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Theatre Royal Bath and Engage present:

SHAKESPEARE Unplugged Sat 11 Feb – Sun 4 Mar 2012 DATE



The Tempest, Storytelling 11.30am and 3pm, p3

Judgement of Macbeth 7pm, p4


MUCH ADO t’DO 11am – 4pm FREE!, p2

Judgement of Macbeth 5pm, p4


Shakin’ UP SHAKESPEARE 10am – 12pm, p22

SUPER sonic Sonnets 1pm – 4pm, p22

Judgement of Macbeth 7pm, p4 Engage shakespeare Masterclass 6pm–9pm, p22 Kemp’s jig 8pm, p6


Trapeze Workshops 9.30am –1pm, p22

Judgement of Macbeth 2.30pm, p4

Kemp’s jig 8pm, p6


Shakespeare’s Bit on the Side 7.45pm, p18


Shakespeare’s Bit on the Side 7.45pm, p18


MC’ing MASTERCLASS 4 – 7pm, p22

Two Noble Kinsmen 7.45pm, p8


Shakeskids 11.30am and 3pm, p3

Two Noble Kinsmen 7.45pm, p8


Supper 5.30pm, p9

The Tempest 7pm & 8.45pm, p9

The History Cycle 7pm and 8.45pm, p9

The Rape of Lucrece 8pm, p7


Coriolanus 7.45pm, p11

twelth Night 8pm, p10


twelth Night 1.30pm and 8pm, p10

After the Storm 7.45pm, p11


MIDNIGHT AT THE Boar’s Head 7pm, p12

Venus and Adonis and Silly Songs OF SHAKESPEARE double bill 8pm, p12–13


Jackanory Live – The Tempest 11am, p11

BOAR’s Head and Silly Songs double bill 8pm, p12–13


The Incubator 11am – 8pm, p14

Silly Songs OF SHAKESPEARE 9.30pm, p12


Richard III 2.30pm and 7.45pm, p16


Richard III 2.30pm and 7.45pm, p16


Shakeathon 7pm, p21


Shakeathon 7pm, p21


Shakeathon 7pm, p21


Shakeathon 7pm, p21


Shakespeare’s Bit on the Side 7.45pm, p18


Boxed Romeo and Juliet 11.30am and 3pm, p21

Sun 4 Mar

MACHAMLEAR Omnibus Edition – 2pm, p20

Shakespeare’s Bit on the Side 7.45pm, p18


Sat 11 Feb – Sun 4 Mar 2012



fresh trapeze. soap opera. murder.

poison. judgement. love.

ideas magic. war. songs. funny stuff

Box Office 01225 448844

Sat 11 Feb – Sun 4 Mar the egg and Ustinov Studio

4 weeks 52 performances 9 commissions 1 co–production 450 young performers 45 Engage adult performers This year’s Shakespeare Unplugged has a distinctly locally–sourced feel to it. Alongside some highlights from around the country, this festival is an incubator for Old Plays – Fresh Ideas. Journey through Macbeth, The Tempest, Coriolanus, all of The Kings, Romeo and Juliet, Two Noble Kinsmen, The Winter’s Tale, Twelfth Night, The Rape of Lucrece, Venus and Adonis and probably a whole lot more. Shakespeare Unplugged is brought to you by the Theatre Royal Bath and the Engage Programme. Engage is funded entirely thanks to the Trustees of the Estate of Margot Boyd.

You are cordially invited to


Free Family Open Day, Sun 12 Feb 11am – 4pm, the egg

Old Plays – Fresh Ideas

Saturday Shows for the family

Age: 5+

Sat 11 Feb

Catherine Mallorie presents

Age: 5+

Age: 10+

Sat 18 Feb

Sat 3 Mar

Chris Harris presents

Box Clever presents

the eyes of Shakespeare’s clown, Will Kemp, brought to you by much–loved panto dame and Shakespeare expert Chris Harris.

An Imaginative and sensitive interpretation of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy – the ultimate teenage love story.

