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WONDERLAND A little book to celebrate you on your birthday From Tommy


nce upon a time

A beautiful baby girl was born She was a special little girl, with many talents A great big sister And she even became a newsreader at age 14...

Hanging with Andrew and Aaron


ut she wanted an adventure

So she went to a faraway land Full of strange people with odd ways and words She fitted in straight away


he made many new friends

And learned many new t hings Including how to pull a proper pint How to take care of a rabbit And how to understand Europeans Especially a particular Irishman

Relaxing in Vieux Lyon, 2001

L’Antidote – our old training ground!


hey had a lot in common

They loved David Sedaris They liked hanging out in the park And kicking paint along the street It went far beyond Lyon

The two of us in Paris, 2002

The lovely card you sent after my Paris visit, 2002 Beardy!


he years passed by

They both got older and wiser Life kept on motoring on But the link stayed strong Across two continents and a decade 2001, 2002, 2008, 2009, 2011...

You made me more Irish than I ever thought I could be!

Smiling through the cold Chicago, 2008


he met her prince

An excellent chap It turned out he and the Irishman Had a lot in common too! The Irishman was delighted when they wed (and sorry to have missed it)

Cliffs of Moher September 2009

Once again(!) smiling through bad weather


he last visit

Was such a great trip Halloween, moustaches and mullets Pretending to be pilots The Cardinals win and balloon hats And finally meeting Mary Alice

Looking good! Halloween 2011

Seriously, EVERYONE looks good in a balloon hat

A meeting, finally, after 10 years of hearing you sing her praises!

For once, we’re smiling in the sun!


ince then

You’ve embarked adventures




A great new job New countries Most important of all, the arrival of Mr Johnny Tsacoumangos!

The only thing that could make this kid cuter is... a balloon hat!


nd so

Today I just want to celebrate you An irreplaceable friend And my favourite St. Louisan of all time! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI!! Lots of love, Tommy

Ali birthday book 2014