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Futility Final body of work for my 3rd year exhibition Artist Statement Have you ever planned your week on a day-to-day basis? Or followed the same routine repetitively? Futility uses Zombies to represent a disconnection from the world of contemporary living and the hamster wheel of a consumerist society, symbolising how we are all trapped in a cycle of repetition. The everyday world is a mind numbing, soul-destroying place that we all live in, doing the same small things that we feel are big parts of the world when in retrospect they are not.

Global Gathering 2013 Selection of images from the weekend

Art and Design Foundation Degree Final Project

“Every Building On The Sunset Strip” by Edward Ruscha was a great inspiration on producing my final ideas. I began to research events that were affecting the world, the people around me and myself. The most relevant fact that affected me was the huge rise in petrol prices. I began to research the look of a petrol station, I came to the conclusion that they stand out from everything else at night, and how the colours of each station resembles the company that owns them. But I wanted to put a message across in my work to show that behind the lights and the strange beauty of a petrol station at night, that we don’t see what happens when something goes wrong and how we complain about the rise in petrol but how much more it harms our environment when there’s a disaster. After looking at petrol stations I began to take my own photos of petrol stations at night, to create a panoramic image. I chose each petrol station based on the brightness and colour. I wanted to create and ambient feel to the image. I did this by using the lights from the cars to make lines of light to link each photo together. I chose to show the lights instead of the cars to get away from the idea of loads of cars queuing to wait for petrol, to keep the calm atmosphere. After realising how the price in petrol affects everyone, I chose to take the layout of different companies receipts and use information of the worst oil spills to date and fill them with true price costing and co-ordinates of each location of where it happened. I made them look authentic by printing them on paper that made them seem to be a real receipt. All the logos I used were based on which company owned the oilrigs at the time of the spill. I then went on to look at how each oil spill affected the environment and wildlife in the area. I created individual simple designs to go on the back of each receipt that resembled what animals got harmed. I used the colour scheme from the branded logos to keep it consistent and professional.

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