fee.

Public Transport Live Information App Moovit makes it easier to use local public transport by integrating stops and stations, routes, line timetables and real-time information for all transport types. Moovit partner with transportation operators, agencies and local councils around the world to make it easier for passengers to access the information they need to get where they are going.

Reduction in Financial Fees App Nearly all investments - including those in IRA, 401(k), 403(b), 457 and brokerage accounts - have fees. FeeX is a free service that finds these fees and helps you reduce them. FeeX’s mission is to make sure you keep as much of your own money as possible, instead of losing it to excessive fees.

“ When Google bought Waze for £860,000,000 it became the beacon of Israel’s technology sector. I currently work on 2-3 new startups per year which solve consumer’s problems” Uri Levine


INTRODUCING ISRAEL’S LARGEST PRESIDENTIAL HOTEL SUITE Based at Alexander Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv, the Presidential Suite, also known as the Diamond Suite, is Israel’s largest hotel room. Measuring over 6,000 ft2 (including 2,500 ft2 of sun decks) the penthouse offers 360° beachfront panoramic views, a private pool, butler service, private chef, multilingual nanny service, a private swimming pool, two jacuzzis, sauna and a steam room. SOLOMON MINES is given an exclusive tour of the property.


Millions of pounds have been invested in The Alexander hotel since 2010. The transformation of the hotel brings a new kind of boutique residency into the city of Tel Aviv. The British entrepreneurs adopted international luxury hotel standards to achieve a timeless and fresh looking complex and has been designed by Mishel Harush. In total, 68 suites are offered, ranging from the Junior to Executive two bedroom Suite and the pinnacle: Alexander Diamond Suite . Providing unobstructed direct views to the beach and city, the Diamond Suite has a complete white decorated interior. This clean and sophisticated design enables guests to completely immerse themselves in luxury, whilst observing the blue Mediterranean Sea stretching to the horizon. The sundecks offer a great viewing platform of the shoreline of Tel Aviv and the magnificentsunrise and sunset is a joy to behold. The most attractive feature of the Suite is its large and modern lounge with its long white leather sofas, a dining table and designer floor lamp. It is a great space both for entertaining or working.

The master bedroom has large windows which allows an abundance of natural light, with every detail having been careful considered. The hotel uses the finest materials to create a totally international luxury experience in the heart of Tel Aviv, including Egyptian Cotton bed linen, Italian marble, padded leather walls and silk pillows. What is the customer service philosophy of the Hotel? Mazi Revach, General Manager: “Whether you want to change the lighting according to your mood, hold a cocktail party for 50 people, keep the swimming pool at a certain temperature or even move things around, we can accommodate you. Our philosophy is that guests are our utmost priority. We believe that providing first-class customer service is the most important aspect. It is this that makes our guests stay just that bit more special, making them want to return again and again. At The Alexander, there is no such thing as a ‘no’. Our staff are willing to go out of their way to answer all requests. Prior to arrival, the nationality of guests is checked in order to provide the most fitting accommodation and personalised service. Our 68 beautifully designed suites offer the height of luxury and our attention to detail is combined with a warm, friendly, courteous and professional service. Every guest receives a VIP Welcome Package which includes: A bottle of Grey Goose Vodka, Gordon’s Gin, Black Label Whisky, red and white wine a healthy fruit platter, cheese platter, a large selection of chocolates, mineral waters and carbonated drinks. The Presidential suite is booked for 70% of the year. The price per night is £2,960 for double occupancy. When reserving the suite for a week, a 7% discount is applied and when reserving the suite for a month, a 15% discount is applied. The longest period it has been booked for was three months.

THE ALEXANDER SPA: The Alexander invites guests to sample a sensational new spa experience that honours a quintessential Japanese culture and hospitality. Using materials originating from the land of the rising sun, they provide traditional methods combined with advanced technologies to instill balance, tranquility, peace and harmony through a selection of massages and beauty treatments including: shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, hot stones and facial treatments. CIELA ROOFTOP LOUNGE: Located on the seventh floor, Ciela Lounge is one of the trendiest places to dine in Tel Aviv, offering a wide array of fine dishes and a carefully chosen wine list. For breakfast they serve an outstanding full Israeli breakfast which includes individual personal dishes, an abundance of fresh vegetables for those who want to make their own salad and quality farm cheeses from all over the world. You can also choose from a wide range of healthy dishes such as yoghurt, date honey, honey, granola, selected cereals and dried fruits. It is also a great location to host private parties, corporate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvah for up to 120 people. What strikes me most on my tour of the hotel, was the high attention to detail; the scent, the ambience and the lighting. They all resembled upscale luxury hotels in London, Miami or New York. There are many hotel in Tel Aviv, but I personally find them a bit dated, overcrowded and repetitive. The Alexander Bar for example is one of the nicest I have seen; the combination of black marble and mirrors is stunning. If you are looking for a unique and different Tel Aviv experience and wish to enjoy stylish and modern accommodation, then Alexander Boutique Hotel is a great choice. For booking please visit: The Alexander Hotel, Havakuk Hanavi Street, Tel Aviv. Telephone: +972 (3) 545 2300 Email: hotel@alexander.co.il www.alexander.co.il