The Tempest Shakes–Kids Boxed Romeo Dive into the magic of An introduction to and Juliet Shakespeare’s The Tempest Shakespeare as seen through with storyteller and actress Catherine Mallorie, in a dramatised storytelling of this entrancing play. Time: 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £6 Venue: the egg

Time: 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £6 Venue: the egg

“The students were enthralled and captivated by the stunning quality of acting and the relevant modernization”  Head of English, Christchurch School, Ashford Time: 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7/£5.50 Venue: the egg


Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844


Sat 11 Feb – Sun 4 Mar

Old Plays – Fresh Ideas

Sat 11 – Tues 14 Feb

In a unique collaboration between Theatre Royal Bath and Cirque Bijou, Shakespeare Unplugged is proud to present


When trapeze artists are suspended from the ceiling of the egg, they are, like the Macbeths, stuck in limbo. They are left with only the big, black birds as their judge and their passionate love for one another as their lasting redemption. This thrilling piece will use actors, circus performers and multi–media techniques to take a deeper look into the psyches of Mr and Mrs Macbeth.

Photo: Howie Bailey

Photo: Andrea Martinez


Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Sat and Mon 7pm Sun 5pm Tues 2.30pm Venue: the egg Tickets: £7/£5.50 Stalls – Promenade Tickets Balcony – Seated Tickets (This is a work–in–progress) Not suitable for children under 10 Tues 2.30pm post Show Discussion


Sat 11 Feb – Sun 4 Mar

Wed 15 Feb

Mon 13 – Tues 14 Feb

Chris Harris presents

Gerard Logan presents

Kemp’s Jig Will Kemp, a purveyor of “mad jests and merry jigs”, was a famous Elizabethan actor and a shareholder with Shakespeare in the company of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. It is probable that many of the Bard’s comic roles were written with him in mind, and it was Kemp who brought to life Touchstone, Dogberry and Launcelot Gobbo for the first time.

The Rape of Lucrece “A wonderfully sustained piece of clowning and story–telling” The Times Time: 8pm Tickets: £10/£8 Venue: Ustinov Studio Not suitable for children under 14

This is the true story of Kemp’s morris dance from London to Norwich, a distance of 125 miles, in nine days. A remarkable feat, worthy of the Guinness Book of Records.

Following a triumphant run at the 2011 Edinburgh Festival where he won The Stage’s coveted Best Solo Show award, and sell–out performances nationally and internationally, Olivier Award nominee and RSC actor Gerard Logan brings his astonishing, acclaimed performance of Shakespeare’s brilliant, brutal narrative poem, back to the Theatre Royal.

A single actor, a bare stage – rapist and victim springing to searing life. Time: 8pm Tickets: £10/£8 Venue: Ustinov Studio Not suitable for children under 14

Shakespeare goes beyond the obvious, giving an account of the terrible crime of rape and its aftershock for victim and perpetrator, following the ramifications of the crime wherever they take him, shining a light on a form of behaviour which encompasses both the bestial and the beautiful.

Chris Harris


Old Plays – Fresh Ideas

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844


Sat 11 Feb – Sun 4 Mar

Old Plays – Fresh Ideas

Sun 19 Feb

Shakespeare Unplugged presents

Supper & 2 courses of Shakespeare Fri 17 – Sat 18 Feb

MAST Stage Productions and Just Enough present

Two Noble Kinsmen Shakespeare’s least–known play is brought vividly to life by fusing together live music, period songs and contemporary dance theatre to complement the lyrical beauty of Shakespeare’s poetry and Fletcher’s comic interludes. When two cousins fall in love with the same woman, someone’s bound to lose out. Escaped convicts, Amazonian princesses and May Day revellers gather in a wood near Athens. The stage is set for disguises, unrequited love and the most chivalrous fight–to–the–death between two best friends.


First performed in 1613, Two Noble Kinsmen is a neglected gem and the only Shakespeare play not to be performed as part of the Cultural Olympiad’s World Shakespeare Festival. This production played to sold out houses at the Ustinov Studio and the RSC’s Dell Theatre in August 2011, and returns to Bath prior to London.

“An imaginative production by director John East” Bath Chronicle Time: 7.45pm Tickets: £10/£8 Venue: the egg www.just– Not suitable for children under 11

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

New Old Friends and Roughhouse Theatre presents

Hammerpuzzle presents

The History Cycle

The Tempest

Five English kings are seen through the eyes of the world’s greatest playwright in one dynamic, fun and accessible sixty minute play. The action spans a century and uses the plots of Shakespeare’s eight history plays, fusing original text with contemporary additions.

