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Most Popular CMS and Blogging System in the World 3 months ago

Whether you are planning to have a website for your business profile or selling a product, we have to decide that we need a website with CMS (content management system) or just a static HTML one. Actually, it depends on the start-up budget for the website setup. Using the CMS, you will be able to manage the website content and media yourself without any supervision of any web design company. Having a CMS website can be a one time investment because after that you will be able to do it yourself. You might need to learn some of complex CMS systems but if you plan to use WordPress then don’t worry about any technical aspects because it is the world’s easiest CMS to use. WordPress is FREE and open source blogging software made in PHP and MYSQL. According to the WordPress Wikipedia, It is used by more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013. Initially it was released on May 27.2003. Features of WordPress We should not call WordPress just a CMS while we should call it completely content and SEO package for your personal website for free of cost lifetime. Numerous features of the WordPress will not only help you to manage the content and images on the website but also help you to

track the whole online activity of the website including traffic coming towards the website and the number of visitors on a daily basis with respect to each page of the website. Plugin’s are the most useful feature of the WP CMS, using the plugin, you should be able to add any new functions on the website and there are thousands of different plugin’s in the market that can fulfil your business website requirements straight away. You might need a 1 hour training to know how to play with the plugin’s or if you don’t have time then you might hire an expert website design company who can do it for you on affordable prices, never go for cheap because most of the time you get what you pay for.

Widgets are another module of the WP CMS, where you should be able to drag and drop the website segments according to your needs. It is highly recommended that do not play with the widgets unless you have been trained for that OR you might hire a good WP developer to do it for you quickly.

Another great feature to mention is, tagging to the posts and articles with your relevant business keywords that really help website to come up with those key phrases on the google and other major search engines. Future of the WordPress CMS At the start of the launch, WP had some security and spamming issues but everything has been fixed as they suggested to up to date with the latest version of the WP. More development and research undergoing and hoping for the bright future of this potential CMS.


Most popular cms and blogging system in the world  
Most popular cms and blogging system in the world