Real Estate


A family owned agency with over thirty years experience in Israel’s luxury real estate market. We specialise in prestigious properties located in Herzliya Pituach, Herzliya Marina, Kfar Shmaryaau and Rishpon.

With access to over five hundred strategic assets, we provide international clients with an unrivalled professional service including: sales, rents, vacation

rentals, property management and investment.

We understand the local market’s changing conditions and regulatory procedures, collaborating with Israel’s top leading property experts, including: Valuers, Solicitors, Tax Specialists and Lenders.

Our assets range from studio apartments, beachfront penthouses and up to 10 bedroom villas.

T: +972 (0) 5 444 21 444 | T: +972 (0) 5 447 88 444 E: info@aayafit.com | www.herzliya-marina.com | www.villa-pituach.com 72


Directory AVIATION:



London Executive Aviation

The Julian Family

Little Emperors

A leading private aviation firm providing access to over 250 jets worldwide. LEA provides first-class services to business travellers, jets owners and companies. Flylea.com

A jeweller of high repute with luxury boutiques in Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Courchevel with a prestigious name linked to the dazzling legend of the French Riviera. Bijouterie-julian.com

Little Emperors & Co. is an invitationonly luxury privilege card, offering unprecedented rates and perks for our chosen members across all areas of their lives. Littleemperors.com

Signature Flight Support

David Morris


Signature is one of the worlds leading private fixed-based operators (FBO). They offer access to 130 FBO’s worldwide and services for private jet travellers. Signatureflight.com

For over five decades, royalty and international collectors have composed the clientele of this esteemed British jewellery brand founded by David Morris. Davidmorris.com

BANKING & FINANCE: Edmond de Rothschild S.A Private banking in Switzerland provided by the world’s oldest financial establishment family. They offer over 300 years of wealth management expertise. Edmond-de-rothschild.ch

Oracle Family Office An independent multi-family office, dedicated to providing services to high-net-worth individuals and their families. One of the largest family offices in the world. Orcap.co.uk

Ion Hedge Fund A Cayman domiciled fund manager focusing on Ion Israel Fund that offers long and short equity investments in publicly traded Israeli companies, and commodities. Ion-am.com

St James’s Place Wealth Management A FTSE 100 company with £54.5bn of client funds under management. SJP offer wealth management advice to individuals, trustees and businesses. Sjp.co.uk

Parabellum Markets Led by Nathan Halfon, the ECN eFX brokerage boutique provides FX Spot Multiple Counterparties, Liquidity Management, Trading Platforms, API FIX and STP. Parabellummarkets.com


Damiani Jewellery An Italian jewellery group compromising of Salvini, Alfieri & St. John, Bliss, Calderoni and Rocca brand with 32 direct and 50 franchised points of sale in around the world. Damiani.com

Buccelatti A fine jewellery and watch company formed by merger of Mario Buccellati and Gianmaria Buccellati, two renowned Italian master goldsmiths. Buccelatti.com

Gaydamak Unique jewellery created by Katia & Sonia Gaydamak available by appointment in Russia, France, UK, USA, Israel, Hong Kong and Austria. Gaydamakjewellery.com

CAR & YACHT Azimut Setting standards for new and used luxury craft for sale. The Italian ingenuity and painstaking attention to detail ensures cruising with Azimut is unforgettable. Azimutyachts.com

XDC Miami A premier exotic and luxury car rental agency. Fleet includes Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Maserati and Lamborghini. Prices start from £250pd. Xotidreamcars.com

Huntsman provides a team of experienced cutters, tailors, finishers and pressers that hand-cut and handtailor clothing in-house ensuring the highest standards. H-huntsman.com


Launched by co-founders Aaron Simpson, Ben Elliot and Paul Drummond, quintessentially fulfills two million requests across sixty offices every year. Quintessentially.com

Foster + Partners British international studio for architecture and integrated design with headquarters in London is led by Founder, Norman Foster. Fosterandpartners.com

Mike Raven Graphic Design Responsible for Solomon Mines, design and production, Mike provides quality services to private and commercial clients, also via online video conference. Taylew.co.uk

