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Dive with the Cayman Masters!










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fascinating way possible. Diving to spectacular shipwrecks is another way to enjoy the delightful artificial reefs and the myriad types of marine life that have made it their home.

And if you happen to be holidaying in the magnificent Cayman Islands, you can delight in not just the reefs and shipwrecks but also other enthralling features like dramatic walls and stunning drop-offs, that too very close to the shore. And if this is not adventurous enough, feed your aquatic soul with the world famous Stingray City diving experience! Stingray City is an alluring underwater destination where you can easily

find at least 30 to 50 stingrays in just 12 feet of water. And it’s not just about seeing either – you can actually pet, hold, interact with and even feed the rays in water as shallow as 3 feet!

And when it comes to the most enjoyable yet safe diving and snorkeling Cayman experience, it cannot get better than the Cayman Marine Lab. This diving operator not only provides the best small eco-diving experience in the Cayman Islands, but is also the only marine eco-tourism operation in the entire Caribbean run by a ‘real’ marine biologist. Indeed, Cayman Marine Lab director, Dr. Tom Byrnes - holds a PhD in Marine Biology and has 27 years of local experience of diving in Grand Cayman to boot. Therefore, he is truly a dive master par excellence who knows the local waters like the back of his hand and can plan the best dives in keeping with the current weather conditions.

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perspective and look at the charming underwater beauty from a different angle. In fact, most customers rave that if there’s anything that they enjoy more than the dive itself, then it’s the mini lessons that he keeps giving in between the dives!

Tom Byrnes happens to be Cayman's renowned North Wall adventure diving expert and therefore you can dive with him to the premier Cayman wall dive sites as well as the lesser known and even hardly dived areas on the North and of course the West and South too. Apart from this, you can do Stingray City diving with Tom – they will carry squid meat on the boat which you get to feed the stingrays by your own hand! What’s more, a free boat trip is included with all dives! Else, you can choose to go snorkeling Cayman as well.

Another highlight is that Cayman Marine Lab specializes in small groups of 2 to not more than 10 divers on each trip. This ensures that each of you will enjoy the most personalized experience even as you speed towards some of the least dived spots in Grand Cayman!

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Contact Us : Tom Byrnes Cayman Marine Lab Grand Cayman, P.O. Box 30548,KY11203,Cayman Islands E-mail: Phone:- 345 9160849 Website:

Stingray city diving  
Stingray city diving  

Cayman Marine Lab renowned North Wall adventure diving expert.They provides the best small eco-diving experience in the Cayman Islands.