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NEW PROPERTY INVESTMENT MODEL LAUNCHED COGRESS COMPANY REVIEW BY DAVID MILLER COGRESS, the specialist property investment company celebrates one year of prosperous operations in the UK. The company has over 1,000 potential investors with 16 projects since launch; with a gross development value of over £200m. Its sister-company Keren Hagshama in Israel has completed via the same ‘shared equity’ business model, 150 projects worldwide with a value of £800m. Real estate has always been a lucrative business. However, it has been a business that requires high capital for entry. Cogress, is changing the rules of the game by providing equity shares in residential and commercial projects with investment units starting from £20,000. The Financial Times reported earlier this year that Cogress’s investors enjoy an average of 20% return. We spoke to Tal Orly CEO about the company strategy within the UK. How is Cogress’s business model different than other property investment vehicles? Cogress provides investors with access to exclusive property investment opportunities in prime London locations. Once you register with us you can receive details each time we launch a new investment opportunity. The model involves an equity share in the development and therefore provides returns as a proportion of the profits on exit. Our property experts carefully vet the credentials of the developers (frequently having worked with them before) and run a lengthy feasibility study on the specific opportunity, typically selecting less than 10% of the deals. We offer complete transparency on the deals; from developer, due diligence, business plans, legal documents, planning as well as frequently touring the sites and introducing our investors to our developers. Ultimately we provide investors with the opportunity to enjoy rewards of property developments for a minimum investment.

Which professional organisations regulate your activities and where are investments kept? Cogress is an appointed representative of Resolution Compliance Ltd., which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All of our investors’ capital is kept in a third party account that only the developer can access. We offer a complete business plan that illustrates key expense, projected profits and exit timelines that range between 18-36 months. What is your vision for the company? We aim to give a variety of people the opportunity to be part of the property development sector who would otherwise be unable to enter due to the cost of entry. Having been in the UK for only 1 year, we have experienced high demand with over 1,000 potential investors joining us. We anticipate interests to continually grow and therefore plan to open another office in central Europe by next year, as well as a US office currently opening. Our UK Gross Development Value (GDA) is more than £200m and we hope to more than double it within 12 months. Cogress has a reputable Advisory Board that carefully vets each project with due diligence to ensure complete satisfaction for all parties. Their Board includes Lord Mendelsohn, Stuart Polak CBE, Hannan Shemesh Co Founder & Chairman and Avi Katz President and Co Founder. Katz is one of Israel’s best known entrepreneurs having created the Cofix coffee chain and the Blue Square.

Tal Orly, CEO Cogress.


Cogress’s model is an innovative idea that enables investors to participate in the market without risking too much capital. With so many options to invest in nowadays, investors are looking for transparency, high ROI and confidence. Cogress might offer just that.

Solomon Mines Luxury Jewish Magazine August - December 2015  
Solomon Mines Luxury Jewish Magazine August - December 2015  

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