Wanderlust Fashion Personal shopping and styling services provided by fashion duo, Emily Bache and Abigail Breslin. Clients include pop stars, doctors, CEO, politicians and actors. Thewanderlustgirls.com

Lugermad Photography A specialist media agency run by Ricardo Gay Luger providing quality photography services for events, products and private commissions. Lugermad.com

Lebeau-Courally Based in Brussels, the company has been creating made-to-measure hunting rifles since 1865. Today they produce quality watches of supreme quality. Lebeau-courally.com

Directory Debbie Schogger A highly experienced London-based boutique agency providing complete PR management solutions to a variety of leading brands around the world. Dpublicrelations.co.uk

Fine Art Commission Specialising in bespoke portrait commissions from Europe’s leading artists for over 18 years, they guide clients until the perfect portrait is created. Fineartcommissions.com

ESTATE AGENTS: The Alexander Team Led by power brokers Oren & Tal Alexander the real firm represents prime properties of up to £65m in NY, Aspen, Hamptons, Miami and Tel-Aviv. Thealexanderteam.com

MIT Property Consultants A boutique agency providing bespoke solutions ranging from sales to rentals, serviced apartments, developments, off-plan investments and off-market properties. Mitpc.co.uk

John Taylor Since 1864, the agency has been providing sales, rentals and luxury real estate management in Monaco. They offer prime penthouses and villas with magnificent views. John-taylor.com

GALLERY & AUCTIONS: Walton Fine Arts A Contemporary, Pop and StreetArt gallery offering original works by renowned artists such as: Picasso, Warhol, Bacon, Hirst, Banksy and Wesselmann. Waltonfinearts.com

Tiroche Auction House Founded in 1992 by Micky Tiroche and Dov Hazan, the auction house specialises in fine and decorative arts. Four times per year Tiroche hosts the finest auctions in Israel. Tiroche.com



Dr Leonard M. Hochstein

Baker & McKenzie

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr Hochstein procedures are known throughout the world to achieve remarkable results. Lhochsteinmd.com

A top legal law firm operating since 1963, serving some of the world's largest multinational companies. Wellpositioned to assist HNW’s in over 80 countries. Bakermckenzie.com

Tara Stiles Yoga

Price Bailey

The Guru of modern yoga, Tara is an American model turned yoga instructor and founder of Strala Yoga and employs 1,000 instructors in 15 countries. Tarastiles.com

Gabrielle Berstein A positive phycology and motivational speaker who has written several books in the field of mindfulness, happiness and generosity. Gabbyb.tv

Ellie Krieger A leading nutritionist who helps people from all over the world reach a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She hosts US Food Network show ‘Healthy Appetite’. Elliekrieger.com

HOTELS: The May Fair Set in sophisticated Green Park just meters away from Berkeley Square, Novikov and Arts Club, the May Fair Hotel is ‘must’ visit in London. Themayfairhotel.co.uk

Hotel D’Angleterre Set on the banks of Geneva's Lake Leman and famed for excellent service and meticulous attention to detail, guests are welcomed like family friends. Dangleterrehotel.com

Bulgari The acclaimed luxury brand has hotels and restaurants in London Milan, Bali and Tokyo. By 2017 they will expand to Shanghai, Beijing and Dubai. Bulgarihotels.com

Since 1938 Price Bailey has been offering comprehensive financial planning, tax advice and wealth management by personal specialists under one roof. Pricebailey.co.uk

Lark Whether it’s a suit or your dream home, everything is much better when its tailored. Since 1948 Lark has been applying the same theory to insurance. Larkinsurance.co.uk

RESTAURANTS: Le Bernardi One of only six restaurants in New York awarded three Michelin stars and the only restaurant which has held four stars from the New York Times (since 1986). Le-bernadin.com

Gaggan Bangkok Named the best restaurant in Asia, Gaggan serves progressive Indian haute cuisine. The dishes offer traditional and modern flavours from the subcontinent. Eatatgaggan.com

Steirereck A fine dining Austrian restaurant nestled in the scenic Stad Park. Based on traditional Viennese dishes, the hospitality, décor and staff are outstanding. Steirereck

El Celler de Can Roca Based in Catalonia and holding three Michelin Stars, the Roca has been named best restaurant in the world for six consecutive years by Restaurant Magazine. Cellercanroca.com





Profile for Solomon Mines Luxury Jewish Magazine

Solomon Mines Luxury Jewish Magazine January - April 2016  

Solomon Mines is a luxury Jewish Magazine, it is the only publication worldwide to specifically cater for a high-net-worth Jewish readership...

Solomon Mines Luxury Jewish Magazine January - April 2016  

Solomon Mines is a luxury Jewish Magazine, it is the only publication worldwide to specifically cater for a high-net-worth Jewish readership...

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