Hammerpuzzle ‘s playful, irreverent and high energy reimagining of the magical tale interweaves dynamic imagery, live music and choral song in an ensemble storm that casts the audience upon unfamiliar shores.

“Stylish and innovative” Bristol Culture on Roughhouse Theatre “Riotous...left the audience hooting” Venue Magazine on New Old Friends

“Finally! A re–working of one of Shakespeare’s finest texts delivered with conviction and compassion.”  Time: 7pm & 8.45pm

Time: 7pm & 8.45pm Supper is served from 5.30pm in the egg café and includes a baked potato and a choice of three fillings, with coffee and mints at the interval Tickets: Double Bill with Supper: £15 Venue: the egg and Ustinov Studio Double bill without Supper: £10 Single Performance of one of the shows: £7/£5.50 discounts Not suitable for children under 11


Sat 11 Feb – Sun 4 Mar

Old Plays – Fresh Ideas

Age: 14+

Mon 20 Feb

the egg YPT presents

Coriolanus A rehearsed reading of a new adaptation by David Lane

Mon 20 & Tues 21 Feb

The Faction Theatre Company presents

Twelfth Night A visually–inventive and boisterous new production of Shakespeare’s sparkling comedy. The intelligent and resourceful Viola and her twin brother Sebastian are separated during a shipwreck, each believing the other is dead. Disguising herself as a boy to serve in the court of Duke Orsino, Viola is sent on a mission to woo the Countess Olivia on his behalf. But Olivia falls desperately in love with Viola’s alter ego. Meanwhile, Olivia’s puritanical manservant Malvolio becomes the target of an ingenious prank as a wily maid, a clown, and a pair of partying war veterans attempt to disrupt his sense of order.

“The strength of the ensemble... a must see” Evening Standard


Time: evenings 8pm + Tues matinee 1.30pm Tickets: £10/£8 Venue: Ustinov Studio Not suitable for children under 12

The History cycle Special Schools FREE Offer!! On one of these days we are inviting a school audience to come and see an early preview of Shakespeare Unplugged commission, The History Cycle, (see page 9) a romp through the five English kings as recorded by Shakespeare. If you would like to arrange this either in conjunction with a trip to see Twelfth Night or just stand–alone please contact or 01225 823421.

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

A city’s disenfranchised masses protest against their leader in the streets: but the heroic figure who should fight for their rights instead despises them. At a time of intense political change and in the face of a starving populace, those in power choose to honour their own pride rather than acknowledge the weak. Shakespeare’s original play is retold through the eyes of young people today, offering a unique perspective on political power, authoritarianism and social justice from the generation whose stories are yet to be written.

Age: 7+

Age: 3 – 4yrs

Tues 21 Feb

Thurs 23 Feb

the egg YPT presents

Jackanory Live

After the Storm You are invited to explore Prospero’s Island as you take a journey through some of the secret passageways of the egg. You will meet monsters and magicians and hear the words of Shakespeare’s The Tempest brought to life. Follow ship–wrecked sailors and see Prospero’s camp reimagined in this promenade performance.

Catherine Mallorie introduces pre‑schoolers to Shakespeare’s magical isle from The Tempest. Time: 11am Tickets: £3 Venue: Roper Room at the egg

Time: 7.45pm Tickets: £5 Venue: the egg, all of it!

Time: 7.45pm, followed by a Post Show Discussion Tickets: £3 Venue: the egg


Sat 11 Feb – Sun 4 Mar

Wed 22 – Thurs 23 Feb

‘Doing an Edinburgh’

Old Plays – Fresh Ideas

Doing an Edinburgh (doo’ing an ed–in–burr–a) colloq. to behave as though at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, to see as many plays as possible in the shortest time frame available


Our fabulous, award–winning, specially–designed theatre for children and young people can only do all it does thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Just like any charity, we rely on gifts and donations to enable our work to thrive. Fine Chisel presents

Midnight at the Boar’s Head

A Shakespeare Unplugged Commission Join us for an evening of foot–stomping, ale–swilling, folk–fuelled storytelling, with handmade puppets and live music. Fine Chisel Theatre breathes life into an eclectic collection of often–overlooked characters plucked from the Complete Works. Armed with nothing more than a handful of acoustic instruments, this dynamic group of theatre–makers and musicians explores the underside of Shakespeare.

