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Fireplaces add warmth and comfort to any home, but they can be a hassle to keep clean. Ashes and dust can make a huge mess unless tedious preparation is done before a cleaning. These problems are now a thing of the past with the Cricket Ash Vacuum. This device makes fireplace cleanup a breeze; ashes are simply sucked up into a high-density fire-retardant bag. The Cricket Ash Vac has a two filter system designed to hold on to even the smallest particles so that no mess is created by the exhaust. Just wait for the ashes and embers to cool down after a fire and begin cleaning. In a few short minutes, your fireplace will be free of unsightly ashes and ready to use once again. This powerful vacuum is a must have for any home with a fireplace. The Cricket Ash Vacuum gives the appearance of a professionally maintained fireplace with ease. Don't spend a whole day laying out tarps and cleaning up your fireplace with a broom and dustpan. Avoid paying for expensive cleaning from a professional service. With the Cricket Ash Vac, simply vacuum up unsightly ashes and continue to enjoy fires with your loved ones without the hassles of maintenance.

Keep your fireplace clean the easy way