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Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to you in regards of my local night bus service the N213 formerly between Croydon and Sutton that has been withdrawn from service since the 4th of July. This vital local night bus service has cost local people a huge amount of money in costs associated with the fact that there is no other viable means of transport at this time of night in the area affected. As such many night workers who work in Croydon or Sutton have had to seek out other forms of transport which have undoubtedly cost more money which in the current recession has hit hard, with some people having to seek other employment due to this cancellation of service. Another problem associated with the cancellation of the N213 has been on the Night time revelers in both Croydon and Sutton who bring a lot of the revenue into both towns. These people have been deterred from bringing their cash to the many nightclubs and bars in both towns as the transport links to and from the two have become non-existent, obviously this has lead to a loss in business and compounded the larger problem of the current recession. The possibly largest problem caused by the cancellation of the service is the safety of young and old people alike who have had to find other ways to work or home late at night, sometimes over Ice covered pavements as was the case this winter, making walking a near impossibility. Also the chances of taking an illegal minicab home have been made all the more prominent by the closure of the N213. After many protests and emails of complaints to many sources we have yet to receive any definitive answer on what is to be done about the situation. If you would be so kind as to explain your position on the situation I would be most grateful. Yours Sincerely, Former N213 passenger

N213 Campaign Letter  

Please put your name to this letter and forward it to Boris Johnson by email or in the post to show your support for the important N213 Nigh...

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