“Every so often the Edinburgh Festival unearths a little gem and this piece sparkles as brightly as any I’ve seen” 

New Old Friends presents

Silly Songs of Shakespeare A Shakespeare Unplugged Commission

An extraordinarily entertaining evening of musical comedy with “the South West’s hottest comedy team” (Somerset Times). Come and have a ball with the world’s first Shakespeare tribute band, and see the plays and other aspects of the Bard’s legend brought to life in song. A riotous entertainment for fans of old Billy and those who love to laugh. New Old Friends formed in 2008 courtesy of the egg’s Young Premiere’s scheme. They have gone on to great success with their anarchic brand of theatre, recently performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and with comedy legend Arthur Smith.

Venus and Adonis

A Shakespeare Unplugged Commission from ben crystal

Venue Magazine

Tickets: Single package £7/£5.50 Double Bill package £10/£8 Not suitable for children under 16 Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Your support makes a huge difference.


Text EGGT12 £5/10 to 70070 and we’ll receive your entire donation straight away.

This is a story of ‘girl seduces boy’. The boy, Adonis, wants to hunt. The girl, Venus, wants to seduce. Venus meets Adonis and so the chase begins. She knows almost immediately he’s the one she has been searching for. This is a story of ‘girl seduces boy’. You should know upfront, this is a love story.

To make a gift by phone, cheque or bank transfer please contact Tom Baughan on 01225 823461 or email

Also appearing as part of the Bath Literature Festival’s Voices in the City event, Friday March 2nd, 7pm Gascoyne Place, Sawclose, and 9pm Milsom Place.

Good Eggs When you can ‘do an Edinburgh’ 7pm

Midnight at the Boar’s Head (single package) in the egg café


Venus and Adonis and Silly Songs of Shakespeare (double bill package) in the Ustinov Studio

Thu 23


Midnight at the Boar’s Head and Silly Songs of Shakespeare - (double bill package) in the Ustinov Studio

Fri 24


Silly Songs of Shakespeare (single package) in Ustinov Studio

Wed 22

“Pure comic genius...fantastically well written songs”


Roughhouse Theatre and TRB Engage present

A big thank you to...

Margaret & Brian Roper MBE, Andrew Fletcher, Leonard Pearcey & Peter Child, John East, Camille Tsu Brooke, Ian & Morny Hay Davison, Caroline & Roland Orzabal, Arts Council England South West, B&NES, Annett Charitable Trust, Black Families Education, Clore Duffield Foundation, Elizabeth & Gordon Bloor Charitable Trust, Enid Linder Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, JJ Trust, Joyce Fletcher Charitable Trust, Medlock Charitable Trust, Pixiella Trust, Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts, Ray Harris Charitable are our champions!


Sat 11 Feb – Sun 4 Mar

Old Plays – Fresh Ideas

Fri 24 Feb

Shakespeare Unplugged presents

THE INCUBATOR Five new commissions for Shakespeare Unplugged in the early stages of development. Some tour–ready, some not. Some for a young audience, some not. All ready for some constructive audience feedback.

Performance Section 1

Performance Section 2

Performance Section 3

Emily Taylor Presents

Fine Chisel presents

The egg YPT presents a rehearsed reading of

The Nature of Play Midnight at the (Romeo and Juliet) BOAR’s Head Romeo is in Love with Rosaline. Deeply in love. He feels despair in the yearning of his heart. But wait a minute… suddenly he meets Juliet! This scratch performance will ask: is it possible to make a clowning performance for children about the love between man and woman? An experiment in the observation of play, inspired by the words of Shakespeare, and the acts of children.

A music–fuelled, eclectic collection of oft–overlooked characters plucked from the Complete Works. See Page 12.

Coriolanus A political drama adapted with and for a new generation whose stories are yet to be told. See Page 11. The egg YPT presents

New Old Friends presents

Silly Songs of Shakespeare A frolicsome event with Shakespeare’s tribute band. See Page 12.

New Old Friends and Roughhouse Theatre present

The History Cycle


Choreographed by Charleen Downer A thrilling and climactic dance expedition through the international warfare, epic feuds and bitter betrayals of Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra, featuring fearless beats and mighty choreography. A dance mix not to be missed.

Five Kings in one hour as originally portrayed by Shakespeare. See Page 9.

11am – 1pm 2pm – 4pm 6pm – 8pm


Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Performance Section 1 Performance Section 2 Performance Section 3

Tickets: £12 for the day, £6 for single performace sections Venue: Ustinov Studio


Sat 11 Feb – Sun 4 Mar

Old Plays – Fresh Ideas

Sat 25 and Sun 26 Feb

the egg YPT presents

Richard III

Directed by Heidi Vaughan Designed by Anna Michaels How far will you go to realise and protect your darkest desires? Richard III, Shakespeare’s most evil king – gleefully governs through fear and force. His murderous ambition lands him the throne, but how does he retain the power once there? With more murder and mayhem of course. Despite his nightmarish appearance, Richard has an unnerving capacity to charm. This sociopath knows no bounds! With an arresting soundtrack and urban dance sequences, watch in horror and delight as Richard III is played out in true slasher fashion.

Time: 2.30pm and 7.30pm Tickets: £7/£5.50 Venue: the egg Not suitable for children under 12 Saturday 2.30pm Post Show Discussion Saturday: Pre–show entertainment in the café


Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844


Sat 11 Feb – Sun 4 Mar

Old Plays – Fresh Ideas

Wed 15 and Thurs 16 Feb Fri 2 and Sat 3 Mar

the egg YPT/Creative Learning and Engage present

Shakespeare’s Bit on the Side A smorgasboard of starters, cooked up by the complete range of groups who work with our creative learning department. Bite–sized ideas, developed with professional writers, directors and choreographers become fascinating insights into the contemporary relevance of Shakespeare’s themes.

Schedule Wed 15 FEB

’S e r a e DE I p S s HE e k sha ON T BIT

Dance Groups from the region present fresh new dance takes, inspired by Shakespeare’s work, kick–started by choreographer/ex royal ballet / theatre director Will Tuckett, plus Episode 1 of MacHamlear (see page 20).

Thurs 16 FEB Engage and the egg YPT present It’s All One, a newly commissioned light–hearted demystification of the complexity of Shakespeare’s language by Gill Kirk, plus Episode 2 of MacHamlear (see page 20).

Fri 2 Mar Local schools air their creative talent in a festive evening of Shakespeare Bites plus Episode 3 of MacHamlear (see page 20). Voices in the City presents the fabulous outcomes of the half–term spoken word workshops. egg café, 5pm – 7pm

Sat 3 Mar

the egg YPT presents ‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to tonight’s Shakespeare Cabaret!’ The egg YPT give those favourite death scenes from the Bard their bold treatment. Take some witches here for a cooking spell–off, add some murderers there for a knife–throwing competition, mix with some improvisation. And for Part 2: add a smokin’ scripted remix using Shakespeare’s most exhilarating and sensational characters. What do you get? Shakespeare’s Bit on the Side…Plus Episode 4 of MacHamlear (See page 20).

Time: 7.45pm Tickets: £5 for each event Venue: the egg Not suitable for children under 12


Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844


Sat 11 Feb – Sun 4 Mar

Old Plays – Fresh Ideas

YEARS 6–13

Sun 4 Mar (With single episodes on Wed 15, Thurs 16 FEB, Fri 2 and Sat 3 Mar)

TRB Engage and the egg YPT present


– a soap opera Omnibus Edition If Shakespeare were alive today, would he be writing for the soaps? We tried to imagine what that would be like – and this is the result. Which daughter will Ken Lear hand his pub over to? How will Mac and Beth become managers of a chain of family butchers? Does Hamlet’s open mic night reveal too much about what his Uncle Claude has done?.... MacHamlear is set in contemporary East London and shown over 4 evenings – then rolled into a Sunday afternoon omnibus edition to close the whole festival! Schedule WEDS 15 FEB THUS 16 FEB FRI 2 MAR SAT 3 MAR SUN 4 MAR


7.45pm 7.45pm 7.45pm 7.45pm 2–3.30pm

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Omnibus: Episodes 1–4

Time: 2pm (single episodes 7.45pm on dates shown) Tickets: £7/£5.50 discounts Venue: the egg Not suitable for children under 7

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Boxed Romeo & Juliet IN SCHOOLS Host the brilliant Box Clever Theatre company in your school! They will be touring to schools a limited amount of performances of their new show Boxed Romeo & Juliet for years 9 upwards, (plus a page–to–stage workshop) as well as an exclusive Introduction to Shakespeare for years 6–8– a whistle–stop journey through selected highlights of the Bard and ways into learning and enjoying his work. Available dates during week commencing 5 Mar



Want your students to get involved? Fancy them taking part in showcase performances at the egg? As part of our series of teenage evening cabaret events, Shakespeare’s Bit on the Side, Shakespeare Bites will be a blistering showcase night of 10 minute performances by students unplugging Shakespeare. Whether it’s a GCSE class, individual students or a small group, in the medium of dance, drama or music, sign up now for their chance to take to the egg stage in an evening of Shakespeare inspired performance.

Working with theatre professionals, year 5 and 6 students and their teachers from Batheaston Primary, Freshford Primary, Southdown Juniors and Stone With Woodford Primary produce a sensational Shakespeare marathon of A Winters Tale and Macbeth jam–packed with staggering performances.

Shakespeare Shakeathon Four primary schools take on Bites the egg’s Shakeathon challenge!

Mon 27 Feb – Thurs 1 Mar Time: 7pm Tickets: £3 Venue: the egg

Shakespeare Bites performance date: Fri 2 Mar (see pg 19)

For more information, ideas to kick–start your imagination or how to get your school involved contact Creative Learning on 01225 823487 or


Half Term Workshops Mon 13 Feb, Age: 8–12

10am – 12pm £10 Mon 13 Feb, Age: 10–14

Super Sonic Sonnets A Performance Poetry Workshop

Taking inspiration from Shakespeare’s poems and sonnets, this workshop will help you find your inspiration, tackle different themes and learn how to manipulate language to create something wonderful! Then take your words to the next level by working with egg performance poetry experts who will help you find ways of performing and recording your work. 1pm – 4pm £15

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. The recommended age ranges for shows are for your guidance only. We suggest you stick as closely to them as possible for the benefit of audience members.

Photo: Andrea Martinez

Shakin’ Up Shakespeare

Un–plug the language of Shakespeare in this workshop with egg Associate Artist and playwright, David Lane. Take some Shakespearean script, then mix it, mash it, chop it and change it to create your own pieces of writing based on the work of the Bard. You’re then invited to record your masterpiece to be displayed in the egg for the duration of the Shakespeare Unplugged Festival.


Tues 14 Feb

Monday Feb 13th, Age: 16+

TRAPEZE workshops Have a go at the basics of trapeze with circus experts Cirque Bijou in this high flying workshop! A great chance to get off the ground and experience the sense of achievement that comes with this beautiful art form. 9.30am – 11am, 6–11yrs 11.30am – 1pm, 12yrs+ £15 Fri 17 Feb, Age: 13+

MC’ing Masterclass Get inspired by all things Shakespeare as you work with top MCs and a DJ to create blistering beats and bars. Leading towards a performance opportunity on March 2nd at the egg as part of Bath Literature Festival’s Voices in the City.

Engage Shakespeare Masterclass

the egg

– How were Shakespeare’s plays really staged? Why are actors’ parts in plays traditionally called ‘roles’? Without lighting, sound or sets – how did audiences understand scene changes? How did Shakespeare’s cast make audiences listen to, as well as watch, the plays? Jamie Luck, lead practitioner for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Learning and Performance Network, will give a fascinating insight into the conditions surrounding the creation of plays in Shakespeare’s time.

• Signed Performances available on request.

Must be booked one month in advanced. Email:

Ustinov Bar

6–9pm £15

4pm – 7pm £10


Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844


Shakespeare Unplugged 2012  

Shakespeare Unplugged Festival Brochure, Egg Theatre.

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